Nice hooks. That Sona one was super close, i bet the player uninstalled after the game.
ImSpray (EUW)
: Why don't they just make my queue time longer then? Like I don't wanna lose ranked games because their system is trash lol
if you can't play more than one lane, you're trash.
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Feαther (EUW)
: oh damn appreciated {{sticker:sg-jinx}}
i'm gonna add you as a friend, and you're gonna like it ๛∙᷅῞ॄ∙᷄ (hear me mu%%%a?)
: Gold 3 Support Main here. I'm looking for a ADC Main for Duo Queueing, preferably in Platinum.
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PRX Metal (EUW)
: I need a new nickname
My first one was Pressx2start but i got banned and now i'm pretty happy with my choice
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: First off : Congratulations for the game. These kinds of brought back, hopeless looking/feeling matches are what we remember even after months pass. They are super rewarding/satisfying - I'm glad you could experience it. What feels like pushing yourself now, will get into your blood, perfectionism, and you won't even sweat it in a couple hundred games. A couple of things that I learnt, and what - in my opinion - separate the casual from the semi-pro, high ELO players. Perfecting these things, no matter the role or the champion, OR THE ELO, will help you IMMENSELY, in your climb towards the glorious spots on the top of the ladder. Here it goes : #LANING 1-15min * Use trinket ON COOLDOWN - on the right spots obviously , +/- 20 sec delays of course, no need to place useless wards (as in enemy jg is on top,enemy mid is on mid pushed under his tower - and you waste a ward....you get the idea). * ALWAYS have a Control Ward on you. ALWAYS ! - an extra one is what I mean. It can mean a drake, or a successful lane-gank from your jungler. * Watch the map EVERY 2-4 seconds. Make it to be a reflex. You don't even think about it. * Ping your jungler, when you feel like you're gankable. Don't push like a crazed madman then ask for ganks after dying under enemy tower. You are the support, you have to set up the kill. * ( Sup specific ) As shitty as this might sound, trade your life for others'. Nobody will blame you (and even if they do screw em) - if you sacrifice yourself for someone else. Protect them with your own life. * You WARN your teammates with EARLY PINGS - if they have 0 map awareness, do that work for them. Ping them if they are getting ganked. Me, as a jungler, am familiar with the enemy's pathing at most of the times, I warn my team preemptively like - yo ! You're super gankable, back off a bit, ward, relax. * Never go for risky big plays - especially in lane. Oh god, how many times I saw early dives gone wrong, flash hooks missed (because of the madlife predicts vs non sidestepping low elo enemies etc.). Play it safe, go for the sure thing. * ASK FOR DRAKES. If your jungler is clueless, you'll be the one who goes there, pings the shit out of him, and eventually you take drake. You do this after a successful gank/fight, when enemy bot is backed, and jungler shows himself around topside. * ( Sup specific ) LASTLY - _**ROAM**_ - that's your way of 1v9ing as a support. Your mid is winning lane under enemy tower? - you're good to stay. Your mid is losing lane under his own tower, being pushed in? Roam to mid - gank that shit. 2v1 in earlygame, even a 3/0 midlaner can be taken down. - OF COURSE coordinate with your laner, let him know what's up. Don't just solo suicide then missing ping your mid ... LOL #MIDGAME 15-25 min * SWAP ! Take that bot tower ASAP, and go top, take that too. You're giving a HUGE help to your jungler, and whole team by opening up the entrances to enemy jungle, and being able to gain vision control over the 2 major objectives - herald/baron, and drake. * DO THE HERALD. If your jungler is bad, go there, and ping them until they come. You usually do this after the swap happened, eventually after top tower falls. Put 2 deep wards, swipe the area, pink ward the herald and you got green light to take it. * Prioritize on the enemy's mistakes. If they chase after a kill, ping your ADC to take a tower. AT ALL TIMES - be on some objective. Teamfights are for suckers - winners take the objectives. OBVIOUSLY, if you are all far ahead, and the enemy has no comeback potential (like a lategame hypercarry ex. jinx/vayne or smthn like that), push fights until you wear them down. * If your team is bad, YOU DO the shotcalling. Enemy jungler is splitpushing botlane, adc just died. Go for that 20min baron. You're the support, you own the vision control - you can sneak that baron in no-time, without the enemy even realizing what's up. * DO NOT F#$K AROUND WITH THE TIME ! I see this all the time, in low-ELO. People go from laning phase straight to lategame teamfights, and ARAMs (LOL). Be efficient, take as many objectives, push out as many lanes, place as many wards as you can. (the pushing/obj taking part refers to your team - your job is to tell them what to do, in case they don't know) #LATEGAME 25min - end * The key here is _**VISION CONTROL**_ * Learn bait strategies - from the "big boys" - watch how it's done on youtube/twitch. Try this out : If they have a melee support or jungler (they are the ones who deny the vision) like a blitz sup and a yi jg - can be any melee - sit in a bush (that you cleared wards from), and place a control ward in front of the said bush, so it's visible from far (not in the actual bush). Camp there with your team (have some ranged CC like a hook/snare - whatever, and when someone comes to clear it kill him, then force a 4v5 teamfight. There are TONS of strats like this one, easy to execute, and they mostly work up until low-mid plat. Sometimes even master/chall players fall for it. * LEARN TO CLOSE GAMES. If 3 enemies are dead for 40 seconds, and you're all 5 alive, push. 2v5 they won't stop you. Back when enemies are respawning, NEVER OVERSTAY. One mistake in lategame and you LOST. * Try taking the baron, or fighting for it if you're strong enough. * Kill the nexus (lol). #OVERALL TIPS * Keep a cool head, NEVER tilt - it doesn't help. You're not in a Jason Statham action movie, to fight better when angry. * Keep the team's spirit up - if you're in a good mood, you'll win more easily - play better. * NEVER FLAME, blaming someone for a stupid shit they just pulled, won't fix their mistake, but tilt them (and see above what I think about playing while tilted). * If there are fights in the chat, defuse the situation. #AND LASTLY * It's a freaking game, have fun ! Never forget this. Don't eat yourself up for losing, the good part is playing it, not sitting on your profile page, looking at a rank badge or LP/MMR numbers. About me, I started out as a mid main in Season 1. Transitioned to the Jungle around 5 and a half yeas ago. I was a silver tier player up until 4 years ago. Then some things clicked in my head, and jumped straight up to plat. For 3 years, I sat there, always stopping when reaching P5 or P4. Real life happened, and I was a bit insecure as well about competing with/against the big guys, altho I had the potential to climb. This season, in the first 2 months, I shot up to D5 with a 71% win-rate from G4, and to D4 with a 65% w/r. I had plans to go further, but things got in the way, I put my lol "career" on a hold, until Preseason 9. Nowadays only doing decay matches, and playin a couple of normals/events here and there, to keep my fingers from rusting up. Game knowledge is like riding a bicycle. Once it gets in your blood, no matter how rusty you are, you know what's up, and you can get back to your former glory in under 50 games or so. Your head is in the right place, so is your heart. You're a born winner, from what I read in your post. Aim for the stars, never give up - and you'll go far. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} With kind regards, The Lane Police PS : sorry for the 10 page essay LOL.
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