: > There's a few modes we've run quite a lot (Poro King and Ascension in particular). They're both quite popular modes with healthy engagement, which made them good candidates for filler in between our bigger new modes (like Blood Moon or the new Doom Bots) that we run! Obviously we can't make a Blood Moon mode every patch though (as much as we'd like to), so inevitably we enable modes like Poro King and Ascension to make sure there's still something light and fun to do on the weekends alongside ARAM, rather than nothing at all. http://www.surrenderat20.net/2017/02/red-post-collection-february-early.html So the game modes you see the most are the most popular modes, the modes you see never or rarely are the least popular, as urf is the rarest game mode to actually make the cut that should say a lot. > Also, you are going to have to back up that creating a map and queue aswell as specific items and occasional balancing is more resource intensive than allowing urf in custom games because to me at least it makes no sense. It's not the creating new maps/items... that's something riot is happy to put the resources aside to do when the occasion calls for it and balancing doesn't cost that much. The issue here is the queue... maintaining a queue is extremely costly, that's why the rotating game mode is only available during week ends, short cut to lower some of the costs... back when ARAM got made into a queue riot had enough resources to spare a second queue, thus they made ARAM and it has payed off well and is designed to last... twisted treeline and dominion also got their own queue, but that strained the resources for other modes to the max... in order to even get the rotating game mode queue out they had to cannibalize dominion as it has the same issues as urf, they weren't designed to last. The issue with having it available in custom games is that it's about as resource intensive as having it available as a full queue without any of the benefits... So at that point you might as well have it be available permanently... where it will suffer the same pitiful demise as dominion (like i said, least popular game mode that is still kicking... why on earth would they waste resources keeping it permanently in a custom games where it would die).
Ok, just so you know URF is actually going to be all throughout not only weekends. Secondly, being able to change more things in the actual custom games would only need the resources to make changing certain pre-set values available pre-game. This is because custom games already exist in case you hadnt noticed, so it would not require a different "queue". Its like saying if they removed a summoner spell from the game they would have to change the "queue" because it was no longer there, no, values are changed and the rest functions as normal. ps: kinda surprised poro king is most popular.
: Firstly they don't need to test whether it's viable to be kept permanently... they have that data already, urf is already dying off while having it appear twice a year, it's obvious what will happen when it's kept permanently. Secondly, the first time it was around it was available in its own queue which meant it could be in a custom game, but having a game mode be available for just custom games costs the same amount of resources that having it available in its own queue... That's resources riot don't have as its being used to keep the other more important queues up... So it is very resource intensive to have it available in a custom games and it's so hated it's not even worth it to put it on the rotation that often, that's why ascension and poro king are put there so often, statistically speaking they are the most liked game modes so are more worth the resource cost. > Just like we used to create aram in custom games You realise ARAM and urf are nothing alike. ARAM didn't need its own game mode, riot spent nothing having it be available in custom games because they didn't even do anything, that was the community just clicking the random button and making a pact to follow the rules... So the resource cost was tiny, it was a well loved game to play, and riot had the resources to add another game mode so they created the actual aram queue... and as its still popular it's worth the resources to keep it. Urf has already shown it's not worth the resources considering only a minority actually care about it.
Poroking is statistically the most liked gamemode? Source please. Also, you are going to have to back up that creating a map and queue aswell as specific items and occasional balancing is more resource intensive than allowing urf in custom games because to me at least it makes no sense.
: Keeping a custom games option to do urf puts a massive amount of resource strain... at that cost you might as well keep urf as a permanent game mode so it can finally die off. So it's not worth it for a small minority of players to spend that much resources.
Why is it a resource strain? I dont understand. The first time urf was out it was available in custom games, so its not as if it has never been done before. I mean, it would be the best test for URF if it should or not be added into the game permanently. Just like we used to create aram in custom games and it stayed around long enough that riot added it into the game, not sure why urf should not have the same chance.
: > [{quoted}](name=Fernanix,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=oA5xaMbo,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2017-08-05T12:52:46.392+0000) > > The problem was that they based the % chance of getting certain champs on the pick rate from the last urf... So the op champs were still being seen a lot more than they should have. Source? Iv never heard anything like this. Riot said it was the same system for aram.
Many players spoke about it on a post last time it was out. Sadly no rioter reply so, yes it might not be true. Personally though i did play like 56 games give or take and got a few champions maybe 4 or 5 times. Maybe it was chance/coincidence but still, it wouldnt be surprising as they might think that players wouldnt want to play champions that are bad (if there is such a thing) in urf.
: Riot hasnt even been around that long... Things go onto pbe first to be tested for bugs and balancing, thats the whole point of pbe. Riot have already explained their reasons for not having the rotating game modes be permanent game modes. Its not fixed, it is random just like aram. People complained too much about only seeing the same op champions every game in urf so riot made it arurf to try to add some variance to the games.
The problem was that they based the % chance of getting certain champs on the pick rate from the last urf... So the op champs were still being seen a lot more than they should have.
: Urf is one of the most hated game modes out there... Seriously it polarizes the community because a small group are obsessed and the majority can't stand it. That's why riot don't release it much, because it's better to keep releasing game modes which are less hated than to keep releasing urf. And that's why urf isn't ever coming back, ARURF solves a few of its issues which us why it's both superior and the only one that's getting released... urf is gonna die even faster than it is already is without ARURF. > understand that you cant release AR/URF every month or so, (appearently it will damage the competitiv image of LoL/if I got it right) Not quite, they can't release urf every month because it would turn out like dominion eventually... it was only designed to last a week and never be seen again, it has no longevity and had already started to die after the first time as a meta formed which ruined it. That's why they can't have it more than 2 times a year, cause any more than that would kill it faster than it already is. > but let the none-pbe community have some fun/Fiasco August 2017,only pbe servers had ARURF crying intensifies. Why do you think it's on the pbe... it's going on the live server next patch.
I think a good solution would be to add more options to custom games. E.g Starting Gold, Experience options, Cooldown etc. That way the "small group" obssesed with urf could play it in custom games whenver they wanted. Honestly the thing that i most enjoy(ed) of urf was playing in custom games vs my friends, not only in "urf mode" (aka regular go for the nexus game objective) but it makes other game modes much more viable (like hide and seek) as the cooldown reduction really helps to get the game going as did the faster gold and xp gain. Things like tag where 2 players would go things like shaco and LB vs one fed adc were also fun. Basically, it makes a lot of custom games modes easier to pull off as you dont have to wait around like you would have to in normals so, to conclude. The biggest problem with URF is that it isnt available in custom games as it forces those that enjoy URF to play in matchmaking games.
Febos (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Fernanix,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=48lOGPtm,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-06-14T17:57:57.216+0000) > > Apart from maybe the need of at least tier 2 honor to get end of season rewards which i think is a bit over the top and unnecessary as the quiet people that just like to mute all and listen to music while playing get slightly affected for no reason but anyways. Read that again. The honor system will have its own rewards. Besides, everyone starts at Tier 2. Only toxic players will drop levels. Also, even if you are quiet you'll still get honour levels, but slowly. If you were toxic during the season you'd still be locked from seasonal rewards, so I don't see what's the point of your ranting. > Well they are not really exclusive are they? (...) Not only does it mean that those who got rewarded previously are now no longer going to have the chance at some new exclusive skin because they already got that as a different reward but it also makes the honor rewards less exclusive too. And what's the problem in that? It isn't less exclusive because the % of people that actually have those skins is VERY low. They retired that system 3 years after its release. In that timespan some of those that actually tried to get those skins were exploiting the system. Still, not many players own those skins, so they are no less exclusive. > I mean, can't two new skins be brought out in honor of the new system (e.g Soul Stealer Vayne, Hex-Tech Annie etc. for the Loot Box release) Those skins are supposed to be exclusive from the Hextech system. I get it. You don't want the "old skins". You want the pretty new ones. > making it less likely that they are interested in recieving honor once they have enough to get season rewards. That's the biggest misconception players like you have. You think that you should be a positive players to receive rewards. NO! You should be a positive players just so the game has a clean environment. Rewards are just a bonus. It's really sad if you are being positive only to receive rewards. *** If you could be bothered to read the [Honour Update](http://euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/featured/honor) and its [FAQ](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/115008474148) you'd see they plan to give more things to really positive players. > Do I get better rewards at higher Honor levels? > > At level 2, you get all the key fragments you normally would. At level 3, you unlock Honor Capsule drops and loading screen flairs. At levels 4 and 5, your loading screen flair and honor emblem grows in prominence. **We plan to refresh and add to Honor rewards as time goes by.** Those skins are just the start.
Not sure why some other skins couldnt be offered instead of those. I mean, considering all of the skins that are legacy im not sure why you are so passionate about those two being the ones that you can get somehow.
Fernanix (EUW)
: Recyled skins as rewards.
Would just like to add that it doesnt need to be new skins. Maybe some other legacy skins could be used instead of these two again.
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Afelers (EUNE)
: You can't because they changed it to ARURF so that you wouldn't be able to ban broken champions and play who you want.
Honestly an official post should be made stating what we really want out of urf for the next time it comes around. Then spread it around if possible send it to streamers and youtubers that might be interested too. Personally all i want is custom game urf with the choice for it to be random or not like it used to :/
PBoy (EUW)
: I definitely think everything should be available in custom game. And I would definitely understand if not everything is as balanced and bug-free as it is when it's in the official queues. If I could create a custom URARF and wait 30 min for the slots to fill up or look for friends to play I would.
I feel like such a large part of the community misses out because it is arurf and it is true that some games you have 0 chance to win and most games its just a coin flip. Team that got zed = win etc.
PBoy (EUW)
: I love ARURF <3 Fun does not require winning all the time!
Do you think it should also be in custom games available for us to play vs friends in normal/draft? I loved doing mirror 1vs1 and other custom games made available with the urf settings, sad to see that its not available anymore :(
: The biggest oversight in URF ARURF
I disagree. I think the biggest oversight is that IT ISNT IN CUSTOM GAMES YET AGAIN D:
Infernape (EUW)
: Because each mode rotates for two weekends (which is the same amount of time each patch lasts for), Riot announces the game mode for the two weekends in the patch notes. So this fortnight, it's ARURF. When 7.5 hits, they'll announce the next game mode.
Oh ok. Thanks i did not know this :) Shame you cant close threads on this ( i would delete it but who knows maybe there are other people that dont know hahah ^^)
: your title sounds very aggressive but your post is like "hey could you please do this small thing" got confused for a sec
Chill titles tend to get less attention from what i have seen so yeah... have to resort to this kind of writing titles :/
Infernape (EUW)
: You know they include that in the patch notes now?
That might be but for now they only announce new game modes when they are going in twice in a row like they did with siege and bloodmoon and not like the old images like this one? https://gyazo.com/34b84a09d9d7670e4a6d07b875b96c78
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Hansiman (EUNE)
: > The community to solve this problem however Riot is not giving us the chance to do so as much as we used to be able to do after the removal of Tribunal. I think you misunderstand the Tribunal. The Tribunal is active, and handling far more cases much faster than it ever did before. What you're thinking of is the "Tribunal Voting System", which was part of the old penalty system where players would jump in to vote on cases to judge them. The problem with this system was that it was slow, very very slow. Cases could actually take weeks before they were solved, compared to the 15 minutes it takes cases to be solved now. The current system is also able to handle far more cases daily than the voting system was, simply due to to the speed it has to analyze written text. The community still impacts the system by reporting unwanted behaviour. Reports flag an account for review, and a review is now done within 15 minutes, instead of several weeks.
Personally i think that the tribunal voting system could be easily optimized to decrease the time it took per case. Considering the amount of players league now has offering something as a reward (similar in one way or another to the old add a friend system) could lead to large amounts of players using this. If cases are administered correctly (i.e it is impossible for people to know who it is that you are voting on so no "Is xXThatLeagueDudeXx deserving of this penalty") avoiding any "bribery" etc. Though it is true that the current system does sort out a lot of cases regarding straight up flamers (so people that are directly insulting/using vulgar language towards another player) it does not deal with a large portion of passive aggressive kind of players, and some other types which i probably cannot think of right now. Is this bad? Not necessarily. Seeing as these things would be harder to find in text than insults improper use of a poorly designed system could cause a lot of innocent players to receive penalties. Text analysis can only do so much in this area for logical reasons as sentences like "Its such a shame that there are no wards on the map" or "It must be nice to have a good adc" couldn't really be blacklisted/identified. Basically, though reports are an important part of community impact on poor behavior i think that tribunal voting could help in some areas which might not be as efficient. PS: Even if the tribunal cases took a long time the punishment would eventually arrive. Assuming that tribunal voting cannot keep up with the number of cases coming in i would suggest only certain cases should go through. (E.g PlayerX has been reported 18 times in the last 5 games for Verbal Harassment but the text analyzer cannot find anything -- that would be passed on.) Obviously i have no idea how the system actually works so maybe a certain number of reports triggers punishment regardless of text analysis but anyways. Im no expert ^^
Tiichu (EUW)
: What do you consider as 'getting carried'
Getting carried is when you basically could have been replaced with an AI and your team might not have noticed... Ok maybe not that bad but essentially you did not contribute hardly anything to your team. Contributing consists of a wide range of things like healing, damage soaked, peeling, ward control etc etc. This means that you can get carried in various different ways. E.g getting carried by a kat that 1v5s the enemy team is not the same as your allied jax destroying 8 towers and the inhibs even if he is 0/0/0. Now, some cases are more or less likely depending on elo but yeah Thats basically it. EDITPS: This is my opinion on it anyways :D
: Singed and Rylai's Crystal Scepte
Might be me but didnt old rylai slow 20% on dots and more % on direct damage.... So isnt singed unaffected? Maybe im wrong i dont use mages hardly ever but i think thats what it was like no?
Lauralf (EUW)
: - Vayne able to use Condemn through Warwick's Infinite Duress
Nah its not a bug. Its like when she condemns and you flash, it still hits you. Though the actual bolt hadnt left her body the start animation had begun so the only way to avoid that would be to kill her or enter invul
Rioter Comments
: The green dudes are called Emissaries ^^ We are here to help players with any questions regarding the game. Most of us have a high interest in player behavior, but that's not a requirement. You should simply know how the systems work. And of course we are here to create events like this one, that either help the community, or are simply here for entertainment :) --- If you'd like to become a Volunteer too, you should be an extraordinary Boards user, while being helpful and polite. Most of us use the Boards daily, so your name will stay in our mind if you post threads and comments with a good quality. We will probably look into recruiting more Emissaries in the first quarter of 2017.
Ah, i see. Well thats a shame, i dont really create threads that often, most of my boards activity is comments and stuff on pre exisitng threads. Oh well. Good to know ^_^
: {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}}
: Need help
riot support tend to be a lot of help :D
: Hi, i'll be your friend :p. IGN: knuffelturk
(your username shows when you post here :P)
: Please be my freind :(
Man i would be your friend but i cant be your freind :P
: Could a moderator please change the name of the thread to "The Summoning"? I am slightly drunk and made a silly typo...
Ahahahhahaha. Best comment ever. Happy christamas :P (yes deliberate)
Coxis (EUNE)
: Volunteer Christmas 2016 - Snowdown!
I wanna be a green dude too :0
Kha Boom (EUW)
Just buy the amount that you need for the skins. Make a total and buy around that. Buying in small amounts decreases value for money but there is no need to buy more rp than you need to waste on things you dont really want or just to sit there.
tortsY (EUNE)
: no
case closed
: Because soloing isn't an issue so long as there is a downside... in this case it's time and risk. A single ward can very easily spot this out at which point a collapse will result in an easy pick and possibly a free baron... or while they are fighting baron you can fight their team 4v5 and kill them meaning they get very little from baron and can easily lose towers or inhibs for it. So I'd say don't make it impossible, but make it time consuming... Sat like with the towers it increases the resistances of the tower if there are no minions nearby but this time give baron resistances or % damage reduction if there are less than 2 champions from the same team nearby meaning that trying to solo would still be kinda possible but there is a,large window for the enemy to react and counter it.
Also, most of the "assasins" that you refer to that can solo baron (you saw zed or something solo baron?) probably are extremly fed. This means that they are a LOT more powerful that the avarage champion at that stage of the game. In order to make baron a viable objective during the earlier stages of the game they need it to be "weak" and scale up as the game progresses. So if a champion is that far ahead its reasonable to say that he accounts for a large portion of his teams damage and if we were to split the average dps of the teams champions the champion in question would probably be above 30-40% meaing he does count like two champions in that period of the game. For now i think the mechanic he has atm that reduces dmg taken from the champion he attacks (like pd) is a strong barrier already.
: Hi all
Riot support is the only way. They are helpful and even if they dont lift the ban they will tell you why you were banned which you dont seem to know otherwise you wouldnt be asking them to unban you ;P :D
Infernape (EUW)
: Do you have any chests available for collection? If you don't that would explain why you never received one.
And the highest grade thing probably just takes some time to update similairly to how ip sometimes takes longer to update.
Epsiloon (EUW)
: Size of client
Can we also make it so that we can minimize the friends bar as always? If people want to have it up and see the whole screen just make it change size when you open it or something? Or is this a bad idea?
IMMboy (EUW)
: No, but is it random, considering my friend (who signed up after me) got in before me?
He might be more eligible for it (i dunno riot might look into some stuff or other) or he might be just luckier and it is random. Honestly i dont think any non-rioter knows how it works.
: Victorious skin s6
CivolJ (EUW)
: Teskar, the revenger.
Teskar special item: After killing 5 enemy champs receive an editor that will correct all the mistakes in the post.
Raül (EUW)
: Looking for Smurfs
https://www.comicscenter.net/uploads/images/expos_les_grandes_expositions/smurfs-imps-2008-3.jpg There you go :)
: Concept: Spells becoming stronger with levels.
Some champs do have those mechanics as passives. Honestly, there is no need for this. Thought it would be fun i just dont think it will ever happen. Sry
ShadowPoop (EUNE)
: Trading System
Everyone start making extra accounts and making the most of key drops (because there is a limited amount of key drops and chest drops available per month (give or take a couple of days) if this happens which im guessing rito dont want?
: Fun modes and Pointless restrictions
Leaving them open is basically cutting two bans from players. Same reason why kassadin was banned in the original URF.
: Warm & fuzzy on the inside :) Thank you, sweet ADCs who are nice!
If only every game were like that one. Happens to me some times too when even if you fuck up or they fuck up the team is fine with it and its all laughs like, well dont worry. He totally counters you man :P And stuff like that. Usually end up winning those games. Just goes to show that morale really decides a games finale.
: Unbanned yestarday, perma banned today
You get banned for flaming and as soon as you get back you flame? And you wonder you are banned? Its like a guy what robbed a bank get arrested and 2 years later he is on parole and steals a bottle of wine from a store. Its not as serios but it just shows that you are not prepared to stop doing what they initially punished you for even if it was a lower offense.
xXMorkXx (EUW)
: Nice bug
Yes. Step 1. Send a ticket to riot support. Step 2. Do what they say Step 3. Never turn the verticalanlysyncthingamabob on again XD
: Runes IP Cost
Its the whole "dont get everything since the start" kind of game. To play ranked you only need 16 champs and though it is rare that you only have 16 by level 30 unless you planned it you should still be able to afford 2 rune pages for the roles you main. Generally i suggest just a basic ad and basic ap (ad reds, armour yellows, mr blues and ad quints and same for ap). Even for tanks or supports its good enough to get you started. Also remember that the lower tier runes though pretty bad are still useful and cost 1 IP so you could always just use those as you slowly get enough ip to be able to pay for what you need.
: i personally prefer it to urf
I had guessed that somehow yet... Dont you think that there is a higher amount of players that would rank URF over hexakill?
House x33 (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Fernanix,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=oR6hMPav,comment-id=000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2016-07-28T18:53:16.001+0000) > > From what i have researched only 2 times. I might have missed one though but i dont think so. In the end it's always the same i'd rather play it once a year when there are actually a bunch of new champions to try out It's pretty much always the same that's why I also don't play any other game mode unless it's new
But if you dont play any of the other game modes (except new ones) would you mind if URF took the place of e.g another hexakill or Poro King? (I.e it wouldnt take the place of any "new" game modes that come out) PS: Obviously it would not take the place of ALL of the other game modes just occasionally as it looks like Riot will not be releasing URF again until next year [Not Confirmed Though]
: A question for staff members !
There are certain programs that riot approve of. I would consider sending them a ticket before trying custom skins on to find out which ones they are.
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