: Please Return the old Aatrox
Aldduren (EUW)
: I agree he is way out of Meta - like Urgot, he DOES have extremely situational power (i played a plat 2 ranked game and won easily after first responding to this post) and could definitely use an ability alteration. Buffing him wont make his kit better - it'll just make him another "hit or miss" burst assassin, which is not making him healthier. He should get one of his abilities altered, perhaps added functionality to his Q or E. I feel his W is pretty damn cool as it is, and his ult does a good job of doing what it does.
I think just making his q spell bump all the area would be great
: At least there's a clear strategic identity for him - he's probably the best champion for soloing Dragon and Baron, especially before full builds come out.
I present you... Warwick who's way better for that
Aldduren (EUW)
: Not to mention Ryze, Talon, Ryze, Taliyah, Ryze, Leblanc and Ryze.
Aatrox is the worst champ in league since he was out
Doomley (EUW)
: he will most likely get a rework in divers update next year
Yeah, maybe after Yorick, Assassins, Warwick, Tryndamere, Urgot, Galio
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