: Mastery page during champ select feels humongous
From an ARAM perspective I would wish the change mastery page would include the chat and ideally show the current trade offer. I always adjust my masteries on the fly. So, if I receive a trade offer I currently have to save the masteries, close the overlay, find out if I do or do not want to trade and edit my masteries again. I feel that there is enough space to include at least the trade offers without cluttering the edit mastery page.
ec0i (EUW)
: Thoughts about the support role
I am not a high elo support player but I wanted to leave my two cents: Remember that you are matched with 4 other people that are around your own skill level against 5 oponents with again an equal skill level to yours. Therefore a team that can fill each role with a "main" has an advantage over a team with 5 guys saying "everything but support". For me it was never a question to play any other role. Support is just the most fun. Although, I do not enjoy ranked and play inly the placement matches for the skin. I can tell you for sure that I would moat likely lose if I had to play any other role. Luckly I seem to always get my role. So if I would want to climb I would definetly only play support.
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: Welp let me give you some examples: 1. I have an unranked {{champion:31}} top... he dies... our {{champion:99}} starts calling him "useless unranked etc etc". I defended him and she obviously started raging on me (I don't actually mind because I simply ignore them). And to be honest cho was makeing less mistakes than our lux. We won that game. 2. The opposite team has an unranked {{champion:81}} ... their {{champion:62}} flamed him the entire match on all chat. They lost... guess what was the last sentence? Ofc it was "report this *insert insult here* Ezreal". Those are just 2 examples... but you get my point.
Well, as I said I have not much experience with ranked as I'm hardly ever playing it. But from a statistical point of view I'd say that an unranked player is likely to perform better than a guy with 1000 games and still at (roughly) the same mmr. Because the mmr you start your placements with is average (Siver 5 ?) if starting from a blank account or lower than your last season mmr (correct me if I'm wrong). That would mean that people are usually climbing during their placement matches (Are there statistics on that claim ?) On the other hand, that people are raging and that this is effecting both their game as well as that of the harassed player is another matter. I personally would not give them an excuse as to why they flame but simply call them bad mannered. My subjective observation is that the team with fewer flamers usually wins, but it is hard to judge how much the enemy team is flaming, as you can only read their \all chat. I think that the matchmaking works pretty well, it actually tries to match unrankeds with other unrankeds, but there are simply not many players still doing their placement matches. Personally, I'd prefer one variable over 10. Because otherwise the team with more smurfs will just win.(Also a reason why I do my placements at the end of the season instead of right away, even though I won't decay.)
Tailed Foxx (EUNE)
: Match-makeing in Ranked
I don't like this idea. I do not enjoy playing ranked games while i want the end of season rewards. I played the 10 placement matches yesterday (gold 1) and probably won't play another game. So in fact i only played as unranked. None of my teammates complained.
Popaaa (EUNE)
: searching players for ip boost
The easiest and fastest way for you to get the boost is by joining a chat room in the client. Here you can find how to get into a chat room and typical names of them: [https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/3ip6km/party_ip_weekend_is_upon_us_once_again_heres_some/](https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/3ip6km/party_ip_weekend_is_upon_us_once_again_heres_some/)
: I dunno i just cant handle his playstyle... i need to train him but the learning curve seems a bit hard for him... I'm sure he is a good support if you know how to play with him though
You play him similar to your Rengar, I guess. But with a bit more emphasis on supporting than raw damage. Edit: Sorry, read the wrong list of champions. You haven't played Rengar so far. Then play him a bit like Malphite, but without the worries for mana :) Edit2: Also, don't pick him into an AOE bot lane (be it cc like nami bubble or damage like jinx rocket.) You want to be able to use your w shield.
: Which champions can be played support?
You should add Lee Sin {{champion:64}} to your list. He likes sight stone {{item:2049}} anyway has some poke in his q and good damage early and uses energy. Later in the game you can somewhat peel with r. He has no longer an attack speed slow on e though.
: What to do when supporting yet your ADC doesn't connect?
If your ADC does not connect help your jungler to clear his camps faster. Leach some XP and go to lane shortly before it hits the tower. Try to clear the wave, or if you are afraid of a tower dive (unrealistic since you typically have cc and they are not yet tanky enough) just take the xp. In low elo they won't freeze the lane so you will get all the xp and thus remain ahead of the bot lane level wise. Let them take your tower this will make landing easier for you and mid/jungle will have an easy time ganking. If for some reason they do freeze the lane, stay with your jungler till level 3 then start roaming on your own. The build path depends heavily on the support you are playing plus the team compositions. It is therefore hard to give any tips on that. 4v5 is always annoying to play, still it is not nessesary to die several times in a 1v2. Your time will be better spend supporting your team mates. Edit: If you earn way more money then normally as a support go for more expensive items. If that is not the case stick with the support build.
: Mystery Skin Give Aways (EUW)
Sounds awesome. Support me {{champion:201}} {{champion:89}}
Ze Unit (EUW)
: 3150 IP; What/Who should I buy?
I would really recommend Jarven but since you mentioned Garen: You do know that you can get him for free by following lol on twitter ? Here's the link for the lazy: http://woobox.com/y53k9k (Also, in case you did not know: You can also get Tristana and Alistar by similar means. Google is your friend.) Cheers


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