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: They both should be banned, simple as that. But detecting trolling is much harder than detecting flame, just because definition of a troll is too vague. Most of the times trolls are banned because they break some other rules in the process, really smart troll won't be detected by system fast enough
That's true, but I don't see riot posting anything about improving anti trolling. If they put alot of riot employees to work on fixing the trolling punishment system we might see a diffrence soon, categorising trolling would help alot I think right now we have around 2-3 categories in trolling.
: Toxic players can be ignored. Feeders and trolls can actually affect the game
There is a button wich mutes the toxic summoners and thats it, no more toxic summoners for you. But the trolling summoner can't be ignored for trolling, and the punishment is to easy on them after a troll game.
: Toxic and Trolling summoners
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