Dr3dd2l00T (EUNE)
: champs like nasus,darius,irelia,fiora or even renek are toe to toe with tanks they simply need is 200IQ build,rest is mechanics
lol no, its always the same build no matter what, maybe some armor or mr thats it. 200iq build lol mate you must %%%%%%ed
: lol tanks dont do more dmg, A juggernaut can do but no, if you're getting out dmged by a tank, thats on you
The thing is tanks will build to counter the normal adc/ad build. there're also items to counter tanks and also champs who counter tanks super hard
Breakhz (EUNE)
: better nerf adc.
Lol its an adc meta, so yeah like they do with all meta's. it gets nerfed
SuppeLars (EUW)
: ***
lol tanks dont do more dmg, A juggernaut can do but no, if you're getting out dmged by a tank, thats on you
: What The
They stopped caring about the game,
: So, what about lux buffs, bet those are all about that yummy pro league
The whole reason why lux isn't in the pro league is the same fact as ashe, yes ashe is played but for only her ult, there both slow and yes do good dmg but no mobility, vel, koz is mainly played for counter and thats it. you do realize they onlu buff a few champs to make it look like they're not focusing on the money. by the way, no system can 100% identify what is flame and what ins't, the system badly need time and money spend to improve it. riot have both but choose not too
: I mean, there is literally 0 gain in flamming someone, they arent going to perform better, they will just do worse. The system bans those who were toxic, so, dont be toxic and you dont get banned. I see these crybaby posts all the time and i wonder if its that hard to seriously keep yourself cool in a damn video game. If people dont like the game, they can leave. Everyone makes it sound like league holds you down to you chair and says "play this game or we will kill your cat".
LOl what, the system has no way of telling who is flaming and whos not, you see it time and time again where people getting banned for not even saying a word. don't believe me just go look it up. the game is having a mega downfall cause riot refuse to Nerf champs the right way to make them fair. they base there nerf and buff on the pro league alone and you can see this patch after patch. riot are after the money and the money alone now. they dont care about the game anymore, simple as that
DooTsoNz (EUW)
: Why bother anymore?
The ban system is a joke, 100% broken and yet riot do nothing to make it fair. it shows us they don't care anymore and just want to make money. for the amount of money they make everyday the game could be better then ever but they sit there with there heads up there arse,
Rioter Comments
: ***
she cant one shot shit, em what, mate play her and you will eat your words. just look at youtube and you will see how broken as %%%% she is


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