: Firstly she doesn’t need changes, she’s quite strong in the right hands. It’s just a lot of assasins in this meta which means mobility so she’s less effective... just needs a better meta for her not a need for buffs. Secondly this would kill her early game... by making it a skill shot you completely remove her ability to trade through minion waves which in turn means she can’t trade how she usually does. Thirdly you’ve made her loose her ability to fight 1v1... she’s designed to punish champions trying to get onto her, but if her E doesn’t deal damage without hitting something else then fighting CQC is near impossible... she loses most of her damage in this scenario. And she doesn’t need help late game... her biggest power is her ability to control team fights, late game is where teamfights happen and really matter, it’s where she excels. She’s not a damage threat although she can easily burst someone... her strengh comes from dictating the teamfight and restricting enemies... her W alone can win a teamfight if placed well. So this change goes against what anivia is, handicaps her ability to lane, and is completely unnecessary.
Soooo can you explane me why her winrate drops after 20 to 40 min for 4% again? And how many times do you need to trait trought minionwaves? And even if, you can positioning yourself to hit him with the sec. instance. And why would she lose more dmg. she still doesn with first instance the same dmg.
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