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Restalious (EUNE)
: Greetings, A.
: After
Riot said there's 2 (waves) of distribution : the first one is done and the second will be after jan
IoneI (EUNE)
: About honor lvl 2 after 12th November
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: Level difference between players
Dude feel Lucky, playing against Higher players is a pros, by this way you will get used to it so you will also improve. Knowing how diams works etc If u Don't want t improve then blame riot that's my point Im diamond and I wish I got master in my normals, would be fun
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: how do i report report staff abuse?
: > This is my only account. That's quite sad then :( Lemme tell you why : **** This is how your profile looks. Main lee Jungle, mixed results, near 50% w/r on comfort picks. Then there's the Irelia and Ahri games. **** #AHRI These are your own Ahri games. You picked her in RGMs, arams, and in THREE ranked games. The scores were : 3/10 - 1/5 - 3/5 Then you magically master Ahri, perfect your skills on her, and pull off a 10/4 average K/D and a 77% win-rate out of 13 games - while playing an offrole, on a champ that you have 10 times less experience than on your main, in your main role. Watch the dates. 18-22 February, 2018. **** #IRELIA Your first ever lifetime game on Irelia was in ranked, guess when ? 21 February 2018. Same date as your suspicious Ahri performance happened. You mastered her in a single game, spammed her for 2 days straight, got a 73% win-rate out of 15 games. **** You haven't played your main that month. Someone else was on your account, in mid-late February 2018, and boosted you in the span of a couple of days. > Banned and no way to prove myself You don't have to, the case is pretty clear. Evidence proves itself. There is no place for lies, when all data is available to the public. Good bye.
You kill me dude Aha :')))
Tokyo mega (EUNE)
: So riot games....Honor much?
It's just Impossible, you'd need more then a month or 2 to get honor 2 from honor 0 sorry, :(
: Glad you asked. Around 3000 UDYR games - I'm actually first on EUNE mastery-wise. Mid/jungle oriented acc, since 6 years ago or so. Never swapped summoners, never had suspicious IP activity on said acc, since I played from the same 3 places since forever. Pretty redundant to check on an OTP if he's getting boosted or not, since his performance will reflect the thousands of hours invested in a couple of champs. I also finished every season on 60% + win-rate either plat or dia, except S4, when I started out playing ranked. Also, risking all this : for some ELO, that I can get on my own, would be the stupidest thing I ever did. Clean as a snowflake, buddy :)
: I'm not here to pass judgement. I work like a machine, take a simple algorithm, apply it over a case, if it checks out I post it, if not I don't. You can't really make fun of an algorithm, it just exists. That it's not 100% accurate, well, with my current resources that's the best I can give. If spending your time like this makes you feel happy, I'm glad I made it happen for you. And no, I didn't take it bad :)
Have you tried the "algorithm" on yourself ? what does it say? Kappa
: My algorithms obviously can't work with 100% precision. I don't work for Riot, I do this out of boredom, while workin overnight on a project. If I could put my hands on their AI, my precision would shoot up to 99,9% :) Still, your kha games on an exclusively ADC main acc, while taking that fact that you never played the champ on this acc, could make anyone wonder, what's going on. Guess I was wrong this time LOL
It's my smurf :') But listen buddy I really like how you easy rekt those boosted *kids* It's fun But there I just wanted make fun of you. Hope you didnt took it bad aha :D
: Your ONLY kha'zix games were played in ranked, just now, 100% win-rate. No history of kha on said acc before, or after those games. You magically first timed the champ and won both games in ranked with him ? Seems plausible right ? no ... not really. See how easy it is to spot it out ? ADC main, who performs better on offrole, with first timing a champ. Who are you even trying to fool here? Yourself I guess LOL. Better luck next time tho.
Dude actually this topic was troll, I did not get banned and I JUST waited you on my post. Thanks you made my day. Officer The Lane Police - you're wrong there sorry. What I want to say here is that your "algorithms" Don't Always work. Because I see u on every post with ur analysis. Have a nice day :) IAJ I mentionned means It's A Joke
Lonser (EUW)
: I feel with you :( I got banned for boosting my friend to bronze 5.
Yeah same here banned for boosting my friend to lvl -1 *is actually trolling on forum is bannissable? Kappa*
: You seem like a scoundrel. And with that winrate over that many games you are obviously boosting! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
NO but what the hell is goin on ? can u explain
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: i am accully glad to be banned for 14 days, at least i don't have to play this game again
: Share your season 8 experiance
Tryharding like hell to get diamond, to get banned 5 days before end of season lmfao

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