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: my chat took a while to connect, but can't see anybody in my club, rip chat 2016.
I have been sat her re-clicking connect to chat for like half an hour
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Eambo (EUW)
: [Resolved] [EUW]Intermittent Chat Issues
ISP: BT Router: BT Homehub 4 Country: UK
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Najns (EUW)
: Not yet. They are making the SKT T1 Azir skin for Easyhoon. And yeah, they're making them look better :P
Yeah I knew they were adding in Azir, just wasn't sure if they were adding animations or just changing the appearance. :L
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xtimigui (EUW)
: What is your favourite old game in your childhood?
Spyro! XD Really wish they would bring out a new one though. One like the Spyro games before they brought out A New Beginning.
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Paena (EUW)
: Yes.. I posted multiple threads on this and also contacted support. Nothing happens.
MadcozBad (EUW)
: This need a fix right now please riot ! Unknown error
I'm having a problem with my client lagging and I'm playing on a Windows PC. Can't lock in my champ because someone's timer sits at 0 for ages and the window for me to lock in my champ doesn't pop up.
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: i have seen like 10 this week. i guess you took a break because she has the third highest pick rate out of 48 midlane champs, being at 14.41%. statistically, there is a leblanc in one out of 3 games in plat + ranked.
No I haven't taken a break. Since posting my last reply though I have only seen 2.
: so what else does she have to do damage? 1. a passive that deals no damage 2. a q that deals a little bonus damage on aa. 3. no active w spell 4. a situational e spell that deals virtually no damage if you don't use it right or helps enemies escape. 5. an ult that is her only good ability damage-wise if you take her w away, how is she supposed to deal constant damage?? she's a pure 550 range autoattacker. how much weaker do you want her to become? she doesn't even deal any true damage to you unless you're not focussing her and letting her autoattack you at least 3 times. so...what are you doing during that time and where are your burst mages and assassins? where is your lategame leblanc who can kill her from 1500 range from 100% health within 0.5 secs with mostly targeted burst? now THAT is what you should be complaining about.
I've not seen a Le Blanc in at least a year. That's why I'm not complaining about her.
: shes fairly easy to counter really. any form of hard cc and she's dead
Yeah I get that, but when you are up against a team where you need to use CC on other champs as well its a bit hard. Like say for example you use the CC on Vayne, then a Katarina shows up at the end of the team fight when everyone is low and you don't have anything to use on her. Or Swain, he comes in and lifesteals to hell so u need like 4 members of your team on him then the Vayne turns up late to the party and cleans up. Just feels like there are too many champs atm who u need to save your CC for and if they are all in the same team kinda makes your decisions difficult.
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Bombardox (EUW)
: you have the ability to delete only 1 champ from this game
Neonchan (EUW)
: Isn't that the whole reason for preseason? You don't want essentional changes during the season but pre-season can take huge changes. Also PBE is mostly aimed at finding bugs. It just doesn't have the number of players and activity to be used for balancing
It should be used for more than just finding bugs though in my opinion. I don't really want to be used as a tester, (unless it was stated somewhere, so I knew that's what I was going to be doing) when the game should have already been tested before being released.
v1rtue (EUW)
: Those aren't even channeled abilities. You can't cancel them with CC. Nevertheless, there are bugs with Lulu's polymorph. For example, Kalista can keep jumping while polymorphed in some circumstances. It also is not an instant cast, so abilities will sometimes still be cast right after you cast the polymorph. And it gets blocked by Yasuo's wind wall.
How on earth does it get blocked by the wind wall? Surely that shouldn't work?
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Rhasta (EUW)
: Lulu has no silence. She has a polymorph that transfigure an enemy into an animal who can not cast abilities, use items or summoner spells. In effect, it acts as a silence. The reason why Garen's E, Judgement, did not get cancelled, is because it is not a channelling ability, since Garen is able to freely move around with the ability ongoing. When an ability that is not a channel is casted, it will continue unless stopped by a windwall, or another manner of ability-cancelling effect. Polymorphing Garen whilst he is spinning will not cancel his spin, but it will slow his movement speed remarkably. As for Alistar, the same system applies - when Alistar has started the channel of his W, headbutt, it can't be stopped unless the ADC has a Banshee's Veil. Polymorphing whilst he is mid-journey has no effect. If you polymorphed Alistar before he successfully begin his animation of his headbutt, only THEN will his ability be cancelled. Hope this clarifies it? Silence does not cancel abilities taking place at the present except for channelling abilities (E.g. Karthus Ult), but no abilities can be cast when the silence has been registered.
Yeah, thank you. :) I wish it did stop it though :L but, then people might class it as "broken" or w/e.
: Garens spin isn't a channel. It can't be silenced nor is it stopped by stuns.
So, another thing to add to Garen's list of things that make him a powerful champ. Joy...
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Unmandao (EUW)
: The sole mention of {{champion:103}} makes my blood boil, something inside me would like to play a bot game against 5 Ahri begginer level bots picking {{champion:122}} myself and turn the river rrrrrrrrrrrrrrRRRRRRRRRReeeeeeeeeeeeEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEddddddddddddDDDDDDDDDDDDDD. TL.DR: top 5 in my list of most hated champs, with Vayne, LeBlanc, Nidalee and Teemo.
Why do you hate her and who do you pick against her?
TsukiSora (EUW)
: How can people joke like this... Honestly I can't believe this happened to you man, I hope this guy gets some punishment.
It isn't even a joke. No one can make a joke out of something like that because no part of what happened was funny or made anyone happy. They should feel ashamed for even thinking they could get away with saying something like that, if they think they were just joking.
0utSec (EUW)
: Player feeding, trolling, hrassing and reporting me with his friends.
Incredibly disrespectful to the people who were actually involved. Players like this should instantly be removed from the game. No one deserves to have death wished upon them.
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: I would agree with you, but Riot can't ONLY cater to the people who aren't very good. If a Darius is completely unstoppable because he's good at him, that's not right. He SHOULD be stoppable, and he SHOULDN'T completely dominate a game for his team. That's not balance at all. Take Riven for example, in unskilled hands she's powerful but not great, in the right hands she does absolutely tons of damage and can easily carry a game because they know how to abuse her abilities, and she's also pretty much unstoppable. That shouldn't be happening. **(I don't know anything about how balanced Riven is these days, I'm just using her as an example because she's commonly seen as overpowered) ** Right now, all it takes for Darius to kill someone is for him to land his Q and then land a few basic attacks, you genuinely DO NOT need any other abilities, which to be quite frank, is absolutely ridiculous. It's similar with Garen, however he uses Q + E. It's fine if Darius' abilities do a ton of damage, but having them apply a stack of his passive AND healing him for whatever stupid amount of health he gets back is beyond stupid, he has virtually no counter play in lane when you're not playing a champion that fully counters him, that's not right either, unless I'm playing draft pick/ranked (Which I don't.) I won't know who I'm laning against, and to be completely thrown OUT OF lane by him PURELY based on that broken ability of his is silly. I've played Garen a couple of times and I've not had a single game where I've had a bad K/D, and I'm fairly sure it's the same with Darius. He's become TOO easy, there ISN'T much skill involved in simply landing a Q in the right spot, because let's face it, if all you have to do is click and press Q it really doesn't take that much skill to land it. And then once I've landed that Q I can leave them whilst I've gained back 50000000000000000 health.
Darius isn't unstoppable though. Granted you can't really 1v1 him well, unless your someone who can kite him, so in that regard you do have to pick good champs that can stop him. A lot of CC can kill him as well, but I suppose same can be said for any champ really. I think the problem is that people don't know how he works, whether they are playing as him or against him. As long as you can avoid his hook, dodge the heal and damage him from a distance he will die. Protect the ADC and let them burst him down, he won't survive long if someone doesn't take out the ADC for him.
: For me the rest of his kit is fine, it's the Free True damage he gets for marking someone as his villain that isnt. It basically forces you to let kills you should've secured go out of fear of being marked as Garens Villain, it forces you to play much more passively (that thing that Riot wanted rid of) because Garen will just destroy whomever is doing well since he'll just hit them with Auto attack, Decisive Strike, Auto Attack, Judgement, Auto Attack, Demacian Justice. That's 7% Free True damage plus his extra damage and a True damage Execute. While it's true he sees less play at Top Level, this is namely down to him being quite stigmatized at that level of being "Easy mode", top level players still think Garen is busted as well, they just won't play him because of his ease of use. As for the comment of "Just Kite him" {{item:3142}} {{summoner:6}} and of course the {{summoner:12}} plus {{item:1324}} combo. The only way to successfully Kite him is to have someone that can keep him slowed/blocked like {{champion:69}} {{champion:22}} {{champion:48}} and {{champion:34}} Edit: To note the 7% is at level 6 ult, not taking into account that it scales with rank.
I only included the list to show how much he has. I don't want all of it to be nerfed or anything. :L I just didn't know what part of it needs to be changed a bit in order to make him more balanced. At the moment though, I feel like the true damage is a bit much, considering he's a tank that has a lot of damage already, compared to other tanks. However, I feel like his speed is a bit of an issue as well, as it is practically impossible to run away from him. Not only that, but as soon as he catches up to you, you get silenced, so you can't do anything. I get that people might say "use CC and he won't get you" but, if your playing someone that doesn't have any and no one can get him off you, your dead. Plus, if this happens and your the ADC then the team fight is pretty much lost already.
: That list of benefits is pretty short. You could write up longer lists for many other champions.
: Anyone even slightly skilled with Garen can dominate in lane, there are some champions that counter him but EVERYONE has a counter, regardless of whether Garen has a counter, that doesn't mean he's balanced. He's far from it. Same with Darius, both are heavily unbalanced and need BIG nerfs.
I agree Garen needs something done to him, but I don't agree with nerfing Darius. I have seen people play Darius, because they know he can be powerful and fail with him because they don't know how to play him. The only time Darius is powerful is in the hands of people who main him, even then you can kill him by focusing him or dodging his heal. A good counter to Darius is Caitlyn, Vayne or anyone who can deal high damage from a long distance, so they don't get grabbed and he can't heal off them. With Garen, killing him is a lot harder to do in team fights. Also, I don't think Garen has had any nerfs yet, unlike Darius. I don't play either of these champs btw.
: Garen: W Active. Reduces all damage taken by by 30% for 2/3/4/5/6 seconds.....not to mention he gets free mr and armour as passive. 30% Damage reduction for that long is pathetic. I think while his W is active he should get a penalty, like impaired movement speed or something. Either that or increase it to 50% but reduce the maximum time to around 2-3 seconds.
Yeah I agree. I completely forgot he did that to be honest and probably wouldn't remember until someone mentions it to me in game, or after a game when I next play against Garen. I think what you are suggesting sounds like a good idea and makes it more fair.
LA Losty (EUW)
: Also why should the combo be ruined just because some people try to abuse it by using macros? You are really punishing the majority of Rengar players if you changed it, and its not a small punishment, far from.
I don't want to ruin it, I just want them to create a way for it to be done, but in a way that people can't use Macros to strengthen it. If you get what I mean? I feel like there won't be a way to do this without doing something to his kit though... I don't want to ruin Rengar I just want people to only play him fair so, people can only pull of the combo themselves without the help of a keyboard/mouse.
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raishinari (EUNE)
: What do you think of Talon as a champion and Talon players (who main Talon)?
I had a Talon in my ranked game ages ago. We had an Amumu that went into every lane once, ran straight towards the enemy and died, just to troll, then left the game. The Talon ran into his lane opponent and died a few times too, then said in chat "guess I better start playing seriously". After he said this, he killed everyone that came near him and carried the game. Every other lane was losing badly and we had no jungler, so we were a player down and the Talon basically won the game by himself.
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Mochì (EUW)
: Nami or Lulu
Nami was always my go to support, until I played Lulu... :L
FixxeS (EUW)
: keep what DragonBane91 said. by the way, rengar is an assassin, that means he is really good on 1vs1. the jump gives him more damage also. and dont be a fool to try to run through a bush, he just jumps to you and deals tons of damage!!
Yeah, I already know not to go through a bush when there is a Rengar chasing me. I learned this the hard way a long time ago... :L
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: We do have a right to blame you for lack of vision if you literally don't place any wards that is not your trinket ward though. Which mostly happens when you don't buy sightstone.
It's not just the supports job to ward, everyone on the team should be warding. You can upgrade your trinkets now, so you have no excuse not to.
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