: Please send an email to skpleaugeclub@gmail.com so I can have some info about you and discuss privately
ok man ive sent you an emal.
: Recruitment
hey im interested.
BillWithIt (EUNE)
: By personal experience, you can reduce the flamers you find (just a bit) by doing the following: •Play in Normal Draft, and not in blind pick. •Mute ALL players when you get in game, and make sure not to start a fight in champion select. •Try focusing on yourself, even if your botlane is feeding and your mid is AFK, try to focus on yourself. You said yourself, you are trying to improve, not to win. I hope i helped. Good luck!
: Hmmm how to learn.That's a hard one to be honest. I will tell what i did . 1)I always take into account what my team is telling to me. I know 90% of the time the people wont be like "bro you should better these items " ,"try to keep the lane and keep a ward there so we got a vision at this area" and other stuffs that will help you understand how to improve yourself. Sadly they are like "gj trash" , "ffs this guy" ,"delete " etc. You should NOT bother talking to them.BUT you may think for a bit if their might be a chance that they are right (wrong attitude ofc but you made a mistake ,we all do anyways). So here i am. When i am getting flamed..Sometimes i just got a ^$%$^ player in my team.Some other times tho...i messed it up .So i try next game to avoid doing same mistake. True that the some players at this community are doing everything is possible to make people sick of game (at low elo and unrank games pre 30) . You just have to focus on you not them. They may flame you for no reason.I think you can understand when you done a mistake and when you didnt. __________________________ 2)Focus o the champion you really like. You no need 100 champs to play this game. I play 2-5 .And rest i just play at aram for fun. Better to "master"(gameplay higher than your elo) some champs than being "medium" with a lot! _____________________ 3)Spectate some high elo games.That i done at least.I show (when i used ot be silver) how players are putting wards and playing my champion(nami). I notice that i made couple "dump" mistakes .
Ty I appreciate the reply and advice i will defo try them all.
Goodnigut (EUW)
: Focus on yourself. Said enough. No? Okay then, let me explain it and myself and what I said. You learn ONLY by purely focusing on your self and yourself alone. Your team doesn't matter, don't look at them, they're just a distraction from improving yourself. Don't believe me? Then go ahead and ask anyone that's ranked Platinum 3 and above. they'll all agree with me.
TY i will take that on board and put it in my game play.
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