0GameDos0 (EUW)
: ***
1st Yes i did. if i played lol a long time ago i wont play a very strong champ cause strong means that the champ isnt very easy. Except kata. 2nd. I have many friends. Cause they are not supid as fuck like your friends. 3rd. I wont take barrier against an azir for example. He will use ignite to kill you. Heal gives you life and a ms boost. (no one has flash btw) with this ms buff you get out of the attack range of his sand soldiers. I did this and if you say thats bullshit im so fucking done with you. And show me the patch where talons ult makes him unvisible forever. He will use his ult to get in. You can exhaust him when he is visible again. I took exhaust every time when i played against talon. I won the lane so hard. If you dont know how to exhaust talon you should better learn it.
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0GameDos0 (EUW)
: ***
1st. You said: "what YOU MEANT doesnt mean shit as long as you dont type it or communicate it well through your thread title or body" and this is what i did. 2nd. I know it means non pre in general but i have seen nobody using it for both. 3rd. Im done with you now. You are asking why barrier is better than heal??? Are you fucking serious??? Let me tell you something. If you play against a talon, yasuo or zed, you should take exhaust, cause they are burst champs. Heal is good to counter ignite. And barrier is good for lux or ziggs ult. You can easily block the damage. You cant think barrier is better than heal. They both have advantages.
0GameDos0 (EUW)
: ***
1st. Im sorry for you. Read my thread again and then think about it. You can clearly see i wrote: i played lol a long time ago. Combined with the title, your mind tells you im right. 2nd. I was talking about 2 lol player. Too stupid too see that huh? AND NO ONE FUCKING USES SOLO QUEUE COMBINED WITH NORMALS. If you do, im sorry for you. Again. 3rd. I see i played lol longer than you. And you want to give me advice. XD I could give you advice. Also my brother plays lol too btw. I can see the changes while im watching him.
Jens Cole (EUNE)
: {{champion:68}} {{champion:34}} {{champion:28}}
Rumble would be a callenge. I got him once in aram and it was not fun. Eve is boring cause i already have so many jungler. And anivia needs a rework.
Pãstry (EUW)
: ***
And im unranked cause i dont really care about ranked.
0GameDos0 (EUW)
: ***
1st you are fucking stupid. I havent played lol for 6 months. Not since 2011. Pls go back to school and learn to read. 2nd. If you play her for the first time she isnt easy cause you start to play lol. But if you play lol till lv 20 you realize she is easy as hell. 3rd. If you are too stupid to read or to know the meaning of a word, you should go back to elementary school. 4th. Yeah i play ranked when i start playing lol again. Fucking idiot.
0GameDos0 (EUW)
: ***
No irelia is not squishy as hell. I know much changed. I wont play kata cause i have skill. And my face would hurt. (massive faceroll) If you really think best means only strongest... you are extremely supid sir. Go back to school then. I cant help you more. And this is what I meant: Best=good for teamplay, fun to play, its a callenge to master that champ.
Plussmaci (EUW)
: Well generally, blitz is always fun to play, I personally love Kalista (got skin boosted in aram and teammates denied 2 Pentas so until i get that blood moon rabbit i wont play her). Maokai maybe good since you can toss out those saplings to annoy people (always fun for me). Trolling top lane with Singed is hard to master but if you spam /laugh and enemy gets mad and chases you, you won, plus the tankyness from passive. To counter LB and most of the annoying ap assassins on mid try out Galio, ok its hard to play but can win teamfights and LB will cry you a river. Orianna needs a good team but Karthus with the annoying ult is soooo satisfying.
I have most champs you have in your list so. ^^
0GameDos0 (EUW)
: >She is a 1 item hyper tank carry. this statement clearly shows that you have never played her also it shows your inner bronze player how can she be tanky with only one item she has no built in tankiness like wukong or shyvana you say you are quite new so here is an advice donot listen to people crying on boards as most of these players are low elo players who donot want to learn the game and want a champion to get nerfed just because they cant beat him >If pro player play a ranged top lane it means they are not pro player. no it doesnt a pro player means he played on a competitive scene before going with your logic this should also be right "players who play low skill cap champions arent pro players" CLG scarra is a very famous pro player and an lcs team coach he is also one of the best kata players in the world >I asked for cool and funny champs. no you didnt you clearly stated in your title and through your post that you were looking for champions that are the best at certain roles
1st. Im not Bronze. Im unranked cause i dont care about ranked. 2nd. If you really think she isnt a 1 item hyper tank carry you never played against her. 3rd. I never said im new. I said i played lol the last time 6 months ago. I play lol since 2011. 4th. Kata is one of the easiest champs you can play. Just faceroll. And its not hard to be good as kata. 5th. Best means not strongest.
0GameDos0 (EUW)
: >Fuck irelia. Noobchamp. wingsofdeath (a very famous challenger player) mains irelia top also ICU(irelia carries you) mains irelia and can play against all matchups on a master + lvl just because you got your ass handed to you before by an irelia doesnt mean she is a noob champ > Only noobs play ranged top lane ALOT of pro players play gnar/kennen/ryze top oh and saying irelia is a noob champ is totall BS give me proof common ,go ahead pick her and come back with a history to prove it you never asked for EXTREMELY highskill cap champs you asked for the best champions at each role and I gave you the list if you want more go here http://www.nerfplz.com/2015/05/2015-champion-tier-list-solo-queue_31.html
Noobchamp means easy to play. She is a 1 item hyper tank carry. If pro player play a ranged top lane it means they are not pro player. I asked for cool and funny champs. Not for champs that ruin everyones day.
: First: don't compare a MOBA to a FPS. Second: What lane do you play?
Any. Except ADC. And they are very similar. They are both strategy based team games with many objectives to do.
0GameDos0 (EUW)
: top {{champion:39}} {{champion:150}} {{champion:62}} mid {{champion:103}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:55}} ADC {{champion:222}} {{champion:22}} {{champion:15}} supp{{champion:432}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:432}} jungle {{champion:79}} {{champion:113}} {{champion:120}}
Fuck irelia. Noobchamp. Only noobs play ranged top lane. Already have wu. Fuck all 3 of them. Just go to boards and click on Suggestions. I dont play adc. Already have bard. Gragas, seju are boring. Already have heca. A overall bad list if you ask me.
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: QQ is a smiley face representing crying eyes, it is used obviously to address to people crying/bitching in general
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Sonnie (EUW)
: 1500 Chat bans Completed Recived another 4019 chat bans
Sffc (EUW)
: She does, other than her R she has no way to get close to you, which is sadly what makes her so weak in lane. Although if you do let her get to late game, sure she's strong, but that's what she's supposed to be. And how isn't Varus balanced?
Look at his q.
Shiroe x (EUW)
: QQ
Sffc (EUW)
: Varus is actually balanced. Akali is somewhat underpowered since she has a lot of trouble triggering her Q mark because she's squishy and melee with high energy costs. Caitlyn is weak actually, Her whole damage comes from auto attacking enhacing items. And Ashe is being nerfed already. No minigun on turrets. That's pretty significant
Varus is not balanced. Akali is like Kata or Lb. And she has trouble triggering her Q??? She has an ult with ap damage 3 charges and a 30 sek. CD. And no minigun against turrets... very useful.
: Cait OP. Had a good laugh at that one, thanks.
I never said that cait is op. You can read? No? I just think her range is a bit too big.
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: When you're on a 10 win streak Ranked TT
No one fucking cares about ranked.
: Why i refuse to surrender.
*reads the title* You suck and thats all. Feeder want to feed even more. If you dont surr someone will probably go afk. Just surr. Its better for all.
: Skarner is super strong. He needs no buffs.
: "Skarner's perma slow needed to be removed. Such mechanics are infuriating to play against"
Just a QQ. He/She complains about tank meta. And skarner needs a buff btw. No damage, extreme mana drain, extremely weak in early and only in very very late a tank.
Dixi Pixi (EUW)
Ha. Chat- and Ranked-Restriction for AFK. XD You get a fucking ban dude. If you flame you get Chat-Restriction. I dont say what you need to do to get a Ranked-Restriction cause who even cares about ranked?
: Pool Party Zac
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Rayz019 (EUNE)
: How's the rock you've been living under? He is one of the most dominant tanks in the game right now.
No he's not. Only nerfs in the last patches. And i played him but stopped cause he is bullshit. Nami could be a better tank.
: Fix the new Jayce Skin (Forsaken Jayce) pls in the next Patch 5.9
1 pic. the shape is like this because there is a static field around the hammer (dont see it=you stupid) 2 pic. this cuboid is part of the stick jayce holds in his hands. (look at the classic skin wallpaper there is a cable at the transition same thing for this skin) 3 pic. read what i wrote for pic 1
Emillie (EUW)
: "deinstall" Woosh, there goes your credibility.
wtf is wrong with you? xD pls tell me. im very curious.
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Róót (EUW)
: Do i need more champions ..
{{champion:119}} on every lane. Why??? BECAUSE DRAVEN!!!111
Emillie (EUW)
: Freelo: {{champion:238}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:127}} {{champion:1}} {{champion:69}} Strong but not op: {{champion:103}} {{champion:112}} {{champion:101}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:61}} Mediocre: {{champion:268}} {{champion:63}} {{champion:76}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:91}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:4}} {{champion:45}} {{champion:161}} {{champion:157}} Other mid laners that I didn't mention aren't really worth playing right now (at least not mid).
riven, talon, veigar, vel, yasuo, brand, nidalee mediocre?????? and viktor, xerath not op?????? dude deinstall lol. xD
lukawarior (EUNE)
: Best mid lane champion?
{{champion:119}} Why? BECAUSE DRAVEN!!
: After 1.5 years playing, I just got my first pentakill on my Birthday!
i got my first penta... in aram -.- and this game doesnt want that i do pentas. i have over 100 quadras. i buyed wukong 2 days ago. second game with him, i do a quadra. WTF!!!???
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: [New Champion] Ikaria, The Owl Prophet
we have enough of this. try again with something good.
: I see a lot of champions who you say have a bad skillset, is there some hidden QQ in here?
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: 1st, this thread is placed in the wrong forum secton. 2nd, Nidalees spears shouldn't be nerfed, the spears are easy to avoid and do only much damage against chams like {{champion:22}} {{champion:1}} {{champion:11}} etc... It's a well balanced champion.
1st Suggestions & Bug Reports - For suggesting new game features, mechanics, or reporting bugs. its the right forum section. 2nd it is the most broken skillshot ive ever seen. and i deals much damage to all type of champs.
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Axelney (EUW)
: Lmao. Would you really ask your adc to buy sightstone ? GG. It would take them forever to complete their core items and you will lose your lane. Not worth it. An adc still has a WAY HUGER carry potential than a supp champ. I think that you must be a very bad support if you "complete your build at minute 100" becuase i usually complete my build with my carries, without farm. how? because i actually support, i actually get those assist, I actually use my gold income items. sometimes i even earn more gold than other people in my team. Plus, the armor and magic resistance reduction that exhaust gives is 10. Not worth to waste a summoner spell for that. Again, i main support myself, and i am not saying that all adcs are good, as a support i find many bad adcs, but just becuase i main support, i made this post because the level of uselfuness of 99% of the supports you find in solo Q is NONEXISTANT. Funny thing they called support in champion select and then they are the only one in the team who have put no wards around and have like 3/6/5 KDA. WTF. Don't go support then. Sometimes there are actually bad adcs tho, then you have to go full ap and carry the game but there is a big difference between having a bad adc and being an idiot support who always gets grabbed by blitzcranck and dies, feeds the enemy, and blaming the adc. If you are a support who cannot set up a good trade for your adc, who doesn't make all that's possibile to have the best laning phase WHO IS JUST BAD, then it's not your adc who is bad, it's you. don't cry and go full ap because "you have to carry", go afk.
i could ask the adc is is really that hard to buy a ward. and actually the adc isnt really a carry. he just uses his "butler" (supp) to get his/her kills and if you think the adc is a carry cause he does most damage, who gave him/her the damage??? THE SUPP CAUSE HE/SHE DOES ALL THE WORK! And "finish their build at minute 100" was just hype. and im a very very good supp you know. for example try to save your nexus as last survivor of a teamfight against the enemy adc and supp. i did this and we won the game. so if you say im a bad supp you are just a mad kid. you can only finish your build with more than 35 assist cause like i said you get only 100-200 gold per assist. and the gold income items dont give much gold i should start to buy dorans shield as supp cause relic shield or ancient coin are useless. and if the supp gets more gold than for example top lane then you have a very very bad team. but in bronze its nothing new that you have bad teammates. and exhaust got a 128 seconds cd (i dont know exactly)??? 3 mins farming=exhaust up again. and if you are supp you got: right!!! skillshots. and the enemy supp got skillshots too you know??? you got a 50% chance to dodge the skillshot or get hit by the skillshot ok??? if you are acting retarded the chance of getting hit is higher but dont blame if you get hit by a skillshot. and for trade you need 2v2 not 2v1. if your supps starts to trade you have to react too. dont stand there and farm. do something! use your auto-attacks for example! and supps have to carry if their adc is too fucking retarded to do even lasthits.
Axelney (EUW)
: How you support and how YOU DON'T
Africa could eat for 10 years with the help from adcs. and mostly the adc are very very bad and the lane is lost because of THEM!!! supp is actually a very hard role cause you need to take care of almost everything. (your adc, bot-lane, river- and tri-bush, dragon pit, enemy jungle) so you dont play supp if you are bad. 1. assist dont give much gold only 100-200 gold. and kills over 300 so just give supp a bit farm so they can finish their build before minute 100. if its laning phase dont take it (if you are supp). but if its just a lane push so the minions are not building huge waves give the supp atleast the half of the minions. the supp items are in my opinion pretty useless (in early) in late the can be really helpful. and the gold income is so low. 2. you can easily outtrade enemys when you engage and then retreat immediately. if you are ali, the best way to trade is to engage with your combo but you need your adc too, cause if you can do a little bit of burst damage the cant responde to this damage and they retreat too. and no supp is really tanky early. you can 3 hit janna with draven q and ali with 5. thresh with 4. blitz with 6-8 passive and stuff. 3. i could ask adcs the same. it costs 800 gold to buy sightstone. an item that gives you 400 health. pretty useless. you could buy boots or armor with this gold but no you have to buy this shit and get reported if you dont have sightstone. and cause you are adc you get 1.kills 2.farm 3. free help (=supp) so you could buy a sightstone too. and if you place the vision wards correctly you have infinite vison. 4. exhaust also reduces armor and mr so you can use this also on enemy supp to kill him easier. and for example ali engages on you and the enemy adc is a bit far away from him. use exhaust on supp so he cant use more cc on you and your adc cause when the enemy adc is too far away he/she is useless and cant deal damage. or would you wait untill the enemy adc is in range so you can exhaust him/her??? I think NOT!!! 5. If i had and ap supp like sona i would only go full ap if the adc sucks fat guys dick. why would someone buy supp items when the adc is bad??? Your post is good but you still dont know how supports work. gl in further games.
: I was basically indestructable!
wow building ARMOR against{{champion:84}} and{{champion:42}} gg ff 20 report mao noob pls. and his build too.
: yasuo is a shit
you are shit mate so stfu.
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