Masantha (EUW)
: Hello UK Players!
Are you Ham Santa? Do you go round delivering presents to farmyard animals? Greetings from Yorkshire, it's also been pretty crappy weather up this way also and we are prepped for the supposed "Beast from the East" Round 3 that is meant to be coming this weekend, good thing there is plenty of league stuff happening over the weekend! Not sure if I will get a reply, but if you were to build a "Super Champ" (Passive-Q-W-E-R) from the list of currently available champions, what would you pick?
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: Riot why crush my skin dreams
What we do need is a Pool Party Aurellion Sol, that has Beach balls circling him instead of the stars and his ult makes a wave similar to the nami ulti.
: Isn't it inteded for her to be like {{champion:67}} ? High risk-high reward type of thing with weak laning phase, but a heavy snowballer.
From what I understand of the champ, yes, in a lot of ways she is meant to be that type of champ. Though if you look at base stats, even Vayne has 550 auto-attack range (which is more than the likes of Jinx, Xayah etc). Like I said in my original post, I feel just buffing her auto range by 1 mark to 525 would be a huge Quality of life buff for her, it wouldn't be over excessive but it would allow her to trade in lane a little better as right now she gets punished heavily by pretty much everything.
: She has the same as Sivir and more tools to outplay the enemy; I'd say she's fine. If you can survive as Sivir then Kai'sa should be a piece of cake.
Yeah, I know she has the same as sivir, but Sivir (and lucian) have means to deal with having such short AA ranges. - Sivir has her Boomerang toss and ricochet abilities, along with her spellshield to help stop some of the poke. - Lucian has his E which allows him to dodge aforementioned skillshots AND activates his passive making it easier to last hit a minion Kai'sa on the other hand, does not really share these sort of capabilites, sure her E gives her a minor amount of move speed, but that is not something you want to waste without due cause as it is also her main method of escape if things go south. I'm not saying overall it's a huge issue, it just feels odd to play at that range without a means to counterplay poke lanes (which, to be fair, are quite prominent in games today)
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: Kai'Sa purchasable but temporarily disabled, why?
Yeah, that was a joke, was in champ select, couldn't pick her, then it comes to the actual lock ins and first pick enemy side picks her. Would have been nice to know in that 30 second window that she had been enabled again lol
: Kai'Sa purchasable but temporarily disabled, why?
Same here my man, been waiting all day and now she is disabled lol
Eambo (EUW)
: Hey Old Man Fox, My first thoughts would be: - Modifications (Any mods you can think of to the LoL files? Custom skins or other edits?) - Third party programs (Anything in the background maybe modifying or editing the files?) - "Unnatural usage" of the client (IE: Attempting to manually load a replay of a previous patch or other odd things like this) Assuming none of those are the issue, my next thought would be faulty disk segments. This can normally be "tested" by moving LoL to another location or hard drive and running a custom game from there to see if the issues persist. Moving the files to a "non-faulty" physical sector of the drive basically can help! ^_^
Well, I moved the entire Riot file to a new location (the first three bullet points don't apply, I don't use custom skins or anything like that). Seems to be good so far, no issues at this moment in time, so fingers crossed it seems to have worked. Thanks for the reply and if anything else crops up, I'll mention it here.
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ChillPill91 (EUNE)
: Has anyone been getting worse teams than usual recently?
The teams for the most part have been OK (in comparison to regular standards anyhow). The main times I have problems is during Promo series, just had a game where I was in Promo for Silver 4. Our top lane Riven, who admittedly, was rather good got herself to 21/0/3 at around the 25 min mark. Now, that should have been all she wrote for that game, but of course, this is low elo. this is a Riven player we are talking about. 21 kill Riven gets cocky as hell, and the other members of our team start praising her as if the sun shone out of her arse end. She starts splitpushing constantly, where the enemy team keeps going 5 man vs her, sure, she gets another kill or two, but ultimately she falls. This happens over and over. _"Why doesn't the rest of the team just push the rest of the map whilst they go for her?"_ I hear you ask. sitting at the defeat screen I honestly still don't know the answer to this question, we had a "support" Lux who was obsessed with Baron, a Fizz who thought farming jungle was more important than pushing and our jungler was just wandering aimlessly. The best answer I got was from the Riven, which was "Why should we listen to you?" (Just being fed does not make you good, you're just fed) Um maybe because what you have been doing for the past 10 mins is not working, regardless of how fed you are and Jarvan told me I talk too much. I will continue talking until shit like this stops happening, it's a team game, start playing that way for god sake, it's really not that hard of a concept to understand guys... PEACE AND LOVE {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: no gamemodes this weekend so more people watch allstars?!
They have done it on purpose, we get Poro King starting Monday for the full week instead of just the 3 days. I believe it's Poro king for one week, URF Snowdown for 2 week then back to poro king for another week at the back of January.
: Way to much damage.
Anyone else care to mention also that these new Runes only just came out today? Yes, they have been on PBE, but now they are live it will feel unbalanced for a while, this is the whole point of pre season, so they can iron out the bugs and balance things etc. I have been playing since Season 3, and pre season has always been pretty much the same, it's messy yes, but damn it can be fun to experiment with. Just enjoy it whilst it lasts, as I'm sure over the next few patches things will start to balance out somewhat.
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: What year do you think is the best worlds so far? (From Season 1 to Season 7)
In my honest opinion, I'm kind of torn on this Matter. Season 5 WAS really quite damn good (hell, we had 2 EU teams in the Semi finals), however worlds 2016...regardless of what you thought of the Meta, no one can deny one thing, ALBUS NOX LUNA were amazingly fun to watch, it was so refreshing after what I considered to be one of the weaker LCS seasons in terms of entertainment value to get treated to some genuinely fun to watch games. These guys smashed the Meta to pieces in some of their games and not only did it work, it looked amazing at the same time (Misfits this worlds left me thinking the same thing, only looking more organised whilst doing so) So to summarise, Season 5 for the Venues, set up and the like. Season 6 for the sheer entertainment value.
: Who can topple SKT?
In all honesty, if RNG doesn't take down SKT, I will be a little surprised. Yes, Misfit's "weird picks" were a large reason as to why they won the games they won (I honestly don't understand why they did not take the Blitz in game 5). But as so many others have pointed out, it is also a lot to do with SKT just simply under performing compared to how they normally play. RNG have looked pretty solid throughout the tournament so far, if I were to make a prediction now, I would have to say 3-1 RNG.
: [Spoilers] FNC vs RNG
Yeah, I have to agree that Fnatic's performance today was incredibly lackluster. Even in the game they won, they only just managed it by the skin of their teeth. It's extremely disheartening as a EU fan to see one of the better EU teams go out so easy. (Don't even get me started on G2, that's a topic for another thread lol). As for Misfits, I am extremely happy that they did so well, they showed that EU can be a strong region, almost entirely rocking the entire tournament in game 5. I seriously hope they don't take the loss too hard, they should be extremely proud of how far they have come in just a year. My main hope is they keep the same squad line-up for the next season and come back to worlds even better than they did this year, really put EU back on the board as a Worlds contender once again. #Misfits2018 {{sticker:sg-poppy}}
ozleoaks (EUW)
: E-Sports a sport? - Dissertation Discussion
To the best of my knowledge, countries are slowly waking up to the idea of "e-sports" being recognised as an official sport, I believe you can apply for a visa over in america if you are considered to be doing such a thing as a career path, or attending college. Source: From my personal stand point, I see no reason why it should not be, many of the top tier players (especially over in Korea) spend 12 hours+ per day training in their chosen "craft" as it were, sure, it's not as physically draining as some sports are (though I guess you could argue when it comes to the likes of drawn out Bo5's at major international tourneys), however the level of mental dedication required to take it to the pro levels is just as much, if not more in some cases. I guess more than anything, it relies entirely on whether the companies that make the games that are tied to E-sports (League, DOTA, overwatch, CS:GO and many others) are able to keep things going over multiple years to come (Counter strike has done this, but can you say if they will still be going strong in say, 5-10 years?)
: as the person who never watches anything non-lcs i had longzhu last {{sticker:galio-happy}} and immortals first :D still got decent points from fnc and gam though will lose everything from now on i'm afraid
I rarely watch LCK, it's just when I saw the draws for the groups and saw the groups that the 3 Korean teams got drafted into, I put them all as 1st place as by past results, Korean teams tend to do really well in groups so it was an easy choice. With My group D picks I have no clue about how the Chinese teams play, so it was a toss up between TSM and WE, but TSM won out in my eyes as they have had another good season (plus being an ADC main, I put my faith in my favourite NA adc Doublelift.) I have Misfits in 3rd as I feel they are stronger than Flash wolves overall based on my experience of FW performances in past international tournaments
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Boonie (EUW)
: who do you think will win worlds this year?
In all honesty, this year is the first year I honestly feel that there is a team that could challenge SKT for the No1 spot. Longzhu Gaming looking quite strong already. I had hoped Fnatic were going to give a better performance than what they have given this far, and I cannot see them making it out of groups especially since their game 3 today is vs LZ. If I had to make a prediction for the top 4, based on how I feel atm, I would have to say 1. Longzhu gaming 2. SKT 3. TSM 4. Team WE
: I mean LZ beat SKT, but last time that happenned (rox winning summer), skt still won. So yeah, korea will be above anyone else, LZ and SKT are the two teams to avoid, and SKT will probably win... Again...
SKT have been known to perform sub par in their region (well enough to get to worlds, but that's it) it's at the international tournaments where they really step up their game tbh. One thing I remember from last year was teams were running in, one player after another trying to pick up kills and getting majorly outplayed. The key to beating SKT, from what I have seen, is patience which sadly a lot of the western teams do not have. Western mentality is almost solo Q esque "run it down mid" where as the eastern teams are very methodical and deliberate most of what they do is planned minutes ahead of the other team. (drakes, nashor, split pushing etc)
: "I want to do this, I want this legacy behind me."
Honestly, well played to G2 on their 4th consecutive split title, but in all fairness this means little to nothing. Yes, they are extremely good within our region, but for whatever reason they fall apart when it comes to the international stage. I truly hope that Fnatic make it through the regional qualifiers and get that 3rd spot for worlds, (IN MY OPINION) we would then have at least 2 teams that stand somewhat of a chance at worlds, Fnatic have a proven track record at international tourneys-yes they need some work, but they have between now and worlds to get in as much scrim time as possible. Misfits I feel could be a huge underdog on the worlds stage, they play somewhat like a wildcard team and that unpredictability could be the undoing of a number of teams this year. As always, the big one to beat will be SKT, who still look as strong as ever. If Fnatic (provided they get through regionals- I think Unicorns would an OK-ish replacement if they get through) or Misfits get placed in a group that does not have SKT in it, I believe they could make Quarter finals and beyond with ease. Again, this is solely MY OPINION, so no hate please. Anyone else have some thoughts as to how things go this year?
: > [{quoted}](name=Sophita Ren,realm=EUW,application-id=N9uP9Byj,discussion-id=gnLyAH3B,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-09-03T11:15:28.075+0000) > > So you expect them not to show current / upcoming match-ups?{{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}} He probably just means the big ''FANATIC WINS!'' thing and I get why but welp.
Yeah, deffo this. They have a news section within the client, so why they could not have put it in there instead of the overview on the main page is beyond me...give it a few hours and the spoiler for todays final will be up I guess as well.
: What's the best lol pick up lines you've heard?
Girl you turn my blasting wand into a needlessly large rod. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: Swains Rework - I'm terrified
I'm always on tenderhooks when it comes to them doing a full rework of any champ (so far, I have not been too overally disappointed) will just have to wait with baited breath on swain. As for the question of "what lies beneath the scarf?" I direct you to this, always my fallback to this type of question.
: Kayn is a soul reaper and rhaast a shinigami!..
I thought that Soul Reapers and Shinigami's were one and the same thing? Been a long while since I watched anything Bleach related, so the memory may be lacking but I could have sworn they both meant the same thing.
Four Star (EUW)
: Why is EU so biased towards NA?
A lot of stuff that gets thrown around on the internet is simply down to past International tournaments, historically EU has done better than NA has in most international tourneys (Worlds, MSI, IEM etc). Not to say that NA are bad in anyway (TSM put on a show at RR these past few days, hoping they can carry this into worlds, would love to see them do well vs the Eastern teams). A lot of hype is thrown into the EU teams and (being from the UK myself) I never really understand why, the last time I truly got excited for an EU team was back when Gambit Gaming were at their peak (IEM 7/8 I think it was, going back a few years anyhow). Whilst our top teams (G2, Fnatic and UoL perform well domestically, it has been a while since I have been hyped for a EU team going into a international tournament. I was initially looking forward to seeing Fnatic at RR, but as soon as they kept drafting the same things, I knew they would fall far from the mark, they were far too predictable and you saw the NA teams adapt really quick to their signature play style, I'm hoping they can come up with some new stuff should they make it to worlds, otherwise the eastern teams will wreck them.
MrPaulYes (EUW)
: Everybody knows no one cares about winning this,eveyone keepin their strats and the best clown fiesta should win. Unicorns,Fnatic or P1 are the favorites to win :D
Fnatic look REALLY strong when they play their style proper...the problem is, their "style" atm is simply pick Kennen/Shen and go nuts at lvl 6. This Rift rivals event showed how quickly the NA teams adapted to their playstyle that has been doing so well in the EU LCS, Fnatic need to stop being the one trick pony they have become, they have shown in the past they are extremely capable on other champs, they need to diversify more before worlds otherwise (If) when they get there the other teams will dumpster them in group stages.
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: So should we also disable people from promoting after winning as 5 vs 4? Because why would you deserve to promote when playing with that kind of advantage.
I don't think that was his intention in saying that, they could implement a system where in if a player is afk for say, more than 15 mins in a game, the person with 0LP get's a pardon as such. I'm no game designer, so it's not exactly the most perfect of ideas, but I too have been in a similar scenario many times in ranked as I am sure a lot of others have been also. There truly is nothing more frustrating than losing a game that is out of your control.
: > but what would be pretty cool is if they made an honorary skin in tribute to the runes Can you explain that? Because right now this doesn't make much sense imo. If they change runes i just want my IP back.
More than anything this was just a late night rambling, my brain goes off on strange tangents when it gets this tired lol. As a couple others have already stated, simply giving back IP would be pointless, I for one have already got all the champions unlocked and have full rune pages/runes. (Been playing since the back end of off season 2/start of season 3) and currently have around 100k IP just sat doing nothing.
Nakoruru (EUNE)
: Rune Guard Ryze Rune Lord Ryze Rune Master Ryze Rune Keeper Ryze _"If I had a rune for every mile I've run, I'd be done running."_ P.S. Don't be mad, have my upvote! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Mate, I'm so tired, that one literally flew straight over my head, it's such an obvious choice lol. I would think it would have to have ryze in some sort of runic armour, sure it covers the blue smurf muscles, but it would look cool.
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: Can we talk about how bad is Perkz at Syndra?
Saw this watching the finals right now, and sir, I am so very sorry but you are wrong. Perkz is a monster on this champ. XD
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opanak92 (EUNE)
: man geting lv5 on champ is eazy just main him for some while,if you can wait lv30 you can wait few more days. I know, i wanted to try all champs same, when i was starting my lol expirience in gaming... i edid my post...
Whilst I get the concept behind the idea you are pitching (Some of which I agree with), merely having lvl 5 means nothing sadly, any troll and their Grandma can just spam a few games on a champ and obtain a lvl 5 status.
Mabons (EUW)
: I used to watch the league games back in Season 2/3 when teams HAD different ways of playing.'s slow but steady pace vs M5's hectic hard push counter jungle playstyle was absolutely electrifying to watch.
I started playing league and watching the pro games just after the start of season 3, and yes, it was M5 (I think they had changed to Gambit Gaming by this point-Darien was my favourite player to watch) were one of the main things that really dragged me into the whole e-sports scene. Nowadays with 9/10 matches I can sit there at the draft phase and just guess what each team is going to pick, the "meta" having gotten so stale over the past season or two
: This might just be my bad memory going wonkers but didn't they talk about the discount shop in a recent ask riot ?
Not bad memory:
: Flash Wolves beat them. And the other teams could too, if they played up to their full potential. But somehow every time SKT enters a match, their opponents just go "ok screw it, were going to play comps were horrible at, strategies we have no experience with and just roll over 10 min into the game". Sure SKT is good, but theyre nowhere near unbeatable.
^ This I can't help but agree 100% with this statement, you watch any of the matches where (mostly) western teams play vs SKT and it just turns into a solo Q style ROFLstomp, I think I get what teams are aiming for in the sense that we can't beat SKT at the meta game, so we'll try unconventional instead. Problem with this is, SKT's champ pool is so deep that they can play just about anything to a meta level standard, not enough teams play simply what they are good at anymore. I think the best example I can give of playing "what you are good at" would be Fnatic in the playoffs this spring, they had been struggling a lot during the regular season then just went with comfort picks and absolutely wrecked to get that 3rd place finish. I honestly think that teams start need to, not so much ignore the meta, but play a style that is comfortable for them. Only then will we see teams being serious contenders for taking down SKT [As stated, this is mostly aimed at western teams for the most part, the eastern teams are much further ahead in terms of core gameplay and overall skill]
Riddarn (EUNE)
: You didn't get banned for being trolled. Show me your chat logs and I'll help point out the parts that actually caused your ban.
The way I see it, it's all cause and effect in this game. All it takes is a scenario like this for someone to start raging, Yes, I agree that flaming at any point is wrong BUT it's stuff like this that causes that rage. This guy could be the nicest person in the world for all we know, but lets face it, we have all had that one frustrating game where nothing seems to go right. I have had it myself before where a jungler refuses to help after a lane dies several times (due to the enemy working together, dives, ganks etc.) then the jungler turns around and say "I dont gank fed lanes" now whilst that is a reasonable logic, its a case of that would have never happened had he helped when the lane(s) first asked. There are people out there in this game that are genuinely toxic for the sake of being toxic, but a lot of people are just often times genuinely frustrated with how others react to situations (see OP's post).
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: Simple Question, Why the Blue Jesus on a motorcycle does Garen have a silence?
Garen, to me, is one of those dud champs, I don't find him fun to play in any sense (overly generic kit is generic), and to play against is even less fun, as in my OP, I hate that silence not only is it ultra annoying to play vs, but thematically it makes no sense (from what I can see anyhow). I was honestly hoping that Garen was going to be one of the champs they looked at for the mid season update. His kit needs an overhaul really, as I said, boring to play, annoying to play against as he outright counter a lot of champs with the Q alone in lane. Btw, this is not a rant/rage post, just my thought on the matter as I remember when they killed a lot of midlane by removing silences from thematically correct champs (Leblanc comes to mind in this instance, back in S4 I think?)
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: Solo Q or Flex Q, which is easier to push through the ranks in?
Thanks for the feedback guys, Just have to slog through it I guess lol. Just been in a promotion game in Flex Queue, 8 mins in our ADC left the game with nothing more than a "sorry guys I have to go" and the enemy Tahm Kench top lane was just an all around pleasant chap (build him pure AD, flamed at not only myself and our team, but his own, even at the end when we lost due to being a man down. He was off in chat with the whole "EZ" thing, Simply pointed out that a game that is 4v5 is not "EZ" if it took 50 mins, apparently that was down to "his noob team" (he went 16/16/6 vs my 13/8/18). End of the day 4v5's are hard and I'm actually OK with this result ^ Just gotta keep slugging it out, regardless of how tedious it can be lol. Thanks again. Peace out {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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