: The jungler made it his mission to !@~'# with me, I did mute him. He'd follow me round sniping all the cs he could manage to get from me. Then he'd dance next to me. Then just a wall of verbal abuse post game. It was toxicity that you can't use mute to prevent, the chat stopped but him being an !#@~ didn't. When I die, he'd spam ? ping, dance next to me etc.
Those guys usually are getting banned fast if they continue this behavior so just go on with your life and game use the report button and don't act it up. It is like 1 in 1000 games. Your description is kinda undetailed so I didn't knew the flame was going on in the post match lobby, still mute+block+report = profit.
: When someone is being toxic...
Depends, if he/she/it is just flaming but still playing alright and is still more playing than typing I still help him after I use the magical device implemented in the game called the "Mute Button" Spooky right? If he/she/it however is more typing than actually playing I will just start roaming and try carry other lanes and if it goes this far that it is lost in any case since the team is more concerned about blaming each other I will just do something else fun. Like trying out other builds, try to have a nice chat with people of the enemy team maybe. Just stop thinking about other people, think about yourself if you don't play with friends and don't hesitate to use the goddamn mute button. Really, I feel like over 80% of the people that are complaining and try to argue with stuff in game are too "proud" to use the Mute button even if you, most of the time, argue with a person you probably will never meet again and you both will never remember eachother. Same goes for people that see the community in a too toxic way. As if everything that is written in this game is toxic or even ment to be toxic instead of just sarcasm/general advice/a joke that is getting caught wrong. Everygame that has a competitive environment in it is that way, sadly.
: How to beat Tryndamere?
In general you can try to bait out his heal, build typically Armor + if you really fck up, laning isn't everything. Some champions aren't made to win lane or win a 1v1. For example would be Nautilus. Nautilus is in comparison to tryndamere,jayce, fiora + all the other duelist champs pretty weak, but he compensates that with CC which is pretty good in teamfights or if you roam/tp somewhere to make your TEAM stronger which is pretty good in a TEAM game I guess. Another thing you can do is just pick some ranged champions. Ranged against melee wins most of the time laning phase, if laning phase is so important to you. So yea Teemo, Vayne, Quinn and probably many more are pretty alright against Tryndamere since they have, obviously, range, can Kite, have an escape, or just simply disable tryndamere (Teemo blind, vayne condem, quinn vault etc).
Biuvoc (EUW)
: More i climb more i find bad players
There are multiple reasons: 1. Everyone can have bad games. Sometimes you can look at match histories and see that they maybe have a bad streak but if you dig in deeper you probably will notice some good games. 2. You are getting better thus you expect more and more from your teammates. 3. If you are on a winning spree you will mostlikely get matched with overall better enemies while probably getting matched with the same people in your MMR reach. This means harder games. 4. No matter which Elo, most of the time if you ain't flexing, YOU must be the deciding factor to victory. Since YOU are the only thing you can change. You can't say "hey listen" and suddenly everyone listens. So yea overall if you are doing good you will be the deciding factor for winning or losing. Simple mathmatics that was already told in an old old old thread about ranked. "Lets assume you think everyone you don't know can be a troll/badplayer except for you, now look at the enemies they are 5 possibilities and you got only 4 possibilities." 5. the "better" you are and the more you climb the more you get people that do think they are doing everything right, since the higher elo the higher your ego. Personally the only time when you actually will get better teammates may be high diamond masters/challenger since those are mostly people who listen and have certain game knowledge. Atleast thats from what I have seen when I watch streams. Out of 27 people (3 games) there may be "only" 2 that are not listening. So and about your question "How can I make them listen?" this is pretty hard since you can't do stuff other than using pings and chat. I personally find pings are more effective since it has this annoying sound going with it. So yea if they don't listen you can have a bad game. Not every game is winnable.
Eambo (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Flüssigsubstanz,realm=EUW,application-id=slFBEUB8,discussion-id=Jb1X8tVn,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2017-01-26T13:56:10.728+0000) > > Sure I know that and I do use the Report function if I encounter those games, but I personally think preventing such games before they are even happening would be better than experiencing 7minutes of wasting time. Unfortunately we don't have any systems to prevent such things, and I'm not sure how that would be implemented - there can be legitimate quick games, and also for how often we have IP weekends, it'd be a lot of effort for fairly low reward. For now, the only thing we can advise is to use the report system :-)
Yea I understand that decision. Just saying it would be nice to have. I am happy anyways for the IP Weekend, but also I am happy that it is just a weekend. So yea I will survive this madness. :b
Eambo (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Flüssigsubstanz,realm=EUW,application-id=slFBEUB8,discussion-id=Jb1X8tVn,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-01-26T13:39:00.210+0000) > > I love that this is getting remaked and I loved already the response on Reddit. The only thing that could make this better IMO would be if you could do something against the 7minute games. To be clear, 7 minutes games *are* punishable. If anyone in that game did not want to be a part of that experience, they can report as normal.
Sure I know that and I do use the Report function if I encounter those games, but I personally think preventing such games before they are even happening would be better than experiencing 7minutes of wasting time.
Eambo (EUW)
: Party IP Weekend /remake - coming February 3rd!
I love that this is getting remaked and I loved already the response on Reddit. The only thing that could make this better IMO would be if you could do something against the 7minute games.
: > [{quoted}](name=Flüssigsubstanz,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=0JOEvHdr,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-01-26T12:56:17.330+0000) > > (btw I love how Riot balanced redemption since the lvl scaling hits twice as hard on supports since supports are in most cases the lowest lvl) What are you talking about? The heal is based on target's lvl (not caster's lvl) and the dmg is also 10% of HP with TRUE DMG. Its without doupt OP item!
Well fck me then, thanks for the info gonna edit that, but I still think the change is good and it gives you more option. I mean when do you have that item generally, if you buy it first? When everyone is around lvl 6-7. Pre-nerf it would be 250-270 (275-297 if you add the passive) AOE heal, after the nerf it is 190-215 (209- 236,5 with the passive). Thats like 9 AA's with Ardent Censer, which also increases allies damage output and before the argument falls "But Redemption is an AOE heal and has no requirements except for standing in a circle for 2.5 seconds" in most cases, when you finish your first item, you are still in laning phase. Also the 100 health nerf makes you more vulnerable to engages/poke. I personally think it is still a bit strong, yea, but it isn't overpowered anymore. Also I think the 10% Max HP true damage is there, but in most cases you don't use it to do damage anyways and the 10% damage sounds more than it actually is.
Christien (EUW)
: Question about items on Janna
As first item I would say no, but as 3th or 4th item. I am not a Janna main but I would switch either to {{item:3504}} (also got buffed) , {{item:3190}} or {{item:3222}} if you can play with it, since the mikaels nerf/change it is a pretty difficult item to use because it doesn't heal anymore and just removes cc, but if you can pull it off Mikaels is actually pretty good. Build depending on what your team needs and after that build Redemption. Generally I see myself build most times Sightstone into Ardent censer into Iron Solari into Redemption. (btw I love how Riot balanced redemption since the lvl scaling hits twice as hard on supports since supports are in most cases the lowest lvl) *nvm it is targets lvl and not supports lvl but I do still think the change is good since it still isn't as good as it was to buy it as a first item.
No ninja tabi in your team against 4 High physical damage auto attack based champions. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} Atleast this is a change from the typical Yasuo QQ threads. Have a nice day.
: Cho'gath isn't underplayed because he's weak, but because he's boring.
I do agree on the boring part. I do however also think he is a bit weak. Sure he has an AOE silence and an AOE knock up, but those 2 abilities are so slow that if you have a slightly decent reaction time with all those dashing champions you dodge it. Also he is immobile as fck and generally slow. I think buffing him that way is a good way since it "just" makes him tankier and it is also fun that the possibility is there to grow into infinity (which also fits his lore a bit). I always was a fan from infinity farm champions, I mean 5 out of my top 7 played champions are Infinity farmers (Sion, Bard, Thresh, Nasus, Veigar). So I will definitely try him out some more if this goes live.
: Mastery means nothing, how about you give something to people who reach level 7?
And in what situation would that be helpful in your example?
: There we go, they fixed yasuo, be happy everyone
Here we go again, another unnecessary QQ thread, which mainly gets upvoted by brainless people who can't play against the "new low elo stomper" Yasuo. I miss the days when the same posts happened just with Master Yi instead of Yasuo. Back in those days people were to stupid to just focus him down or to build a thornmail+ hp. Or the days with Tryndamere being the low elo stomper. Almost the same works against Yasuo, you just need to use your brain a bit, but hey we all love to play on autopilot don't we? His nerf did hit him in the right place. You talked about "yea 50 damage is nothing hahAA " somewhere in this thread, but it is indeed something. With this nerf they wanted to nerf his laning phase and in the laning phase getting up to 50 less damage is pretty big, for such a spammable ability. Averagely you will probably get hit with E like 6 times in your laning phase (if the yasuo isn't stupid and doesn't just randomly dash into you) now we can do the math and oh wonder 6*50 = 300 already which is like 2 ruby crystals. Also: You think his mobility is too good? Just don't fight him in minion waves. You think his damage is too high? Just build Ninja Tabi/Randuins Omen or build GA as ADC. You think his windwall is cancer? Guess what, 28 seconds cooldown at lvl 1 and 18sec at lvl 5 + Yasuo doesn't really build cdr so yea it stays this high unlike Fiora's riposte, which has a 2 seconds lower CD in all stages, can negate/counter stuff completely and Fiora builds CDR so it will be much lower. Also another thing about his windwall, Yasuo will probably has windwall until he is lvl 13 since his other2 skills get maxed earlier, but hey I guess you can't play around half a minute CD lol. You think his double crits are cancer? His crits aren't that strong for comparison to everyone else. 10% less damage on auto attacks is pretty alright but the main thing many people forget is that he gets 25% less crit damage on his Q. Sure it isn't that much but just keep in mind that every champion with crit will do more damage (Yes even Jhin since Jhin gets absurd amounts of AD thus bigger crits) You think his ulti is overpowered? His ulti first has a condition that you have to be knocked up, his ult doesn't give him any tankyness so he just fly into a person which may end up in killing himself, his ranged tornadoes are pretty predictable, if you can't dodge them I think you lag pretty hard, be it brain lag or internet lag, if he want to get a guranteed tornado he needs to dash into you(which is also flashable). Also which many of you probably don't know his ulti "transforms" the Knock up CC to a stun, so you can just build QSS or even bring Cleanse and you get out of his ulti lol. Champions that can probably beat Yasuo: Every tank, since you will win teamfights with it, or yasuo doesn't do any damage, unless you give him the freebie ult in which case you can stun/slow him and wait it out. Also if he gets his ulti of, yea it does ignore 50% of your BONUS armor, but it does it only on crits and it doesn't ignore the fact that his Q and autos are already getting reduced by 12% with ninja tabi passive and another 10% crit damage gets reduced by randuins. Assuming you have no armor runes/masteries whatsoever ninja tabi+ randuins gives you 90 Armor already. At lvl 6-7 as a tank you probably has something around 45-50 base armor. So 90 gets halved = 45, 45+45 = 90. So you still have 90-95 armor which is like 49,99% damage reduction, alone from your armor and no Yasuo is running around with 100% crit with that lvl unless you fed him already early in which case, jokes on you. Every bruiser, since they can build tanky and Yasuo is not a ranged champion which mean they either never can kill each other, or the juggernauts win. Best example would be darius. Sure Yasuo dashes around and you probably can't kill him cause of that, but you do 10 times his damage so if he were about to 1v1 in melee range you automaticly win. Another thing would overall just champions that can ignore the fact that he has a windwall. Tryndamere/MasterYi/ Trundle and much more. Also, just to point that out, if you are stronger than Yasuo you can just be a d*ck and get in his way to farm, freeze the lane while having wards up and stay more on his side on the map, so that he has to go through you to get the farm, but hey I guess wave managing is a bit too much. In Midlane there are fewer things but there are still champs that can do good. Assuming you are a Meta slave and don't want to play something tanky/bruiser like in mid. Even tho Mid tryndamere is pretty good atleast from what I have heard. I think everything that can roam is pretty good against him and can shut him down. For roam I would say TF even tho you will most likely lose your lane you can carry others. A good champion against Yasuo would be Lissandra, she can interrupt him middash and shut him down with her ult. Diana is pretty good too since she can also build just offtanky with RoA and Zhonyas and will still probably deal more damage than Yasuo. A pretty unconventionel pick would be Cho Gath. The only thing Yasuos wind wall can block is his empowered auto attacks. His silence can fck with Yasuo overall since no dashes when silenced and his ulti, well point and click true damage. (Btw I love the change to cho gath on PBE) Kayle is also just good against him and overall a good pick since she out damages his im early, has mobility with her W has a slow on her Q and got range too. There is much more to know against him but tbh I think I wrote enough and I am too lazy to go on. Maybe later I will edit this post to point out even more possibilities. One thing that helps against everything is just Exhaust! So this was the last now! So yea have fun don't do drugs kids and instead of throwing the towel everytime something "seems OP" just try to think about stuff that you can do against it. Think about other ways of playing the game instead of just brainlessly do every game the same thing.
: Darius is and always was a pubstomper in the lower elos where people are overwhelmed by "mechanics" and doesnt know how to counter them hes great in massive teamfights in low elo's but higher than that..once the other team has a support that cna peel away darius and your mid gets morello or ignites him, hes done for pretty fast, also the amount of times mikeals screws oer darius, you see someone on your team with 3-4 stacks, use mikeals and then poof, he has no stacks and he gets healed as well :D, sad darius with ult on cd.
IKR. But Mikaels doesn't remove the stacks, nor does it heal anymore tho.
NiuLogic (EUW)
: Just nerf this Darius passive
Darius will probably get nerfed next patch anyways. http://www.surrenderat20.net/p/current-pbe-balance-changes.html#balance I personally think Darius is fine as he is since he offers no real CC and gets kited easily and his Q damage is easy dodgeable/reduceable too! People just forget that if you are in the inner circle of darius Q he does half damage, gives you NO passive bleeding stack and it doesn't heal darius. I can understand Riots take on this since his early was really strong and with 25% less ad at lvl 1 (40 AD down to 30 AD ) when you get fully stacked passive, and a bit weaker scaling on early levels would help against those QQ threads. Also they lowered his inner circle Q damage even more. From 50% damage down to 35% damage. Kinda scared about this patch since Jayce still didn't got touched. TBH I still think people will complain about darius after this nerf lol.
GoleBilon (EUNE)
: not defending tyler 1 but : yea he got 22 accounts banned but only 7-10 ( dont remember ) were banned for toxicity others were banned because they recognised its him and it was after the indefinite ban thingy so shaclone should be banned forever already. i had a player that copied his "blue shen" tactic so i think they should do smth with him ASAP
I have nothing against this guy. He deserves the permanent suspension anyways, but overall he is just an entertaining beefy guy with a nice butt KappaPride. On Shaclone he surely deserve a permanent suspension too and I will be happy when I am seeing this executed on him.
Fat Loli (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Flüssigsubstanz,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=xB10JFoE,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-01-21T20:43:01.276+0000) > > 100% sure this isn't allowed and probably he will get banned and get the tyler1 treatment. > > With the difference that Tyler1 is actually entertaining so he kept his viewership. Shaclone's stream will hopefully just die out. But tyler1 got like 20 acc banned.
I don't even watch Shaclone so I can't confirm this, but he has probably something around 4-5 accounts banned already. Sure this isn't like 20-22 accounts, but Riot sees that he isn't reforming. Maybe Riot will do this permanent ban before 20 bans, who knows. (I hope so)
: Always int feeding and acc sharing on stream, big streamer
100% sure this isn't allowed and probably he will get banned and get the tyler1 treatment. With the difference that Tyler1 is actually entertaining so he kept his viewership. Shaclone's stream will hopefully just die out.
: Bond of Stone
CotC is just straight up overpowered, since it gives you a 190 shield + 5-25% max hp. I can see bond of stone come back after the nerf. IMHO tho I don't think bond of stone needs a rework and I think bond of stone is honestly fine. Many people argue that bond of stones does nothing, but now since you can look up how much damage you have absorbed (I got like 9k+ damage absorbed every game I took it) I disagree. The problem bond of stones has is just, like you already said, you don't have the huge visual effect. With bond of stones you have an almost invisible connection to your closest target while CotC you see a HUGE A$$ shield which you can notice firstly in your health bar and secondly just the round green bubble around you. Also you need to differ between Solo queue/filled support or an actual team. As a solo queue player it is almost everytime better (or atleast most people probably think that way) to just boost yourself instead of boosting your people. I mean back when CotC wasn't a thing I saw some people taking grasp of the undying as a tanky support or strength of the ages, over bond of stones. Last, but not least, both Keystones fulfill different purposes as a tank supporter(I am just talking about support since no toplaner prob takes bond of stones which is understandable) CotC, as a supporter, gives you additional tankyness and helps you tower diving enemies, but it is has a fairly long CD. The tradeoff is that you can get a shield when you need it. Bond of Stone on the other hand reduce the damage YOU take by 4% and also gives + 6% damage reduction to your closest ally. This has no Cooldown unlike CotC and this is the reason why you will get so much damage absorbed over the time in a game. I honestly even believe overall if you COULD see the absorbed damage from CotC bond of stones whill probably out value CotC. TL;DR : Both masteries are fine, one of them just has a better visual/noticeable effect (which is tradeoff for having a 45-30 sec cd) and too high base values, which are getting nerfed unless you are in 4 people and you will get a shorter shield duration. (Still surprised how CotC got to live server when it had 190+ 7-35% max hp shield)
: I'll take common sense decision.
duckarp (EUNE)
: As Annie is one of the oldest champions in LoL, everyone knew that already ;) It's just the pro players stopped playing her that much, so others blindly follow.
I think she is rarely played as a support because of 3-4 reasons: 1. Like you said pros stopped playing her and many people are just copy cats. (Which is kinda sad tbh that people refuse to use their imagination to come up with something else) 2. IMO it is a boring champion overall. 3. She got a range nerf+ a stun duration nerf quite a while ago. Her stun scales with lvl and since you don't get THAT much exp you just have an overall weaker stun. 4. If you are hitting skill shots Brand/Zyra is just better as a support since they do a lot of damage even without items. (Brands % damage and Zyra if you just stand in her plants = zoning) + those can get more easily money since brand just need to point 'n click E an enemy to get all his spellthiefs stacks away and Zyra.. just plants do your spellthiefs job. Annie support is still pretty viable tho. Having someone with a point and click stun is always nice to have.
: People playing off meta
This is just sad reality and we can't turn back. In the days I have started playing this game you could play anything you want anywhere you like without the flame, but after a while when the competitive scene got bigger, more and more people got a feel of the "Meta". it just stopped to be allowed to do stuff differently since we had the unspoken of rule of playing ADC/Support bot 1 Top , 1 Mid 1 Jungle. You will just get stamped as a troll/feeder or something else "bad" for just playing something different, be it champions in different lanes or champions with different builds. A friend and me just played out of fun again stuff that was funny back in the days and it still works. The typical killer botlane with 2 bruisers or assassins. It works just fine if you can play it right , aka can wait for lvl 2-3, after that you will just kill your enemies aslong as you picked something with a gapcloser. Sure you do lack the range and MAYBE if you play it stupid/the enemies have a good frontline to peel, the late game but in most cases it didn't even go so far and even if, the ADC is already so behind most of the times, that he will probably finish his items in 45minutes. I also read some opinions while writing this and yes YOU should look out for what your team is picking and you should pick something that will help to win, but if you are Firstpick or something and just want to play Jinx toplane (just took the example from Ender Kun) your team can also do the fill part and maybe just play a tank in the jungle. But YOU as Toplane Jinx should know what to do also.
abraklaas (EUW)
I used to be a Kayle main when her passive was "AP = gives also AD , AD = gives also AP" then I was a dirty AP Yi abuser and had fun (also got flamed for trolling even if that sh*t was busted), after that I enjoyed the Twistet fate main life but nowadays... I had no main since 2-3 months after the Yi rework which is like 2-3 years ago? Now I just have some champions that I enjoy playing. To be accurate 88 out of 134 champions I do enjoy playing and this is why I almost every round play another champion. From those 88 champions I like, I can atleast play 32 decently IMO.
: So long the past, Pay for the Futur. [ Lunar Revel 2017]
Kinda agree on that this is a bit sad, but I somehow believe they will give us free stuff later again when the currently Beta client is actually completed. I mean the reason why they had no "special shops" this winter was also just because they had problem on the BETA client to program this kind of stuff. Also we just got a skin for free on Riot's 10th birthday. I think we all just kinda grew greedy tbh.
PaladinNO (EUNE)
: I've rather harshly posted my views on the greed fests that's been the second PROJECT event, Snowdown 2016 and now Lunar Revel. I feel this is very relevant again, but for a different reason... http://forums.na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=3984914 _How odd that they stopped releasing player numbers btw..._
Didn't they just released numbers 1-2 months ago? Playerbase increased from 67 million to 100million players. (never mind found it was actually 4 months ago.. damn time flies.) Source: http://www.riftherald.com/2016/9/13/12865314/monthly-lol-players-2016-active-worldwide
Rumkatten (EUW)
: The usual scrub QQ
Well if you already are watching YouTube videos and the BEAUTIFUL Replay function is already introduced.. how about just watch your replay and compare what you are doing with the YouTube videos you are watching?
: EUW issues and toxicity
Welcome to EU :))) (run as long as you can) enjoy your stay! :)) (kill me pls) Jokes aside, I never played on NA but I can imagine that it is less toxic over there since there are fewer different cultures that clash against each other. You will also most likely have people that CAN speak english every game in NA, over here in EU you have spanish people french people polish people and much more, some of them refusing to/can't type in english. I honestly would love it if it would be less toxic, but I guess there is nothing you can do about it except for finding a group of friends to play with or mute+ spam the report button in the hope those guys who are toxic are getting punished. Overall, my experience lately wasn't THAT bad. Honestly most of the times I just have silent people that don't type anything, which is boring too, but atleast no flamerino.
Kraungard (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Flüssigsubstanz,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=ma75l4In,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-01-18T13:32:55.111+0000) > > On EUW you have the same problem with languages, just instead of polish/russian guys you will get spanish/french guys. The only reason I would consider to transfer is if I get a better ping. The ping is the same, if not lower by like 2-3ms.
Well if it is almost the same ping I would just stay where I am and spend the RP to treat myself. :)
Doomley (EUW)
: A suggestion to make 4v5 games a bit more fair
In many ways this would be abusable. What if it gets a 4v5 and your team of 4 guys is winning anyways but need the final push potential from baron to win? What if a composition is build around just pushing? Without baron you will have no way to protect yourself against push compositions since they are most likely AP (Xerath, Ziggs etc. ) without baron you as 4 can't defend against that. The only way you COULD defend this would be with Baron with is disabled. Sure the bigger team has advantages this is logical, but to disable objectives won't help much either. Riot stopped caring about 4v5 situations since they last increased the exp you get when you are many levels behind or kill/assist on a higher level enemy, which is understandable since there is so much you can do to make this game unbalanced, atleast that's my opinion. Rather than working on making 4v5 more "fair" (which it will NEVER be) they work on ways to prevent it. (for example remake function, leaver buster, harder punishments for leavers etc.)
Kraungard (EUNE)
: Is it actually that worth to transfer to EUW as a long time EUNE player?
On EUW you have the same problem with languages, just instead of polish/russian guys you will get spanish/french guys. The only reason I would consider to transfer is if I get a better ping.
: Trick2G
Differences: 1. He hasn't been banned 21 (or more?) times before. 2. Most of the time he isn't even writing stuff that is harassing. And even if, it isn't in such a huge caliber as tyler1 did. 3. He didn't run it down frequently. 4. Talking in stream is not the same as writing in chat. I mean Tyler did both. Writing in chat the sh*t he says on stream. If he just would be a flamer on stream and not ingame he probably wouldn't have been permabanned. 5. "BM" is not really a bannable offensive, atleast IMO. Since you either got "outplayed" and he "deserves" to BM you or he just does it anyways and sometimes bringing himself in a bad spot and got killed, thus gets punished for BM'ing anyways. 6. Like you already said he isn't instalocking things. I haven't seen Trick2G lately but from my past experiences with watching his streams I don't think you can compare those 2 lol.
CiomkaRU (EUNE)
: Wow, that seems a bit overpowered. But anyway, thanks for quick answers. :)
It just seems OP, but it is only a 0,75sec window and it has a 16 second cooldown on max rank and 24second cooldown at rank 1. Since her E gets maxed second after her Q you won't see her getting lower cd than 24seconds until she hits lvl 13. Even if you hit 40% cdr before the lvl13 mark your W has a 14,4 second cooldown. It is balanced in a way that you will only have late game "good" access to the ability and that it has such a long cooldown. For comparison, Fizz E has a 18 seconds cooldown at rank 1 and 10 seconds cooldown at rank 5. Since you are most likely max this ability first you will get there at lvl 9 and since fizz is AP he will probably get more cdr faster than Fiora, so with 40% Cdr he will have a 6 seconds cooldown mini zhonyas+ mobility + good aoe damage + slow, with the simple tradeoff of not being invulnerable(except for turrets) and not being able to counter all the abilities. You are still able to counter ~90% of the abilities with Fizz E tho. Example may vary from something like zed ult, karthus ult, bard ult, alpha strike, down to just simply dodge every point'n click projectile abilities/auto attacks/ turretshots.
CiomkaRU (EUNE)
: Fiora's Parry
It does block everything. If timed correctly you can even completely block Ignite and exhaust.
: > [{quoted}](name=Flüssigsubstanz,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=OAlvOFi9,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2017-01-09T01:00:43.249+0000) > > I agree with you, but also a bit with the majority, that ADC's are a bit under average right now. I think they are exaggerating exaggerating tho. Many ADC's are still strong in lategame and good counter picks in other lanes or to offer a nice team composition be it the poke, Varus/Ezreal/Corki , or the engage, Sivir/Ashe way and probably many more. > > Generally, what I hate most about this community is not the narzistic thinking or the "it is never me"- mindset, it is the lack of acceptance of other ways to play the game. I mean a week or two ago everyone would have probably flamed and reported you to death and started inting and blaming everything on you when you have played Ziggs bot but buhu now that someone made it famous its alright. I mean bruiser/assassin/kill botlanes still work fine just like they did in season 1, but you will get reported/blamed/flamed everytime, unless someone famous did it successfully. Problem with lol isn't it? It's on considered acceptable if it's played in LCS. Although it's still not common knowledge since ppl still ask me if i'm trolling if i go cassio bot. I especially find cassio stupidly strong woth a proper support by her side compared to any adc. Miasma is probably the best skill in the game & it's nearly impossible to miss lol.
I know right? I played her bot too, she has a smoother scaling than most ADC's , the only trade off she has is that she has lower push power+ lower damage in late late game. Sure she does tons of damage but an ADC with full build will most likely still deal more damage than cassio. I played her at times bot when ezreal/lucian were played pretty often and her miasma really fck those champs up.
: Daily Reminder: ADC's can play every lane
I agree with you, but also a bit with the majority, that ADC's are a bit under average right now. I think they are exaggerating exaggerating tho. Many ADC's are still strong in lategame and good counter picks in other lanes or to offer a nice team composition be it the poke, Varus/Ezreal/Corki , or the engage, Sivir/Ashe way and probably many more. Generally, what I hate most about this community is not the narzistic thinking or the "it is never me"- mindset, it is the lack of acceptance of other ways to play the game. I mean a week or two ago everyone would have probably flamed and reported you to death and started inting and blaming everything on you when you have played Ziggs bot but buhu now that someone made it famous its alright. I mean bruiser/assassin/kill botlanes still work fine just like they did in season 1, but you will get reported/blamed/flamed everytime, unless someone famous did it successfully.
spektroum (EUW)
: I really am trying to love league
Team game+ Random people you must/they must rely on + competitive environment + = toxic community. It is just the standard, in DotA 2 in CS:GO it is all the same. It is not only the LoL community. Sad reality.
: Bond of the stone...
Bond of stone is not useless it just looks unimpactful. I always get something like 9k damage absorbed by the end of the game. I think bond of stones just don't have such a huge visual "BAM" effect on first sight like CotC has. I mean with bond of stone you don´t really have this kinda feel that it does something and this is the real problem IMO. You only have the number if you move the mouse over your buff and visually you don't see anything really. For comparison with CotC you atleast SEE that you get a hugeass shield. I think both masteries are alright, the one a bit overtuned but since the nerf not THAT much. Have you even played bond of stones once and looked at the numbers?
HZ Kyojin (EUW)
: Fix adcs by implementing atronher basic attacks
I may be alone with that opinion, but I honestly think ADC is fine. People are just exaggerating. The problem we are currently facing is just that many midgame strong adc suffered through the implementation of lethality and the removal of flat armor pen. Just to mention a few, I am talking about draven lucian armor pen Jhin/MF. Crit is just the way to go now and since lucian got all these nerfs during the time armor pen was a thing they should just revert some of his earlier nerfs or just even buff him. I think, straight up bringing in "another" way to spent your skillpoints isn´t the right way to go. I think, even if ADC´s will do most of their damage with auto attacks late game ( if they are crit based) , their abilities won´t be useless. I can´t think of one which is really useless. The "useless abilities" are the ones you won't skill anyways to max until you are lvl 18 and you start putting your second point in it at lvl 13~? which is already mid/late game most of the times. Just going through the handful of ADC´s that exists: Ashe: Q is straight up a steroid atk speed and damage, W aoe slow longer range than her auto attack good thing early game, E a global scout, R is a Stun Caitlyn: Q long range waveclear, does full damage on W'd or E'd enemies, W resets headshot does bonus damage insane siege tool, E escape+ slow +headshot R high range snipe which is pretty good to execute a target. Corki: Since corki is not really a so strong crit based champ (he only gets 50% at most!) he has good tools to do damage without building crit, Q gives vision high burst early/midgame+ waveclear since you ain´t building hurricne on him, W escape, E armor/mr shred benefits your whole team if they let you alive, R huge range poke tool. Draven: Q straight up damage steroid, W straight up atk speed/movespeed steroid, E good cc + slow, R high range/global ability to catch some people of guard while being low/snipe someone/ or just start with your ulti before you are getting in aa range. Ezreal: Q main damage source cdr stuff, W early game underestimated but still an atk speed stereoid which you can even use on yourself nowadays, E escape tool, R global snipe if nothing is hit before your ult does HUGE damage even if you are AD. Graves: is no more an adc for me lol Jayce neither Jhin: Q waveclear tool and good poke ability must skill, W high range snare with DFT does a good chunk of damage, E literally teemo mushrooms without the damage, if your enemy isn´t staying inside it, R "its high noon" pretty insane ulti good execute highrange blablabla. Jinx: Q waveclear+high range or ATK speed steroid you choose, W long range high damage ability that also gets underestimated, E only "escape" or "getting safe" tool , R global execute (did you know btw that your ulti just need to fly the same range as your W has range to get the maximun damage?) Jinx would be the only one where I would consider to go the "atk damage skillpoint"- route since since you can get away with just maxing Q and putting 1 point in W and E since W is hard to hit and if you are getting caught your E won´t help you much anyways. Kalista: Q offers waveclear and combinates pretty well with your E if you get an execute off and transfer spears, her W % max hp damage/Vision/atk speed near your "bonded one" , E her main damage tool, R pretty good ult, ever been knocked up for 2,25 seconds? Also safe your support. Because kalista has so much she is garbage right now since this is the only way they could "balance" her without making her broken as fck. She needs a rework and probably will get one soon. Kennen, no more adc for me. You play him adc just as a stun bot with your marks. Kindred, maybe adc but I am focusin on bot. She has also good abilities but the new jungle didn´t help her= she is garbage if you play against good (people who know how to jungle and not just brainlessly clear camps and gank) players which we both will probably never face lol. Kog Maw: Q is an MR/Armor shred and gives passive atk speed, W % onhit damage? yes please, E huge slow field to escape good, R execute long range ability. Lucian: He pretty much need every ability he got to get his passive proc everytime so yea. The only ability I would ignore after one point would be W and for one ability to ignore it isn't worth to put in points in the "basic attack damage" skill thingy more about that later. Miss Fortune: Q still does damage into infinity if you lasthit a minion with it and hit your enemy, W is again atk speed steroid, E long range slow can be pretty annoying helps you chasing R massive teamfight damage. Quinn: For me more of a toplaner/jungler but as ADC you have the same perks, Q gives a blind which is almost like a stun and it resets your passive, W huge vision field+ steroids like a gym junkie if you proc your passive E escape tool+ passive reset again and you can interrupt channeling abilities with it and even proc yasuo's ulti with it lol, R is your roaming tool(which is why I think she is more a toplaner/jungler) or catch up tool gives you huge movespeed and can move around fast yay. Sivir: Q is her early game damage + adds good to her waveclear, W this is literally sivir waveclear, auto attack resets, AOE crits??, E spellshield to cuck mages, R is how you get more assists than your Supporter and movespeed is pretty big. Teemo no adc Tristana: Q like many adc´s they do drugs so again a ATK speed steroid a pretty huge one, W escape +good chase potential pentakill potential since it resets, E is your damage through your whole game and gives waveclear tower damage and at max stacks it even resets your W, R pushes people back another escape tool, many people underestimate the damage this ability can do early tho. (Myself including everytime I play her I never use ulti to kill someone even if it has 300 base damage lvl which is like 2-3 auto attacks at this point for comparison Aurelion Sol's ulti does only 150 damage lvl1) Twitch: Q rat on steroids+ his repositioning tool and escape also, W slow fields are always helpful, E his early game damage+ if people are out of your auto attack range to poke/execute them. R atk damage aoe auto attacks with more range than towers? Please god. Urgot: No adc IMO he is a pretty good mid and toplaner tho. Still noone plays him cuz he is an ugly fck and his kit seems pretty stale for many people. Low mobile not rewarding champions+ugly ones are always never played. Varus: Q is still a good poke tool if you play crit or armor pen doesn't matter also it procs your W, W gives you magic on hit damage, is pretty noticeable early and % max hp magic damage per stack after you hit an ability , pretty underestimated IMO, E is an aoe slow and the thing many people just don't recognize is the sick grievous wound effect. In times like these where everyone takes Warlords bloodlust this ability is goodlike since you will probably ALWAYS win your trades if you attack them while they are in this field. R is a snare which spread like AIDS, also it "produces" marks which is good. Vayne: Last but not least vayne, Q + her ulti main tool also it is good to reset aa's early and gives damage W % max hp true after 3 attacks what do you want more? E stands for ESCAPE and this can help you escape and stun people so good, R = Q makes you invis+ at lvl 1 almoat a free BF sword. So now to the point about your idea, we must differentiate if it is Bonus or base damage you want to increase since base damage would just straight up buff all trinity force users and bonus AD would buff all but especially the ones that have scaling abilities. Since Riot didn't enforce a Meta it would also be pretty unfair to keep stuff like this only to the marksmen role since there will always be change and guys that play champions not in their role alias ADC thresh twisted fate and even what I have seen a few weeks ago, adc Sona for a change again. Sure it isn't the most optimal way but it works for them and if those guys who still play for fun lose that freedom it is kinda sad. Another thing we need to consider is the balance between "is it worth or not?" I mean for most champions atleast 2 of their abilities are core to lvl up. For example lucian, you max Q to get the damage early and the cdr to proc your passive more often and his E second for lower cooldown and mana costs to also proc his passive more often. He put one point in W at lvl 3-4 to get the speed buff, since his Q and E is so important you won't have choice until you arelvl 13-14 to chose between " do I max W or stat increase?" in which case you will almost everytime chose stat increase except it is below 8AD since this damage you get goes into your other scalings and can crit so why bother putting more points in W? Those champions who need only 2 abilities or lower are just getting too strong since they push their damage to the maximum and the damage buff you will most of the times only notice late game when it is already too late since you will put a point in the stat increase at lvl 13. Also, it would be much harder to balance around everything if this gets implemented as if it isn't hard enough already with Masteries and Runes in this game. I personally think they need to just buff a bit those who got hit by the armor pen nerf (draven and especially Lucian) and everything will be good, especially when Riot decides to do something about exhaust. We also need to consider about ADC's that this is like the role with the least champions. I mean you have like 10 Marksman from which like 7 are considered real marksman and are not something like teemo or urgot and in every other role you have atleast a pool of 20. (just counted if 23 marksmen 8 of them {{champion:6}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:85}} {{champion:104}} {{champion:203}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:133}} {{champion:429}} aren't real botlane adc's or dead (RIP Kalista) IMO ) Enjoy reading if you are bored enough to go through that good night or day whatever time it is for you :D
314exeexe (EUNE)
: Fever of battle on Rammus
If you build ANY atk speed item with crit, something like PD it is probably OK but if you just go straight up full tank it isn´t good.
oelliott (EUW)
: Season 7 and Bronze V
Placements were always kinda different in the beginning, but generally talking, if you think you don´t belong where you are you should just keep playing. Bronze is a state of mind IMO. It is more about dealing with stupid sh*t instead of actually playing "good". Even if I don´t see much "tilt" in your writing I can only recommend not trying to argue with people, also I recommend to just watch your replays. It is really helpful and you will see in an instant how many mistakes you are making. Another thing that could be helpful is just watching some pro streamers. Also keep in mind that those where 16 games out of normally 250~ played per season doesn´t really matter, as long as you have a positive winrate and can maintain it you will climb no matter what. Another tip would be to just main a few champions, probably 2-3 per role. I don´t know what your main roles are but if Support isn´t one of them you should atleast know something about support if you are getting autofilled to that in addition to your current main role/s. And last but not least, if you are on a losing streak (2-3 lost games in a row is IMO enough) just stop playing ranked for a while. Play another mode, cool off , play another game, do sports because losing games and keep going will just decrease your performance. If you admit it or not, but after a losestreak you get tilted get into the next game thinking about "who is gonna feed next?" or "i lose anyways" and thats not good. Just looked at your history and you are atleast doing the stops so the tip above you already knew i guess lol. But what I have noticed during looking in your history is your masteries are kinda.. not efficent. I mean Fevor of battle Jhin or Courage of the Colossus Garen is not the right way. And your CS is kinda low. Even if 69cs is kinda iconic LUL , 69 CS after 21minutes is pretty bad no matter how far behind you are/ your team is. So yea there is probably MUCH MUCH more you can improve on, but this being said I do not completely agree with your point. I don´t know your friends, but maybe they are just better and giving you credit. Also your rank has much to do with your MMR and if your friends have played before you and got gold and stuff it will probably be much more easier for them to get there again, another thing is your normal game MMR does matter too if you never have played ranked before. (i am not 100% sure with that but it seems like it, taking into consideration pros who do lvl1- diamond challenges are getting placed in Gold) The thing I don´t like about the ranked system in my experience is , that if you do your placements later you will get placed higher. I get the feeling if I start to play later I will get matched not with bronze/silver guys but I am actually getting matched with my current MMR (goldish) and since the systems gives and takes MMR depending on the MMR you your team and the enemies have you will get placed higher somehow.
Ravnir (EUNE)
: Mastery lvl 8?
logically this would be the next step, but in my opinion it won´t really better the Mastery System if they go on like that. The amount of times I had lvl 7 mastery 100k+ mastery points mains in my games, I can say with ease that this rating doesn´t matter. Sure it is satisfying to get, but to be honest everyone can get mastery lvl7, it just takes a different amount of time depending on how good you are. You will always have a game or two in 100 games which will be an absolute stomp and no matter if you are good or bad with your champion you will get an S+ rank, if you don´t ignore to farm (which really a lot of players are missing lol). With lvl 8 I am "ok" {{champion:33}} with making it the typical token way but if they want to go higher they need to implement something more difficult to get. Something like "You need to have 5 S+ ranks in your last 20-30~ *input champion* games to get rank above 8 " that way we lower the amount of "high mastery" people out of pure luck. Sure it will still exist but it is lower. This is just MY OPINION sorry if I trigger some "proud" mastery 7 guys. Some of you are actually good but truth be told many and probably the majority aren´t even that good with their champion and just lucked in some S+ games on their OTP journey.
Snowman Arc (EUNE)
: Underused masteries.
I pick fearless a lot lately, it really helps against burst since the most burst champions do it in a combo like way and not 1 hit = death. For example against syndra if she uses her ult the first ball will hit with "normal" damage but the remaining 2-4 balls will do reduced damage. This mastery is also pretty helpful for trading since if you trade with your opponent with atleast 2 damage instances you will most likely outtrade them since the second hit will do less damage against you. Perserverance I never took really. It is just pretty bad IMO since the effect is really unnoticeable until you are below 25% hp, in which case you should go back most of the time anyways. Also what many people don't know is that it takes your BASE hp reg and not your total. So you can't boost the masteries effect with buying health reg runes or items. Insight you already explained pretty good but for me it is already a 50/50 chance if I take Fearless or Insight. The reduced cooldown on summoners is nice but you don't always use it perfectly. I mean yea with insight you have 45sec less CD on Flash and tp but sometimes you won't use it or use your flash only every 5-6minutes anyways. It depends for me honestly. If I have something to engage or with flashy plays I pick obviously insight but with someone like Yi Tryndamere or something bruiser like I pick fearless.
MarTEEnus (EUNE)
: It's Taric playable these days
Taric is always playable, the problem why Taric gets rarely picked is just because some of his abilities are too predictable and has counterplay. For example his ult and his stun. I would pick him in a composition where either enemies have a lot of AD, your armor increase on allies will be a true blessing for your team, or if you have someone in your team with which you can hit your stun reliably. Something like Hecarim/Zac or if you have Sivir in your team. IMO Taric shines either if your team has to fight off many AD champs or you have a head on engage team. In low elo (like me and you and probably up to plat-low diamond) you can probably play him always if you are good with him.
wingzerzzz (EUNE)
: When is the new Warwick update gonna be ?
Obviously next year, probably the first or second patch 2017. The only things I have heard was that he has now a hunter kinda feel and that he will probably have the same skillfloor. So he will remain simple. Atleast thats what they said in an Q&A. It's somewhere in this one if you are bored and interested: https://www.twitch.tv/leagueoflegends/v/107500236
vladz2k (EUNE)
: Remember behind every fed ADC
Probably not only early game, since every adc would just pop and die in a second without exhaust/heals/shields/peel from most supports.
: That's some writing. But I mostly agree, I frequently play support myself together with a friend of mine who is a learning adc. But I wanted Riot to create a new champion adc with a unique playstyle. Jhin was a big succes but he was the only adc to be released in 2016.
I think unique stuff will happen anyways. Riot always puts up there quality, be it champ design or even skins. I mean first Kindred as a ADC jungler and then Jhin. They said on the Q&A with ghostcrawler that they are always trying to bring out something unique and innovative, but I guess before the next champion gets released we first get the warwick rework. They also teased that something crazy/big may happen in the mid season 7, kinda hyped for that.
: What are your thoughts about ADC and the low amount of adc's in the game?
Well I can understand the lack of ADC's since they are very limited in the way they can design them IMO. As ADC you are supposed to dish out much physical damage and as a tradeoff you are squishy or have a weak early game and it is pretty hard to get out with an Innovative idea, since they want that every ADC plays differently. Currently, in comparison to earlier, we have ADC's in different forms/playstyles everyone feels different. For example Lucian is a very mobile close up ADC while caitlyn is safe more far away but only has one high cd mobility skill ( 90 Caliber net). Another example would be Kalista and kog maw. Kalista is just jumping around offers GREAT cc has % damage and can do alot of damage with her rend but for that she does (in my opinion) less damage to tanks even pre nerf she got pretty hard cucked with armor and even if you had 20+ spears in someone it felt like you did no damage if someone was building armor, while kog maw is unmobile but shines with his artillary and has the potential to kill everyone in a decent time no matter how tanky one is, but for that he is weaker if you bring him 1v1 against other ADC's like draven. Before they were just braindead crit autoattack bots, like already said technicly everyone can be a ADC aslong as you are ranged. It is harder to design a ranged carry with weak sides and if they do something special sometimes Kalista things are happening with her 100% pick/ban rate in lcs. Melee/mages are easier balanced since melee, you can always try to kite and mages have mana issues/cooldowns and most of the time also have a weak early game and many of them are are not doing consistant damage. The one time they released a champion that did huge magic damage in a adc/consistent kind of way we know what happened. Lookin at you Azir.
: From the perspective of these few years... is Yi a failed rework?
> old Master Yi, in his AP mid incarnation, had had seen some professional, competitive action every now and then. Yea cause it was totally balanced to be 5 seconds in alpha strike (cause of all the 100% cd resets) and winning a teamfight automaticly after you killed one target with your alpha strike. I played him myself back in the day before it was even cool :'( I was called a troll for playing him AP. But this aside, I do think it was a good rework but the problem is just that we have with many, if not all, melee hyper carries. They always need the lategame and if they fall back they feel terrible. Tryndamere is literally the same, either you stomp a game so hard and 1 hit enemy squishies with your crits and splitpush for days with no contest or you are pretty much useless. They just offer nothing for the team when behind, I mean for example, assuming Fiora is a melee hypercarry, Fiora has a almost no cd dash has movespeed with her passive, will always do damage due to her % max hp true damage can get your whole team healed and can take a cc like a MEN even if she is a women. Yi and Tryndamere however Stun = death, Burst = death. Trynda can counter the burst but is easily kiteable, while Master Yi , if you want him to do the damage he SHOULD be doing, can't block burst that easily, even with his alpha and his meditate especially when you consider all the cc that is in the game. If you build him offtank you might aswell pick Irelia, she does more damage then Yi and have a point'n' click ability with a 2 sec stun. So yea I agree the rework is great, it is just there are better options and too obvious counter methods. I think it would be nice if we had a class update on those "fast sword dudes" how ghostcrawler liked to call them in the Q&A.
Magatas (EUW)
: 5 afkers in 2 days
No you won't get your LP back, since such a system could be easily abused. I mean imagine you are premade with someone, or hell even not premade but you randomly met a "Nice" guy in your team. Your team is losing and the nice guy says "WELP I am gonna leave, merry christmas everyone you won't lose LP". This would be kinda destroying the competitive spirit. But hey for afk's there is always the report function and I just learned if you are leaving/go afk on a regular basis you can get a 2 week ban directly. Also #NoFlame just tellin ya, assuming that you stood one game 2/8 and another one 5/12 another round 1/11 and also another round 2/6 and you surprisingly won some of those games, this might not be the only reason you lose LP. Sure KDA isn't everything but just standing positive or even neutral and not getting so much deaths can help a lot cause if you stay atleast neutral you can get carried from time to time without making it harder by giving the other team like 12 kills. The only champ you may have those stats would be singed if you can't help it. I saw btw only 2 AFK guy and that was probably the poppy lvl 8 and the lulu. Unless you want to tell me you got the other 3 afk's in one day (since I am too lazy to look after the last day) I think you are overexaggerating. Anyways have a great day/night/morning/evening whatever :D
True Sight (EUNE)
: Flex is garbage, absolute garbage
Welp Solo/duo is a thing again so enjoy that instead. Flex queue is overall more of the "yo I am a bit more serious than normal games" - mode and I can understand that tbh cause of said premade possibilities and the most diehard ranked players switched to Solo/duo anyways.
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