Nijelous (EUW)
: Is it bad/possible to get carried to a rating you don't deserve by one champion
if you smart enough for find champ who now is op and you like to play him then forget about usless opinion dumb people. All life is about it.
Dantebose (EUW)
: I'm french but i can't find good french teammates so if it's not a problem for you add me : Dantebose
dude you rly think its about french?=) its about game. And only game.
Dr White (EUW)
: Silver to Plat+
nothing new. need patience and time=) 1000 games and you will probably get plat+.
: Bronze
dudes not all of your recomendations now working. Just cos game got 8-9 years? You must admit that average game skill much higher then it was 6 years ago. So for get out of bronze you need more practice. But some reccomends work even now. Dont tilt\ play better then oponent on your line\ repeat. 100-200-300-400 games and you will go out. you just need 50% + 1 game on the some way of games (100-1000).
: I agree with you. Every rank should get borders depending on their rank in the ranked.
i agree too. But didnt think all bronzes thinking the same. Its like cry "hey everyone i stupid, i know i stupid, let the world know i stupid". Better dont.{{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Rioter Comments
Kiriachi (EUW)
: It was happening to me before I bought them and I thought that that was the main problem, hence why i went to buy them to upgrade them. But it still happened after installing them into my PC, updating them and restarting them!
check pc for viruses, then try switch in "boost fps for old pc" in options. maybe helps.
: If your a toxic player writing things like 'your useless' then I'm quite happy seeing that people like this actually do get banned
dude its not true. This guy lie.... noone will get ban just for "usless"\"noob"\"you low" .... there 100% something much more.
: Rito tribunal peoples. Do me a favor and have a chat with this young man. Convince him to reform.
: Ok, go play Sona then. When you run oom from healing/poking blame it on me. Oh, and when the enemy blitz hits that Q which scores a kill for 100 mana, also blame it on me.
dude i plat 3 support main. (got S on both) You rly think you can say something new to me? blitz work well in low elo its true, but only for high elo ppl (atlast gold +) cos you need place your q insted of hitting cs or missing, what is hard to do when you unranked.
: Yeh, Janna needs to learn to press R when the enemy jumps on her carry. VERY DIFFICULT. And Blitz needs to learn how to land Qs on priority targets........ VERY DIFFICULT. Now lets look at your other choices: Sona: MUST hit her R in team fights and it has 1 minute cooldown compared to ~10 of blitz's Q. And she also needs to hit it at the best time. Sometimes that means holding it off to hit multiple targets, other times it means hitting the engage. She is also very squishy and mana hungry, especially in early game. Soraka: SHE HAS TO HIT HER Q otherwise her healing is trash. She must position properly in team fights at the edge of enemy's engage range but in range to heal allies and hit Qs. She has to keep an eye on the entire map and heal team mates with her R during the laning phase if necessary. At least her E is easy to use. Leona: has to hit her E (just like blitz has to hit his Q), but unlike blitz, she flies in the enemy team. So, every mistake = dead. Better than blitz where a big mistake = dead team. But still much more risky. If the enemy is under tower, they are safe vs Leona. While vs blitz they can always be "grabed" away. Your team is also more likely to put damage on a nearby target, like you grabbing a target. Than follow up on your engage. And ofc, you also have to land your R. Comparing everyone above. Soraka sadly needs the most as positioning requires knowledge of enemy's skills and their engage range :( While Sona is harder than Blitz or Janna for example. But still not that hard. Other easy one would be Alistar (which unlike Leona gets % damage reduction when he goes in) Top difficult for supports would be (in no specific order): Bard, Thresh, Soraka, Nami
blitz q maxed 5 times got 16 secs cd + cdr runes gives max (- 45%) its for sure not 10\1 min. in lvl 1 its 20 sec cd and cost 100 mana.,, when lvl 1 blitz got only 250 mp. sona higher skill then blitz? dont be funny.
kiwishrew (EUW)
: Depends on what role you feel comfortable playing. Since you're new, completely avoid jungling for now. The following are fairly easy (in my opinion) champions to start with in each role: ADC: {{champion:22}} {{champion:51}} {{champion:15}} Support: {{champion:37}} {{champion:16}} {{champion:89}} Mid: {{champion:1}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:115}} Top: {{champion:86}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:58}} Regarding Ashe specifically, she does fine as an ADC if you know how to use her well. The key thing to know with Ashe is how to kite, because the slow on her arrows gives her an advantage for doing so over other ADC's. Her autos, like with most ADC's, are her main source of damage, so this gives you further incentive to kite. Another key element to playing Ashe well is learning how to hit her ult (Crystal Arrow or whatever it's called.) This often involves predicting enemy movement in advance, and timing your shot accordingly. Additionally, you'll be rewarded with a longer stun for the further the arrow travels, giving you time to hunt down escaping opponents, or disengage if you are low. To iterate, Crystal Arrow is not designed to kill stuff; it is a utility spell first, and a finisher last. As it currently stands, there are probably stronger picks for botlane right now (Caitlyn has been contested since her use at worlds, and Lucian is just plain strong too), but Ashe is certainly a solid choice, and a great way to learn how to play any other ADC. If you want an alternative to begin with, I would strongly recommend Caitlyn. Caitlyn has some distinct benefits over Ashe for beginners. She gets an ult that cannot miss unless intercepted, her traps can be used to keep you safe from ganks, and her auto-range makes her very hard to trade with, and very reliable at farming under tower if you're struggling. She also has her E which can used to escape over walls, and to just put distance between yourself and an enemy when in trouble. Basically, I feel like Caitlyn is a safer pick than Ashe for beginners. But Ashe is still a fine pick in my opinion.
you say {{champion:51}} but its one of most skill based adc in game... better replace it with {{champion:21}} high dmg\high mobility\low skill cup. you say {{champion:89}} but {{champion:12}} got lower skill cup\ higher survivability you say {{champion:99}} but dude there all skill shoots? not better something like {{champion:134}} press R win? and {{champion:115}} him not playing even challengers cos too high skill cup. you say {{champion:23}} ? he got for sure bigger skill cup then {{champion:54}}
Palm Muting (EUNE)
: U CAN SAY ANYTHING U want guys. but these champions are OP no matter what you say: Veigar (ridiculous AP dmg ) Jayce (ridiculous AP dmg ) Teemo (come on now) Le Blanc (come on now ) Yasuo (... COME ON NOW) Illaoi (ridiculous dmg and armor from lvl 1 )
ok maybe in you elo thay op.. idk. but... viktor\syndra\heca\zac\kha and ofc vayne?
: What kind of CC? The skillshot one that gets WW blocked or E dodged? The AoE one, that gets dodged, because it has delay? The point and click one... oh, i forgot that Riot tried to get rid of almost every type of this. So basically, the only guys that can reliably CC Yasuo are Kled, Vi, Pantheon, Malphite, Amumu, Annie, Malzahar and Ryze... while those that are not knockups are QSSed. Pls nerf Windwall.
Leona -> Q E W R or R Q W E (its one of the best supports against him cos yasuo cant conterplay her Q) /// Annie he cant dodge her 4 stacks ult. Nautilus same like leona just his cc on auto not on Q. Sejuany Q W E and w8 where he jump after using ww. And etc. Ofc you can say he kill everyone after cc. he can, but dude we not talking about 20/0 yasuo (every champ in that score op ).
: Can anyone explain me whats going on?
S6 plat 3 after placements 5/5 bronze 1. Now I allmost gold. But its nothing change riot su ck hard in this new type of game with placemants... thats why it happens to you.
Viavarian (EUW)
: Erm, the reason why autofill exists is because letting people choose doesn't lead to a balanced role distribution and therefore less games that can be played per day. So yes, of course people can't be allowed to choose. I don't see what the big problem is, anyway. In old draft, it was normal to be forced into any of the 5 roles, not just support.
Autofill exist only cos flex q aka dynamic q.
ExpStealer (EUNE)
: In Silver you wait for like 5 minutes for a game with the autofill, even though half the player base, if not more, is in Bronze and Silver. Without autofill you would wait for probably around 10-15 minutes for a game. Now imagine a Challenger player waiting for a game - 1 hour? Sounds good.
First of all, till preseason "game finder" work faster. Second: dude I plat 3 and I didnt w8 more then 6 mins.
: That's true, Veigar has a lot of damage. You know what he lacks? Mobility. Survivability. He needs to stun you to deal his damage. You need to be below half HP for his ult to deal any damage whatsoever. There, you should be able to counterplay him now. About Yasuo...fuck Yasuo. THAT thing has no counterplay, if the player is good enough.
Cc and yasuo rip. Gg wp:-)
: not if you dont leave your adc to 2v1 for 10 minnutes without explaining yourself cohecively
Even if you do... you just get leaver booster but not ban
SG Razzor (EUW)
: Trolling no ban/flaming ban
Dude, you guy who played normal games you cant speak.
Kippiiq (EUW)
: Have you seen {{champion:91}} or{{champion:107}} ? I suppose not.
talon its almost for sure free lose. Why? Cos he got 0 dmg without passive... and you cant normaly stack it on ppl who knows how to contrplay.
: Fizz ult OP?!
dude riot cant balance viktor and syndra... and you sperk about fizz? Fizz for sure < syndra/vik.
: {{item:3102}} {{item:1033}} {{item:3143}} {{item:3075}} {{item:3047}} {{champion:56}} {{champion:84}} {{champion:131}} {{champion:79}} {{champion:127}}
Better dont type. All of that champs are shi... maybe besides liss... but she too hard for unranked so who cares.
h4wwk (EUNE)
: One more time please
: Flex
there no best position. cos for now its more like circus of elo. you cant be sure in anything when you play in team of silvers vs team of plats.
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
1. i didn't talk about supports and wards... this guys did their work properly most of time. but what about you mid\top? who perma dead without placing a single ward? Playing 0\3... ofc after it they tilted in hell and when you write "dude maybe stop die and place a single ward?", starting flame first of all jungler. And after game they give you report. 2. Ok. i agreed. But when you see 3 time in row enemy mid on bot side. when your mid cant even farm properly... its sad. 3. You think 10 ganks from enemy jungler and 0 from your its ok?
: We are not in kindergarten, this isn't about bad words. It's about being a jerk to other people and that is perfectly possible without ever using a single bad word.
best way for riot to change community attitude to clearly shiny is "remove chat from game".
duckarp (EUNE)
: The only difference is what can get you banned faster. You're just venting your frustration upon others, that's why it's considered toxic. They won't suddenly start playing better...
but you can give them advice? no you cant cos its flame=)
: It's not the same, because the words are different. But it's the same in terms of intention: You are being a jerk to other people and you are attacking them doesn't really matter what words you use to do that. The mentality behind it is exactly the same.
what riot did with community.. its scary.
: Common sense. The rules in LoL are very simple: Don't be a jerk. Thats basically it. Someone who constantly tells other people how much they suck....well, that's a jerk. This is about basic manners and respect for other people. It's not too much to ask that you don't behave like a jerk and I think it's neither an unusual concept (because it works the same way in every day life) nor is hard to understand or to judge.
ok. lets think. 1) You tell your bot lane/mid/top place ward on 10 min of game and its help to not die.. 0\10? ppl recognize its like flame. 2) You tell your mid\top\bot to follow their opponents ? ppl recognize its like flame. 3) you tell your jungler who farm till 10 mins of game... maybe he should gank 1 time? some line? ppl recognize its like flame. You cant speak...
Caraméla (EUW)
: Is this flame?
Dude all problem of community.. that riot did. That you Just cant speak with ppl. YOU CANT. Any word you say.... some little kido can recognize like flame.
: Ways I disregard Meta. Thoughts please. (With a bonus on how "feeding" can lead to wins)
Rioter Comments
: I had to deal with comments like this all of the way through Platinum. Let people pick what they are good with. (I have to ask, why are you using Twitch and not Lucian for examples? Twitch has to be the hardest ADC to learn!)
Cos i support main? and as every support mains i got my personal opinion about adcs? my opinion that ppl who playing on vayne\luci\sivir suck more times then on others adcs. Ofc there are many exceptions... Now about twitch. i main tanks on supports. Twitch like kog hyper carry, so all i need just give him good front line and its free win for me ofc. About skill cup.. on twitch exist only one problem its positioning. or you about step and hit?
N1ghtOG (EUW)
: Why is master yi a noob champ but vayne isnt?
Dude first of all. Stop picking this usless shi ts (vayne\yi). If you want jungle pick voli\mao\kha\gravce... if you want adc pick cait\twitch\jhin\jinx.... Stop creating hard times for your teammates.
Silisa (EUNE)
: I played with 4 premades, 2x2 premades, 2 premades and 2 randoms, and 4 randoms. Some players were awesome, some groups of 4 carried me, some duos duohandedly killed my team's chances of winning. People are either good at this game and have some sense of teamwork, or they don't. It has nothing to do with being premade.
yes. but if you want to carry? (not just not feed) Carry 1-2 random or carry premade its not the same. (cos enemy got premade too) And its insta lose.
: He will probably lose some damage tho due to the loss of W and Ult
Who cares about where he can stay? Its perma ban for a months cos of his ult.
Kendox (EUNE)
: Carry its impossible
Dude its all about 50% +1 win if you got it? you will grow=) i know its waste much time .... but if you not in penta q... its all what you got,
: S on some support champs ...
i never get lower then A+.... how you winning with B+..... (Leona\morgana\nami main=)) For geting S you cant just play need carry game ... if you cant carry on support then unlacky.
Marhito (EUNE)
: I could use some advice
dude ppl like trolling with first time champs=) I main support... what i am doing? i not letting my adc troll me. Before game starts i going to "op . gg"? looking best win\lose rate champ what can use my adc.... and just (" Hey dude... can i have that adc?") in 90% my bot lane partnar go on this=)
: > [{quoted}](name=Fórsa,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=LO9JgnH0,comment-id=00060001,timestamp=2016-03-26T15:04:59.300+0000) > > Main excuse that Dynamic Q is a legalized elo boost. You don't think about it but it ridiculous at that moment /: Either way, most of the players here take something that is only and completely hypothetical (premade being better by default no matter what) and transform it into another thing to blame for their loss and to whine about. Nothing we don't know by years already, and that's it.
dude didnt you think if thay create Solo q (only solo) 80% players stop play Dq? Why this 80% must suffer cos of 20% who got fun in duos?
FuBaer (EUW)
: When people ask me about ranked and its biggest difference to normal, I usually tell them there is only a difference in the beginning, when we play the first few times for our _oh-so-holy_ ranking. In fact, normals use the same ranking system, called MMR, but don't display it in public. As soon as you start getting confidence in your play, you start worrying less about your ranking, instead you can start having fun and just take the ranking-thing as addition. I would recommend you keep playing normals until you feel prepared enough to face the pressure you put onto yourself. Get a feel for a lot of champions, learn as much as possible about them so you can play against them. Only play ranked with a good mindset, don't pressure yourself! I would add you, but unfortunately I am playing on EUW, you on EUNE.
No dude normals and ranked have different MMR systems. You can play in normals with dia players. But in ranks be only in gold.
: Aurelion Lols
I love this SHOW!=)
: There is no such system. Streaks are nothing but coincidence.
no dude. system works to 50% win\loss. Thats why its happening. Just look. I have 5 wins in row with 50\50 teams elo.... then for some reason i have all g2 team and enemy whole team p4.... ofc we can win it. But system trying to end my win streak with games like that. And if you lose 5 games in row system will give you higher elo team then enemys. Ofc you can still lose... but system try to give you more chances for win.
Wise Alien (EUNE)
: soraka nurf
Dude all i can say. Soraka need not nerf or buff... she just need be deleted from game.
Shacownly (EUW)
: Riot please stop dumping diamond players in silver matches (normal)
Elo in normal and elo in rankeds not the same. For example me. I played normals last time in season 2 - season 3 and i have there around bronze 4-5 elo=) But in rankeds i play all this time long and i grow up to plat elo. Then if i go now in normals i will play with bronze players. I know its stupid system=) but its not my or dia ppl problem its how riot did this.
: Disconnection of the server and losing elo
What you expect from community?=) You have only 2 ways out: 1) Connect riot and ask about solution. 2) Connect your internet provider and ask about solution. P.S. Try to clean your pc with antivirus... maybe helps.
: Well Shyvana: * Twin Bite (Q) second hit's % of AD bonus physical damage lowered to 40/55/70/85/100% from 80/85/90/95/100% * Burnout (W) no longer deals extra 20% damage vs monsters.
i glad ...cos thay got shy... and you have gravce.... thrn you think WHY? WHY THE HELL?=)
: Best response as a support with no ward item
dont be mad! Let tarik have guinso:P
IAmWoralo (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Lista155,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=jfiK9dbf,comment-id=001f,timestamp=2016-03-08T22:53:25.918+0000) > > Community getting toxic, as a direct result of more and more unskilled, mother fuckers getting into ranked way too soon, justifying their fucking feeding with "it's only a game". Fuck them all. I say put a $50 mothly fee for ranked game play (obviously never gonna happen), but hey, I can dream. > > In conclusion, fuck you all 0/13 "report for no ganks" god damn morons. That is kinda toxic too, if you ask me. Everyone has these games where they end up 0/8 or whatever because you are against your hard counter and you just can't get anything done right. It happens in LCS where the biggest team makes the 10th biggest team look like they're bronze. These games happen to everyone.
why it not happening to me?=) maybe cos i not trolling with first time champs\lines? =)
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