RourkeA (EUW)
: 2 for 1 rune pages?
I thought they only did them every new season, probably wrong but that's when i see them most often.
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: With the upcoming mage update, here an idea for a new item for pet mages
cool idea, would be really gated to specific champions though - but overall that would be a really interesting item :P
xLuksxBossx (EUNE)
: Hextech never coming out..
6.5 i think someone said
Maluber (EUW)
: Subbed or Dubbed Anime?
eeeh a mix of both imo, diehard sub fans say there's more emotion in subs which normally they are but dubs are a nice breath of fresh air every once in a while
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: In competetive tournaments, where thay can specifically ban your main.
i'm not sure if i'll ever go that far :P
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JSauce (EUW)
: Mage Supports
Zyra{{champion:143}} , zilean {{champion:26}} , fiddlesticks {{champion:9}} to name a few
: Marty mcfly inspired {{champion:245}} Drake Slaughter Skin {{champion:107}} Dj Bard {{champion:432}} Puss in boots inspired skin {{champion:150}} Walter White inspired skin {{champion:6}} Robot {{champion:9}} Regal {{champion:81}} White Samurai ({{champion:157}} ) Fishermen ({{champion:412}} ) Improved Rusty skin ({{champion:53}} ) Cheshire Cat from Alice and wonderland inspired skin ({{champion:223}} )-It could work Ghost-buster skin inspired ({{champion:104}} s)({{champion:18}} )({{champion:202}} )({{champion:21}} )(Maybe {{champion:41}}) Indiana Jones skin ({{champion:150}} ) Tennis coach Skin ({{champion:74}} ) Swat ({{champion:201}} ) Thief skin ({{champion:28}} ) Business woman({{champion:92}} ) Cosmic skin idea ({{champion:26}})
{{champion:223}} called the cheshire cat btw (but nice ideas) think the tennis coach heimer is my favourite x)
I agree with this, while I don't really play a lot of aram when doing bot games there are often two bots (on my team and not the intermediate bots team - -') that just walk up midlane and don't buy items, feed the midlaner and make it more time consuming to finish the supposedly quick game :/
: Gold V, 900 hour game time and still no penta
I wondered why i never got any (including in bots) then i realised that support penta's really don't normally happen {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}}
Ichinose (EUW)
: Wait until a Vayne/Jinx haves {{item:3094}} {{item:3153}} {{item:3031}} . Til' grave.
that still doesn't mean it's fair ;.; also he has chain cc and two health bars - sorry, this champ just really grinds my gears ;.;
Azure9861 (EUW)
: Who are your most hated champions?
{{champion:223}}. because three shotting adc's with stupid amounts of health, mr and armour doesn't make sense....
: If you find a fix, tell me. I've been having this for ages, but literally no one cared. BTW, personally, I dont get this issue *EVERY* match - one in a couple of ones.
I'm in a similar position to you ERR, my games mostly load not but if I quit the loading screen or something then it disconnects me (while my internet still works) then I need to disconnect from the internet once if not twice to get it working again, meaning a much higher chance of losing lane :/ I think a few people have been having this problem for a while now (i've had it since the summer) and possibly they might have found a solution - probably wrong and we just need to wait for rito to fix it :P
: You have been disconnected from the game .
I've had this problem and it's really annoying, if something happened to stop it that would be great :P
Agidyne (EUW)
: I'm not talking about the Riven skin. I can show it to you, if you so desire.
Do you mean a custom skin? If so yeah
kiwishrew (EUW)
: This is the one time I'll ever say thank goodness for copyright. Because screw having Transistor tarnished by the champion with the single-most toxic player base in all of LoL. Just screw that.
That's definitely one concern :P the games are amazing tho but I don't see other champions really mixing well with red as well as riven does.
: What about copyright theft?
I don't think that it would ever come to fruition, but elements of it could be used in other skins, like PROJCT: riven or something, really this was just a bit of fun that I thought would look cool :P
Agidyne (EUW)
: Would you like to see it?
yes, I would - I think it fits rivens theme and would be a great skin if designed properly
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: The real reason why people hate Tahm Kench
The problem I have with him is that when he builds full tank he can fight 2/3 members of your team and still come out on top due to his insane damage **because **of building tank. His Q slow is stupid imo because it lasts for two seconds, has a 6 second cool down with no cdr and is a very strong slow, his resistance to poke and 'second' health bar which just makes him alistar level tankiness and his e which does %health dmg which scales with tankiness again...... Just my opinion and probably still a bit butthurt after having a few in recent games {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
Sayainji (EUW)
: My thoughts about Jhin
I just don't think he has the kit to be able to survive in league, by what I mean is that he's so different from other champions that he will never be a normal adc and will either be too strong or too weak due to his utility and strange mechanisms. Note that I kinda though the same for numerous new champions and so i'm probably going to be proved wrong the first hour he comes out on live but I do feel he had a bit more potential if not a lot. Just my opinion on the topic :P But still hyped esp. for the VO {{item:3060}}
: Tahm Kench - The disgusting secret juggernaut
this. this is too true atm {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
Alfnett28 (EUW)
: Does it ever get better?
I actually find that every once in a while there is a toxic player that flames you till your laptop overheats but generally if you keep the mood of the game light and chat when something funny or bad happens you tend to avoid a few arguments - I think the main reason is that there are tons of smurfs in lower levels that think they're god among mortals or just people who are bad at the game and are angry at that fact. All in all while I do find the occasional toxic player I find the vast majority of players just want to play and have fun with the game. Just my opinion - I hope it gets better for you! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: Supports
I think that while tanks supports are easier to play and have less of a chance of screwing up terribly, squishy supports definitely have their place, raka {{champion:16}} has heals, nami{{champion:267}} is a jack of all trades, janna{{champion:40}} can cockblock like there's no tomorrow and lulu{{champion:117}} has tons of poke and utility. It's really how the team plays because tanks and mage supports are less reliant of co-ordianted team play and can survive on their own whereas normally squishy champions need their teammates to play well for them to really shine. Just my opinion :P
: Imperium (40k) > Galactic Empire (Star Wars)
I just remember the tau global cannon in 40k soul storm xD
: What type of champions do you hate to face the most ?
tham kench{{champion:223}} . this guy is the epitome of anti-fun with high damage and stupid tankiness with 'two' health bars, strong low cool down slow, devour either an ally (which is aggravating) or an enemy and do %health dmg and finally a semi-global ult to round it off. top he manages to do so much dmg and be an unkillable tank and support he makes the lane insufferable. Just my opinion. (i've played against a few recently that's why i'm so aggressive :P)
12a12b12d (EUNE)
: Why/How did you start playing league?
I saw two friends play it and thought it looked o-k but wasn't interested in it, 9 months later another friend told me to play this really fun game called league of legends and here i am now. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
A Ocean (EUW)
: No one at Riot seems to know what Vel'Koz even does
I love Vel'koz {{champion:161}} and I think his kit is really well put together and has lots of counterplea and outplay potential, i really think that he's the least of riot's concerns....... nice post anyway Total Slappage.
9Howls (EUW)
: Idea to Vel'koz-updating team (very fun, must read, such wow)
Personally i don't think it would work, as Vel'koz {{champion:161}} is a long range poke-based champion, making him come close to the enemy champion is directly against his play-style and would be harmful to him. His passive is also where the majority of his damage comes from, his spells all do dmg but in order to really use him effectively his passive is key. Not a bad idea tho, possibly not exp but possibly dealing like 5% extra damage to the champion you have received 'data' from until the buff wears off or something. This is just my opinion and I love Vel'koz {{champion:161}} so I wonder how they'll change him!?
: Its time to say goodbye
we need that bard skin {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-rainbows}}
Agidyne (EUW)
: What is your favorite anime?
Parasite the maxim/ Psycho pass
CyLucky (EUW)
: you have been disconnected please check your internet
this happens to me if i'm not careful - if i accidentally close the cilent, when i reopen it i will be disconnected Dive Deep summarised it pretty well but i also need to disconnect and then reconnect to my internet even though it works for everything else..... it's a really annoying bug and it's lost many a lane during my games as you're about 2mins late...
Frightpest (EUNE)
: Your Opinion: Most Fun Champion
{{champion:267}} for me closely followed by {{champion:432}} and{{champion:26}} i just love the ideas behind them and i find them really fun to play
Sinfull666 (EUNE)
: you said it in a beautiful way (^▽^)
: its off topic...
this is why i love this section xD
: Post your 2 favourite champignons
{{champion:267}} {{champion:432}} both really fun champignons that are also interesting lore-wise imo
: about shen rework
i feel that while the idea of a ninja tank is odd, it's different from other ninja that are always assassins - his ult is really cool and kinda thematically ninja like (appearing out of nowhere) and making him into another burst assassin etc. would leave him really lacklustre from the many other assassin ninja, as someone else said - we already have two assassin ninja in this game alone :P Just my thoughts on the whole deal
Larry (EUNE)
: The options you have, are really better than they used to be. In a balanced ranked game everybody has different summoner spells (apart from flash) Ignite smite teleport slow heal are all viable in all lanes, ghost is tactically viable as well as clarity at the moment with the lack of mana. Not only they wont propably make new summoner spells for the time being, but they reduced the existing ones to have a more solid gameplay in summoners rift
clarity got removed :P P.S also cleanse is viable in some matchups
ThePompf (EUW)
: Its my birthday today :3
Happy Birthday!
inimene (EUW)
: what champ to buy?
malz{{champion:90}} is easy and great if you just want to shit on someone's day - i love him so that's my pick, really safe pick in soloQ and quite fun to play too
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: Which champion have you felt connected to the most since you started playing? :)
nami {{champion:267}} - a jack of all trades and is really fun to play and i love fish :P
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: or when they spam some emote and you stomp them.
or just repeatedly chat 'lucky' whenever you kill them
: What you got in Snowdown shop? :D
Arklight Vel'koz 30% River spirit nami 40% Ace of spades Ezreal 40% Master chef Tahm kench 60% Winter wonder lulu 70% bittersweet lulu 20% got the lulu and vel - wanted the vel for ages and lulu was a deal imo (winter one) ty rito!
: Cause I don't know how to screen shot on Macs I'm just gonna list them... Rocket girl trist Infernal alistar Cutthroat graves Matador alistar Earnest elf trist (for like 170 RP... definitely buying that one). Pool party rek'sai I'm happy with them (was hoping for a gnar skin but oh well), getting earnest elf trist as it's a nice skin for dirt cheap, toying with the idea of getting pool party rek'sai as I love that skin but the discount is only 20% (1000ish RP) so im not so sure, might get cutthroat graves but I'm not sold on his rework yet, and I don't like these alistar skins nor rocket girl trist... So I shall pass on them.
cmd + shift + 4 takes a chosen area, cmd + shift + 3 is the entire screen (took me a while to find out myself :P)
MiIan (EUW)
: Would you like to answer some questions? :)
Male 16 When not at school 4-5 hours sometimes and others 2-3 House, Chillstep, Chill (if that's a music genre...) - pretty happy with anything tho Unranked - waiting for 250 soloQ wins before touching ranked :P No, i believe that while it will grow larger it will still have the connotations it has these days and that will hold it back, but I do think that it will gradually expand and that a wider range of people will consider it a 'sport'. P.S To me it seems kinda like chess in that people respect a good chess player and there was talk of it being in the Olympics I think but it won't reach the stage that sport is at ever. :P
: Poppy rework...
poppy was fun but too much of a gamble - she also had the tag of 'if anyone can get her through early safely and reliably then we'll nerf the shit out of her late' by rito for years I think, I think the update will be good - like her new abilities for a defensive/peeling tank
: Why i cant see chat during champ select? o.o
This happens to me every once in a while - i don't know how to get rid of it but it's kinda annoying, in the ned it does come back but normally about 30s after everyone else is 100% on the loading screen - it's caused a few mishaps where I have to guess where people are going... (so if anyone knows how to fix it that would be nice :P) - also just to ask is the problem still persisting or is it gone now?
TriPhoenix (EUNE)
: Your Level 5 Champions
{{champion:90}} {{champion:69}} {{champion:161}} {{champion:89}} welp i thought I only wanted to play support x)
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