: In what universe are ornn and fiora op?
Fiora got a new build which is currenty demolishing top lane in higher elo. As for orn, not sure. I guess you could argue that his ability to give better items to his teammates could be pretty op in higher elo, but other than that nothing outstanding about him.
Kageth (EUNE)
: im 0/4, i did nothing wrong
... 0/4 is not inting. Heck, even 0/100 would not be inting. It's only inting if you intentionally try to sabotage the game. As in: * "/all Hey guys, I'll be standing in mid lane and not fight back, you can come and kill me as often as you want" * Continuously running into enemy towers and dying over and over again. * Following your jungler and stealing his camps to deny him experience. The amount of deaths has nothing to do with weather you are inting or not. If you are trying to win, you could be 0/100 and it would not be inting, as you are not intentionally sabotaging the game. For some reason this is a misconception a lot of players have. They think: lots of deaths = inting ... which is wrong.
: I know and I accept the fact that really I dont know anything about the game because Im just new here, playing this game around 6months and nothing happend. So for example if the person is been playing league for around 1-2 years and still stuck in bronze does it mean that he didnt know or learn anything from that time and still the same persone like he did play from day 1 because he stuck and didnt climb? Same to me who did not learn anything after playing for that long time, I feel so stupid to my self.
If someone playing the game after 1-2 years is still stuck in bronze, it's not necessarily because he didn't learn anything during that time (although it **can** definitely be because of that). I'd say, usually 1 or more of the following apply: * **He didn't learn anything.** Usually these people either don't care, don't try to learn, play the game very rarely or think they are going to learn the game just by playing match after match after match...which they won't. * **He learned the wrong things.** A lot of people in bronze have false ideas about the game. This usually leads to them developing bad habits which will hold them back. * **He doesn't know what to learn or where to start.** These people are willing to learn but if you don't know what to learn, all your willingness is pointless. Usually all it needs is one person to give them some direction and the'll effortlessly climb to silver/gold * **He thinks he already is perfect.** These people already think the are doing everything correct, and any and all mistakes, even their own, are because of someone else. These people will only look at other people's mistakes, completely ignoring their own, thus not progressing and not being able to learn. Other player's will make mistakes, you will make mistakes, even the professionals make mistakes. The sooner you stop focusing on others mistakes and instead work on fixing yours, the sooner you can climb. * **He tries to learn everything at once.** League, despite how it looks, has a lot of depth as a game. There is many aspects that you can get better at _(laning, pressuring, roaming, wave manipulation, objective controll, objective importance, poking, skirmishing, last hitting, predicting, teamfighting, duelling, brawling, jungling, warding, faking, kiting, priorities, matchups, team compositions, itemization, map awareness, champions, champion abilities, champion playstyles, win conditions, loose conditions etc.). _ If you try to learn and apply everything at once, you're just gonna get overwhelmed and do everything wrong. * **Bad Attitude/Mood.** Attitude and mood play a big role in league. If you flame, blame or otherwise negatively impact the game (spam pinging, trolling, inting (note: inting is not going 0/24. Inting is intentionally going 0/24.) etc.) then you're not only damaging your team but also yourself. Yes, that guy made a mistake that got you both killed. So what, it happens, get over it and focus on winning. The same goes for when people are flaming, blaming etc. you. There's a mute button. Use it. Don't let your mood get affected by it. As a general rule, if you don't have anything nice, funny, or productive to say/ping, don't. {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
: How to get out of bronze?
Just my personal take on it so take from it what you want. 1. Accept that you know **nothing** about the game. 2. Start learning. 3. Start applying what you learned in your games. Game Knowledge > Skill/Mechanics Skill/Mechanics only really matter once you've reached Diamond+, because at that point you've learned "basically" everything and the only way to progress is to become a mechanical god at your champ or role. {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
devotress (EUNE)
: Are we allowed to extract champion SFX (such as abilities SFX)?
As long as you use it for private use or non-profit use it should be totally fine.
: As with everything in this game, it depends. As a Bard support, sometimes I rush mobis so that I can pull off roams easier, sometimes I upgrade my support item first. The thing about the recommended items in-game is that they are a starting point for new players. Are they going to be the best items for you to use all the time? No, because the meta is constantly changing and it's impossible to keep the recommended items updated for every single champion. What tends to happen is a new player will build the recommended items until they get to grips with the other aspects of the game, such as controlling their character, last hitting, etc. Then when they get more experienced they can start experimenting with different items and builds to find out what works best.
Well, technically it's not impossible if you automated the process using a bunch of math (working on something "similar" in excel atm, got Ahri and Zed done) but yeah, it's a huge pain in the ass to set it up, and the items would change basically every few days or at least patch to patch, so it'd be a terrible experience for new players.
fraidei (EUW)
: Personal suggestions for the game
While we are already on suggestions, here's one. * When a new champion is released (as in Senna right now), you shouldn't be able to select/play the champion in any ranked queue untill at least 1-2 weeks after the release. I mean, come on, there's other games which do it like that. They could still play the champ in normal games, bot games and custom games. But rly, first timeing a newly released champ in ranked just shouldn't be possible, because in 99% of cases it's an instaloss for your team and you can go ff at 5 minutes. And yes, I know there's people who had weeks of practice with the new champ on the PBE, but those are a small fraction of the Live server.
Zedant (EUW)
Because literally no one buys these items. According to League of Graphs, Zz'Rot Portal was bought in 0.02% of games and Ohmwrecker in 0.00% (well, maybe in like 0.001%, but usually you round to 2 numbers, so 0.00% it is) of games during 2019. 0.02% basically means that Zz'Rot is bought in 2 out of 100 games
dvtrr (EUNE)
May I introduce you to my main, love, and the only reason why I still play this game: {{champion:103}} She's fun to play, she's flashy, both in gameplay and in skins ^^ and if you die on her it's 99% because of a mistake you made. She can deal with any matchup, but some are harder than others (looking at you here, fizz, zed, yasuo) but still manageable. Also, Hard to bullshit against, I mean, Ahri got 3 dashes on a ~20 second CD once you've got some proper CDR. If that and a flash aren't enough to get out of any trouble, there must've been something wrong xD {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
TreekoG (EUW)
: like what?
He probably means this: * **A Carry** = A type of champions which is good at dealing damage. You know, as in Tanks, Bruisers, Fighters, Duelists, Mages, Assassins and Carry etc. * **To be a carry / carrying someone** = When your decisions make the team win a fight or the game
: More Skins for Akali and Yasuo
We need more Ahri Skins! I want to give Riot more of my money. {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
: So both of us do essentially the same thing, with the difference, of course, that you set the bar much higher than I do (your ELO is much higher). That's nice, I didn't think other people would use this approach. Do you pick the same enemy bots for each match or do you let the game choose randomly? What about supports? It must be really difficult to beat 5 bots with only a sup... And how many games does it take you on average to win one of those games?
I usually don't let the game choose the bots randomly. Most of the time I'll either run the 5 bots mentioned above, or I'll think about which bots counter my champion or are difficult for him to deal with. I also try to avoid the bugged and weak bots. There are some bots which are just coded better than others xD (Zyra for example, I swear to god, she has like a 100% hit rate coded into her E) This way I get the most challenging game. I mean, otherwise, if i play against something easy, I can just farm myself up to 20/0 and then stomp the game, which wouldn't teach me anything. On average, I'd say 3-5 games As for supports, I never actually had to do that with a supp. As a supp main, new supps just feel natural to me xD
: Learning new champs and having fun
The way I usually learn the basics of a champion is going into a 1v5 bot game against some hard intermediate bot comps. (Like Blitz + Rammus + Amumu + Malphite + Cho) Even if they might be bots, if you make a mistake they'll just cc you to death (Blitz hook into Amumu Ult into Malph Ult into Rammus taunt into Cho Knock'Up + Ult ... no one survives that.) I usually do that until I win 1 game, after which I consider myself to have enough basic knowledge on the champ.
JustTits (EUNE)
: If you make enough money for Riot, are you automatically immune to being banned?
RIot Games specifically stated a few years back that playing off-meta or unconventional builds will never lead to a ban, as long as you still try to win and fullfill your role requirements. ADC Ahri, Supp Ahri, Top Ahri, Jungle Ahri, Tank Ahri, Bruiser Ahri, AD Ahri, Crit Ahri, AS Ahri, Utility Ahri, none of those will get you banned if you at least try to win. The decision was made to encourage experimenting ... otherwise people would only play one single build and nothing else, and the game would become boring rly fast. Has nothing to do with money or him being a poster boy. There's lots of cases where poeple who spent 1000€+ on th game got permabanned.
Rioter Comments
Miloszun (EUNE)
: How long does it take to actually play kinda well?
Well, personally, I'd say, once you reach Plat, you can say you have a solid grasp on the fundamentals. After that most of the improving comes from going really in depth, learning specific matchups, team compositions, synergies etc. How long it takes you specifically to reach there depends on you.
: bc i report them after the game and i dont get a feedback report thing, you know, a message from riot telling me thank you for making the game better by removing toxic players
in about 99% of cases you won't get a message on whether they got banned or not.
Torkl (EUW)
: Weak early, dominant mid, useless late unless way ahead :P
I wouldn't really consider him weak, considering he can easily one shot basically any mid matchup at level 3. But yeah, generally you are right.
Kasadya (EUW)
: Riot pls
Had a similar situation just now xD We won the ranked game, and got 9 LP. The enemies lost 0 LP as the game didn't count as a loss for them. That one enemy who was in his last promo game is still in his last promo game even xD
Rioter Comments
: Because if you want to be effective you have to show them youre secure about your pick. Know what youre doing and they will trust you, if youre not sure about picking her to support then dont, there are safer picks. It also depends of the enemy team, if they dont have a hyper mobile team ahri gets really good. You pick glacial augment (Never go for electrocute unless your team lacks magic damage), get {{item:3098}} > {{item:3030}} > {{item:3158}} > {{item:3905}} > {{item:3116}} , last item is at your preference, id usually go for {{item:3151}} or {{item:3089}}. When playing ahri make sure to give them all cooked up, mark your actions before you do them, i usually ping my flash and E whenever i want to go for it to so my adc KNOWS i will do it, they often follow, often take 2 seconds before joining and thats when you know you have a good or a bad adc. Try to take advantage of your level 2, its stronger than most supports, just be careful against {{champion:89}} or {{champion:111}} but since they are not so popular it really isnt a problem, plus these 2 are really easy to poke down to make them unable to all in. If you feel like your adc doesnt react to your moves, play safely, dont do any risky move and just poke them, this build gets really strong when you get rylai.
Well, I do all the things you mentioned, and I still have really negative experiences with picking her as a support. Generally speaking, I am a support main, however, Ahri is my most played champion as I just love her kit, so I am quite confident in my ability and understanding of her. I'm aware she's not your usual support pick, but sometimes I just don't want to play any of the other supports, I just wanna play Ahri, and seeing how hard it is getting mid lane, I'll have the choice of either playing her as support, or dodging 30 games till I "hopefully" get mid once - _ - Oh well, guess I'll just have to continue trying, and if I find some dude who's ok with me picking it, I'll just duo with him ^^
: Thing is, the match i lost 16 LP was with pyke against nautilus, the only difference is that they had a kaisa as adc and i had a karma which made us lose the game by a stomp because he thought it was a good idea... Anyways, im a mage support, my safest picks are {{champion:40}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:103}} and i dont really have much problem dealing with all in supports, theyre easily poked and its easy to dodge their skills/Stay in safe range (for alistar to not engage) but some of my ADCs dont know that and just get caught over and over, and then blame me for not joining them in dying.
How are you getting away with playing Ahri support? Whenever I try to pick it, someone either dodges, or my team is tilted from minute 1 and my adc won't follow up on anything I do.
: Best ADC Right now
Currently, I'd say the best ADC's are: {{champion:119}} {{champion:15}} {{champion:22}} {{champion:222}} However, I would not recommend your friend to play Draven. Draven is a severely hard champion and it is very unlikely that you're friend will be able to play him well enough to be successfull on him. (Of course, if he wants to put in the effort and get good on draven that's his choice, but he should be ready to play about 100 games or so before he can call himself decent on the champ xD) From the 4 you mentioned above, all of them are currently strong in the meta. However, based on difficulty of the champion, I'd recommend your friend to go with Jhin (Average difficulty). Alternatively, he can save up the BE and buy {{champion:21}} or {{champion:222}} . Both of them are currently really strong and have an easy difficulty.
Cascadal (EUW)
: Advice for Learning the Game?
As for the strategic part, the [Leaguecraft 101](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iko2tqmDpJQ&list=PL9RdXhXESRJzgY_SwHB8T-cZxXljWhQvz) playlist on youtube is your go to source for introduction to most of the mechanics. From there, you can branch out, to for example the summoner school reddit and ask around more.
St4rHope (EUW)
: banning the preselected champion of a ally
I just man up and play another champion. I mean, what else should I do? Start %%%%%ing about it and troll the game? why should I? It's just gonna cost me LP. I mean, yes, it isn't nice when it happens to you and people that do that are kinda a-holes, but sometimes I can understand why they do it. I mean, if someone hovers a champ he wants to play, and you check his stats and he has a ~20% winrate on that champ in over 50 games, then yeah, you kinda don't want him to play that champ.
Julevi (EUW)
: For example?
For example: Tyler1 Very Toxic Draven One Trick who got a permabann for his toxic behavior. Eventually he got unbanned.
Turbando (EUW)
: How am i supposed to learn how to play fighting better players?
By asking yourself questions. * Why did that zed completely trash me? * What did he do to become able to easily crush me? * What could I have done to stop him? * What should I do next time so that the same thing doesn't repeat itself? * etc. etc. etc. Heck, I play a lot of Ahri, and Kassadins, Talons, Fizz, LeBlanks, Katarinas, Zed, Yasuo used to completely trash me. It was like I could do absolutely nothing against them. After about a few hundred games getting trashed by them, I figured out how to beat them instead.
Kabakadamn (EUNE)
mobalytics, op.gg, u.gg, league of graphs, lolalytics, mobalytics, champion.gg, nerf.plz etc. etc. etc. there's like hundreds of them out there. {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
: Too bad there's nothing you can do about people smurfing however you have a magical command that can help you getting rid of the toxicity it's "/mute all" just give it a try you will probably like it
Hmm, I'm actually heavily against the "/mute all" command. However, I'm totally fine with muting people who flame you. If someone starts flaming me or trying to have a negative effect on my game, i tell him he's muted and mute him, if he spam pings me, i mute his pings. But muting everyone, even those that do not flame you has imo, more often a negative effect than a positive one. It makes it basically impossible for anyone in the team to communicate with you or warn you from things etc. Mute the toxic ones, but keep the untoxic ones unmuted! {{sticker:sg-janna}}
Feederekton (EUNE)
: Stuck in silver while working really hard
Did you consider not playing so much? I was the same a few years, always playing and playing and playing but eventually, a higher ranked friend of mine told me I'll never get past gold that way. Sure, playing is important, and you do have to invest time into the game or you'll lose your edge, but just playing will cap you at gold. I took his advice and divided my time into: * **33%** playing the game * **33%** learning about the game (theorycrafting, watching educational streamers/youtubers, reading some stuff on the wiki, browsing the summonerschool reddit, farming practice, combo practice, Leagucraft 101, Proper warding spots, Item building, when to back, proper wave management etc. etc. etc.) * **33%** self reflection. Every day, I'd re-watch the first game of the day and write out all my mistakes and what I could do better, then try to fix them) Eventually this season, after being capped to gold for 3 seasons, I broke through to platinum, and I'm pretty confident I can reach diamond next season once I get a better grasp of my match ups. The thing is, you can play 2 hours a day or 12 hours a day, if you don't know what you are doing wrong, if you don't know what you could do better, if you don't know certain aspects of the game, then you won't improve, no matter the time you invest into it (unless of course you eventually pick it up from playing, but this will take forever and be a very, veeeeeery slow climb). {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
: Beware though, it doesn't mean that you've "mastered the basics" once you're in Gold. It just means you know for example what champions _do_, but not how they _work_. Also, the fundamentals are far more than what you'll ever need to get by in Gold. Hell, I've made it to diamond III and I still have no clue about the fundamentals compared to say a master player. And it's not that much better than Platinum either. I just know how to play my champ in a way that wins me games against the people I play. So as soon as my enemies change, I have to change my strategy, which is pretty bad.
agreed, but well, With fundamentals I meant stuff like having consistently good cs, knowing what items to buy and when, consistently looking at your map, warding frequently, knowing your powerspikes and damage outputs etc.
P1n3app1e (EUNE)
: i need advice!
Well, I wouldn't say you are bad seeing you only played 1-2 months. Because honestly, 1-2 months is probably not even enough to get a good grasp of the basics, not to mention more advanced mechanics or deeper game knowledge. Just play more, and learn more about the game and you'll eventually become better. If you become able to play ranked, you can play it if you want to see where you are standing. If you rank in Bronze or Silver, it's not terrible, it just means you still haven't mastered the basics of the game enough. {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
: What is a good "CS Per Minute" score to aim for consistently?
Well, there's currently 2 minion waves per minute, so 12 possible minions to get per minute (13 if it's a canon wave) Personally I'd say 80% is a good value to aim for, so that would be ~9-10 minions per minute.
: how to rank up and carry in bronez
Well, 1. Don't play mechanically intense champions. Play easy champions. 2. Ban Hyper Carries. (Master Yi, Zed, Yasuo etc.) People in bronze don't know how to play against them and will likely feed their asses off skyhigh. 3. The tip you probably heard the most already. Focus on farming. For Bronze, the priority is CS > Objectives > Assists > Kills. For higher elo's this order is different, but in bronze people can't effectively use the advantages they get from killing an enemy champion and they don't know when or how to properly take objectives, so both of it will "just happen", you cannot "force it with a goal in mind" like in higher elos. Because of that, just focus on farming. Just farm the first 20 minutes of the game. Eventually you will be up 100 farm, 3 levels and 2 items and can easily 1v5 the enemy team with a soraka top lane (trust me, I did that xD). Of course, try to get kills/assists/objectives on the side if you can, but don't risk anything for them, they aren't your main focus until at least gold. Just farm.
pnhpvz (EUW)
: Try to read some guides on mobafire
Bad advice {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
: Progression on Honor Rank
It takes roughly 4-6 weeks of consistent playing to get 1 checkpoint. If you play like a maniac you might get one in 3 weeks. But getting up to honor 3 from honor 1 checkpoint 2 until the season ends next month is practically impossible.
: Wow, now this is a really useful chunk of information haha, I'm back on the grind tomorrow and gonna hit that 30 fast {{summoner:51}} I'm really glad I've made this post you've all been so helpful, feel more confident now, I was told to start using some apps to help such as LoLSumo, is that good or bad?
Ah, the good old LolSumo xD i still remember it from when it was in Beta xD So, how to say this. The builds the app provide are not bad. They go into the right direction, however, blindly following the builds is a habit you should avoid. The builds will serve you well up until about mid gold, after that the game will just be too situational and you'll have to start adjusting your builds to the current state of your game. Given that your new to the game, I'd say it is good to start out with LoLSumo, however, when you follow the builds, try asking yourself and understanding, why you are building these items?
: Best way to lvl up new account?
3 man premade on Twisted Treeline with XP boost against bot, end the game at 6 minutes.
: New Player here! Just a few questions..
Well, I'd like to get back to your question of improving at the game as a whole. While I'm definitely not the best player out there, I did reach Plat which puts me in the Top 7%, so i think I got a pretty good idea on how to improve at the game (at least up to Plat). *** **Pre Level 30** Just keep playing the game and get comfortable. Try to find some champions you like and just play. I'd also recommend watching the [Beginners Guide to League of Legends](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hOCEfU96AtU). This video explains the game again and goes over a lot of important things that the tutorial doesn't teach you. (Like for example the 5 lanes). *** **After Level 30** After level 30, you can start playing ranked. There's generally 2 opinions on what you should do now. The first one is to just continue playing Normals and Drafts until you think you are comfortable enough to jump into ranked. The second one, and the one I prefer, is to just jump directly into ranked. Ranked games are usually more intense with most people playing their best characters and everyone usually trying to seriously win, thus you will improve much much faster. However, the risk of jumping directly into ranked is that you could end up in Bronze, while waiting till you are comfortable could potentially get you started in Silver. *** **Bronze** - Learning how to use your time effectively The trick to getting out of bronze is to learn how to effectively use your time to get a lead. Lot's of bronze players only go for kills, but kills is not what wins you the games. There's 30 minute professional games with only 1 or 2 kills in the entire game. While playing you want to Prioritize in the following order: * _CS > Objectives (Towers > Baron/Drake) > Assists > Kills_ *** **Silver** - Learning how to effectively use your resources. At this point you should start learning to buy the proper items on your champions. You should know which items are bought on which champions and why you want to buy those items. For example buying {{item:3047}} for the Armor, or {{item:3111}} for the Magic resist etc. *** **Gold** - Actually learning the game From here on out you'll need to actually learn the game to progress. Not just the base game that you knew up until now, but the actual smaller nuances of the game. Stuff like Wave Management, Pressure, Trading Stances, Retaliation Trades, Proper Warding, Effective Roaming, When to Roam etc. A good start is the [Leaguecraft 101](https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL9RdXhXESRJzgY_SwHB8T-cZxXljWhQvz) playlist on youtube and the [Everything you need to know about Wave Management](https://mobalytics.gg/blog/league-of-legends-guide-everything-you-need-to-know-wave-management/) guide by Mobalytics. *** **Plat 5** - Learn your Matchups Reaching plat 5 you should have already shrunk your champion pool to a few champions that you are maining. Usually it's 3 champions for your main role and 1-3 for your off-role. The important thing now is learning your matchups. Which champions are an easy win for you, which champions do you go equal with, and which champions do you loose hard against. You also should come up with ways to play against matchups that you struggle with. *** **Plat 3** - Compositions You'll need to learn about Pairings, Combos, and Compositions, both for your own team, to pick and play accordingly, as also for your opponents team, so you can realize their Pairings, Combos and Compositions and can play against it. *** **Plat 1** - In Depth Itemization Here you need to know exactly what to build on your champion and when. You need to also pay more attention to when you buy component items, and especially when to buy items. Every second you spend with enough gold in your inventory to get a significant item upgrade is a second you wasted and are useless to the team. You should also know what and when the strong points of your build are and what and when the weak points are. Also, if you wanna ask more questions or just play some games, feel free to add me in game. {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
Porumbar (EUNE)
: I needed to go toilet - punished 5 matches
I can't even ... How can you possibly think it's ok to go to the toilet during a competitive online game ... just hold it in for like 10-20 minutes, and then once the game is finished go and take a shit or whatever. Srsly ... Fully deserved LPQ in my opinion. {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
: Reporting A Player.
What people don't understand is that a 0/10/10 can be more useful than a 10/0/0, so just looking by stats or damage done is just stupid.
Biophilic (EUW)
: Does "Legend: Tenacity rune" stack with tenacity boot?
So, about tenacity, depending on how you combine it, it will either be calculated additively or multiplicatively. **Additively means: **_Tenacity 1 + Tencaity 2 + Tenacity 3_ **Multiplicatively means:** _Tenacity 1 + Tenacity 2 percent of Tenacity 1 + Tenacity 3 percent of Tenacity 1 + 2_ As of now, there are only 3 combinations in which Tenacity is added Additively. As for all other combinations, it will be multiplicatively. These 3 combinations are: * {{item:2138}} /{{item:2058}} with Unflinching Rune (only the 10/20% aprt though) * {{item:3111}} with{{item:3053}} * Mundo's Burning Agony / Garen's Courage with the Unflinching Rune (only the 15% part though). All other combinations / sources will be calculated multiplicatively. So to answer your question, Tenacity Boots and Unflinching Rune would be: 1- ((1 - 0.3) x (1 - 0.1)) = 0.37 aka. **37%** if 1 of your summoner spells was on cooldown 1- ((1 - 0.3) x (1 - 0.2)) = 0.44 aka. **44%** if both of your summoner spells were on cooldown 1- ((1 - 0.3) x (1 - 0.25)) = 0.475 aka **47%** if one of your summoner spells was on cooldown and you cast a summoner spell 1- ((1 - 0.3) x (1 - 0.3)) = 0.51 aka **51%** if you cast both summoner spells. However, you should also note, that any form of cc is soft capped at 0.5 seconds meaning no mater how much tenacity you get, you cannot lower it below 0.5 seconds. On another site note, the highest Tenacity that can be gained in the game is 99.08125% on Garen though it only lasts for 0.75 seconds. (99.311% if you are palying ultra rapid fire mode) {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
9ducc (EUW)
: I can't make an impact on the game(How to ADC?)
The reason why some people get 12 kills or more is because the enemy players just make so many mistakes. Mistakes they aren't aware of, most of the time. it's also pretty likely that players who seem to be easily stomping their opponents are smurfing (higher levelled players on a new account) They are mispositioned, use their abilities incorrectly or don't use them to their full potential, make wrong decisions, build the wrong items, take to much free damage, don't respect my power spikes, don't respect my level or item advantage, don't respect whether I'm a counter to them and so on and on and on. A player who can notice these mistakes can easily abuse them and get himself an advantage As for improving, just play and learn about the game. Both are important. As for a rly good resource, I'd reccommend you to check out the [summonerschool reddit](https://www.reddit.com/r/summonerschool) and especially their [wiki page](https://www.reddit.com/r/summonerschool/wiki/101) as it is a massive resources of videos, guides, streamers, youtubers and whatnot regarding league of legends. (You might realise some stuff is a bit outdated, yes, however, the concepts are still correct.) If you got any other questions you can just message me here or add me in game. {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
: pff stupid game
Well, you can submit a ticket to Riot here: https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new As the reason just choose Account management and **politely** get your point across. If you haven't been playing for too long there's a chance they'll change it. Sometimes they do, sometimes they don't.
: On Not Being Good at Anything - And Not Improving
> I've been playing for long enough to understand the game somewhat on a theoretical level but I completely fall apart when it comes to applying anything. Regarding this, could you go into more specifics what exactly you mean with you understand the game on a theoretical level. Which concepts exactly do you understand. For example, do you know the following: * 3 Ways of wave controlling and how to counter them (Freeze, Slow Push, Fast Push) * Trading Stance and Retaliation Trade * Proper Vision * Proper Roaming * Minion Crash Dive * Proper Itemization * Team Compositions, Duos and Combos > I have no main champion because I'm basically equally garbage at everyone Is there any champ you've at least played ~ 30 games on. Before that you can hardly judge whether you are good or bad on the champion. As for choosing a main champion, Is ther no champion of which you just like how he plays? For example I really like Ahri, Syndra and orianna, because they all use orbs to fight and their champion designs are rather unique and nice looking. > I can't improve at all. I can tell when something is my fault but I can't tell how to improve or fix it. If I'm always dying to ganks, I don't know what else to do because if I'm too careful I get zero farm and lose lane anyways. Dying to ganks is pretty easy to stop. First of all, try to always be aware of where your enemy jungler is. It's not that hard to keep track of him if it's properly warded (which yes i know, is a huge problem in lower elo's). But even then. if you see your enemy playing overly aggressive/timid or changing his playstyle, it usually means their jungler is somewhere close. Also, if you don't know where the enemy jungler is don't play pushed in and don't engage on your enemy laner. (Unless you are confident you can kill him fast enough and escape a potential gank alive.) You can play carefull and still get all the farm by freezing the wave just in front of your tower, out of tower range. (Controlling Minion Waves: Freeze)
: Can you create a ticket to report someone?
Yes you can! When sending a ticket, in the dropdown to choose the type, there's "Report cheating, fishing or negative in-game behavior" I've done it myself sometimes and got a few people perma'd that way (or maybe it wasn't the ticket but just the amount of in-game reports they received, dunno xD). Some people just behave so inhumanly, reporting after the game just isn't enough. The good thing about sending a report through a ticket is that you can send footage (video) or screenshots of the game as direct proof.
Kurotsu (EUW)
: Support Macro Tips?
So, as a plat 3 support main, I might not be the best player ever, but here's my take on it. **What else should you do?** * _Trading Stance:_ Understanding how the trading stance works and using it in your game will help you a lot in regards to poking your opponents without taking damage youreself. A problem i see a lot in gold or lower is that supports just don't poke enough, and if they do they take far too much damage in return. (More Info: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iko2tqmDpJQ) * _Retaliation Trade:_ Oftentimes, when a fight in bot happens, the first reaction of people is to just run away. This is a mistake. You are just taking free damage. Instead what you should do is the retaliation trade. Let's say for example your adc get's stunned by Leona, what you as a support should do is engage on the enemy adc, and not run. You'll be surprised how many trades you'll actually end up winning. Especially on champs like soraka or sona as you'll outsustain your opponents due to the heals. (More Info: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UXe-zWix4aw&t=197s) * Understand the Wave. You should understand the minion waves, how to manipulate it etc. You should also be able to realize when your adc is going for a freeze or is trying to break a freeze and help him accordingly. **How Important is Vision Control?** Vision Control is very important. It can literally win you games. However, most people in plat and below do it wrongly especially during laning phase. The point of wards is to provide information to your team. The more information, the better. The secondary role of wards is to protect your lane. Here's how most people will ward: https://prnt.sc/kxdo7j This is wrong on so many levels. The ward in the river bush is the most useless spot you could place a ward in in the entire game. it provides absolutely no valuable information whatsoever to your team. it does provide you vision of a gank, but at that point it'll likely be to late. There are far better spots which will accomplish a lot more. Propper Warding Red Side: https://prnt.sc/kxdok3 Propper Warding Blue Side: https://prnt.sc/kxdor4 These spots do a lot more. 1. They keep both your bot lane and your mid lane safe from ganks (The enemy jungler has no path that he can take towards botlane without crossing a ward) 2. They will warn you if the enemy mid-laner tries to roam bot. They wil also warn your midlaner if your enemy support tries to roam mid. 3. They cover the entire botside of the jungle instead of jsut the area close to botlane. 4. The optional Deep Ward will help keeping track of the enemy jungler and it will allow your jungler to go for invades and steal enemy junglers camps. **What role do you have in mid/late game.** Basically, your role in mid to late is protecting your carries (note, this does not always have to be your adc!) and be as annoying as you can to your enemies. Deward their wards and set up Baron / Dragon through warding when they are about to spawn. **Should I roam at 15 minutes?** You should roam whenever you can. Roaming is really good. Not only does it allow you to gank mid lane, it also increases your presence and pressure in the game and allows you to get to better warding spots. it also allows you to team up with your jungler for invades or ganks to bot and midlane. However, there is two rules you should follow: 1. Only roam when you are sure your adc won't die on lane and can still get all the xp and optionally most of the cs. 2. Always roam when you have nothing better to do. Let's say your adc froze a big minion wave under tower. All your gonna do for the next 1-2 minutes is sit there and let the adc farm ... just go and roam. Let's say your adc backed and you are still good on hp and mana. You're just gonna sit there for a minute waiting till he returns, maybe last hitting 2 cs ... just go an roam. There's also something I like to call the Base-roam, which fits together with the warding i mentioned earlier. Basically, everytime you are back in base, don't go directly down to botlane, instead path through the jungle towards midlane. This will allow for a surprise gank to midlane (maybe even with your jungler), allow you to ward and deward the river, and then maybe a surprise gank to bot (maybe even with your jungler). Red Side: https://prnt.sc/kxdu60 Blue Side: https://prnt.sc/kxdukw **What difference do you make?** A bad support won't really make a difference. However, a good support can solo carry games. Ever had those games where the enemy support was just everywhere? Mid laner tries to engage on his opponents, suddenly a wild thresh appears out of the jungle. Jungler ganks toplane, suddenly a wild thresh appeared outa the jungle. You make a 5 man gank on botlane, suddenly the thresh worked some magic and his adc got a pentakill. Support items also give a massive value to your team. let's take redemption, ardent or locket for example. The stats those items can give are really valuable. {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
Avexion (EUW)
: i think I'm looking for a champion who got damage and mobility stats and those champions u suggested I've already tried em and they didn't fit on my taste if u know anyone with high mobality and damage ty
Try {{champion:164}}. She has great mobility and great 1v1 damage. She's usually played int he top lane but she can be played in the jungle too.
: 380-400 fps on maxed settings? i would sure love to see that myself dude
Well, by the way you worded it I assume you disbelieve me, so here I'll provide proof [https://prnt.sc/kvyljj](https://prnt.sc/kvyljj) However, if i just misunderstood and you jsut meant that'd you'd love to have that much fps in your own games, then sry for misunderstanding you xD
Kurotsu (EUW)
: Tips on getting to Gold?
As a main support in platin 3, here's some things that helped me immensely. Watch all videos of the League 101 series. This will give you very good fundamental knowledge of mechanics, basics and proper gameplay. How good you can utilise those in your games is up to your skill. Not all of them are specifically important for supports, but knowing why other lanes are doing certain things will help improve your playstyle in general. [Leaguecraft 101 Playlist](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iko2tqmDpJQ&index=1&list=PL9RdXhXESRJzgY_SwHB8T-cZxXljWhQvz) Nextup, warding, omg, the amount of people in plat and less that are doing this wrong is immense, and I was one of them. Never, ever ward Riverbush, it's the most useless bush you can ward in the whole entire game. Tribush is ok, but don't, for the love of god, ward riverbush. For more info: [Advanced/Proper warding during Laningphase.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OM7kvEfsLH4&t=196s) and [A very enlightening video by BunnyFufu (Cloud 9 Support Master Tier player) talking about the support role and what people do wrong.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P2i9xB5qqcE&t=278s) So, these are just for covering basics. Now I'll list some youtubers which specifically make educational guides for the support role, not gameplay or useless stuff like that, but actuall in depth analysises and stuff like that. * [Lophally](https://www.youtube.com/user/LohGod1337) Challenger support main doing lots of guides of how to play specific supports during laning phase. Also covers each patch in regards to changes specifc to supports nd how they will impact the role. * [Hotrod08](https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDCgbHP2g3knq9LcihcxXqA) Support Main Diamond player doing more general guides than Lophally covering stuff like proper warding, roaming and so on. Also analyses each page on how it will affect support lane. * [Strategy Professor Guide Playlist](https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLd7EYUMq56DExzvCO6EomhMyfZTpT81Eb) The Strategy professor is a Diamond support main, who does a lot of very ... veeeeeery in depth guides on multiple support topics and other topics. They include a lot of mathematicsl formulas and calculations and take usually about 30+ minutes per video, but the are very enlightening and can explain things to you on a mathematical basis if you prefer that. As for how effective these are. Just watching the first 3 videos of the League 101 playlist together with learning proper wave controll (freezing and so on) allowed me to successfully breach from gold into platin after being stuck in gold for months. Following the other sources and Learning more and more about the support role, i now find it easier and easier climbing in plat, which actually gives me hope of maybe even reaching D5 or higher before the season end. Basically, in my opinion to get better at league, you need 1/3 playing the game, 1/3 learning about the game and 1/3 reflecting on your own gameplay. Just playing won't get you higher then gold if you lack the knowledge. Wow ... this became pretty long, oh well. {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
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