Zee Zone (EUW)
: We want MORE maps not LESS #SaveTwistedTreeline
They removed it because of TFT now they will focus more on TFT and force the players to play summoner rift more less players are playing summoner rift now i hope that TFT mode be the end of this company and make them lose players maybe they will wake up then.
: New pantheon. pros and cons, first impression
the shield thing will get removed for sure just wait for it Riot like to introduce new mechanics then remove them i have no idea how is this any difference to the old Irelia's W they never learn .
: riot gonna give us compensation because of the downtime?
No. they don't care and they proved that on multiple occasions and there is a part of the community who is so in love with Riot to the point they will down vote your post and tell you they don't have to because it is a free game and that you should get a job, which in my opinion is pathetic and i have no idea how those people actually process the inputs and out come with such %%%%%%ed comments.
: Gamebreaking TFT bug!!!!
TFT is one big bug anyway it is just random the coding is so RNG and the whole game is one big RNG nightmare.
: To all TFT Double fh pyke BUG abusers
i'm getting sick of TFT really doesn't feel like league anymore, i hope TFT would be the downfall of league, there are already less people playing summoner rift because of that mode, they will realize soon that they doomed themselves.
: Why league don't have an Arabic language
Riot made it clear since its release that they don't care about any thing African related or Arab related no servers for them or even in game support, it isn't profitable enough to them as far as they concerned.
ShensFrau (EUW)
: Ezreal w+E dont work
Nothing works buddy LUL you are late to the party LUL
: Why doesnt rito disable ranked now???
probably haven't realized yet the number of bugs so busy with TFT LUL
Twolouisa (EUW)
: Annie has a gamebreaking bug, please disable
This is hilarious{{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
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: That doesn't make any sense, why would I let it go when she's literally stunning people with every damaging ability? I like playing league and I don't want to be playing against bugs that are ruining the game for me and other players
because they know that those bugs exists and they know that there is a l long list of bugs and they will do something about it when they feel like they can or want and this is how the game works in case you don't know only a couple of bugs will get hot fixed and the rest will be fixed on the next patch.
: Sivir W don't works
*game doesn't work since new patch*
: Annie Bug
the whole game is a bug since they released TFT man let it go.
: Lost a game to a gamebreaking morde bug
well we have crashes,client issues,bug,dropping fps that freezes the game,server issues and add to the list as much as you want this bug is the least concern and i doubt they care if you lost a game because of it ,since TFT came out and LOL is broken game feels like it is in a beta test it is hilarious really and they aren't even apologizing or acting nice like the one time they gave us some mission coins as a compensation all because the community lashed at them in forums and called them names and now they are crying in a corner and decided to piss the players more by handling the issues poorly like that .
Grimmrok (EUNE)
: Aatrox 9.14 patch
the champion lost his identity at the past he was an auto attack based life stealing champion now he is a riven that heals from her Qs and that is it, honestly the rework is a major failure the theme of the reviving life stealing champion that auto attacks you to death is gone this champion have nothing to do with the old one only visually he looks like it if they can give him a new look and name him anything else and bring the old Aatrox and they will have an extra champion, it is hilarious.
Morlek (EUW)
: ok my friend you tell me any jungler dont trust top lane, im with you, but why i trust jungler wen start the game and he say i play first time this hero so dont blame, why wen in loading screen i click jungler banner and i see 25lvl 10pts and you tell me he dont trust me ? ofc all days you dont play good you have some days bad games but wen you have bad day and lose the lane or game for jungler what can i do ? thx for reading
well you shouldn't trust anyone either you should assume that you will 1 vs 2 your top lane or at least farm and play your best if the matchup is highly not in your favor do your best all you have to do is to win more than you lose and you climb even if your win rate isn't high you can't win all games and if you are going to play like the enemy jungler is an LCK player you will be frustrated and you will try to chat they won't understand you will fight with him and because you are the one dying they will end up reporting you and you will get banned so mute all and play.
Morlek (EUW)
: jungle
because they don't trust the top lane in this Elo top laners tend to throw a lot. it is one of the hardest role in game to carry from even if the player is fed he is probably a tank or just doesn't know how to carry a game where his entire is feeding and he ends up throwing his lead and destroying all the jungler efforts for nothing because he doesn't even switch lanes with bot and have little to no game knowledge (wave management etc) so he ends up getting 4 men ganked and losing the top side and probably the baron with it while the bot lane is easier to carry with even if the adc is a bad player and the supports are pretty simple once the adc is fed you spam keys on your adc or the enemy and the adc deletes the entire front line, you shouldn't be bothered if you get camped in game as long as the jungle is using this to gain an advantage on the map but if he doesn't do that then it is doomed you have to 1 vs 2 the top lane yourself or you won't carry it.
: " Sorry we were unable to start your game"
Less people are playing league now too queues are longer a lot of players spamming TFT it is less frustrating and less team play dependent and less toxic overall.
: " Sorry we were unable to start your game"
It is because of TFT their human resources aren't enough to keep both games running regularly fine with little to no issues, right now they need to hire new people or this is only going to get worse but i guess they making sure TFT will become a regular thing and a success in the future as it is in the present before they commit to hiring new people who knows but for now things will only get worse not just client and server issues the overall quality of the game will go down in the next few weeks.
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