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: U should add mision - win a game having silver/gold team against ex-diamonds/plat......
win as a full bronze team using non meta champs vs a challenger team using pick or ban champs; and for 1ip as reward
: actually for me not that problem .. like i have played a match two days ago premade with my friends ( full team ) and we played top : soraka jungle : lulu mid : leona adc : thresh supp : morgana and we actually managed to win and to mention we were all taking smite/flash so i think thats what riot want u to try
it can work, sure, but how many times? you probably had good matchups or noob laners against, but it's one in a milion, one group can find themself doing 3/4 40 minutes matches and losing all of them, all for get a ridiculus amount of points
: Agreed. Should atleast give a warning before banning.
it gives you a message if someone in your team declared that champ as pick, but probably if i want to ban that champ i'm gonna ban it anyway, unless my teammate is first pick
: or you can just pick him as first pick and trade him to the last pick guy
and you have to be sure that your last pick has every champ you can pick, that's not so usual as one may think
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: Hey guys, One thing missing from the text is these do require a full 5 premade. The intent of these missions is a challenge in cohesion and working together, as you would see in pro play. We're aware they're a little challenging, and that they have the potential to be "trolly" - which is why this will only award with a full 5 man premade. The mission themselves will reflect that, the article did not. Regardless of the 5 man premade however, we'll definitely be watching the impact, difficultly and player sentiment around them as they reach them :-)
i don't like missions that requires you to play in a 5 man premade (maybe it would be acceptable if missions are going to be added outside of events). why? because unless you add every teammate you find in random match, you'll hardly have more than 10 friends that play lol, unless you are in a big community (like idk, an university). If you have few friends, it's hard that you'll find enough online to do the quest, and to have them willing to do the quest (even more if like in this case it's not worth the reward). If you are in a large community, you'll find people, but they are probably people you have never met before, and it change close to nothing to have 4 random players other than communication (that have still his part)
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