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Smerk (EUW)
: It depends on streamer and his audience, e.g. I'm watching GuardsmanBob, he has 1k or more viewers when he plays HS and his chat is clearly readable most of the time, and he has like one or two mods only and no limits on the chat
I agree that chat is a good thing for low audience stream, but having the ability to talk on World stream or High audience stream is useless to me, that's like sending message bottles in the sea
xTharios (EUW)
: Perfect internet, but having 150+ping only in league
A decent "ping google" doesn't mean your internet is fine if you meant that by "perfect internet". Random solution : Check if p2p is turned "on" on the launcher, my friend had a similar issue with lol. If it's on, turn it off. Explanation : If p2p is activated, It seems like the lolclient is sharing your files with people over the internet. If you have a bad upload rate, that completely fcks your game up.
RydahX (EUW)
: Twitch Chat in a nutshell
I don't even know why a chat is avaiable when more than 20 people are watching a stream at the same time. It's like impossible to read anything, everybody is posting their thought or random sentence or random hero name or random old-not-fun-anymore-joke-im-original-hue without any hope of having an answer. Seriously why do we even call that a chat ?
: Spamming surrender votes perhaps the worst and most overlooked form of toxic negative attitude.
I'd like to say that it's a negative attitude to press "NO" when obviously the game is one-sided since the beginning, please add "Masochist" as a punishable offense, or "Time Waster"
: I'm sure he did, this conversation is full of Kappas
I don't know, sometime it's just too Kappa for me, or maybe i'm stupid, or both
Roundar (EUW)
: The reason to pick Morgana.
Or simply play thresh : 100% wife steal
: Play like TSM
Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh !
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: Don't you mean.. cleaver thinking ?
I thought he meant that at first
: not matter what role your in buy 1 pink ward please
: Go play HoTS then.
I can't for the moment, but i'll play tonight for sure
: This is how league was at the beggining. In 2 years Hots will be like league is right now
Not if they keep that kind of system, as i said it's kind of "brutal"
kiwishrew (EUW)
: Yeah you're right. Shame HotS is an abysmal game.
What's so bad about Hots ? It's relatively recent but definitely different ! I like the multiples game modes, there's always something... well... different :)
: Also, what I remember from the 2 HotS games I've played: - People on a team evolve in level at the same rate - People can't get judged on farm - There are no assists, everyone contributing earns a kill People are less reliant on a bad personal early game. So they are less likely to be completely unimportant afterwards. For my personal experience, for the biggest part toxicity doesn't come from emotes or all chat. It comes from how people/teammates play or behave.
You've got a point, i feel like Blizzard knew every point that drive a player to rage upon another player. A support can have as much kills as an assasin, which is awesome ! :D But i'm a bit sad because i prefer Lol over Hots, even though i'm way less angry on Hots x) It's a shame that some people of this community can't be as good as the gameplay.
VaIac (EUW)
: Are you tired of "surr 20" "omg lost" "ff 20" in ranked? Lets fix it!
Yeah people surrend too easily these times, but i think you can give the freedom to surrender to 80% of the team, only 1 more vote is needed to decline the surrender
: Well...this doesn't imply at all that they have a generally working system that does it. One person says that he got banned for saying "retard". So if we assume that he said the abolute truth, all we know is still just "One person got banned for saying retard". This is all we know right now. And it makes me wonder: If I say "i am a retard", will I be banned? And if not, how do they do that? And if they have a method to avoid that, why don't they mention anything about that in their articles?
I don't really know, i don't have precisions about how the system work, i'm just sharing my experience since i almost never encountered any flamer on Hots compared to League
: Well that is Blizzards approach in competetive environments in general now, since no talking = no flaming. But i think it's just a duct tape solution to a symptom of a problem of a much larger scale. Sure it is effective but also devastating and doing lots of collateral damage to the community. I mean it just feels retarded to say: We all do a thing we love, but we can't share it because people aren't capable of communication normally when in a competetive environment. I think the solution that Riot goes with restricting talk to force people to think about what they talk and by putting cool downs on it to give people also time to reflect, is way more effective to fix the problem than flat out just forbidding communication. It might not be as effective in the short run as Blizzards approach but in the long run it is way more sustained and people actually learn some skills from a game they didn't have before, besides pushing buttons quick and having some nice reflexes. ( Slight note: I know league is a lot harder than "just pushing buttons" etc.). Personally i think since games have a huge influence on people theses days developers, should use the powers to provide to learn some skills for everyday life or some social skills based on the type of game they provide. I said "should use" because i wanted to avoid the word responsability. I don't think it is the job of game dev's to fix the issues of their players that come from many other sources, but i think if you love developing games and want people to enjoy your games more you need to teach them skills besides mechanics, reflexes and tactics and if you can fix some small portion of their social life while doing so that is a really great thing.
Yeah i'm with you on this, the "duct tape" is an appropriate expression but sometime i feel like it's the only way to go. I know league tried to encourage positive behavior by giving gift to "good guys", but it only brought more rage from toxic player, because of jealousy i guess.
: > Yes, you can disable <<all>> on league Actually it's disabled by default. You have activate it manually. If you decide to join allchat, thats your decision alone. > the toxicity is the same as before Thats simply not true. Toxicity has reduced massively in the last few years. > and it even seems that there are false positive punishing innocent people. Does it? I read (literally) every player behavior related post on this board and I am still waiting for the first false positive. They do exist of course, but it's 1 in 6000....and if this happens, Riot lifts the punishment. No system is perfect, it is literally impossible to have zero false positive in any judgement system. Demanding that is very unrealistic. Concerning HotS: I played it for a while and it was nice in the beginning, but as soons as I wasn't a total noob anymore (maybe after 50-100 games) the flame and blame began. I experienced toxicity like i have never seen it in LoL in all those years and it made me stop playing the game. Maybe blizzard improved their punishment system by now, but my experience with player behavior in HotS was just horrible and I had the feeling they do absolutely nothing about it. edit: Out of interest I just googled a bit to inform myself about Blizzards PB sytems. I've found a rather new article where the developers basically say that the only implemented methods are "no all chat" and a "mute all button". Correct me if i am wrong, but I can't find any source for Blizzard actually fighting toxic behavior. Do you have any reliable source for this: > One bad word = punishment (Someone said "retard" once = One day ban or more) ?
> One bad word = punishment (Someone said "retard" once = One day ban or more) My mate told me that one of his friend said "retard" one time to another guy in game, and he got banned for one day. The system is brutal but kind of working because almost nobody flame anymore
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Bombardox (EUW)
: An easy jax bot used ward Q to escape from me but ...
Coming soon, Rekt mod : Play vs Faker-like bots
Messeery (EUNE)
: Bronze players.
There's even a channel called How to Bronze and i think it's funny, because it's only a rank,something virtual, not your face nor how much you weight. People are making fun of me, saying i surrender at 20 because i'm french and i'm not mad about that, yet it's my nationality we're talking about. Will you complain now when someone tells you that you skin is ugly ?
: Bots against bots make coop-vs Ai unplayable and your support doesnt react.
This is mainly happening because Riot allow smurfs. Oh you banned me ? Np i'll just buy a 8€ account, so nice of you
0w1boy (EUW)
: Boards in nutshell.
You forgot : A thread about threads
Ayy lemao (EUW)
: So I guess you have some skins on your account? You paid for game?
Ayy lemao (EUW)
: But the problem is, people who got banned they didn't flame back... They just argued over little things and got banned for 14 days, that's why you see all these smurfs in silver/gold these days, bunch of plats/dias are banned and have nowhere to go but lower elo smurfs.
Well, isn't this a bit exagerated ? Never had a ban for just somehow defending my self gently, and i often defend my self
PepijndM (EUW)
: Player A: "STFU \*\*\*\*\*\*\*\*\*" Player B: "Would you please calm down" Rito: "Same level 10/10 IGN" just sayin'
I didn't mean that, i'm talking about people flaming back and think it's K' because they didn't start. I don't think you're guilty if you just answer "please calm down", really
Ayy lemao (EUW)
: Look. Yes tribunal is dead and yes tips haven't been updated and yes dominion is dead yet still an option to play even though URF isn't while there's actual demand for it but at least we have chroma skins under fair price of 750RP and RIOT is constantly working on new skins. They just made new map skin for ARAM. How can you be so greedy in FREE-TO-PLAY game?? Yes Graves may not have a cigar but at least Gentleman Cho'Gath has his tobacco pipe. There's actually some new system nobody knows about and there's barely any information on how it works. [->LINK<-]( It's completely ridiculous. If you have intentional feeder, flamer and you reply to them you're just as guilty as they are and you will get banned for 14 days. "Don't fight fire with fire" is RIOT's motto. "If you have nothing good to say, better not to say anything at all". Really? 0-10-0 guy in ranked->better not say anything. AFK premade in ranked->better not say anything. toxic person->better not say anything. I wonder, if you also have pings to "communicate", what is chat for? Especially all-chat. Where are good old times when you can say "fuck you" to 0-10-0 person without getting 14 days ban? Please don't question the reconnect button. It says it's reconnecting you. It may take year or two but at least it does what it's saying. It's RECONNECTING and not "you will be reconnected in xy seconds". It just say it WILL reconnect you, not when. So, Sir, you're just stupid. Nobody reads help log anyway so they don't bother updating it. That submit log thing was active long ago... They just removed it and didn't update help. They don't really care about getting few extra players because they get many new players. Only if people are whining about something in great numbers will it catch their attention. They are ~~greedy fucks~~ busy people ~~worrying about only money~~ caring for their players ~~and how to earn more money~~ and their in-game experiences. Don't hope for any actual fixed or improvements. We should've seen many balances in LP and mmr system and none of them happened. People who are queuing for free lose don't get compensated. What I mean by that is those 4 people who queue into ranked and just get that 1 AFK, troll, intentional feeder, etc. Why do 4 people get punished and 5 people rewarded for that 1 idiot's behavior??? Not sincerely, **_Ayy lemao_**
> flamer and you reply to them you're just as guilty as they are Yes you are, you're at the same level if you reply
iHeyt (EUNE)
: Yeah, but sometimes actually there may be internet provider problem and not intentional disconnect from someone's side. It may take 2-5-10 minutes. So It would be bad If I would get harsh punishment because I was willing to play till end.
Agree, the system shouldn't punish more than it does actually, you can't be 100% sure that your internet will work for the current game
FlixxFail (EUW)
: Did you ever play poker and had the feeling your aces get alway beat? That is statistically not possible. In the end there is not bad luck regarding the distribution of afk players. You probably just don't recognize them when they are not on your team. ;)
I don't know :P Can't remember the last time ennemy team had an afk I'm not complaining at all though, i'm just sharing my feeling xD
: Tribunal not working, Reconnect not working, etc.
I don't understand how such big issues aren't fixed yet. I would understand if that was a small bug that happen in special conditions (like 1 chance out of 10 000), but here we have one of the main function not working. If only the game wouldn't crash half of the time, we wouldn't notice it ? I don't even know what to say, i'd be fired for such a mistake, and i'm a single developper, not an entire team
: Why LoL is going into wrong direction.
Someone wishing cancer to someone else should be banned forever, if you don't know the importance of such a word, you shouldn't be able to communicate with other people.
: Suggestion - Champion Skin - Kraken Vel'koz
Why do the users have better ideas than an entire team of conception ?
BudoBoy07 (EUW)
: You think so? Remember that its weaker than other items if you can't successfully use your passive. And to get the range, you must to nothing for 1 second. No attacks, no movement, which is very bad if a fight has already started. It may be too strong on poke AD champions though, but it gives a lot of attack speed and some crit chance which isn't as good on poke ADC champs as raw attack damage. It's ability range increase may need to be reduced though.
Yeah right, but my first though was about twitch, because it basically gives his ultimate about 1150 range and his Q allow him to move, stay in place for a second without revealing his position so he can position his self, throw his E at 1300 ranges, and burst the hell out of someone/an entire team
: Right. So you want to not lose LP when someone go AFK but i guess it's perfectly fine when you get an easy win and LPs cause the AFKer is on the other team.
Oddly, the afk is always on my team, i'd actually like it if the ennemy team had one for once
Neonchan (EUW)
: Oh we are behind, better insult and flame until someone ragequits instead of trying
Well if someone flame you for 20 minutes, trying to abuse the system by using terribles words, i guess this guy will be banned forever
BudoBoy07 (EUW)
: 6 new items for ADC's
Steady iron torch looks a bit broken
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Eveninn (EUW)
: I'll provoke a ban.
You can point out mistakes, but there's a huge difference between : "You should not had dive without me" and "Why the fck did you go alone ?" I know the difference is really really tiny, only smart people can see the small amount of differents letters between these two sentences.
: Can we PLEASE have a chat modifier toggleable by ourselves?
I think that would be a good thing to give the capabilité to mute/demute yourself on the client, and then, ingame, you can't change it anymore, you can just switch it back in the client. If people just can't stop flamming at all at least they can restrain their self if they choosed to do it
Ham of Doom (EUNE)
Sorry to ask but could you make a video ? I don't own zed and i'm curious about that
Emillie (EUW)
: [0:30] Vayne: diamond smurf main adc [2:40] Vayne has targeted Kalista [2:41] Vayne has targeted Kalista [2:41] Vayne has targeted Kalista [2:43] Vayne: leo engage [2:50] Kalista has drawn first blood! [2:52] Vayne: gg [3:00] A summoner has disconnected
The fact that it's a vayne is oddly funnier
: Every ranked game ever
The worse if when you ping they are like " Omg why no message ? don't use ping you idiot !!" annnnnd when you message : "Wtf i don't read the messages just use ping god dammit". Map awereness any1 ?
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Gebba (EUW)
: What part of it? There truly is no punish for it. Please read the whole act where i also talk about the intentional feeding to make sure you understand why i say there is no specific punish for being a bad player. Reporting for unskilled does in fact mean you will never be matched with them again unless you manually invite them. This however might not work in normal games, i dont entirely know becuz it used to be this way in ranked, i can assure you.
This part is wrong, unskilled player isn't proven to have any effect on the game, especially something abusable like that.
ItsMaz (EUW)
: Harsher? No. All of the people complaining about their unfair bans post their chat logs, and are wondering why when they call someone a "fucking whore" or "retard imbecile" they get punished for it. These little children simply can't comprehend basic things, and somehow can't get it through their heads that what they're saying is wrong. Glad to be seeing so many bans being given out.
I remember when Lyte took actions on a thread where people cried about their restriction and how they didn't deserve this. Lyte just posted their chat log and that was just a flame fest.. It's like people doesn't even notice how toxic they are, they think it's a normal thing to call someone a wave of bad names just for the sake of venting their anger
: ive tried that but i got more reports for no communication like this ://
I don't think that kind of report work. You're not forced to talk with your allies, you can communicate with pings
: Are bans becoming harsher?.
My trick to not be tempted to flame back : at soon as the game start i simply mute everybody. In reality, pings are almost enough to communicate with your team. By muting people i can concentrate properly and ranked become way stressless. I don't mind when people do mistakes, we're not perfect, i will eventually tell you to play safe or to focus on the game, but flaming is just plain useless, and i feel like people flaming once should get a kind of restriction.
: Could be something like different codes being sent with different computers.
Yep but that could be the same person playing on different computers, that doesn't prove guilty
: Appreciate in this context does work. Appreciate has multiple definitions, one of which being: > "[to] understand (a situation) fully; recognize the full implications of." Understand works as well, but appreciate is perfectly valid. Just a tip: before correcting someone's language, check your own facts. Language is a very complex subject, so there are many roads to reach the same destination. :)
I didn't correct anything
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