: Riot Girl Tristana and Unchained Alistar
Sadly, those free skins ended 1th August, they're not free anymore
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: Odyssee Gem: Which one is the best bag?
Bro i went for birdie after seeing your post, and got all the arcade skins
: Why do I get so much abuse playing Teemo
Simply because missconception ! Many people believe teemo is useless or a sign of a troll and feeder. In truth, i hate teemo but only when i see that "support" picking it, simply because im sure they will do bad. Teemo is not entirely useless, he is just a different type of champion with a different type of play, he is more like an ambush type of champion, using the shrooms to zone out, avoid ganks while also when someone steps on them they are revealed. Also it kinda of counters auto-attack champions. Teemo has its own use regardless what people say ! Just ignore the people and do your thing ! I climbed to gold yesterday for the first time ever playing trundle with 70%+ winrate. And people flamed me, you know why ? Because i choose to build bloodrazor on trundle rather than cinderhulk or warrior. People might think "But trundle will perform better with those items, those who flamed you are right" And maybe they are, if i was in higher elo ! I choosed bloodrazor to have that insane early attack speed together with my W and press the attack, the result was, super fast solo dragons and heralds, and also turrets falling down super fast, doing inibitors like ez and powerfull 1v1's. It worked for me, so i did't care what people told me and i just kept going. And here i am, gold V for the first time ^^ Good luck man !
I just made a post sharing my insights about how i got to GOLD FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER TODAY ! Feel free to read and analyze my op.gg
Blakex13x (EUW)
: ok so this is stupid
I just made a post sharing my insights of how i reached GOLD FOR THE FIRST TIME TODAY ! Feel free to read it
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Kalvix (EUW)
: So about Hecarim.... again (I wont stop...)
Well, i played him a long time ago and he was kinda solid back then (talking about years) even last year he was pretty decent tbh but this season just ... nah, in a matter of fact i played him yesterday and he was kinda weak, plain simple. I like the champion theme and the idea overall but he is not solid at the moment. If he will get some love ? Sure thing, in the future and i do hope so. But to be really honest ? I rather have a mordekaiser rework first because man, that champ is unloved. EDIT: Now that i gave it some thought, it might actually be that the shadow isles are the most ignored "faction" on league, i mean look at your heca, look at mordekaiser and look at kalista ! Some of the shadow isles champs are fine taking in account that yorick and evelynn just had a rework but these 3 damn ...
: 5 ranked games, lost 3 out of 5. Guess why
There is something wrong going on today on solo queue. Made 3 games as jax, carried all of them the best i could but i just can't 1v5 because in every single one of them i got a troll who decided to troll in game, so i couldn't dodge, out of the 3 i won 1 which actually i went 1v5 (i'm not even joking, the last game i went literally 1v5 check the history and therefore these 3 games im saying) Game 1: Had a gold last season morgana supp flaming me and the adc since min 1 for no relevant reason (the enemies invaded my red, i ignored the invasion and went counter jungle she flamed me cuz i wasnt present in the invasion where she, the adc and the mid died lol also flamed the adc because she canceled an auto for a free kill in that invasion, at 3 min she was 0.3 she tilted herself idk why lol her match history was pretty bad, i guess she was tilted from previous games. But its not over, on the same game at 10 min camille top was 0.3 as well and said open top, she abandoned top and went free feed on mid because "jax didnt gank" meanwhile i was putting lee sin sooo behind i had almost double of his farm and was 2 or 3 levels ahead at some point and she couldnt stop fight garen and understand what i was doing. I ended up 17.4.4 being the one with most gold, kills and less deaths, while the rest was all behind and had more than 10 deaths and less kills than so. Checked camille match history, he went next game as diana 1.14.2 with 29 cs at 17 min. Trolling of course. Game 2: Everything was calm, i went to the blue side of the enemy team and i stole evelynn first buff i pretend to run away just taking another path, there she was making gromp, killed her got firstblood took her low gromp and wolves. Her ally vlad mid came to the rescue and gnar too, i just avoided them taking a leap strike, my ally azir came, almost died, i saved him with my stun and he took a kill on vlad. 2min later +/- i kept on counter jungling, stole evelynn red buff and almost got her, i was lvl 4 she was lvl 2 lol vlad and bot came my team mates didnt follow, whatever i died, was a mistake from me to didnt save a ward to leap away. Vlad took the kill, from that point onward azir kept on fighting him even tho he was behind in lvl, gold etc he was 1.9 a few min later, got shutdown on vlad before that. But still he couldnt stop fight even without a turr around. Even after many times the team asked him to play safely he proceeded with "ok" and went on purpose. Then, chaos was installed. Panth ended up with less gold than the supp, the supp was saying %%%% all my team lol but still we proceeded to late game but still lost, guess what ? Azir refused at some point to join the team and spent his time entirely split pushing alone even with vision of the enemies he would not run away and would die. he was 2.16.4 and i ended up 13.11.5, i died a lot that game but then, vlad was 20.9.5 and his team had better teamwork. I made spirit visage, executioners calling but it was just to late. I checked his next game and he went troll again, as an akali he was 0.15.0 with 2 cs at 18min. Game 3: A clown fiesta, entirely. Jhin adc and orianna supp died both giving away first blood on lane. Jhin said right away, open bot troll supp and went to mid lane and roamed until mid game started. At 33 min, as a jhin he was 3.7.8. The midlaner tilted when jhin came, so this fizz went botside and stood there with orianna, he just couldnt stop feed as well, ended up 3.10.6 as a fizz with 103 cs in 33min!!! Orianna supp said "this supp champ is fyahhh on champ select" proceeded to go supp without supp item 2.14.17, couldnt stop feed but oh well, at least she helped me some good times. My darius top, who was probably the best team mate ended up 9.9.7 as a darius. At least he had more gold than the rest of the team, except for me. I carried super hard this game, tilting their jungle beyond this planet with counter jungle and therefore the rest of their team tilted as well saying "noob jgl" lol maybe thats the reason i won. I ended up 25.6.7 with 22k gold, a bit more than my bot lane together since fizz and orianna had 9k each. I did every single objective. I tried my best and fortunately i won. But the other 2 games i could not. Conclusion: There was a troll fiesta going on today for some reason on silver, why ? Idk, beats me. I just know it wasn't a good day to play loool Kinda ruined my very positive winrate with jax. But not for much, like 1% maybe. Still got a very decent winrate with him, talking 70% above. {{sticker:sg-zephyr}}
: Deal, add "That Sona Though" on your main and add me from your new account.
: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_HytJ5q8ixR8/Sm2Kbf6IesI/AAAAAAAAAGA/VPNXYrYI7Hc/w1200-h630-p-k-no-nu/1153581468_a40e0bc27b.jpg
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: Is Rito hating ADC`s? (a toplaners perspective)
I believe adc is a sensible role ... lots of power lack of defense. Any small changes can make huge mess ups, in this case they changed the itemization therefore some adc's suffered but hey, i still think some adc's are really really viable ! I adapted to this new ... meta ? And i kinda like it right now. Jhin is insane with stormrazor (some others as well) but i believe jhin profits the most with that item xD oh and cait !
: I didnt get my final mission
Its still gona pop up later i believe, maybe in a few hours or tomorrow, still waiting tho
: To answer those questions in a right way, I have to explain certain things about my life. Feel free to add me to discuss this ^^
Sure thing ! {{sticker:galio-happy}}
Leptyx (EUW)
: Can't choose my VS reward ?
If you mean the 1000BE and the icon you will have to wait i think. I'm also waiting for that
: Having insomnia
If you feel restless and you have insomnia and you have tried everything to beat it, i hate to break it to you ... but it might be the beginning of ... anxiety problems. If it is, don't fear and calm down you will defeat it. Im saying this because i've been there Is there anything else besides of those 2 symptoms ? Maybe you're going through some hard things ? Maybe you're not tiring yourself that much ? Do you have a busy life ?
: How to Addapt to every Team with two words :
Ok {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
iiGal (EUNE)
: A short story about player behaviour.
I can relate to that guy and it is true, if your nexus isn't destroyed you can still win
: Bad behaviour and i got perm ban, It is possible to amend ?
Yeah ... perma-bans can't be undone, you will have to start again {{sticker:sg-ezreal}}
: Concerning afk-ing and flaming
I agree and i upvoted. I also don't understand those people who want to surrender in the early game just because the team score is "0 vs 4" I mean yeah, the enemy team has 4 kills but that doesn't mean nothing lol What i believe is that, most people, around my elo (low) don't understand the game at all, they don't understand the concept of comeback, the lane pressure and rotations, the xp, gold and level, the builds and power spikes and so on. Hence why they give up just like that "oh, the enemies got 1 kill each, game over gg noobs report my team i go afk/troll" I really hate this. But then again yes, it's a good trade to be able to report someone and giving them the chance to get banned in exchange just to lose some points which you can always recover lol I really absolutely agree. About the flame, i ain't no liar i was banned once when i was a newbie and didn't understand anything about the game i kept going on that mind-set of self-defense. But since then when i lost everything i learned my lesson and here i am with this 3 years old account and i am yet to receive my first punishment (not that i intend to lol) I do still flame on ocasions but it's extremely rare and even then, i do not use hate speech, i do not spam or use bad words, troll or afk, i simply have a 3 sentences flame rule and i say soft things like "you're just a noob/don't talk to me you're a sick/you're toxic and i'm gona mute you, bye/i hope i never see you again/if i see you again i hope you're in the enemies team" and i become silent till the end lol The last time i flamed was like 5 days ago, i went on a losing streak getting paired with ... insane people and therefore i lost my composure and i crossed the line but it was a single time like i said loool, it's very rare, before that day i don't even remember the last time i flamed, i simply ignore most of the times. I learned how to control myself like if i flame, it's gona be 1 game out of 50 and i'm not exageratting. I also avoid the mute button just to be able to see what kind of reports will be legit lool i'm mean like this {{champion:119}}
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
The "peace" part cracked me up ! lool
JustClone (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=chosenpunisher,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=5RVw4QGP,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-07-12T11:24:18.766+0000) > > I just saw my 7-8th? dont remember account getting baned now for 14 days. > What i care is, its 2018 and you still ban people for verbal. only from that you lost in the last 3-4 years over 1.000.000 players. and most of them(inside ill say me eather) totaly good players. You know. Its a game. Yes while you play everything in game exept of Ranked games. Ranked is where most people spend most of time to be better as a players and if they can or imagine it be a pro( i never think about it even as an old diamond player) . So.... Old diamond, good player, gets his SILVER account banned, and complains that we are losing players, even thou we cannot get rid of him after 8 BANS? Am I reading this right?
Lool why you have to kill me like this ?? {{sticker:galio-happy}}
Mushishi (EUNE)
: Hello all, At first i did not want to comment on this post but i simply want to try to tell another version of the story(i'm the Lulu he mentioned). Yes it is true that at min 4 kata(which was 0/4) didn't ss'd and their mid ganked bot. That was the moment in which everyone on the team went nuts...Jinx and Yi flamed her and i simply asked them to stop typing and focus on the game. Jinx did, Master...well he started to flame and remained afk in fountain. Constantly asking us to stop playing 'cause it was a "lost game". What i wanted to say with this comment, thank you RIOT for taking into account this sort of behavior. Thank you for keeping this sort of people away from the game. I'm not glad for his misfortune, i am simply glad that he can no more make others feel the way he constantly behave. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!!! {{sticker:sg-kiko}} With much more than gratitude, Mushishi(an average support)
I love you mushishi {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
: Finally done
Man, i didn't come here to pick a fight but why is it necessary for you to use bad words so much ? lool I also find it funny how you are so angry and you are wishing people bad things and then in the end you say "peace" lol
: How much do you need to be honored to get level 3?
Is this still alive ? Cuz i'm wondering ... i'm level 3 since february lol and im at the first checkpoint and have received a good ammount of honors but the progress seems ... way past slow. lol
: Does riot listen to players?
Yes and no. Lol bro look, they listen to pro players only. The majority of players which are low elo are completely ignored. This is true and well known, sadly, because we are a whole as a community.
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Èclair (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=FirstBlooderPT,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=cM2j9Yyy,comment-id=00010000000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2018-05-14T19:52:37.581+0000) > > i don't want a free game for newbies being in the enemy team, neither i want them in my team. Nobody wants feeders and afkers either, but matching regular unrankeds with people from deepest depths of Bronze isn't an option either since even if you can play around Silver elo, carrying Bronze games might be a bit too much to ask from you. > Also not true, at silver 5 with 0 points you need actually to lose some 15 games straight to get demoted. False. It all depends on your MMR. Somebody in Silver V 0LP might be 15 losing streaks away from demotion and somebody might be only one game from it. If you have MMR high enough to stick to Silver division even after 15 loses that doesn't necessary mean new players have the same advantage. They usually don't knowing that Silver is actually the best you can get and after 10 games they land in high/medium Bronze most of the time. All your argument is based on false assumption.
I've spoken from self-experience but aight, nothing's gona change my opinion tho
Kelb4n (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=NU Male official,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=cM2j9Yyy,comment-id=000400010000,timestamp=2018-05-14T17:22:54.663+0000) > > Time played =/= skill. If someone can't escape silver after 3 years that doesn't mean that new players don't get to be placed there. Well, I agree that Time Played =/= Skill, but you must admit that you gain skill over time, and new players probably start at little to no skill. And in my case, I just haven't been climbing a lot throughout the years because of frequent internet problems and thus not enough stable playing time.
It means exactly that they shouldn't be placed there. Unstabling more an unstable division with all kinds of mess ups, new players, hardstucks, bronzes, high silvers close to gold and many times matching with gold players too assuming the positive mmr.
Èclair (EUNE)
: And if they happen to be on the enemy team you get a free game, same argument as with feeders and afkers. Also they aren't as frequent as the later in lower divisions. I don't see much of a problem with that.
Ninja0Heaven took all my words. Except for this, i don't want a free game for newbies being in the enemy team, neither i want them in my team. Also not true, at silver 5 with 0 points you need actually to lose some 15 games straight to get demoted. Which doesn't always happen and can translate to, win 1 carried and losing 2 games multiplying for 15 games .... it takes actually a lot of games to get demoted, so they ruin way more games, and i dare to say 50. Counting that it can happen being carried for 2 or 3 games in a row so it will earn the player some points so yeah ... 50 games to get demoted more less. It's to much and it's not the demotion system to be blamed but rather the new acc placement system
: "fantasy" claiming that bottom 75% players arent low elo? Silver is high elo? Only if youre bronze ;)
Bronze, silver are low elo, gold, plat are medium elo. Dia from above are the high elo legit.
Èclair (EUNE)
: Unranked starts at Silver elo. It was always this way. If he cannot keep up with the rest of the players around this elo, his MMR will just drop.
He shouldn't even start as silver. Rather start in the bottom to climb it's way than to start in silver just to end in the bottom. Makes no sense
Teahyun (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Shiwah,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=cM2j9Yyy,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-05-13T20:25:33.872+0000) > > Silver is the average rank where about 95% of the ranked population (at least in EUW) lies. So, it's not surprising that players starting ranked would have a silver MMR value. pls stop copy pasting. Even IF it would be 95% which it aint in silver, that would mean that there is a waay too large of player pool with too much difference in skill. the spectrum is a lot bigger compared to other places. Players starting should start at the very bottom and be forced to work their way up. And in order to compensate that method you gotta introduce better mechanics that allow for division jumps if lets say 10-15win streaks are recognized you jump buncha tiers etc. There is no excuse.
xHollaQx (EUW)
: Starting at bronze v? Do you think with your head how many smurfs would begin to play on new accounts just to play in bronze v elo?? And lets say master tier smurf plays on bronze v acc, do u think how many games he will ruin? Silver isnt high elo so it doesnt matter if its the place where new players begin. Ranked system is fine. Get over it.
Bronze/silver elo is the reason why ppl smurf, is the most fun divisions for them. So, in your mouth is right to ruin silver games but not bronze ? How many silver and bronze games were, are and will still be ruined because smurfs ? Because, if you use your head instead you know that silver games many times are paired with bronzes as well in a matter of mmr, pairing with lower bronzes or high bronzes close to silver. Silver matters for those who are on it's way to climb, you can't climb if you dont come across silver, so yes it matters and a lot. And no, ranked system is NOT FINE not even a lil bit as much as dynamic queue wasn't and they dismantled it on the season that followed and that's the main reason it will get changes (they didn't change sooner because probably they hadn't a better plan and im talking about ranked system), not only because the system is old but cuz there are hundreds of thousands of posts about this and other related matters all over the years, every day coming up a bunch of new ones. Everyone knows this. I got over it a long time ago, this post isn't even mine i just found it and felt related, but you, you do need to accept this flaw and the upcoming changes. You seem a guy who gets confortable with everything they say and do, well i don't, i criticize what i don't like and i compliment when there is reason for. Off-topic on this one, don't tell me you agree with that idea of cutting the time on the beginning of the matches, making the camps and minions spawn sooner just to make the game feel fast-paced over a min and half ? lol EDIT: Also, bronze V was a matter of expression, i don't care what part of bronze as long as a new account is placed there
: Why Pyke?
I almost see your point, but he is quite unique. Look, i get it, we have a short ammount of water champions and happens that 2 of them are already played on the supp role, but this guy feels more like a zombie corsair something like that. From the short info we can get, he will have a sword (none of the current supps have) probably will have it's use and he will have hooks ... fishing hooks !? lool And will "drown" enemies ?! Not sure how this will work, but it will be revealed this week probably. Eitherway, none of our current champs have those 3 features for example and the characteristics of a zombie pirate EDIT: I just remembered, yeah ... i only find his name quite ... common
Kelb4n (EUW)
: New Players in Silver ranked
I've always said this. For a looong time actually, it makes no sense at all, regardless of being a smurf or not with a new acc it should start on the deep bottom. Like here was said but in the opposite way "if he cannot keep up with silver players his mmr will drop" i think it should be actually "if he can actually play better than his mmr, he will eventually climb". Sounds more fair and logical. So, every new account should start in deep bronze, period. There they can practice how much they want, it's the deep bottom they can't fall off more than bronze 5 so, it's way better than to start as a silver ruining everyone games due to lack of experience and ending up in bronze anyway. The rank system is old and very wrong. Gladly ranked will change next year, for the best or the worst ? Who knows, but it's good to finally see some changes happening on this matter, was bouttt timeee mannn, phewww.
: ***
Doesn't even work as a top laner ?! Lol i'm sorry, then you have a lot to learn. Basically you're saying that this champ shouldn't exist because... ? I won't go further on his top lane, i'm just gona explain his role as support. He is a meat shield with cc, his Q combos with his Ult delivering a long cc, his E slows and shreds armor, his passive can change a team fight and his ult it's his ult. Overall he has poke from Q, W if not destroyed. Also he can make a knock up with Q from a bush and he goes full tank which works wonders on him. So there, you got sion supp explained. You like maokai supp ? Yeah, he was meta but before he was meta i played with him supp and i can even tell you sejuani and zac supp ARE OP ! It all comes down about skill, you think it doesn't work because you saw bad ppl playing it, just that, you can't say he sucks in general, he is solid {{sticker:garen-swing}}
: ***
You and the post owner deserve the bans. Your toxicity is beyond words, you get tilted for everything. PS: Sion support works {{sticker:vlad-salute}}
: Supports like Soraka?
You can also consider Bard but he doesn't have much healing power
DuckyJJ (EUNE)
: How to get out of silver
I'm in the same position as you. I'm silver for 3 consecutive seasons lol the first time i was a first timer silver, last season i played like 3 months and had a huge break from February till November so i basically didn't play much after reaching silver, and now this year i climbed to silver again and i feel like stuck but im gona try harder this year. Personnaly ? I think you should spam your 2 best lanes with your best champions, but be prepared to play any role decently cuz of autofill. Next ? Easy champs ? Nah, i rather play champs that i like to play and that i play good with them, this way i'm having fun and i'm doing the best i can. Next things ? Pretty much what everyone is saying, don't die, farm, ward without facechecking (ward the bush behind a wall), save a ward for a moment that you suspect they might doing a global buff, save your summ spells until you are really forced to use them. I dont know, theres a lot of things really. I'm being positive always and i tend to embrace the obvious defeats and try hard on possible games with comebacks, specially those games that go for over 30 min lool those games are always possible to win. I only accept defeat when 3 of my team mates are like 0.10 without any drakes or barons and with 3 inibs down... so yeah, i almost never give up ! xD {{sticker:galio-happy}}
ThePikol (EUNE)
: I'm here to complain a little. come and read if u want
Bro, i've managed to leave bronze to silver for 3 seasons now but more than that... it's really hard to do ! As usual in placements got placed in bronze, fought my way to silver and so far so good, but as soon as i hit silvers seriously, i get paired with unbelievable players making me sooo hard to actually reach gold anytime soon. It doesn't even matter the role or the champion, as soon the system pairs you with these ... "uninformed" players you won't win. Since i got to silver like 1 week ago i was winning losing 50%, but now since 2 days ago im losing sooooo hard ! I'm about to be bronze again if i don't start winning today. Idk man, you can see my matches, open them and see myself, my allies and my enemies. See the difference between me and my allies. I almost always have the most farm, the most dmg, the most vision score, the most everything except for deaths (which sometimes very rarely happen) i do rotations, i go push when my team goes baron with the enemies dead, i ward when i suspect anything and i don't face check, i ward behind the walls idk what to do anymore unless wait and hope for better teams. These days i had as well a 90 cs ezreal at 30min+ mark when i as a jungler had way more farm like 200 and the nunu supp had 100 farm as well lol I don't know man, idk
: Honor lvl 3
Ohhhh mannnn, let me login right now to see if i got it too {{sticker:sg-jinx}} EDIT: not yet it seems... {{sticker:sg-ahri-1}}
: In their deformed brains Assist=failure. Other roles get a high assist score when they fail to carry, or can't prevent the other players from stealing their kills. Not to mention how it is so eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezy to get assists as support. Just toss around heals and shields for freeeeeeee NO EFFORT money from the assists. Supp is ezpz and %%%%%%ed SLAVES play it only. Pretty much that's their thought process.{{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Indeed xD You said everything ! {{sticker:galio-happy}}
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
Oh, i see, i must have played them if they were released less than 2 months ago, but i don't recall being like 15k BE xD
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
I didn't got anything like this ! What is this, for first timers ever ?
: Playing support in solo queue
Im sure everyone can relate "O.7 supp report" But... what about the 24 assists ?!? Why does everyone in low elo pretend that assists score doesn't exist lol
: The ONLY thing you need to do to make people play Mordekaiser.
TheRakun2G (EUNE)
: League can cause anxiety and depression
It can, but it's not fully derivated from that, maybe you have some life issues that you aren't solving or can't be solved and you are drowning your concerns in this game like a escape-goat from reality, in the hopes that you might forget everything while on your league time. I know, i felt it and i do it and i have those problems but i'm treated, but the main reason for that in my case, it's from life problems. Btw, don't smoke weed it only makes your condition worse, that's the main reason i gave up on it, booze too lol. Look for help, really. Best of luck
I felt every word ... lol global score 0.6 ? Gg wp, ff in 2 min ... {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
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