: It will not be called ARAM anymore. ARAM=ALL RANDOM ALL MID
if up to 10 champions were eliminated from the potential pool of champions you would still get assigned a random champion... Not to mention 1. you can trade champions in champ select as it is, and 2. when you, like me, don't have all champions I am still limited in what champions I can potentially get. So it is not "all random" in the sense I think you describe anyways.
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Kurotsu (EUW)
: And I WON, which is the cool story to tell part. You know when you get trash talked by the smurf and he starts giving you cocky advice on how to play but then he ends up losing anyways.
Ha! Well played! :D didn't quite catch that. Are you then gold now? {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! {{sticker:sg-kiko}}
Kurotsu (EUW)
: My last promo to gold was against a Diamond Smurf Vayne, so I had a cool story to tell of my final struggle :D grats Fluffy!
And you didn't win? What are you, Silver? {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} you can do it next time!
Wa5abi65 (EUW)
: Nice! Well done sunshine :)
: Gratz! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Thanks! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: Gj! Hoping to get there too, silver 4 atm
Declined (EUNE)
: Greetings FluffyPidgeon, I've taken to liberty to shorten the headline a bit, as it appeared odd, in it's previous form.
: Got banned for boosting ? LOL
You seem like a scoundrel. And with that winrate over that many games you are obviously boosting! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: You can excuse them on being Gold. One ticket to hell please ! {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
Guess I can {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-rainbows}}
Porosen (EUW)
: {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
: CONGRATS ! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Shit, now I can't excuse my bad plays on being Silver anymore {{sticker:sg-ahri-1}}
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: as a supp main: 1) {{champion:120}} - cause before your ward notices a gank from him, you are already pinned to the wall and bleeding to death. 2) {{champion:62}} , {{champion:35}} , {{champion:7}} - honestly just anything with a clone, I just never know which one I should hit. {{sticker:sg-ahri-1}}
I feel the no.2 part. I have learned you can alt+m1 on the champion to target it. It wil last a few seconds, so if you do that slightly before they close you can tell which is the right one. hard to do in the ehat of battle tohugh, but it actually works
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: Yeah, they buffed Yasuo to compensate when he indirectly got hit by adc nerfs in 8.11, they undid most of those nerfs and left Yasuo overpowered. It has been months since then and they don't seem to care. In conclusion - he's broken, just ban him.
can't ban, need to also ban Zed, Kassadin, Fizz, Kayn, Shaco, irelia... Too many champions, too few bans. So need the guide.
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Sl0wHÐ (EUW)
: Never know. Maybe in a few years it would actually be holograms :P
would be dandy indeed {{sticker:sg-lulu}}
: I guess it's luck then. Your team played as a team, unlike my teams I get.
yes, very lucky. But again, by a few I mean a few. Maybe 3 games this past year all in all. Out of, maybe, a few hundred. So yeah. I don't know what you play, but what you can do is not die, play something that can be relevant without getting kills and ping all the pings you can ping. I have a 60% winrate on my cass atm (only 40-ish games, but still) and I don't do anything fancy, mostly I just don't die in lane, maybe once against good assassins, and 2 if I really screw up. Then I somehow get to minute 20, have my 2 items and a 4/1/3 score. Then I start to do damage and am a presence in team fights. It is legit like "damn I have done nothing this game. Wait, when did I kill 4 people?!?" sometimes.
: The audience couldn't see it through their own eyes, but it showed on the back screen that they watch the game with.
ah, thought it was something like that and it makes sense. Thanks {{sticker:vlad-salute}} Though I was kinda hoping something had slipped by me and projection/hologram technology had anvanced a lot lately {{sticker:sg-lulu}}
: Like first game my bot goes 0/9 by themselves and top 0/3 all in pre 10 minutes, second game was pretty much the same, and third game we had an inting ahri. I'm %%%%ing tilted.
I have won a few of those kind of games. Mostly luck though, since it was when I had teams that 1. didn't tilt from early feeding and 2. knew objectives were the way to win the game. So I personally did what I could to not die mid on my Cass so I would scale, and my team stopped taking random fights after lane phase and grouping for objectives. This meant that the enemy team was looking for picks, that were not there, so we were mid doing a 5v3 a lot of times, taking a tower and backing off. But again, you need to be lucky enough to get a team that knows not to die when you are behind and taking towers win games. Most of the time this is not the case
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Nonstopre (EUW)
: Why is this champion fair?
Easy. You have a fountain, don't you? Your mistake is to leave it.
: What do you mean by that. if they have happened at the same one hasn't happened first
Mundo throws Q. Mundo hits Q. Aery does damage to the enemy. Mundo happy.
: I stopped raging in chat and this is what happened.
Upvote for the clickbaity title {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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: Not botlane fault if you let the ennemy mid roam.
So, how do you not let the mid roam when he has superior waveclear and kill pressure if I follow or contest in the middle of the lane?
Ðequñ (EUNE)
: I try to keep an eye on mid lane when I'm top/bot, so I usually don't need pings. I don't think it's a matter of "why do you not respect pings" but rather "why do you ignore the information map gives you". {{sticker:sg-ezreal}}
"why do you ignore the information map gives you" Because no one has map awareness in Silver. That is what it is. Therefore pings should save lives, yet they don't.
: i think i can answer since i'm a bad player and i'm maining adc lately ;) fundamentally, we are too absorbed and focused on the task at hand to react to those pings: it can be a dangerous trade or some futile thing like lasthitting a big wave but, one thing that justifies us is that 90% of the playerbase in low elo abuse and misuse pings, to the point that we subconsciusly start to ignore them, even the "good" ones
So there is nothing to do. Just let you die and accept the flame you are inevitable goinna give for me "not pinging"? (not saying you do this, but a substantial amount do)
EPet (EUW)
: Because is someone starts ping spamming me in particular I don't know what's happening. <.< And when I try to figure it out it tends to be too late, both in cases where I didn't back off and should have, or did back off and shouldn't have. :< Let alone that imo pings are actually quite easy to miss while doing stuff. (Unless they are already on my screen, but then it's confusing against most of the time. Oh, also ping mute is a thing, is it not?
So how should I ping to convey the enemy Zed is coming your way and you are gonna die if you don't back off? Assuming you have not turned off pings 10 minutes into the game
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: > And no, it is not the midlaners fault for not following In general it doesn't make a lot of sense to ask whose fault it is. I mean, what do you gain from that? Sure, it's someones fault...and then? What use has this knowledge? Instead of looking for someone whose fault it is, I recommend to just make the best out of the given situation, no matter who caused it.
okay, so you reduce the whole post to this? Seriously?
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Kabakadamn (EUNE)
: Where is the logic of using that option? In normal game yeah use it to challange yourself; İn rnaked game? Have you ever see any champioship where someone skips banning? YOu can basically ask your team if they need anyone to ban, but saying Ohh I do not need to ban anyone is sounds stupid.
> Have you ever see any champioship where someone skips banning? It has happened. It is very tactical and something about pressuring the other team into a favorable pick/ban for you, but I have seen it happen once or twice.
Rioter Comments
: How can i report a player i didn't play with?
I made a report to support once with such stuff. They told me they would log it (not their exact words, but meaning that), but there is no guarantee the guy would do anything to troll the game and therefore I should not expect any actions to be taken against him (again, not a citation here, but that was the basic meaning)
Leobola (EUW)
: Delete Akali please
Actually she is not too bad. Basically you only have to cower under your turret for the first 15 minutes of the game and make a few goat sacrifices to your local pagan god so your botlane listens to your pings when she roams and she does not get fed. If she does, well, it's on your for not providing a first class goat to your god.
: Can we make ap shaco viable again?
I am against anything that makes Shaco more viable in any way.
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: Yes, {{champion:69}} is not really that good right now, especially mid lane with all the melee assassins that can simply get in your face and destroy you. She is a lane bully, like {{champion:122}} in the top lane, however, like he struggles against cheese picks such as {{champion:17}} {{champion:67}} or {{champion:150}} , Cassio has her problem against melee assassins in the mid lane. Depending on your win rate and stats, you may want to consider a different champion for ranked. It's just like me, I've been trying to make my Ezreal work, but I am not doing well currently as that champ takes a lot of practice, and is not really that good in this aggressive meta.
I only have 22 games so far, but a winrate of 68%, so as a champion she is definitely not a problem down here. The problem is me wanting to get more farm later in the game, so I can keep it up when i advance.
Rioter Comments
: It's actually really hard to farm post 20 mins in soloQ because you can't be everywhere and, as you've mentioned, can't trust teammates that they won't engage or get picked off while you are farming. On the topic, if you are REALLY struggling to farm, as a mid laner, you should look to play utility mid laners that are now at their peak thanks to the considered-to-be-troll-pick Glacial Augment. Vel'koz is the best with them, who buys {{item:3030}} and {{item:3905}} and then just has a free combo on anyone who gets hit by his CC. {{champion:90}} should also work because he can shove waves really quickly and he doesn't even need to be there later in the game. The advantage of this build is that it focuses on enabling your less-than-intelligent teammates to do something, and is fairly cheap... though it comes at the price of lower raw damage. Other champions that come to mind: {{champion:25}} Black shield, decent lane clear, bind 'til enemy gets old, dies, gets reborn, and gets old again... {{champion:26}} can clear the lane, can AoE stun, free point-and-click Guardian Angel and bonus exp for the jungler, Glacial Augment allows him to set his stun up and catch up with the target for his E for prolonged slow.
thanks for understanding. I play Cassio mid, so kinda-but-not-really utility. but I have found, though, that when i get Rylai's I can basically set up a perimeter for my ADC so they can't be dived (?) upon, even if I get behind. What I want, tohugh, is to do damage, since that is where she shines obviously. And that gets really hard without items. Not to mention when i play against assassins who are out for me and I need to get my defensive stats as well.
: Same bug happens with Skarner Spires as well, you don't know who has them as they are invisible. You can only see on the map what team has the spire.
Rioter Comments
Hansiman (EUW)
: > So people get punished before reforming? I'm still not sure what you mean with this. If a player misbehaves, they'll get a punishment such a 10 game chat restriction. This form of penalty has shown to help reform players. If a player is never punished for their bad behavior, how are they to know that they're not behaving in an acceptable manner? --- > But you just said the goal was reforming and not punishing? The goal isn't to "not punish", but to punish in such a manner that it increases the chance the player reforms. If you just straight out punish someone in a manner that doesn't reform, chances are they'll just come back with the same behavior again. And what good does that do? --- > So I am after an example which highlights players reforming without receiving any kind of punishment. Reforming still comes through proper punishment that feels just. I think you misunderstood what I meant. --- > The system is flawed since it can't detect and punish trolls minutes after the game ended. It does, actually, but nobody will deny that it doesn't do it well enough. It's still better than what it used to be. --- > I was not aware support took care of such things, so they would fill the roll of reviewing the games then. But then what? You make a report after your game, it gets logged. I've reported a couple of players where it was obvious to me that they were intentionally feeding, and that they hadn't been picked up by the automated systems as their match history indicated they had been doing so for some games. All of the players I had reported seemed to take a sudden 14 day break from the game, so to me it suggests that support actually do handle the cases. This doesn't mean a manual report will lead to a penalty every single time, because even support will need to err on the side of caution to prevent punishing players that were simply having a very bad game. Even in real world justice systems it's considered better to let a guilty person go free, rather than punish an innocent one. --- > I have no idea and no way to find out if/when/how the player was punished, and if not, why. This is part of privacy laws. Riot can't actually disclose action taken on other accounts without violating privacy laws. Especially in EU countries, these laws are very strict. --- > And though I have not made any kind of data collecting to confirm this, what I see on forums and whatnot it seems to be the general feeling players have. The forums will always be a bad place to get a sense of the community feeling, because it's common that people use them to complain. Those that are satisfied won't come to the forums and write about it: they'll just keep playing the game since that's what they're here for. Forums will simply always make the community seem more unhappy than it is.
Okay, clean slate. We are talking way besides each other. My statement is that the current system supports trolling behaviour. It does not endorse it, nor does it encourage it, but it simply does not discourage it. Any decent troll knows not to int, leave or flame in a game and all in all he should be good and still get his honor 5 reward by end of season. there should be an automatic system in place to catch all the obvious sinners and as many as possible of the not so obvious ones, too. And I think it can be done more extensively than it seems to be the case now. I say seems, since as a player I don't feel like bad players are being punished. there are laws against me knowing how many players are punished or not, but the point is that I don't know and that shapes how I see the system. Riot should be able to release and get the word out about how effective their system is. Can I find the information? Possibly. But I am not gonna search for it as a casual player. It is all about perception. And silly as it is, the sense of justice. This makes the system flawed and does not prevent players from trolling, since there is no perceived threat. I ahve literally had games with players stating they troll, and they do, and that they don't give a %%%% because they have been doing so for a long time. I agree forums are mainly people complaining about this stuff when it is mentioned, but I also experience the hopelessness in games when there is a troll. In response to a game where there is an obvious troll I have never seen anyone type anything along the lines of "don't worry. He will be treated as he should and his kind will be fewer in number soon." It is more "*sigh*, well this happened again." I am totally fine with people reforming, what I want is games where people do not troll and destroy the game experience. And if they do steps should be taken to stop the player from doing it again. This is where you can punish people and either make them reform or simply remove their account from the game. Punishment for me is anything from low-priority queue to permanent/ID ban. Whatever is the necessary step. Or some kind of positive reinforcement I have no concrete idea of, since I have spent the better part of 10 minutes thinking about this. Or something I haven't even considered, as long as it does its thing.
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