Aezander (EUW)
: Report Spam = Negative Attitude
But the Negative Attitude report was removed.
Infernape (EUW)
: >Asking for reports? Why would that be punishable? Reports are something that is supposed to be up to the person in question, they don't need to be coerced into doing so. Report calling is considered toxic behaviour. Rioters have confirmed this on the boards. Asking for reports does nothing because it only takes one report to trigger the system into investigating someone's behaviour and the system doesn't care about the amount of reports a person receives.
Riot has never specified that though. I can honestly say that I have been playing / not playing for 6 years now and not once have I ever been told or shown in any way shape or form that report calling is report worthy...
314exeexe (EUNE)
: > only promotes further negativity Well thats the whole reason behind reporting someone. So from your logic it should not be allowed to report people because it only "promotes further negativity"...
Surely, if someone reports you for asking to report someone, someone should report them for reporting you and so on until everyone in the game has reported each other.
Perilum (EUW)
: Spam Asking for reports Insults Flaming And you wonder.
Everyone in silver chats that much, whether it's relevant or just having fun. Asking for reports? Why would that be punishable? I don't believe I have insulted at all, if you see the rest of the chat, #1 They are insulting me superbly #2 If you saw the rest of the chat, my 'spam' would be more relevant and understanding. Yes I said "Bstards" at the end of one of the games but are you kidding? Perma ban worthy?
Smerk (EUW)
: Report calling is punishable offence. You was banned for that. No need to ask for reports, one report is always enough, 9 reports in one game have the same power as one report.
Since when is asking to report someone a report worth offence??? On the category of Verbal Abuse or Offensive Language????
TreLamY (EUNE)
: You talk more than you play, you accuse people and nobody can say anything about you or your gameplay. "The bstards should be banned soon." --Irony eh? What is life. Good Job Riot.
But other than that one line. Over 90% of my chatting is related and if you check the dictionary of 'Offensive Language' or 'Verbal Abuse'. I was not doing it, that is why I am so appalled. If I read it and understood that I was flaming why would I complain...?
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: a report doesn't mean you will be punished, if you muted them from there then that is the only thing you would have seen and you would have had a reason to report them. instead you fed into it and made the report valid.
I know for a fact if a certain number of people report you, that's a punishment. Regardless of chat logs.
: Cyber bullying and online abuse is generally continued acts but here you are talking about isolated incidents that could have been avoided through the mute button.
You realise either way I would have ended up being reported - from 2 minutes in ashe said to report me. Now in my opinion yes I should've muted like I did with the Lee Sin player, but if they would report me anyway, because they would get more and mroe annoyed as the game progressed, and riot doesn't even consider what they're doing, I understand my ban but I want to know that they were to when 1) they caused my retaliation 2) they were 10 times worse
: Aww, come on. It's not ruined. It's a little break and you actually learned something from it, so a part of it is even a good thing. > if I defend my honor Do you think that lowering yourself on the same level as the idiots who flamed you qualifies as "defending your honor"? I would say it's the opposite, you ruin your honor by doing that. In the future just try to be the greater man. If some random internet strangers insult you....who cares? Who are they? Who cares what they think? Just brush it off, ignore it and prove to yourself that you are better than that.
If you knew my history (real life and online) it wouldn't be that easy.
Up2NoGood (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Finelope,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=gRH6yp2B,comment-id=0004000000000000,timestamp=2016-11-23T15:50:59.530+0000) > > I see that, and understand that now, but I never knew that if I defend my honor, and try to stop my online life be terrible as well as my real life. Then I am extremely sorry and I will gladly wait the 2 weeks but it's not fair that my real life and online life are ruined because of something that's not my fault. Defend your honor ? wtf ?
Is it a crime to not feel insulted every day of your life?
: > that's as far as I go shouldn't. Just because others break the rules this doesn't mean these rules become invalid for you. If other people insult you, ignore them, mute them if you want and report them after the game. If you lower yourself on their level, you are not defending yourself. Defending yourself means "preventing harm"...that's not what you do when you flame back. Muting someone however is a perfect defense. That's why flaming back doesn't count as "defending yourself". When you flame back, you flame. It's really as simple as that. Thats also why other peoples chatlogs are completely irrelevant for your punishment. It is YOUR punishment for YOUR behavior, nothing else.
I see that, and understand that now, but I never knew that if I defend my honor, and try to stop my online life be terrible as well as my real life. Then I am extremely sorry and I will gladly wait the 2 weeks but it's not fair that my real life and online life are ruined because of something that's not my fault.
: I just posted on your other discussion and then I saw this... >At which point I will defend myself If you "defend" yourself through negative, possibly abusive wording then they have every right to report you and if this is the case then you will have been punishment correctly. Your examples of "defending" yourself also show that you probably don't realise that your behaviour is not acceptable and the best way to "defend" yourself is to just mute the players that are causing you problems and report them at the end of the game. You will notice that I put "defend" in "" because this is an online game, there is nothing here that can physically harm you and therefore there is no need to "defend" yourself.
Not physically abuse or harm me, but have you heard of cyber bullying, or online abuse? Do you know how I'm feeling right now, I'm feeling slightly broken inside, because I'm just trying to have fun to escape the sad real life. Then horrible people make it bad here too. Where else can I go???
House x33 (EUW)
: There is no way a false report will get you punished
There is and it's happened - not trying to be rude as I am not usually rude unless people go full on rage mode at me. At which point I will defend myself - that's it. e.g. if someone says "REPORT THIS FUCKING TROLL OMFG!!!!!" when I haven't done anything - "dude shut up srsly" or "fuck off plz :(" that's as far as I go, proof is what I'll show if you can tell me how to screenshot, and how to get the full chatlog and not just mine.
Mada (EUW)
: Don't worry about that. The only ban that's stronger than a 14 day ban is a perma ban. The 14 day ban is your last warning.
My point is, this 14 day ban is not my fault, and so far it's done this "5 game chat restriction" - from trolling players - I acted like it was nothing - next thing I know troll players get me 14 day ban - perma ban next ? gj riot community
: Just restart your client and your client and you will see them again. And how can you be so sure you are innocent if you don't even read the message that tells you why you got punished?
I know it's toxicity, in the game they said they were reporting me for flame - it's the only reason people report each other because that's all anyone does. But how do I post the screenshot
Najns (EUW)
: You can see them when you try to log in, but they were also sent to your email.
dfsghj (EUW)
: You can buy them yourself if you're interested in the reports you gave/got the last 3 months: But I warn you; it is a lot of work.
I don't really care if it's a lot of work, if it means getting them banned truthfully, and me unbanned. So be it
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
I'm sure you know that in 14 days it will be unbanned, but then if this happens again with ragers, I'm gonna get banned for a month. It's not my fault.
Najns (EUW)
: You don't get banned if you do nothing wrong. If you claim to be innocent, mind posting chat logs Riot sent to you?
: > I haven't raged in forever. Feel free to prove that by providing us with your complete and unedited chatlogs. If you turn out to be actually completely innocent I promise to forward your case directly to Rioters who deal with this kind of problem. As part of the volunteer team I can do that. But I need the chatlogs (screenshot, not copy&paste) for that. And, just to exclude this possibility: Are you even sure that you got banned for toxictiy? Or could it be another reason? What exactly does the message say?
I don't know, I couldn't read it, I was just clicking to start another game after a few minutes, then whilst I was clicking it showed up and when I clicked it obviously closed it and now I can't go back on.
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