Yuka (EUW)
: Hey, thanks for catching this typo! We let our writer know and we've fixed the mistake. :) I like to think that Wunder's carrying so hard it looks like he's playing all 5 lanes... :p
: Stats Breakdown: 2018 Group Stage
Apparently FNC thinks: "We don't need vision, when they are dead."
: How the West was Won: Why European Teams are Shrugging Off Korean Playstyles
I don't think that you can say EU>KR right now. But is has been EU with the innovative "better" meta before. In 2015 I think it was the European lane swap meta that was played by everyone at worlds (but not before) and at that time the LPL failed to adapt fast enough. This year I think it is more that when an super aggressive uncontrollable style (like Vitality's) is the counter strategy against a controlled style (like Gen.G's) when played at the same level. And it was a problem of disrespect for Afreeca when they lost against G2.
: How the West was Won: Why European Teams are Shrugging Off Korean Playstyles
It says in the article Wunder's Heimerdinger while it was Hjarnen's.
BM Electro (EUNE)
: Nope you can't get her like this use 1 champ for discount and disenchant the other 2 for BE.
Either that or keep the other two for the mastery Emote. Then the shards are really valuable. But maybe that just makes sense, when you wn every champ and you don't know what to do else with your BE.
: Reminds me of Joe "Joe Miller" Miller. Ah, the good old days...
You mean the Joe "Don't call me Joe Joe Miller Miller" Miller?
Rismosch (EUW)
: Oh man, imagine the shitfest this will create: "I want to be in Noxus! WTF?! Why am I in Demacia?!"
I think IF they did this, they would do it like this snowdown event, where you can choose your path.
: That's what a League movie should be about btw. - Garen being sorted into Demacia and Kat being sorted into Noxus
Not a movie. I feel like that would be too short. How about a TV Series like Game of Thrones and not that one hero but multiple. There you have the time to have different story lines (eg.: one in Demacia, one in Noxus, one in Ionia and Rammus).
ee tt q (EUW)
: Why Holing Abyss is random champions?
Because that is the fun of that mode. Like Cheini said, in Season 1/2 ARAM (All Random All Mid) was a very popular custom game mode, where everyone picks a random champ (there was "random button" in champ slect) and only went to the mid lane. Riot chose to give that mode an own queue and an own map -> Howling Abyss and made some balancing champions like reducing heals to other champs by 50%. That is why you can only play it with random Champions. I think you can create a custom game on Howling Abyss with blind/draft pick. You could try to create one and post it on the boards and see if someone joins.
Driaven (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Viavarian,realm=EUW,application-id=00edEA0o,discussion-id=KZMwlcwB,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-11-09T11:19:24.384+0000) > > Each time you level up, you get at least one champion shard that you can disenchant for BE. Is the champions always randoms or those wich you dont own yet?
It's random (not sure if expensive champs have a lower chance than cheap Champs) but you can get shards of Champions you own. You can disentchant those or use them to level your Champion mastery.
Renold (EUNE)
: How to obtain key fragment/keys??
Basically no. They changed the Key System with the Honor Rework. You now get key fragment ONLY at random times based on your honor level. The only other way the get the keys is buying them, either with RP or with the mission tokens. And I'm just saying I have always about 13 Chests and I can't get rid of them ;)
Fathands (EUW)
: I guess the schedule is only showing one week. But there are games next week. As for what the casters say they aren't wrong, SKT is still going undefeated.
Thank you. It was just the sums of hints, that made me doubt. What confused me most was that the quarterfinals are already in the schedule.
: Double-Round-Robin means each team will play every other team twice(atleast, if there are no tie breakers). The games for this stage are expanded _**over two weeks not one**_.
I know what a double round robin means. I was just confused because the games of next week are not in the schedule, but the quarterfinals are.
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karimuuS (EUW)
: yep actualy i find the fun in playing a lot of champs but a couple diamond friends of mine told me to stick to 3 champs only
It depends on what you want to reach. If your goal is to climb the ladder, it is propably easier to just play a few champions and get really good with them. But if you are playing just for the fun, do whatever you want.
: 90% of the time you can't do anything. Taking items like locket or redemption is not a good choice to use windspeaker as ahri for example. Going a totally different build in order to make good use of these masteries might end up with terrible results (ad ahri because you picked ad masteries with fevor). So playing safe because you start with a disadvantage is the best choice.
I agree with you, I would not change the whole item build but some minor adjustments could be helpful. The dimension of your error depends on the situation and which key stone you got on which champion. If you got Fevor instead of Warlord's on a crit adc like Trist you might go Bloodthirster or BORK as a third item instead of a third crit item. And in the example of windspeakers on a midlaner I'd say it depends on the champ you picked. On an assasin I think the drop of the dmg is the highest but for example an Orianna would pretty much deal the same dmg in team fights since you can proc Thunderlord's on only one target anyway. On Orianna with Windspeaker's Athenes Unholy Grail might be a good idea. If Ardent Censor is good enough to really work as an second item I am not sure of (at least it gives 60 AP).
DeltaAFK (EUW)
: I need a few questions answering....
First I can highly recommend this post from the forum for a gereal introduction to League of Legends: [[GUIDE] - Part 1 - A new player's arrival!](https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-gameplay-en/15ZcNusn-guide-part-1-a-new-players-arrival) [[GUIDE] - Part 2 - As the journey continues!](https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-gameplay-en/J3634aLv-guide-part-2-as-the-journey-continues) The exact data are a bit out of date (like smiting a monster doesn't give youe a buff anymore) but the general stuff is all right. What it doesn't explain and what seems to be a big part of your questions is how the damage works in League. That's the answer to "why does my Riven so few dmg?" There are three types of damage: Physical Damage, Magical Damage and True Damage. Physical dmg is reduced by Armor, Magical dmg is reduced by magic resistance and True Dmg cannot be reduced (there only very few things that deal true dmg). The damage you deal with Auto Attacks is dealt in physical dmg. Which kind of dmg your spells deal can be different. You have to check this in the spells desciption (Ingame or in a wiki). It will say "deals x (+y) magical dmg" For example Rivens Q - Broken Wings: >Slashes forward, dealing 10/30/50/70/90 (+40/45/50/55/60% Attack Damage) physical damage to all units she comes in contact with. -http://gameinfo.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/game-info/champions/riven/ The numbers between the slashes are the dmg dealt, depending on how many skill points you have put into the skill. The numbers in the brackets () are the so called scaling, meaning which stat of your champion you have to increase to make the ability stronger. The color of this indicates the stat: * Orange: Attack Damage (AD) * Green: Ability Power (AP) * Red: Health (HP) I'm sure I'm missing a colour, but I don't know which it is and it is an absolute speciality of that champion. There are some exceptions, but most abilities that scale with AD deal physical dmg, AP deal magical dmg and vice versa. I hope I could help you a bit and if you have any further questions, ask.
karimuuS (EUW)
: thx bro ! i hope so , any recomendation on what should i play ?
Why do you seek a main champion so desperately? When you like to play a champion, play that one. If you play that champion more often then it will be your main one day. If it is boring to play that champion play another champion. League is meant to be fun. If you don't have fun only playing a small pool of champions, don't do that.
: What is this enter key you are talking about? I heard only legends of it.
IT'S THE KEY DIRECTLY OPPOSITE TO THE ALLMIGHTY CAPSLOCK!!! I'M SURE YOU HAVE HEARD OF THAT ONE. _(Num-Block is not considered to be part of the keyboard for this matter)_ ALL HAIL THE CAPSLOCK!!! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: Reports
How do you know the players are not being punished after your report? I know there can be a notification saying something like "A player has been punished due to your report" but I know that it doesn't appear everytime a player gets reported and one report isn't enough to get punished. You complain a lot about getting reports for not report worthy reasons. Have you been punished for such a reason? I've been propably been reported sometime in my nearly 6 years (most often for false reasons, maybe once or twice correctly) and i've never been punished. > Is it fair that you get punished for telling your team you have laggs. I guess most of you would say no, but never the less if you get reports for it then system thinks its ok. :( No it is not worth a report. But you might consider not playing depending on how hard you are lagging. The laggs are not only destroying your game but also that of your team mates. I played a lot with some friends which had sometimes very hard laggs and it was no fun at all in that games. > Is it fair that a guy that spams cancer remarks (cancer is a deadly thing and not something to joke about) not get punished. Cause he/she is playing premade and then dont get enough reports in that game. Again i would guess most of you would say no again. How do you know is not getting punished? As far as I know it doesn't matter if you get nine reports in one game or just one, it counts as one report on your file. >Is it fair that you get punished for telling your team that ninja tabis is a good item in this match-up. Again i would hope most of you say no, but cause players can report for anything even true or not you can get punished for that allso. IF you use chat for trying to get a full team comb, whit a tank, adc, apc and some cc, in champion select you get the answer "dont tell me what to pick you noob", After game you get a report for negative attitude/verbal abuse. Is it then fair you get punished for that. I would again say no. - On the other hand here is it fair that a player that intend picks against his own team, is punished. Well that can be discussed. This one is tricky. It depends on how you are telling it to them and remember your teammates have no idea how you are looking. "guys pls buy Ninja Tabi" can be read like "WTF DON'T YOU HAVE NINJA TABI YOU F****** MORONS" or like "Guys, it would be very good if you would buy Ninja Tabi". You simply can't tell. But in an environment that is pretty toxic, like you said, it is plausible to assume the first variation and is therefore considered as flaming. How do you tell your "suppport", that has no Sightstone after 30 min, to get one without sounding like you flame him? As for the champion select I would rather have my teammates play champions they are comfortable on than picking a champion they never played just to get the perfect team comp. And for me it is very annoying to read something like "Why did you pick that champ? It's useless." in champ select, although I might think that to myself. >Players that get mad cause some use chat to communicate, is more reported and punished (whitout reason) then players that actually abuse it. How do you know there are mor unjustified reports than justified ones? Just because someone isn't saying "I report xyz" or "pls report xyz" doesn't mean they don't report xyz after the game. > Pls either close your chat for good, or atleast make an option so you can disable it (so you cant see or even yourself get trickert into use it and abuse it) There is a possibility to ignore the chat: type "/mute all" in the beginning of the game and you won't see the messages send by your teammates. You can also click on the speaker next to a player in the tab menu to mute that specific player. And if a player spams pings you can mute that too in the tab menu. >I got punishment for verbal abuse Ok, didn't got this the first time. But you don't get punished for just one game. The game you talk about was just the one too much. I've seen a lot people complaining here on the boards for being punished unjustified and noone was. And for the rest of your post: It isn't the supports task to ban people. That's the report systems task (and I hope it's not just machines doing that.) And for the screens, you could fake them with a little bit of effort. The guys in the report section can read the chats so there is no need to send them your screenshots. And most of all: How do you know the guys are not punished? Just because the support says he is not punished after your screen, doesn't mean he wasn't punished after the report.
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do0kie (EUNE)
: Why only few champions are good, the rest are just fillers?
The problem is you can't balance over 120 champions on the same level. It is impossible. The next point is that you have some champs who do basically the sae and one of them will always be the better one, meaning the other one is not played. For example: Tristana and Cait. They both are hyper late game carries that have decent wave clear and lane pressure early. Right now tris is better and Cait is not played. A few months back Cait was played all the time and Tris was on the bench. Also I think you think that a champ is not playable too fast. You got in each position at least 5 Champs that are playable or how do you define "play worthy"?
: makes sense, except: minions DO randomly change target. I have tried this over and over again, no champion in lane aside from me, waiting for a minion to get low, then 1 attack away from being killable, change target. No idea why. Sometimes it even changes again after I have attacked the almost dead minion just to finish it off... But yeah, I should maybe get better at that
It is not randomly. Mionions have a strick order in ehich they choose a target. This includes things like "target the last attacker of the allied minion next to itself". So they swap but not randomly. I get surprised by it too.
Treycos (EUW)
: > i think that chests should be more frequant Ok, why ? You can get the exact same maximum amount of chest/keys per month > (by making s ranks more frequand especially for mid laners ) I guess you main mid, that's really selfish S rank is just as hard to get on any champion, you just have to perform better than an average player No tweaks needed > or you could craft chests with keys Selfish again, not everyone has more keys than chests And this option wouldn't make any sense > and as a free to play player ( mostly anyway) getting champions is hard and after a while i have all of my champions with chests already, so it becomes vertualy impossible to get chests until next season which is a very long wait. It has NOTHING to do with being free to play, you can get all your chests for free And no, you can NEVER run out of champions (4 chests available per month) * (12 months per season) = 64 chests to get per year maximum There's more than 120 champions And your thread has nothing to do with "new player advice"
> not everyone has more keys than chests Right. I have round about 15 chest and don't get enough key fragments. (I'm honor 4.) @lapinouFR1 > as a free to play player ( mostly anyway) getting champions is hard I don't think it is hard to get the champions. You just have to play. And since you complain about "running out of champions" you seem to play not a lot of them.
: Uhm 7
The answer clearly is 42. How could it be different? Except of course "x" is the number of days you need to be back in honor4. Then it is 5 since the Max-Planck-Intitut for Mathematics have set once and for all x = 5. For proof (sadly in german): [http://www.der-postillon.com/2012/08/mathemuffel-erleichtert-wert-von-x-ein.html](http://www.der-postillon.com/2012/08/mathemuffel-erleichtert-wert-von-x-ein.html)
grabbuu (EUW)
: True, but didn't know was pd/statik and bloodthirster/dd, so ty. Isn't it possible to do it as i did? is ie a must?
Pretty much. Yasuos passive to double crit is ridiculous. With either pd OR statik shiv plus IE you have 100% Crit Chance and +50% Crit dmg. Frozen mallet is also a good choice.
Scrinnid (EUNE)
: Mortal reminder is good against lifestealers, while lord dominiks is good against high hp targets. 90% of the games I actually build mortal reminder, simply cause healing reduction is stupidly strong
It's not just lifestealers. Pretty Anything that heals the enemy. When the enemy has one of these champions, you should buy Mortal reminder: {{champion:36}} {{champion:50}} {{champion:37}} {{champion:16}} {{champion:8}} I honestly don't think that one lifesteal item on the enemy justifies Mortal Reminder especialy in a tank meta like this.
: When playing ARAM, don't forget the most important part!
I expected a serious post about playing serious in ARAMs and stuff and wanted to respond: "The most important thing is fun." I was disappointed. But of course you are right. Here, take a cookie.{{item:2052}}
: im not sure what example as there are many in the post. As mentioned earlier engaging when enemies can still get into your backline is dangerous as you can end up in a island. but ideally if you do engage than its best that they are all infront of u and your backline is safe. Peel and engage is reliant on enemy comp and especially the positioning of the enemy ''are they getting a flank on you'' or are they stationed nicely infront of you. if the enemy has a flank than obviously engaging would meant that the battlefield will be split into 2, the moment to you dive forward the enemy will engage your backline and thus leaving the engager in a island <-- this is the worse case scenario Leona and Nautilus or alistar or any other tank, it could even be maokai are all similar in the sense of knowledge required for peeling or engaging, since its a general knowledge linked with all tanks. if you know it on leona than you will likely understand same rules apply to any tank that is peeling or engaging. infact you could even use same knowledge on Sona to use your ult as Peel or engage ? or nami ult to engage or peel ? its not champion specific or related to how good or bad a certain champ is.
I meant the example in the original post. I just wanted to supplement your post. >So im playing as Leona in a team of Olaf, Urgot, Twitch, and Malzahar versus a Kayn, Veigar, Lucian, Thresh, and Warwick.
: always think first are they more powerful engaging you and are your carries dying because of it.. can you prevent it by engaging them ? If the answer is no to preventing their engage.. than you have to peel your carries. from their inevitable engage. if you can prevent them diving your backline than engaging might be a good idea. Idea behind engaging or peel is to allow your carries to do damage. lets say Kata is fed and in the game.. even if you engage and stun the other 4.. kata might ace your team, if shes not stunned. So you have to always look at bigger picture, who is the biggest threat on the enemy team and are you really neutralizing that threat by engaging or peeling. if engaging stops rengar from diving your kogmaw than you do it.. but if there are multiple threats and you dive into enemy backline, than you get nothing done and the enemy can focus your carry down. At most you want to engage when its ''someone is caught out of position'' but during team fights u want to only cc/engage when your certain that Enemy cant get in your backline and you get caught up in a island on your own. Ideally the best engage is the one where you keep them all infront of you and your backline is safe. always think about your backline when you engage, because thats the reason u engage for..you pick a engage that makes them safe u pick targets also that make them safe, unless its a enemy caught out of position
You should also consider your own team. Are you your main engage tool? Do you have other engages on your team? Is there peel for my carries besides yourself? In your example you should propably tried to safe Twitch. The thing with Leona is, she only knows one way: IN. She does that really good but then... I really love Leona and play her since season 2 but I must admit that for example Nautilus does the same but better. He has more cc with his passive, he doesn't have to wait for lv 2 to engage you can't miss his ult and you can get out with your q.
Rismosch (EUW)
: If you say so. For me fun died long time ago. LoL is more of a sport than a game to me.
Although I play more serious in ranked my main goal is still having fun (and winning is always more fun than loosing). And when I do sports I want to have fun there too...
: if you want to stay away from toxic people and dont want to lose your mind then stay away from ranked.
If you want to stay away from toxic people don't play League of Legends.
: Champion Mastery Level Up
One Word: Farm. You won't get an S with less than 5 cs/min (except for supports). You can be 100-0-50 but with 60 cs after 20 min you will still get an A+.
Haunted (EUW)
: Communicating vs flaming
I agree with you on the honor system and with that report calling. I would not report people who ask to report the afk guy and when someone was quiet all over the game and asks in the very end to report the flamer that annoyed the whole team i wouldn'tt report that either. But calling a report in the middle of the game is just unnecessary. On 2nd I disagree with you. You often see only one game by people. And you can't always win lane. Sometimes you just have a bad day or game. Or maybe they got autofilled. Remember in every game 50% of lanes are lost. They can't be all in the enemies team all the time. For the "blaming the jungler" point you are right although a supports life is even tougher. The Jungler gets acknowledgment for a good gank where as a support gets blamed when the adc dies 1v2 but on the other side when he dies to save his adc life he is blamed for dieing. And when he saves the ADC and the ADC gets a doublekill it's all the ADCs merit. On 3rd: yes. > My comment "Oh man, Guys!!" is NOT flame!! How is that not flaming? It is not a joke, it is not constructiv and it does not help anybody to improve. That is pretty much the deffinition of flaming, altough this is pretty soft, like the little baby brother of "What the hell are you noobs doing?". Keep the "Oh man, Guys!!" out of the chat and shout it at you PC. Instead write something like "pls care for my pings" or so and ping not only once but twice or three times. On ping can easily be missed especially when you are fighting. The problem with well intended suggestions like "pls buy Sightstone" is, you can't see how the guy writes that. It can be interpretated as "It would be very nice and usefull if you would spend 800g to buy a Sightstone" or "HOW THE HELL CAN YOU BE SO STUPID TO NOT GET A F*****G SIGHTSTONE YOU LITTLE..." I think you get my point. And in this game where you can get the feeling that nearly everybody is a flamer it is often interpretated as the latter (especially by flamers themselves.
: About 5 months ago
When I was leveling up I got the feeling that as long as you are under level 30 you summoner level is more important for the matchmaking than your mmr. When you reach level 30 it doesn't matter for how long you have been playing. And as long as you are winning, your mmr rises and your opponents get stronger. It is possible that you have reached a point where your opponent are stronger than you. I don't think that you got suddenly awful and with the hell you mean the famous "Elo Hell"? People refer to the Elo Hell when they think they are much better than their team mates and just don't get promoted to better Leagues because of their teammates while not realising how bad they play. May it be because they are as bad as their teammates or that they flame so much on their teammates that they don't concentrate on the game. You could try to take a few days off Leagu of Legends to see if you just got a flew or you try to get better. Concentrate on farming, play a little bit safer in general, improve your vision control (buy control wards even as ADC).
Yolo Ekko (EUW)
: What To Build And When
Since I like to play the tanky supports a lot too, I hope I can help you a bit. I prefer Leona and Nautilus. I play them with **"Courage of the Colossus"** since I don't like the Ardent Censer on the tanks. The first three full Items+ boots are pretty much the same for me: {{item:3401}} {{item:2045}} {{item:3117}} {{item:3190}} . Why? My life as a support is build on pretty much one thought: **How can I help my team the most?** The most valuable answers are (in my opinion): 1. Vision 2. Keep your carries alive. With the vision thing and the "new" quests on the support Items you need two item no matter what: 1. **Sightstone** {{item:2049}} 2. **The support item upgrade"** (as a tank Targon's Brace) {{item:3097}} 3. **Boots** (but this is essential for everyone) {{item:1001}} You should get these as fast as possible no matter what. What I buy first depends on how many gold I have on the first back. I prefer to buy Sightstone before Targon's Brace but if i only have 500g I take Targon's Brace first. The moment you get sight stone you should switch to the red trinket{{item:3341}} . When you start to ward constantly, the three wards in your sight stone won't be enough soon. So you need the Sightstone upgrade either Ruby Sightstone {{item:2045}} or Eye of the Equinox {{item:2303}} A lot of people here told you to buy Eye of the Equinox {{item:2303}} because it is two Items in one. They are kinda right but I don't like it for two reasons: 1. You don't get the shield Active of Face of the Mountain and that is the pretty much cheapest shield that you get for you AND one ally and shield are the best way to protect your carries you can buy. 2. You don't get the **20% CDR on Item Actives**. Something only Ruby Sightstone gets you and in my opinion is pretty much underrated. And I have at least two Items that applies to. The CD of Face and Locket is reduced by 12s from 60s to 48s. By this point my Items are {{item:3401}} {{item:2045}} {{item:3117}} . Now I buy Locket of the Iron Solari{{item:3190}}. I nearly always buy these items because they give you enough tankiness to survive long enough for your carries to kill the enemy. You get the resistences from Locket (even if the enemy team is full AD, it is no quite as effective, but with the team shield still worth it imo) and enough health and a lot of shields. The most tanks get additional tankiness from their own abilities (leona W - bonus resistences; Nautilus W - Shield) plus Courage of the Colossus. I don't like the full tank items on support since they are too expensiv and too selfish. Sure you die slower but you actually do less for your team. When you get to this point many games will be over. In the other games you can now go for team game specific items. The enemy team is full ad? Go for a Randuin's Omen {{item:3143}} (I like that more than Thornmail since Randuin's can still be usefull even when you are not focused). The enemy Team has a lot of AP? go for Adaptiv Helm {{item:3194}} or Abyssal Mask {{item:3001}} . Your team has a lot of AP? Go for Abyssal Mask {{item:3001}} . The enemy has a lot of cc? Go for Mikael's Crucible{{item:3222}} .
uk Orca (EUW)
: I can’t find my champion pool
> Play what you enjoy, not what you "should". - Rismosch There are so many threads on this bord like "which Champion shall I main", "which Champion shall i play". Why does everyone have the feeling of needing to "main" a specific champion? Just play the Champions you like to play. If you like a champion very much, you will play him a lot and you will learn his boundaries better and better and after a while you "main" him. If you fdon't like a Champion, don't play him. If you like to play a lot of differen t champions play a lot of different champion. Who cares??? This way you will propably have better general knoledge off the champions than someone who plays only 3 champs.
: Unnerving thing about MM
When did you reach lv 30?
: > 0/10 Syndra at 9 minutes I don't think that is even possible if you are inting. EDIT- I just tested this. I managed to die 11 times in 9 minutes and 12 times in 10 minutes. To do this, I basically just ran down mid in a custom game. I even bought {{item:3009}} and used {{summoner:4}} when it was up. So, basically, someone dying that often IS INTING. And is reportable. Rendering the premise of your question moot. Not sure if you were actually watching that player to see if they were just running down mid. If not, and they were at least trying to stay alive then there is no way that you could die that often. So, for future reference, the MAXIMUM number of deaths you can achieve in 10 minutes is 12. http://imgur.com/a/IetV0
Good to know^^ Nice Experiment. For the next test you could also use TP.
: Don't think this is a game you should try to master
So your problem is that the keystone Masteries are unbalanced? * **Warlord's Bloodlust**: Used by crit based ADCs (Tristana, Caitlyn) that don't buy life steal anymore * **Fervor of Battle**: Used by the ADCs that buy the early Blade of the Ruined King (Twitch, Kalista) * **Deathfire Touch**: Not sure if anyone really uses this one (maybe Rumble?) * **Stormraider's Surge**: Used on mages that have huge burst so they can dodge better and persue you (Valdimir, Ryze, seen it on Taliya) * **Thunderlord's Decree**: pretty much THAT caster keystone that nearly every mage can take. * **Windspeaker's Blessing**: Used on every Support that heals or has a shield (Janna, Sona, Morgana, Soraka) * **Grasp of the Undying**: Used by the Bruisers and the Tanks with not much hard CC (Shen, Trundle top) * **Courage of the Colossus**: Used by the tanks with a lot of hard cc (Maokai, Sejuani, Zac) and maybe tank supports with hard cc (Leona, Braum) * **Stoneborn Pakt**: Used by support without shields and heals but with cc to still get the Ardent Censer (Trundle) Well Ardent Censer is pretty strong right now. But there have allways been things that were too strong. In worlds 2015 Mordekaiser and Gankplank had a 100% Pick/Ban Rate. Then there was this lethality thing after that the reworked BorK was pretty strong. Now it is Ardent Censer. And don't start with "in season 2 was everything better and balanced". It was not. There was a reason in nearly every ranked game you had the bans Kassadin, Malphite and Amumu. Tiamat was a full item and the Hydras didn't exist and noone bought it. There was this thing called The Brutalizer which gave you like 15 AD, 10 flat Armor pen and 10%CDR which only Riven bought. I don't think I have seen anyone buying Manamune before they brought Muramana and Zeraph's Embrace into the game. And for the point with Twitch jungle: Ward the camps and learn how long he needs to get to your lane. (Same for Evelynn)
: Should I play this game
I started playing League of Legends when a friend introduced it to me back in end of season 1. I think the games are fun when they are a little bit longer (at least if you don't have a team full of flamers). The beginning is all about to trade with the oponnent, try to out farm him and then the tactics really comes in when you try to catch the enemy team or try to avoid it to get more turrets than them, epic team fights and when you finally win that last team fight after 50 or 60 minutes... It can be really satisfying. By now I wouldn't recommend anyone to start with League of Legends on his own. On the low levels there are to many account created by people, who got banned and think everyone on the low levels should be as good as they are with years of expierience, or by people who think it's funny to humiliate real beginners. I was lucky (or you could debat on that) to start with League of Legends before these flood of smurf accounts and so on... If your only problem is the length of the game you could try the ARAM mode (I think you have to be summoner lv 10 to do that) or the 3v3 map. * ARAM is a game mode with only one lane and everyone gets a random champion picked (All Random All Mid). An ARAM game should be ended in 15-30 minutes. It's a fun mode, but you have less tactics and it's all about fighting. * The 3v3 map is an alternative game mode pretty similar to the standard 5v5 on Summoner's Rift. The map (Twisted Treeline) is smaller, it has only two lanes, I think neither red nor blue buff and only one epic monster (Vilemaw, similar to Baron Nashor) and there are two altars that can be captured that give your team buffs. I am not quite sure but a game should last around 20 - 30 min. I personally don't like that mode that much, I can't even tell you why, but foor you it might be perfect since it's "normal" League of Legends but with shorter games. If that still doesn't satisfy you, you could try to leave League of Legends be a game for other people and just keep watching the videos. You don't have to play the game to enjoy the videos, the stories and the life streams, although it is easier to stay in the meta while playing.
: Not new though advice needed.
> So onto the topic, how do you handle a fed enemy if they move in groups and your team refuses to group up? (And your team is not bad, just refuses to group up.) Depending on the team composistions it could be your only way to try and split push to the win. Since the enemy is fed, you propably won't win a 5v5 fight anyway. So try keep the enemy busy with 3 or 4 people and let the fifth guy split push like hell. If you of course have a nice team fight winning wombo combo you should try to pick the fight. > How to play jungle on 3 losing lanes if you got 5-man invaded early, didn't recieve a leash and the enemy first bloods you? (And your team needs farm, so they can't leash for you.) Pretty simple don't. Or it depends on by how far your lanes are loosing. If you try to gank a lane that is 0-3 or 0-4 you propaly will just end up giving the enemy laner a double buff. If for example your top laner is on 0-1-0 and lik 10-20 cs behind and you other lanes are way more far behind try to save top and hope you two can still carry the game. Try to look at the CS as well. Especially in our low elo someone who has one or two kills must not necessarily be in the lead. look at the CS differences. Not all players on our level look at the minion wave when they go back or they try to but it doesn't really work out. If your top laner is on 0-1 but has 20 CS more there barely is any gold difference between him and his opponent. > Can someone explain minion control/balance? I learned how to freeze and push lanes, but I never succeed in making the enemy minions push without a farming enemy champ on the lane? (Or how to "pull back" a lane?) Since I am barely Silver II I am by far no expert on wave control, but I will try to explain what I know. I know to pretty simple ways to get the wave pushing to your side. 1. Push the wave into the enemy tower. If the next enemy wave reaches your "old" wave under the turret, 2. will happen automatically. 2. Run into the enemy minion wave and let them attack you. The enemy minions will group. Then you go out off sight for them (eg a bush). The enemy minion are now grouped and will attack the same minion of yours. This way they defeat the first minion fo yours faster and get less damage. The wave will slowly push to your side.
: Presenting the EU Boards Discord!
: There is a very simple answer to that question: Because all the developers work in NA. The EU offices do not have developers, so there is really no one who would be qualified to answer to those reports. Riots lack of interest to reply on the EUW boards is kind of understandable, given the fact that every EUW player can easily just use the NA boards. And, last but not least: The vast majority of bug reports suck. Most of them are not even bugs and even those that are, are reported in a completely useless way. No one is following the guidelines on how to properly report a bug and without following the guidelines these bug reports are basically useless. So I can understand that there is very little motivation from Riots side to make an effort and send developers on our boards to find that 1 legit bug report that happens every few weeks or so while having to read a few hundred that are nonsense. But I have to agree with you: The bug report board should probably not even exist. There are better ways to report bugs and the board is basically a placebo. Sure, placebos help too, but still...it's not the "riot" thing to do.
Is there a way for us EU players to post on the NA board, without craating a new account on the NA Server?
: Riot tested a system like the one you propose around the time we got stuck with permanently enabled autofill. I can't remember in which region they tested it, or if it even came over to live, but I remember there being a statement on how the system failed. Basically it failed for the same reason our current role selection can't function without autofill - a vast majority of players vetoed the support role.
I did not know that. It's sad that support is disliked that much.
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: Howlong
Hi, I am not sure how long my longest game was, I think it was about 70 min. But the game that felt the longest was the 45 min ARAM I had a few month ago.
CanIPunch (EUW)
: AFK changes riot must look up to.
I think it would help if the team with only 4 people would not loose any LP when loosing the game (like "Loss prevented"), as long as the afk guy still looses it. And when they win 4v5, hey, they get their LP. To prevent exploitation any premade guys also loose the LP (you shouldn't play with guys you know flame and go afk, if you do it's your own fault).
Vonyalo (EUW)
: Daily reminder
wanted little word play "Daily Reminder <-> Mortal Reminder"?
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