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: > Just want to know - If one person started to flame very hard (obv banned very soon, probably right after game) - why would you ban victims which just trying to protect own family? Because you're confusing "defend" with "retaliate", defending yourself is using the mute button, and i fail to see what your family has to do with anything
Thats true, but lets consider one fact - game expierence already ruined in one particular game where everyone already seen toxic messages. Toxic person would be banned after game, and victims wouldnt flame in other games (before facing another very toxic person). I mean, match is already toxic, I dont see much difference in ~30 msg from toxic person or ~60 msg from toxic person + victim. In next game toxic person would start flaming others again, but victim wont start flame like them. I know I'm not even 50% right, just want to know other people opinion about 'one particular match flame'.
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Dreugan (EUW)
: Now as i don't have the chat log, i can only go off what you've told me. And everything i say is just speculation, so don't take my word for it, and i don't know how Riot think, or how they go about banning, (point and click, command, or something else.) You told him that he will get banned for it. Riot could have seen this as harrasment, and given you the ban for that. >no lol you will get banned cos you flame and i only troll This says to me that you could have been saying things like "f off, go back to your lane" and stuff similar to that. I'm only guessing here. Furthermore, there is no option in the report section that is "troll". There is "greifing" (or something similar, i can't quite remember) which i take as only applicable when you think you lost primarily because they screwed you over by feeding, hitting a blast cone so you die to the enemy team on the other side of the wall, etc. What he did might come under that catagory but you won so i dont think its enough for him to get banned. Did you take into account that they might have only got around to banning you at that time because of an earlier instance? Or maybe they clicked on you to give ban instead of clicking them? idk. They also have a strict policy to not go back on bans, so they wont remove a ban once given. I dont think there's anything you can do apart from wait it out. p.s. i dont approve of that shaco's actions and would have reported him if i had had him in my game. p.p.s. i'm pretty sure that what you wrote has been simplified, with bits missing, so i cant really say anything more. p.p.p.s if you think im ripping into you, or having a go at you in some way, know that it wasnt my intention to do so when i first started writing this.
That's true, I was flaming him. But I was trying really hard not to say smth really bad, my words were like 'please report shaco for stealing farm and trolling'. I didnt say any "bad" word. I dont think chat log will help in this situation because there is no logs for shaco. Also, log only for 1 game. Some time ago I get muted chat with 3 game logs. After this I changed my behaviour and dont use "bad" words in chat anymore.There were 3 games where i tilted really hard, it was well deserved mute. This situation is different. I just want to know whats wrong with league bans? Obviously this guy troll every second game (because he flame from start, w/o any reason, before even first kill happened). And I'm not the only one who will get banned for this. I asked why would he ruin games - 'to have fun with tilted monkeys'. He admit own game ruin but its still not enought to get ban, really? I just want to know how league ban works - because this guy make everything to get banned but still ruin games. And I get banned for one game with game ruiner. Basicly - as long as you dont use chat often, you could steal farm as support and ping non-stop on every teammate death, right?
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