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Cypherous (EUW)
: Level Cap
I think the same as i going up to silver 5 and because of team even i can't carry all game somethimes , lvl cap should be lvl 50 my opinion and need win 5/10 fights to enter ranked if not win 5 maches then after 24 hours you will have another chanse to play 10 fights.
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: I really don't like your choice of music Just my opinion
next time will try better :) just taken some random just to listen while play
: he was OP in top lane even before guinsoo, you're warding your river though +1 for that P.S. are you maxing W to get faster stacks on the {{item:3124}} ? P.S.S. lolololol 25 min 6hp :D:D:D:D
yes :D but worth it i think :D
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: new champion
Alway i wanted new champion similar to katarina :){{champion:55}}
SoulBawz (EUW)
: yw, your plays werent always the best, lategame yes but early game you could have done waaaaaaaay better, and yes your build was just good ^^
Ty :) everyday trying to be better :)
SoulBawz (EUW)
: why did you take w first and started maxing e? q would have increased your clear speed wya more and you would have more succes
Will try but this build and how i play was good to :) ty for advise
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: Stop spaming your 10 subscriber youtube channel under every comment you make. This is a discussion board, not your private advertising platform.
You mad :D ?{{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
MilkyWayVL (EUNE)
: I like her ulti a lot and its really gamechanging ,you can provide your team a safe baron or you can steal it, you can eliminate their carry from the tf or the tanks its a really nice ult ,but it can be negative in wrong hands you can kick up enemy and help him avoid your allies damage
Yeah thats true :) **<link removed>**
: Poppy's new ULT
Dont know it seams to me normal ulti like every champion has , with good effects :) **<link removed>** {{champion:78}}
Flamenzo (EUW)
: Nidalee Anti Invisible HACK (You'll be surprised :D)
Lol nice one :D {{champion:76}} will stream her today if possible lane will be :) **<link removed>**
Shozis (EUNE)
: Is the Fight Against Toxicity Effective?
Dont even need premade there is function like ''Mute'' ? there you go :) **<link removed>**
Grimmrok (EUNE)
: No boots or armor or mr?
I replaced boots for {{item:3078}} but i think with this build no need boots but as i said when will play with poppy jungl or top will try different build so keap eye to my channel - **<link removed>** :) {{champion:78}}
JQKAndrei (EUW)
: How actually good is Poppy?
This is how i play poppy with this build> {{champion:78}} {{item:3748}} {{item:3072}} {{item:3053}} {{item:3124}} {{item:3022}} {{item:3078}} Channel -
Depair (EUW)
: Reworked Poppy's Quotes
Yeah this new poppy is cute :D and nice to play i like to hear all the time that ''f aking noob playing op champion nerf!'' But i think its good balanced :) **<link removed>**
: ***
Ok next day when will back from work will invite il chose 5 player with good plays as i will look mach history :) will be nice :) **<link removed>**
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heaffey (EUW)
: How to Beat The ADC META - Funny Lux Guide
Lux - Q , E , R = Q , E , PENTAKILL Enemy team - {{item:3157}} :D depends but not all buy this item vs her but counters well :) **<link removed>**
Wazzabis (EUW)
Lol :D Thats why i like to play rengar jungl :) I dont know if he needs nerf because it depends if they give me 4 first kills with rengar then yeah it will dominate all i think like that **<link removed>**
IcyzoR (EUNE)
: Can a silver player reach platinum?
Everything is possible :) just need time and ofc to play good not to die trying not to die in mach and not look to chat just imagine there is no chat function :D i do like this, because lot of players spam chat ( report, f a king noob , i have :))) your mom ) just play yuor style if really there is good temam ate in game yeah then you can respond :) just my opinion ;) **<link removed>**
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