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Zephory (EUW)
: Seriously RIOT???????????????????????????????????????????????????????
Shamose (EUW)
: Bugs in the practice tool aren't worth reporting since it's impossible to recreate them in a normal game.
Challenge accepted.
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HàrrowR (EUW)
: Suggestion for newer (and older) ADC players
Smologuzach (EUNE)
: I think that 2 afk players should be a lose prevented game...
Should be a loss prevented for everyone but the AFKs. So AFK players would still lose LP as if they've lost.
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: Zoe needs an buff
Well to be fair, a champion that could 1 shot people early game deserves to be nerfed to the ground. Maybe she'll get rebalanced later on, but for now on we can all just enjoy a nice game without getting 1 shotted every 3 seconds. (Miss me with that "oo just dodge XDD" ty)
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: is it sportsmanlike to make enemy tilt ?
tilting enemies is ez win. Gotta play it drity to climb faster
: > [{quoted}](name=FishyGeslo,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=uNrvG1Wb,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-01-24T14:56:06.178+0000) > > Riot doesnt care about bot lane at all anymore. It's mostly just about making mages dominate it now. When they release item "that will make team comps without marksmen viable", its basicaly going to be mage on mid, mage as adc and mage as support. Rip I'd rather have Season 5 when the tanks were way too strong instead of now that playing Braum isn't as fun anymore.
So you enjoyed playing the game when your role was op. w0w As an ADC main i should quit the game 3 seasons ago
: well you need to have 16 champs you have played 10 games with , not that hard
And all of those would be adc for me. wouldnt help me much if i got autofilled
: A New Report Category
Was in game before, not sure why because riot only punishes "offensive language" lul. Would be a good idea to bring it back and actualy look into games of those who get reported for unskilled, in case they got boosted. Some people are clearly boosted and its painful
: Just in: Riot has confirmed they do not care about tank supports.
Riot doesnt care about bot lane at all anymore. It's mostly just about making mages dominate it now. When they release item "that will make team comps without marksmen viable", its basicaly going to be mage on mid, mage as adc and mage as support. Rip
: One of those support champions they can win with.... Just tweak the eligability criteria. You need 10 wins/Mastery 5 or 6 for a champ to be eligible for ranked. You need 20 eligible champions for entering a ranked queue. So everyone entering ranked has a pool of 20 champs that they have a certain amount of experience and success with. Bye bye first time champs in ranked, also bye bye OTP accounts. Any OTP is often useless with other champs or roles, and prone to trolling games or leaving queues if they don't get their desired OTP role.
As a ADC main, i dont even own many other role champions, let alone play them to the point of having 10 wins or mastery on them. 20 champions that you're experienced on, all from other roles is complete bs, because if i want to play ranked, im going to learn a role that i enjoy playing, and learn 20 champions from same role anyway. Doesn't fix your issue. The point is, if for example, i main adc and got autofilled top lane, i couldn't even pick any champion and would be forced to dodge or not be able to play ranks at all
: Need to win 10 games on champ to play him ranked?
So what are autofilled players going to play then?
: People saying ”%%%”
Why even bother reporting them for saying a word in a game? You don't know them, they don't even know you either. It's not personal at all. Maybe grow a pair and mute them? No? Silly me
elin990 (EUW)
: 6 months into the game - I suck, will I ever get better ?
If you want to take the game seriously to the point of being competitive and really wanting to climb, then you will get better. If you're playing just to have fun and mess around, then play just to have fun.
Ciumegu (EUNE)
: Please ban everyone that types something in chat that offends me !
League community in a nutshell. Especially "Player behavior" section of the boards. Prepare for all the downvotes LUL
Kakkarlaken (EUNE)
: NO Troll system
So you want to encourage KDA players. If anything game should take into consideration your objectives, not KDA.
: How to deal with racists in game?
Racism over internet must've really hurt you. Should probably DDoS him for saying such rude words
: I'll give it 8.5/10. Game is pretty balanced right now, if you disregard tanks, but they've been busted since forever. Teams are horrid, but that's always the case right after the season has started. Content coming out steadily (hyped for that swain rework) and meta is pretty diverse atm. So yeah, I'm enjoying it.
You know the game is balanced when ADCs can't even start a proper ADC item and forced into farm lane. You know its balanced when lane bullies arent even existant anymore on bot
Ph4t C4t (EUW)
Don't click on a minion then?
DrZizu (EUW)
: As I mentioned I even get bored playing a same role
Then maybe competitive isnt for you, unless you find a champion that can play multiple roles
: Name one other champion than riven whose success depends as much on perfectly timing your abilities and mastering several intricate combos. Name a single one, I dare you.
DrZizu (EUW)
: CanT Decide main champion
First, pick a role that you want to play. Then play all of the champions that fit their role. Then pick one that you like the most and learn all the secrets behind the champion. After that play until you git gud.
: How do i get out of bronze!?
Main 1 champion, if you're support main just go full damage, mute all, most importantly: git gud nab
iSneez (EUNE)
: Yes because in majority mind people that die a lot necessary int. When in fact 90% of time they don't, they just had bad luck and then team flame them over and over and then they start to int, so actually your attitude make them int when initially they didn't. So keep flaming them it will really make them play better.
Go ahead and assume i was flaming them. If you die 10 times in a row in 15 minutes, there is no excuse that you're unlucky. Especialy if you do that multiple matches in a row.
: Removing toxic words
How about the commnity grows up and mutes or ignores people that flame? How about people dont get butt hurt over insults that are said online? Can't take the heat - Get out of the kitchen.
: This post should belong to Games, Contests & Jokes. I laughed so hard xD
Im sure you'd have a good giggle if your team member was inting and refusing to ff just to waste more time. Glad i put a smile on your face, love
iSneez (EUNE)
: People that always give up and only want it easy and can't handle to work a little for their wins should not play a competitive game.
True! But dont worry, people that int should definetaly play competitive game :). You got it all figured out bud
: if you rage them, ofc they ain't gonna surr. If they just went 0/10/0 and you were a full 4 man premade that all said you want to surr and this guy hasn't achived any toxic bevhavior from you or your teammates, then if he doesn't surrender. His probobly either beliving in you guy or misclicked. There no person on earth that doesn't press no on the surr button without being tilted or are super mad at his teammates. Think of yourself and how to win the game. Instead of thinking on him and his score. I have won many many games 4vs5 inculding feeders. So just focus on your role. There's only 1% of the time someone actually intend to troll. But you should see that as soon you join the game. Not after the 10th min.
Idk what elo or planet you came from tbh
: Imo, FFing should be removed from the game. I personally believe 95% of all games can be won if done correctly. Ofc we're not all pro level macro gameplay, but comeback stories happen. A good teamfight or splitpush can change the game completely.
When the team isnt capable of grouping and individuals keep inting and spamming ":)))" after voting no on surrender vote, there is no way you can change the game
Pyrosen (EUW)
: good meme
Good meme is people going 0/10/0 by 10th minute and not ffing
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Rismosch (EUW)
: Why do ADCs build Relic Shield?
Way bigger sustain. I main Vayne, and i build it everytime i play with Tank support, if not with tank support, i take Doran's Shield. It's legit easy sustain and allows me to farm and get to late game way easier than normal Doran's Blade or Long sword with potions
Esmeralde (EUW)
: I play jungle and support a lot and I see: * Blaming the jungler or support for hard feeding * Flaming the jungler for no ganks immediately after dying * Flaming the support for no help right after dying * Never buying control wards, not using vanilla wards * Stealing red buff, feeding and then blaming the jungler for not ganking * Going afk near tower when a jungler ganks or helping with the gank when you are almost dead * Never helping with invades * Flaming the jungler or jungler for ks and then intentionally feeding or going to a different lane to troll * Little to no verbal communication and an inability or refusal to speak English League of legends is a team game. When you see play like this, it is difficult not to focus on how other people play the game. We spend an average of half an hour playing each game, when it's a drag it is natural to speak up. I had a game as Evelyn yesterday - we start the game with Aatrox support and somebody picking Yasuo on free rotation. Both the Aatrox and Yasuo disconnect or afk at the start. I vote remake, no. Nothing in chat. The Aatrox comes back, the Yasuo comes back to troll. He's either in base, walking down bot, walking into jungle or just doing nothing at all. Goes back to base and ends the game with 45 cs. The game went on for an hour. I ended 16/3/8 and it was not fun. In most games the bad behavior comes most often from the worst players who are not just bad, but ignorant of basic game mechanics and have no interest to learn anything. When they ruin the experience for everyone else somebody might want to politely tell them to teach them. But no, that is met with stfu noob.
That's one game in hundreds of them. Honestly, idgaf about how you play or communicate. Do it the way you want to. Good luck climbing
LTShadow (EUNE)
: Is This PBE or regulars, cuz I got banned like 3 hours ago, so I'm wondering what I got myself into.
Regular. But i found out that i unlocked honor in 3 days, not actualy gotten honor 1 :( FeelsBadMAn
IzzŸ (EUW)
: "I'm not Homophobic"
I use those 2 words alot in my group of freinds, am i homophobic because of that? definetaly not. But people get butthurt over words that lost meaning long time ago anyway. Maybe don't get *triggered* over a word?
: Climbing from honor level 0
I got back to honor 1 in 3 days or so. I just didn't type at all, if i did it was mostly shotcalling
Esmeralde (EUW)
: It is easy to avoid homophobia or racism in league and this isn't really a problem for most of us when we know how Riot feels about this. If someone is new on a champion you give them a chance. If someone is hard feeding you politely ask them to play safe. But when they get abusive after they are playing terrible themselves that is what sets people > You're not their coach don't point out their mistakes for no reason at all. Toxic behavior happens in games that are clearly lost or if someone is playing in a way that will lead to a loss. If you see someone playing too aggressively and feeding you tell them to stop or to wait for the jungler. I get into games where people will steal red buff on the jungler and when the jungler asks why the response is stfu noob. People ping for assistance from their jungler after they die to their laner and they lose tower and never to set up ganks. When a jungler tries to go in for a gank they will push to enemy tower. You try pointing any of this out in chat politely and the response is hhhhhh noob jungler or stfu. That is toxic behavior.
Of course it's not a problem avoiding it, but it's a problem making such a huge deal about a 3 letter word. And still, just focus on your game. What's the point on other's game when there's plenty of mistakes you do as well that you have to improve. I'm not saying what you should do, just a suggestion to keep people from being toxic. Even if others flame at least its not your fault for that ;) Most players in this god forsaken game are too focused on how other people play the game, just to find an excuse to blame or flame them, or to try and correct their mistakes for some reason.
Meotora (EUW)
: Lesson learned, I guess.
Meotora (EUW)
: Alot of people do this when they get autfilled. It ruins the game, because none of these people want to support.
The ammount of games i lose because of autofilled supports (im an adc main) is unbeleivable. Sadly people think support is easy to play and just decide to pick thresh or some mechanicaly hard support like that and just feed their arses off. Too bad its not bannable
: As much as it sucks you have to let at all the trolls just troll you as you can't tell anyone anything bad or insulting. Until he goes 0-15 in the first 20 minutes he won't get banned. Not playing meta and experimenting with builds is not punishable while it is obviously trolling to most of the community. I don't want to play with full ap malphites, full ad leblanc and other shit ap lucian on my team, and the list goes forever. Why other 4 players have to suffer because 1 player wants to do some non-meta build? Idk. And about the ban, that thresh was an obvious troll and asshat, but you just can't say the 3 letter word. It triggers the ban automatically. Another one getting banned because of trolls tilting him. Feels bad. Oh and remember that now you are 1 step away from a permanent ban so behave and don't type anything negative in the chat no matter how tilted you are by someone or something.
True, sad that riot would rather watch their game (at least non-competitive part) slowly die because they're too concerned with banning "toxic" people rather than punishing actual trolls :p
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