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Infernape (EUW)
: I'm assuming the old items are still there because of the rotating game modes.
True, could be reason. Didnt think about them.{{item:3345}} But not sure when I last saw garrison, as far as i know ascension is the only crystal scar game mode
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: I'm tired of being abused because I do not buy sightstone on my main supports
You are just plaing an additional AP carry, but within a 5 man TEAM, you are suppost to feed your CARRY protect your CARRY. In soloq, you jsut go lux support and play apc, and kill everything you get. In a cooridnated team there is a reason you are SUPPORT. as the name tells you, you are meant to SUPPORT the team. the support NEVER plays for himslef, a real support buys items for his team. So in case you do NOT get a sightstone, who should go for a sightstone? i guess the adc would be good, not?


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