: So i've decided to continue my project anyway xD
I can add the option for people to submit their own videos also by just entering the youtube link for example: https://www(dot)youtube.com/watch?v=XXXXXX It automatically grabs all the info from the youtube video through the youtube data api. But yeah gotta see if people want that or not XD
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: Chat restricted for flaming an afk troll
rito logics hahah, the troll goes free but if you my friend open your mouth and start saying something about it. We'll hit you with the allmighty banhammer & %%%% you up. cuz you broke the rules and he well.... he just gets the pleasure of you being punished.
: Login Servers Unavailable - Failed to Authenticate
I'm having the same issue, can't login. Was in queue, clicked accept and it froze the client. prolly an hour now and still can't login. Country: The Netherlands ISP: KPN Server: EUW PC: The one u wish u had, so no probs there XD
GlaceX (EUW)
: Same..
: Extreme lag in EUW client and ingame.
when u decline rdy check cuz of lag... comeon rito give us a reply. UPDATE US!{{item:3070}}
: My client is dying. Does anyone else have the same issue?
same here from the netherlands. I managed to finally get into a game and i've had 18ms ping which is higher than normal, and game had lag spikes constantly without me seeing the jump in "ms" stayed 18ms constantly. Weird shit going on @ rito servers{{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
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