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Valzuuuh (EUW)
: Hey Fluidly, If i understood correctly, 1st you had FPS issues in League of Legends, so you decided to uninstall game and now you can't reinstall it due to patcher not starting or stopping responding? What antivirus software are you using? For me this sounds like antivirus is blocking League of Legends, i recommend uninstalling it for testing purposes.
no no i had fps issues and I checked everything from my settings, to my drivers, etc etc and nothing came up any different in terms of quality so I decided to use the repair function in the patcher, only for it to decide it didn't want to properly repair all the files and would simply stop doing it's job leaving me locked out of the game as it kept trying to scan files every time I opened it. But a small update is that i managed to sort out the reinstalling issue. it's currently patching right now and I'm going to see if this perhaps fixes all the issues it's had so far. Sorry for the confusion as- Well- I'm a bit dumb. Hahahaha. thank you for the response though.
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