: Botlane in season 9.
honestly bot lane for me doesn't exist nowadays... I got to witness the most stupid duos in ranked and they still won... the game is so focused on snowballing from gold that any early game champion can perform well in late game considering the amount of gold it can get... than the first to kill on the lane is the one to win the lane unless that player %%%%s up because on bot lane you get double kills mostly all the times...
Blakex13x (EUW)
: sort your match making.
been on the same situation... I always get my primary role (adc), I work my ass out to play the best I can, every game. usually I actually win my lane, but than I lose the game because: - the jung is just afking farm - top feeds - mid feeds - support is garbage because he auto filled - sometimes the game isn't just winnable, the fking enemy adc plays like gosu compared to me. than the worst comes: - 0/3 -> surrender - 5 kills but died once: gets annoyed and wants to surr - no coordination, no map awareness, etc... can't count how many times I pinged to do drake, do baron, herald or even red/blue buffs to the jungler and he doesn't do anything... last game I got extremely annoyed, the jungler was doing red, enemy team was at dragon, me and the support were there and we tried to steal it but we got insta dead... jung got pinged multiple times, but still wanted to do the fking red buff... than stupidity came: mid went there, placed a ward, top did TP, they both died and than comes the freking jungler thinking he can 1v5 because of the red buff... he didn't even last a second... I don't know what's happening honestly, is the matchmaking that shitty nowadays? are the players leaving league of legends and there are not enough players to make a decent matchmaking?
Hansiman (EUW)
: > also, more workers = faster/better quality content/content release/problems solved/etc etc etc No, that's a very common misconception, and it's an error that **many** companies still make. If a team has a lot of stuff to do, and are working hard on a problem, adding more people will nearly always cause the problem to last much longer. This is caused by more people now having to get up do date with everything that has been done, getting work delegated, link up with what everyone else is doing, etc. All of this actually tends to take much more time, with less quality, than if the original team could just be left alone and concentrate on what they're doing.
you make me remember of the Glasswire firewall devs, always trying to get away with their problems with "we are a small team in india"... it could have been just 1 dev developing the gamemode that it wouldn't still be an excuse, the difference is the time it's needed when we talk about creating stuff. also what you describe on the information needed to pass to the new workers 90% of it is unnecessary, it just reveals the dev's superiors don't do their homework and makes me feel like they are shitting themselves to the problem, that they just want work done on time no matter what, and that's a huge mistake on the business model, it's like you want me to make you a steak in 3 minutes, than I present you with a raw, unflavored steak... this game mode was like a rushed steak, if they had just delayed it to later, right now, you wouldn't be getting hit by all the shots of the community.
Hansiman (EUW)
: I think you're mixing up things a bit here. NA has the exact same **client** issues that EUW does. We all use the same client, with the same limitations. The problems that arose today due to TFT is most likely not a "client" issue. From the information by Riot, there's way more people trying to play TFT on EUW than any other region, which is the source of the problem. These two problems are not directly related to one another.
hm... someone didn't care about doing a stress test... tipical draw on top of the knee kinda of work... it never is a good drawing...
Hansiman (EUW)
: I don't know why you're ignoring everything I'm saying to you. You're repeating your statements without taking into consideration of what I'm saying. You ask Riot to update the client, because you say it's broken. I provide you with an answer as to why there's been client issues, and what's currently being done to fix it. And then you just repeat your first statement again. There's nothing more I can say to you.
to start with, more money usually = more funds to solve problems... also, more workers = faster/better quality content/content release/problems solved/etc etc etc... if it doesn't necessarily mean it solves a problem/tasks go faster, why would you hire people/get money in the first place? also, little question... riot had a profit of over 1.4 Billion dollars in 2018... 2.1 in 2017, 1.8 in 2016 and 1.6 in 2015 (source: SuperData). sure you are owned by Tencent and Tencent takes profit, but you will still have profit on your own... so my question is, with all of this money, would it be so hard to hire devs to create a Windows 7+ client with an up-to-date version of chromium and another version specifically for windows XP, based on that, apparently, that is a known issue since a long time ago?
: You'll be back :P but yeah I wish they would spend less time on creating girly skins and dumbass characters like that cat on a floating book and more time on making shit work :P {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
or not... I play since season 4, till season 6 I would play for like 10 or 12 straight hours, got silver 2 in season 5, huge improvement and lots of studying this game... but nowadays, I can tell you last time I played was 2 matches 4 days ago, before that was 5 matches 11 days before (so 15 days ago)... and all of these kids giving up and wanting to surr since 10 minutes in-game because they are 0/3 is getting on my nerve, they don't let anyone play, kill the mood of everyone... today I am really tempted to erase this fking game from my computer, and I only played 1 match...
: Im reporting all the time. Rarely get the "instant feedback" response anymore. I guess its because riot has this system where they take away your right to report people (you can still press the report button, but it goes into /dev/null). real smart system
I was once very addicted to this game, but the game is just getting unplayable for older people, I play this game, I see how people are, how the system is made, how champs changed, how focused in snowballing the game is... it always leads me to think I am playing mostly with 8 year olds and the game is by now designed to 12 year olds... so yeah, reports aren't effective, but it's not because of rito, it's because of all the kids that flood this game that don't know how to behave and older people will understand when I say kids (including us when we were a kid), are bipolar and suffer from borderline personality disorder, and sadly, people with these problems is what I see most matches... this is me assuming, I don't know how the report system works and I don't care enough about the game nowadays to know, but due to how the game is nowadays this wouldn't surprise me.
: How the %%%% get some players away with everything?
the system works, it's just that you need to get reported several times in several different games to do anything. this is meant to penalize frequent flamers, not someone just having a bad day and happens to release stress on chat... I can tell you that I had one day that was super stressful, I flamed in all chat, I got report x9 that game (or at least they all said they were gonna report me) and I didn't got punished, in counter part, I had a friend that would say noob or worst things in pretty much every game and he got permabanned after like 4 months of being chat restricted pretty much all the time.
: I supported this idea from the beginning but I would give only a minimal amount of gold for a plate. Free farming and other advantages should be good enough. But riot likes a double kill on bot should lead to 1000 gold advantage and a free victory.
yeah bot lane is in a state that whoever kills first pretty much has a lane won...
WAVenom (EUNE)
: I once played top vs jax he was 0/3 then his jungler ganked and killed me and i had death timer like 20sec or so no tp,and jax got all turret platings and first turret its over 1k gold its like 3kills %%%% that shit man and he got insta back in game
that's the problem when there is so much gold around, you might be fed, but if you make a mistake you either go back to zero or you go to - 50 million if your enemy get's some plates and turrets...
: > [{quoted}](name=trytoconcentrate,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=XVTcqWz3,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-06-23T07:25:04.748+0000) > > I, myself preferred the old, plateless league to be honest. There were ways to snowball then too, like farming inbetween the first 2 turrets, thus risking yourself, but also zoning your opponent out, but also this was an extreme scenario too. If I remember correctly they changed it to plates to STOP snowballing. The more plates you take off the tankier the tower gets so it's hard to take the tower with plating unless you die repeatedly. Before the plating a gank like you described would basically end with the tower down which grants global gold and first brick gold. Since it's pre 15 minutes the minions pushed over the river will also bounce back so you would have to go into danger as the losing laner to even farm and the enemy jungler could abuse that + control parts of the jungle. That used to result in even harder snowball especially as it allowed the laner to walk around with his gold adavantage and terrorize other lanes. Also, now you might get dove. Earlier you wouldn't get dove because there was no tower to dive you beneath. You needed to be just as far up to take the farm but had no tower to retreat to.
yeah they put plates that give 160g PER PLATE to a single person... fk logic lol.
: The thing is that while you might loose plates in that situation before hand if that happened there’s a good chance you outright loose your tower. That’s gonna give a ton of global gold, a similarly big advantage to your laner, and you loose a ton of safety... you basically loose lane from just one gank. Plates aren’t the most elegant solution but personally I find them preferable to the alternative... you don’t loose tower from a single gank while at the same time rewarding players for making those plays. They could do with some tweaks like less gold (perhaps scale the gold with how many plates... so one or two plates aren’t worth much but taking the last couple is worth more), but they are the healthiest option avalible atm Plus snowball isn’t just from gold... it’s in large part because nobody is interested in playing low damage champions anymore... so you’ve got carries in top, mid, jungle and adc, and even a high damage mage support bot lane... that means that the game becomes increadibly snowbally... so personally I wouldn’t attribute the snowball to turret plates, rather just who is viable atm
I agree with OP, there should not be so much gold going around, everything gives gold, turret plating, wards even destroying other champions abilities like teemo R's gives gold... for me only kills should give gold, nothing else because turrets are an objective, there is no point on them giving gold, getting more map control should be enough reward, wards and teemo R's the same, it should be enough reward to not step on a shroom and die or destroy wards for the sake of vision control... so now, in the era of hyper dmg champs, a single kill is half road traveled to win a lane... the game, when there is so much gold around, it's pretty much whoever kills first wins the lane, specially on bot lane where the enemy can get a double kill, thus getting twice as much gold...
tom98784 (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=FixxeS,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=mGcvAGpA,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2019-06-22T23:08:19.319+0000) > > I hate when this happens in ranked, I have lost so many games due to someone being afk at some point in the game... > > rito could also make something like a mandatory FPS check every day and a mandatory MS check ping to the server before each game when the player clicks "find match", just that would reduce drastically the amount of people that play on toaster PC's that do nothing else than feeding because they can't see shiet/people that spend more time complaining about "LAAAAAAG" or "FK RITO 4000 PING" than playing. > > and if they wouldn't reunite both things, the client would say that the computer isn't powerful enough for the game or you can't play because the MS is too high. > > than, for me the remake window would open if: > - the player is still not connected by the time the first minion wave reaches the middle of the lane; > - the player goes afk for more than 5 minutes; > - the player has too much ms (something like 130 or worst) for more than 5 consecutive minutes. I don't think we should introduce strict restrictions, but giving people the option to check their ping in-client would be great. When I'm not sure whether my internet is up to the task (it struggles with damp weather or when someone in the house is watching youtube/netflix) I have to start a practice game each time I want to check. Being able to just keep an eye on an indicator in the client would mean I could check it before every game rather than just when I think it might be an issue.
I was talking about ranked. I think it's too strict for normals, but ranked would be in handy. for example, on my last game, we only won because they had 3 afk and could do nothing else than wait for us to end the game... lux was afk since the start of the game, she only played the beggining till we got their tower to 3 plates and at the final 5 mins of the match... poppy went afk, I suppose rage quit or something because she couldn't do her combo on me... teemo went also afk since 10 mins of the game... xerath was destroying our mid, teemo was fking up our troll pick ashe top, she wouldn't die but she couldn't farm either, me and morg were getting fked up slowly... so they would win, but because they got 3 afk they lost... and worst was they couldn't even do nothing about it, because there was no remake window, all they could do besides surr was wait for their teammates to somehow come back... lux did, but was already too late, me and morg we just pushed our lane from first tower to nexus tower in 1 push, because they simply didn't had anyone to protect the towers... I honestly just wanted to end the game quick, I've had my games where someone was afk, nobody wanted to surr and than it just starts being a waste of time but I won't leave the match because I don't want to get flagged by leaver buster, so I just play and end my games with a 2/10 or something... I would love these strict rules on ranked at least, and also giving let's say 2LP or something to the losing team since it wasn't their fault they lost, they had a fking afk, so it won't be a complete waste of time... something that bothers me the most is having to remake and realizing I lost 10 mins of my life on a match that gave me absolutely nothing...
NírVăNa (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Zangetsue,realm=EUNE,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=8BsEA58x,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-06-22T08:21:01.331+0000) > > So is League Banned in Syria ?? I cant log in without opening a VPN app which app ? same problem but there is no app for pass this problem
a simple VPN program should be enough to play the game again... the problem is, it will give you probably unplayable ms...
neropa (EUNE)
: Remake system should be based on does the player leave the fountain
I hate when this happens in ranked, I have lost so many games due to someone being afk at some point in the game... rito could also make something like a mandatory FPS check every day and a mandatory MS check ping to the server before each game when the player clicks "find match", just that would reduce drastically the amount of people that play on toaster PC's that do nothing else than feeding because they can't see shiet/people that spend more time complaining about "LAAAAAAG" or "FK RITO 4000 PING" than playing. and if they wouldn't reunite both things, the client would say that the computer isn't powerful enough for the game or you can't play because the MS is too high. than, for me the remake window would open if: - the player is still not connected by the time the first minion wave reaches the middle of the lane; - the player goes afk for more than 5 minutes; - the player has too much ms (something like 130 or worst) for more than 5 consecutive minutes.
: yes i got another 20 minutes priority queue for thsi shittt i wasnt afk i just didnt move for 3 minutes i was busy.
Soulrk (EUNE)
: How to determine your own weaknesses as a player?
watching your replays is indeed a good way to know where is are failing, but, at least in my case, it didn't help much as even if I wrote it down, it wouldn't get inside my head... honestly I think the best way to improve your weaknesses is by learning in-game. when you die, just try to understand why you died and what you could have done, the reason for this is because you are still in-game and you will worry about that situation happening. for example, in another game I had I only had 2 deaths. one was a sure death, I got hit by a sona and MF ult and playing kai'sa with her low range I can't do much about it right? wrong... I could have just used E and move to the side when I saw sona's animation and I was already expecting it... the other death was by stupidity, I though my range would keep me away from that diana... and because of this, I never made those mistakes again because I would just worry about it so I would pay more attention to those situations and avoid them happening and since I spent 20 minutes with those mistakes in my head, they got inside my head so I always worry about those mistakes even in other games. the key differences here for me is that by watching your own replays you will find more mistakes than when you just die when you are on the game... you find out that you should had warded that bush, helped a teammate, why you failed to kill that minion, etc, while by reviewing your death, you find out why you died and just that. but, reviewing your death when you die stays in your head for longer than reviewing your replay... but for me these are the best 2 ways to find out where a player is failing, but I must say: what helps me might not help you. also, as my friend says: practice makes perfect. just keep in mind that sometimes you can't avoid getting killed, when you are watching your replay or thinking about your death you are only focusing in one thing so you are able to figure out all the stuff, that you are missing a ward there, that if you looked the map you would see the enemy mid coming bot/top, etc but when you are playing you are focusing in cs, lane opponents, ganks, wards, etc etc etc so it gets hard to keep track of everything, even of that little bush next to you that should have a ward but it doesn't and you didn't notice because you are too focused on farming and watching your enemy in case he comes in. also, playing as support, and since you are silver, take more time to watch how the enemies move and what they do. when I used to main support (many seasons ago) I would predict that the jung was coming just by the way the enemy bot lane moved, I would like draw a line btw their passiveness and aggressiveness and when they would cross that line, it would mean an enemy gank like 80% of the times. another tip I could give you is to stop playing leona and start playing ranged supports. you can go more agressive with them, leo can only go all in, but with a support like lulu or lux you can just chunk some HP from them without much of a risk. you will also realize how they act when they are attacked so you can prevent a future escape by them in the future. specially in the first levels, getting your enemies to half HP by kiting them has a huge impact at brain level. nowadays I play mostly adc so knowing that, usually I just kite them whenever I can, it doesn't just makes them have less HP than me, it will also allow me to farm almost worry free as I know they won't attack me because they have less HP than me, allowing me to farm more than the enemy adc because I just adopt an aggressive position so they can't farm. so if you do that too, you are also helping your adc and it allows you to roam around and get assists in other lanes if your adc isn't a complete braindead he will just adopt a more defensive position and be ready to back to his tower if he must. but ofc, if this was so simple I would be a diamond player...
Cypherous (EUW)
: So just wait until the 20 minute vote and surrender then, there are always those among us who are too blind to see that a match is lost and continue to vote no while we're all dead and they are banging down inhibs lol
I have won a game with just the nexus alive... no towers at all and they had all the towers... so if I won that, everything is possible.
: Whenever ther is a 4x5 in my team, and my team doesn't surrender, I make it a 3x5. Sorry, im not gonna waste my time for the 1/100 chance we win. No stress, no tilt. I play again in 20 minutes or so.
I don't understand that logic... 1: you need to wait for that game to end otherwise it's just gonna show the reconnect button till the game ends. 2: if you do that too much, you get on a low priority queue or a real ban... so I don't see the advantage on that... at least play the game so you can learn a bit more... I always play mine till I can say the game is definetly lost (30 kill difference, all the drakes and the baron buff + we not having hinib tower is the lowest for me to accept a surrender), otherwise I just keep playing, I am learning from my deaths more than I will ever learn by killing and winning games.
AiFted (EUW)
: i think it might be a ping related but maybe it's because she dashes and uses the first part of the e while dashing which might have canceled the animation
no at least on the part of the video I watched (3:28), he does Q on a minion, uses both casts of E and than Q to akali. Irelia E has a 0.2 sec cooldown but that is pretty much nothing, you can cast it pretty much instantly. the thing about the video is that the guy didn't even moved the cursor, if you cast the first E and you only move the cursor to the other side of that first E, even if it's still on top of the first E, the second E always creates a "safe" distance so you can stun (I figured this out by placing the second cast without moving the cursor in practice tool and the distance btw both casts on the video and on my practice were identical), so at 3:28 of the video, the guy did that, he didn't moved the cursor to where the second E was casted, he just put it on the side of the first cast, so that fixed "safe" distance the ability has, did the work. also, if you cast E on the exact same place of the first cast, it will create the stun in front of irelia. by the way, that guy is a master, he obviously knows all of these tricks and probably much more. I only discovered these now on the practice tool where I started exploring the animations and how quick you can cast it. I think the cd btw both casts are 150 milliseconds. the average typist can click at around 170 milliseconds. now, rememeber you still need to move your cursor somewhere, even if it's to a side of the first E so if you have a 150 millisecond cd, for you, that is instant because you can't click E, move cursor and click E again in less than 170 milliseconds, unless you are flash...
: Attack speed slows shouldn't exist for the same reason dodge mechanic was removed
I agree... even buying more atk speed won't really make a difference because they use percentage not a number... so doesn't matter the atk speed you have, it's gonna always be 15%, which makes it pointless to buy more atk speed because let's say you have 2.5 atk speed. it's gonna be cut down to 2.12... that's a shiv's atk speed that just got removed from your inventory... and I am just talking about the Frozen Heart... if you add the Omen and warden's mail, you find yourself playing with 1.4 atk speed for 1 second... that's 2 basic attacks that just got denied from you and pretty much for free as most top lanners buy these items more because they are good tank items and not specifically because of the atk speed slow.
: Ungreatful RIOT
that is true, you don't have a patent to your idea, patents exist to prevent people form stealing ideas or pieces of work... rito sends you a thank you email for your suggestion, isn't enough for you to know that an idea of yours went live on the software or game? if a company gives you something is because they want, they aren't forced to give you anything, doesn't matter what company it is.
JustClone (EUNE)
: Your name, it is one of the patriarchs, described by many different religions. In particular, I interpreted it is as reference to the one known to the Jewish community. And I found amusing, that a person who carries that name, known well to the Jewish community, will join the boards to discuss how he lost his investment, in something that can be viewed as illegal business deal. And your attitude when you tell others about working on creating something, on your own: _"dosent seem worth the effort and time"_ Honestly, for a moment I thought this is some sort of troll post.
have you ever though that there is people that are actually called Isaac? and it's not worth the effort and time, you will learn nothing from restarting from scratch, all you are gonna do is get boosted from playing with people that don't even know what's a red buff... I am not saying that I agree to buying accounts, I actually think it's stupidity, I wouldn't waste money in buying an account, but rito could just put up a system that puts you to level 30 when the system clearly sees that you aren't a new player...
: freedom of choice does not give you the freedom of consequences they are free to sell and buy they aren't free from getting punished due to said actions because they breach riots rules
what I was trying to say is that rules, no matter what rules, are a maze, and as every maze, there's a way to get out of it, or at least that is what I think I was trying to say lol. don't mind what I said too much, I was drunk yesterday because of my brother making 12 years in his marriage and honestly now that I am lucid even I struggle to understand wtf I wrote. I am also very surprised that yesterday I won a ranked game lol, I have been on a loss streak since forever, funny how me getting drunk makes me play better, from what I remember I was playing cait (a champ I was never good with) and I was doing everything I knew of to play good, applying the theory I know... I guess getting drunk has it's advantages, as you stop thinking and you just react by impulse so I guess here I was just saying the very first thing that came to my mind. sorry...
Cypherous (EUW)
: And if this were a war you would have a point, but it isn't and in this case "Two wrongs don't make a right"
it's not war, but it's a damn jungle on this game lol, remembers me of the movie Apocalypto for some reason. also, the art of war is not just about tactics of war, it is way deeper than that.
Cypherous (EUW)
: > So you can defend yourself if you feel like you weren't been extremly disruptive in a game , i had some chat logs where i got permanent banned in 3 lines for threats against a griefer Thats called retaliation, very different word, defending yourself means to protect yourself from further harm, retaliation is where you attack back, which is what you did, the playerbase really needs to start studying the english language because they are seriously using a lot of words wrong like Inting and defending
sometimes, "the best defense is a good offense", Sun Tzu, author of The Art of War.
Hansiman (EUW)
: You do not have the freedom to sell something that is not legally yours to sell though.
no, but let me tell you this: did the Portuguese had the right to turn Brazilians into slaves? and yet, they did it. freedom is an interesting word, it's never contemplated in anything apart from the declaration of the human rights, where it says "you are free to do what you want to do, as long as your freedom doesn't interfere with someone else's freedom"... interesting words.
Tarolock (EUNE)
: first page of ToU: >1.4. Can I share or sell my account or login credentials? (No.) >When you create an account with us, we require you to select a unique username and password (collectively, your “Login Credentials”), which you’ll use each time you access the Game. You can’t share your account or Login Credentials with anyone. You can’t sell, transfer or allow any other person to access your account or Login Credentials, or offer to do so. You’re entirely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your Login Credentials. Please notify us immediately if you become aware of any breach of security, including any loss, theft or unauthorized disclosure of your Login Credentials.
if they say so... people will continue to buy and sell, that's just how the world is, the worst that can happen to someone is getting the account deleted, which will never happen if the buyer has a brain, because the biggest exploit to rules like this one is a human fundamental right: freedom.
Tarolock (EUNE)
: i would ban you too, buying accounts is against the rules and gets an instant permaban
Buying accounts isn't against the rules... it's not recommended... there's a difference. according to support.leagueoflegends.com, an article made by Riot Ezki ([Link](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/202290340-Don-t-Buy-Accounts-)), it's not recommended because most of the times you get scammed by it, it says NOTHING about being illegal, it's a moral situation, nothing more. Unfortunately, Isaac, there's nothing anyone can do... buying an account isn't just getting the username and password, it needs to be provided also the ability to switch emails... I had a friend buying an account on Player auctions, and usually, from what I see, they just create a new email, link that email to the league account and when you buy that account, it's provided to you that same email and password so you can change to your own email and also the username and password. but, the thing about league is, even if you change the email and password, the previous owner can still recover it, he just needs to contact riot, say that his account was stolen, than he gets asked a bunch of questions like when was the account created, quantity of champions, skins, etc and since he is the owner he will know that stuff, so rito will give him the account back... but, forget that rito will ever ban that account... now you have some options: - give negative feedback on ebay to the seller, leave a comment about what happened, and contact ebay about your purchase, detailing the case. - if you paid through Paypal (which is always recommended), you can also contact paypal in order to open a dispute against the seller and since paypal cares more about the buyer than the seller, chances are, you'll win the dispute and paypal will deposit your money back. - send all the information about the transaction you did on ebay to riot's support and MAYBE, just MAYBE, rito will care and give you ownership of the account if the rioter cares about morals. they might not like account sharing and buying accounts it's a moral situation, but, we never know. (ebay/paypal) just provide what the person gave you to change the account ownership, explain the details and tell them exactly what happened, since you purchased till the seller got the account back, like what you did, etc... also, when buying accounts online, doesn't matter the game, there's a few things that need to be delivered to you, ALWAYS: - Username for the account - password for the account - the email that the account is linked to - password for that email (even if the email isn't needed to change email, it should be provided anyway) - security questions and answers, so you can change them than, this is what you need to do: - get into that email and check if there's any recovery email associated. change it's password. if there is a recovery email associated, take it out as the previous owner can use the recovery email to re-gain access to that email address. - login to the account using the website (not the game), change the account's password, change it's username (if possible) and it's in-game name. - change security questions and answers but even so, the previous owner still might be able to recover the account through the company's support. so buying accounts online is always a risk... Ebay just happens to be an awful place to buy game or services accounts as they don't specialize on that, after all, Ebay is the China Amazon...
Uraraka (EUNE)
: Can someone climb in ranked playing solo queue support?
that happens to me too, normal people, with a job or that need to study for school, can't keep up with the pace that rito is enforcing, just too many changes happening in my opinion... like, I stopped playing for a month because of work and when I came back ADC's got nerfed, champs got rework (or at least I was told so), and now morde rework came live, heard that fiddle is also being reworked... just too much... I am tempted to leave this game, I can't keep track of all happening with this game, for me, one day I was happily playing support, with soraka, lulu, etc and the other day I wake up and supports are no longer used apart from blitz and morg mostly, people are using xerath, vel'coz, fiddle, etc... also, the meta in my opinion is completely %%%ed up, but that might be the feeling I get from not being able to keep track of all the changes... so my suggestion to you: just abandon supports and play mid lanners or something... I believe supports are no longer a thing...
: Lost all my Champions, Levels, Skins, had shit worth over 500€, and its all gone because, 5 year old
you say that you are not level 30 anymore, you lost all your stuff, including skins, etc, so that means you still have access to your account, so you probably also have access to the email registered within league... so, I don't think they will ever ask you questions about when was the account created, what it had, etc, since they use that mostly for when you lose your password and no longer have access to the email, so that they can confirm it's the actual owner and not someone stealing an account. and as far as your ticket, just forget it... I have tried many times to send tickets to rito, it all failed, they would just send an automatic response that doesn't help at all most times and they will never ever answer the ticket using a human, I requested that myself in one of my tickets, to talk to a human, but they still sent automatic messages... but that was my case, I am not saying they will do the same to you, what I mean is.... don't get your hopes too high on recovering your stuff... if they send you automatic responses, honestly, I think the chances of you recovering your stuff is gonna be close to nothing... specially if they already don't have the records of you buying stuff, they will never give you back, even if you are telling the truth, because they don't believe in what people say... so, access your account and try to see if there's something on the purchase history, if not, I believe that the records for what you had don't exist, so rito is most likely to never give you back your stuff... see, this is why investing money on an online game is a dumb thing to do, when it's lost, it's most likely lost forever.
Goat Kayn (EUNE)
: new champions & reworks
the new mordekaiser is just insane... I was playing sivir, I was fed, like a lot, I was killing the enemy adc and morg with just a Q and 2 basic attacks, like, W bounces from minions were putting morg with half hp, killing the mid and jung was reletively easy provided that I had my E up and dodge lee's Q and than comes a morde with no armor or MR items, just pure AP damage, using R on me and hitting me with his Q and voilá, 70% HP gone and if he hit me with his E, I wouldn't even be able to hit him once, EQ and I was dead... he just continuously started using his R on me and feeding of me... also, my basic attacks would deal like 2% of his HP, my Q like 5%... it's just impossible to win a game with this morde rework unless you are a fed tank, like a mundo or something...
: I wouldn’t call it free he does take a lot of mana to use it and barely anyone maxes it out first, you max Q first so it’s not a massive deal out of lane. It’s irritating and certainly adds to why he needs a reworked... but dwarfed by his Q big time
when I see a fiddle support honestly, they just go for max E and a tear of the goddess... it's op, they know that and abuse of that... I was talking about fiddle support, that's what I meant.
: Qiyana's character design makes no sense
I havent seen the teaser yet, but from what I read and saw, specially from this pic, I was thinking: - she would be something like the airbender, someone who can control air, water, fire and earth, considering she is the empress of the elements... - her hips are just abnormal, tiny waist, with some stitches on the waist she would look like a kid that got adult legs... her whole model makes me feel like she is fat (no offense to fat people, I am fat myself), which doesn't comply to a jungle person, she should be skinny, like nidalee for example. - the weapon, I mean, she could have found an ancient artifact or something in a cave or something, who knows... - but her clothes... not a jungle type for someone that comes from a jungle... she looks more like a person from a city, that got tired and moved to the jungle... in my opinion she would need to be more like nidalee and considering the size of that weapon, she would need to have some gigantic muscles to use it and she couldn't be that short or she would just become a muscled midget... I would say rito should discard this champ, turn it into a man, but a bigger man, someone who can actually support the weight of such weapon, and turn this champ into an AP champ, with a smaller weapon, like diana's daggers or whatever they are called... not bigger than that. but this is my opinion, ofc.
ScorpioGG (EUNE)
: about the damage ure whrong!!! she is v squishy early and does no damage... your only option early is to stay back and farm if u can!!! u die from 3 hits and relative to other adc she is realy outbalanced early!! Enemy adc needs to land 3-5 hits on you and youre donne... if you try to engage enemy u land 6 shots on him and u take 3/4 life from them!! All adc even supports got nerfed that now even lux as support with no items do more damage than you JINX!!! Riot if u nerf cahmpions nerf them all together in a common pach!!! not like now u nerf 3 times one champ and forget about others totaly!!! U fogot about jinx that all supports and adc outdamage her allot... not to add the fact that Jinx is etremely squishy...3-5 shots youre out... try and farm and make it to late game... your only option is to play with team cos on lane absolutly every decent adc player can outlane JInx on lane phase... even somme supports!!!! i mean cmon how can a support like lux with 2 starting items wich one of them is boots... just how can they do more damage than you jinx adc u ever think about that riot??? PS: Jinx can have more armor and AD then others the thing is the others have abiltys that outmach hers... this is the trick and problem why jinx way underpowered early game!!! riot complicated things so much that they dont know how to balance things annymore ... they look @ plat proplayers and thats how they do balance on champions.... WICH IS F WHRONG....from my logic you do balance by testing scripts and take all champions in the same category (say adcs) .. make them all same starting stats and for individuality (for every unique champion) u add say somme hp but you take somme AD or AS ... Likew they do now they make somme champs stupendously owerpowered while smurfs and geeks that stay all day on the boards take advantage of and climb the ledder the easy way!!! RIOT NEVER SEES THIS THINGS AND WILL NEWER ADMIT THEM ....THE MOMENT THIS WILL BE FIXED U WILL HAVE A GOOD GAME... TILL THEN FIX THE SYMPTOMS.. NOT THE BASEE ROOT OF PROBLEMS RIOT!!!! U WILL NEVER END BUGS AND EXPLOYTS THIS WAY!! GOOD LUCK!!
does no damage? her W deals 10 + 160% of her AD... so, just at level 1, considering you have let's say 74AD, that's 128 damage with 1 W... jinx's W is the most broken ability in terms of damage from all adc's... and her W get's worst: reduced cd with atk speed and it always scales with 160% of your AD, so at max rank, it's 336AD, with no items!! if you have let's say 350AD, that's almost 700 damage every 10 seconds... that's pretty much a caitlyn ult, a tristana ult, etc every 10 seconds... her Q and W deal always more than the AD she has (AD+10% for Q and AD+base rank skill damage+160% for W)... her E stuns enemies and burns them and her ult scales insanely with her AD the further it travels... your problem in reality is, the way that she was made... her Q gains 100% AD at the expense of atk speed, the minigun at low level is pretty much useless as the atk speed scaling isn't that great (needs atk speed items), her W is easily dodged, her E is useless unless you know where to put it and at the right time and her R is useless in a teamfight because if it doesn't travel for 1 second at least, the damage your are doing is less than a basic attack... she also is immobile, providing she isn't under her passive, Get Excited! . so your problem is most likely not being able to land that W in early game, so you die because without landing W you just lost half a second to fire an ability that won't hit, so basically, while that tristana is buffing her E with her basic attacks, or a xayah is putting feathers to root you, meaning, they are using their abilities to deal more damage, you are pretty much just wasting time using W and basically you are trying to win a fight by basic attacking... so the problem isn't that she is weak, the problem is her working model, the way she was made and that takes practice, otherwise, she wouldn't be harder than ezreal, tristana, MF, ashe, etc and be put on the same difficulty level of Vayne, Lucian, quiin, kai'sa etc, because there's a downside in all champs that belong to the 2/3 difficulty category: they all rely on hitting the abilities in order to have a good damage output (except for vayne), another problem is, jinx's ability to deal a good dmg, happens to have a really small hitbox, that rito decided to compensate with range... so again, your problem is the character design, she isn't weak, at all...
: God no... his fear is the reason I voted for him. It’s extremely toxic and makes him an anti fun support to face... you are right that some point and click cc should stay but this ain’t one of them
for me the worst isn't even the fear, is the fking jumping scarecrow... it just bounces and bounces and in less than 2 minutes you are already recalling because you have 10 HP while you can't even deal anything to him as to start of you get silenced and secondly it has an insane range, he can just throw it at the closest minion that if you don't go away and lose farm you're just gonna get hit by it and just goes on repeat every 4 or 5 seconds, taking what? like 5% of your HP? 5% isn't that much of HP loss in normal situations, but he isn't normal, it's a free poke every time for him and even if we run away to avoid it you still get punished from losing farm...
Seeko94 (EUNE)
: GTX 960 2GB
hm... I think that something changed... I play this game on the same computer for almost a year (a desktop with an intel celeron, 4GB ram and 128MB VRAM) and my game never changed from 70-120FPS. I believe that maybe a driver update gone wrong or your graphical settings changed. try searching for the Nvidea app, if you don't have it than that's probably the reason, as you can customize games on the app and the app is actually the one that takes care of powering games, not the drivers (if it works the same way as my AMD R7 worked, if I didn't had the AMD app I wouldn't be able to play games as it was the AMD app that decided what app could use the VGA or not).
Teahyun (EUW)
: ***
hm... I wouldn't bet on your observation power... if you were really that good at knowing what type of people someone is, you would have a really strong observation power... but since you said "hide the vote", that clearly isn't true as if your observation power was so good you would have already observed that you can't drag the surrender box anymore. so using my little observation power, you just took the time to write down your salmon slices, which add 0 to the conversation.
: In what season did you have the best experience playing league? (and why)
for me it would be season 5. at least in my view and what happened to me, even in silver rank, I had some of the funniest games of my life, even losing wouldn't make me upset. I clearly remember ranked games where we would teach each other things, even btw teams... I clearly remember having a really bad orianna on my team and her enemy, a zed, telling her how to play ori against a zed and what to do... in the middle of a ranked game! at least for me, people were generally nice, people wouldn't make a tempest about losing a game, the fun stuff I got to do, like the day, also in a ranked, that we were losing hard and we decided all to go to the baron pit to chat while the enemies finished the game and the enemy team joined us and we spent almost an hour just clearing minion waves and talking to each other, getting to know everyone, where they were from, why we lost, best paths on the jungle, etc basically just 10 people talking and teaching each other. at the end our minions had pushed an hinib and we could win, but my team agreed to surr because they deserved the win. or the day that in a normal we decided to go trolling with crazy builds and troll picks and the enemies actually started trolling with us and we all started experimenting stuff (that was the day that I realized how good soraka could be as an adc)... generally people were really nice, there were almost no flamers on my games, you could experiment on normal games that you wouldn't get flamed or anything and flaming wouldn't involve words like noob, trash, fk your mother, worthless piece of shiet, etc that you see nowadays, people were very polite compared to now, basically everyone would help everyone, even if that would cost a game like it happened to me, I was one trick lucian, the other guy was having a hard time and I told him how to counter me, what items to get and I eventually lost the game because of that, and nobody gave a shiet, actually, I got 3 honors for sportsman-like attitude, when that was still a thing. for me that season was the best. ofc this wouldn't happen every game, but when it did, it was beautiful and was at would drive me to play more and more, the season where asking to the enemy "how do I play zed as good as you?" would give you a proper response, damn, there were even people that would spend time to teach you stuff after the game ended, for me best season ever, it all started at level 20 in season 4 and lasted till Silver 2 in season 5, when I decided to go away for a year to come back and realize everyone, generally, became a garbage bag. I would see some people like I used to see before, but when season 8 started, till now, I never saw anyone doing it, all they care is about winning the game, who's the feeder, flaming, etc and I even catch that to a certain level, like a decease.
: Wtf is Udyr?
the easiest way to kill an udyr is by hitting him CC... the problem is, Sion's CC takes ages... I can't remember the last time I got hit by a sion's Q, it just takes forever to charge and your R is a one time stun and since you are both tanks, it won't deal anything to udyr... all you can do is hit him with E and run for your life pretty much...
: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YOn5FYSvTuY&feature=youtu.be Here Jhin q targets me, and I finish my w dash to Lucian (he gets my Aery shield), then get damaged.
he hit you before you faced lucian's direction, meaning, your animation wasn't complete when he hit you. if you put youtube speed to 0.25 you can clearly see that.
: what champ should I add to my champ pool?
in jungle I play mostly hecarim, Vi and J4. hecarim just rocks with predator and ghost, he has so much mobility that they can't even react to you comming and you save your E to catch them if they flash or something. he also gets a bit tanky, deals decent damage with the regular build. Vi just has that 1v1 potential and j4 the game changing R. I honestly play them no matter what is the enemy team, heca is best for teams without hard CC or they will cut off the mobility, vi same thing, since she relies on Q to gank she won't have anything to run away. J4 with predator is also good, you won't have to use EQ to gap close. heca and J4 can be game changers because of their ults, vi not so much but vi is a nice bruiser that deals a lot of damage and is very effective to gank in lanning phase, specially with ult.
: Yuumis untargetability is different from other untargetabilties in the game
I think she only really gets untargetable on the moment that she is sitting on the shoulder, not while she does the animation. despite the health bar and stuff become small and looks like you are untargetabble, I think that during the animation she is still targetable to spells that are already locked to her, like veigar R, but can't be targeted during the animation as you can't click her. I think that she just has a big animation, if you look closely, vlad is only untargetable after he becomes the pool, while he is becoming the blood pool he is still a target. I did saw her getting hit by a veigar R WHILE doing the animation to become untargetable, because the R was already locked to her. BUT, I also saw one time that yummi got really low and went to my shoulder. Urgot hit her with the first R right before she came to my shoulder but urgot took a bit of time and yummi got fixed on my shoulder and urgot couldn't use the R again to pull her ,or I think so, since he said in all chat "wtf my ult" after he died.
: I'll try Event Viewer but every thing else you listed, I tried and it didn't resolve the issue. I can still play every other (higher spec) game on my PC just not League, also nothing seems to have triggered it, I played like 4 games fine and on the 5th it just said critcal error.
does it just says critical error or does it gives any error code, like 0x887A000A or similar?
: Thanks for the advice but this didn't fix it, I've been playing fine for months and now it's just randomly stopped working. My game is already on all exception lists, I've also uninstalled/reinstalled multiple times now and used the hextech repair tool, all to no effect sadly.
than it's a problem with your computer, not the game. as I said, check your VGA drivers, a badly VGA update done can make stuff like that happen. just try reinstalling your VGA driver, but learn about the process, some drivers require that you go into safe mode on windows to be properly installed. but other than that, if you already reinstalled league, than the problem isn't in the game, it's with the computer and it is most probably bad drivers. try reading Event Viewer, maybe you will find what's causing the problem there as every error that your computer has shows there. also, go to device manager and check if there is anything with a yellow triangle next to it, it means that specific driver is not properly installed.
Ember Frost (EUNE)
: Match doesn't accept and Lost my Promo
that sounds more like the game froze due to lack of resources more than everything, not a bug, or the graphics froze. the game itself has nothing to do with it, it was your computer's problem because if you lost LP, than the client reached the champ select, although it wasn't showing it, indicating a freeze. you most probably were overloading the computer with background processes or your computer isn't that powerful, that's why it froze.
: My files and launching LoL
does the login work? if it works, click the settings (next to the cross to close it) and click initiate full repair. if login does not open, try opening leagueoflegends as admin. if it still doesn't work, your only option that I can see is reinstalling the game. but, if you have friends that play the game, just give them a flash drive and ask them to copy their riot games folder to your flash drive. when you get home, just replace your riot games folder for his and it should work.
SoLjAaXx (EUW)
: Updating lol on a limited data plan
OR, you can also give a flash drive to a friend and ask them to copy their league folder to your flashdrive. I think this is better than carrying your computer. than just past his riot games folder on top of yours and voilá, your league is updated. it's simpler and also faster.
: now imagne playing jungle for like 10 Hours a day xD one of the reasons why junglers are probably the most toxic players
honestly junglers get toxic because of the team... junglers have to keep track of several things, while in a lane you keep track of minions, enemies, wards/counterwards and the river, a jungler needs to keep track of jungle camps spawning times, drake, baron, the state of all lanes, including his jungle and enemy jungle, ward the jungle, counterward the jungle, and the worst drawback is that he has to walk most of the time in unwarded areas and walk to go to the next camp. while doing all of this, he also needs to gank. it's extremely easy to fall behind in level, in fact, many people fall behind, including me, I have games that I go ganking, it fails and I realize that I just lost 2 minutes of my life there and when I realize, my team is level 6 and I am only now reaching level 5... most of us don't know all the tricks that pros use to farm jungle camps faster, advanced pathing, failing a gank is extremely punishable and than what happens? we go focusing on clearing jungle... than teammates die because the enemy jungler is ahead of me, setting up ganks while I can't and than team starts flaming that I don't gank, that I am inting, etc... takes the whole fun away from playing jungle. but also, some junglers become flamers because they can see the play style and what teammates do better than anyone. for me at least, I am gonna be farming a jungle camp and pressing f2/3/4/5 to check the lanes and if there is something happening there I am gonna be looking for like 5 seconds/till the jungle camp dies and I will see the errors and problems in there and I might say something... but some junglers just take it to the next level and flame, but I can't blame them, when they make mistakes chances are he is gonna get flamed too.
Cypherous (EUW)
: Make sure the game folder is added as an exclusion in your AV/Malware software
in addiction, check if you have commutable graphics. if you do, go to the Nvidea/AMD control panel and add the league of legends game (not the client, the game itself - not leagueclient, but leagueoflegends.exe). also, update your graphics drivers/reinstall them. don't use programs to do this, for example, if your computer is lenovo, go to lenovo's website/ lenovo vantage app and check for updates. if there are none, go to the website and download the proper graphics driver. uninstall the one you have and replace it for the one you downloaded. but you probably have commutable graphics, it happened to me on a notebook I had.
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