Xr1pper (EUW)
: How often do you met trolls ?
1 of 15 games it feels like I get one who either trolling right in the beginning, champselect/game or they get mad in the middle of the games and starts trolling (ragequtting, walking around doing nothing or even inting)
Fajerk (EUW)
: It's not just splash, Irelia full VGU is coming.
I hope they will make her spells more flashy and nice looking, maybe do some touchup to the skin splash too
: I like the new Irelia's look. Her armor isn't as tacky, it certainly has style. But her facial expression is straightup scary... Pretty sure that's the definition of [Resting B*tch Face](https://goo.gl/48jpxQ) :P
I do like the new art, outfit, colors and all. But just the face, I really hope they could change it so it could look more, younger and softer. More lively I guess.
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: "Who Cares, it's only Flex" Mentality Needs to be Bannable.
Flex is for practice. And have the stats recorded in opgg and rank up to keep track of the progress. Thus flex over draft pick. Solo q is the real deal for me. Flex is for chill.
: you are very wrong. as a support main. support would take most of the glory atm. i myself get honored a lot.
It doesn't matter when your adc is premade with another guy in your team. They will honor each other, and the rest will honor the adc cuz he got the most kills, carried. The time I actually find myself getting honors is when my team is losing. Because I'm the one who never flames and is generally calm. But if my team is winning, I never get any honors.
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: Not a single 1350??? What
Yeah. v.v And I don't even play Twitch and Tristana... For Lux I already have Ultimate and SG skins. MF I already got SG and Arcade skin, and Karma I pretty much have all the better skins. (Winter, Conqueror, Lotus.) Only skin I could wish for is Arcade Ahri and The new Janna skin... So none of the skins I get are interesting to me. -.-'
Raymaxe (EUW)
: Probably the unluckiest, worst Your Shop Ever
No, I got the worst... https://imgur.com/a/Q2beZ
: Weird sound problems since new update
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ShanksFX (EUW)
: Did you dodge a game by any chance? This counts as a loss as well.
Uh, I don't think so. xd Anyhow, I won my last promos and graduated.
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: Mechanical keyboard for the win. I'll just pop the caps off my blackwidow, give it a few taps, blow it out with compressed air, and give it a wipe with a moist cloth. Every month I clean it. Cat hair is the biggest problem for my keyboard and pc itself. I have 4 of those monsters so they shed a lot of hair. Tldr: Compressed air does wonders, especially for non mechanical boards
I have never had a mechanical keyboard. And never used one of those. What is the biggest difference with them? (I have seen those in the store as gaming keyboards, but I just bought a normal one with back light because it looks pretty.)
: Not enough >.< I have a Razer Blackwidow Chroma so I pop the keys off and give them a wipe down, as well as a shake/vacuum of the underside (Cat hair likes to make its way in there! X.x) If I'm lazy I just babywipe and wipe it down as others have mentioned :-D
I have heard that one should use some kind of..expensive vacuum bottle for it. I think the seller recommended me to buy one (I didn't buy it) he said using wipes can destroy the keyboard or something. :(
: Remove the keys one by one. Hover or get this can of air pressure thing. TO clean it. I didn't clean mine in years! Yep. I'm lazy. I removed every key and cleaned every single key and the entire board itself. Now i do it every 2-3 months.
Im worried that I will break my keyboard by removing the keys... I have never done it before...
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KhäZíx (EUW)
: How do I learn to love League again?
I feel motivated to play to reach a higher rank, learn a new role, new champion and using new skins, try out new builds and stuff...and it is more fun to play if i win a lot of ranked. :>
: The boards are not a dating service. I repeat. NOT A DATING SERVICE.
> [{quoted}](name=Timethief49,realm=EUW,application-id=WtAasNBw,discussion-id=NmlBtGRV,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-02-28T16:33:03.367+0000) > > The boards are not a dating service. I repeat. NOT A DATING SERVICE. Second this xD
Vulpine (EUW)
: did you check this "bundle cant be refunded" box ?
Ahum. I just noticed... I actually already owned both of the icons. So that is probably why I couldn't buy them... Im sorry... >.<
Vulpine (EUW)
: 2 icons for 2 rp
i tried, doesnt let me... :(
: Wow, that's just... What's your oppinion tho ?
Just wanted to comment about the toxic player % part. Welni dont have the data and i want to believe that riot is giving the right data. But surely i have felt that maybe in 50% of my games i have had one toxic player - in a erage it was very frequent to have a player who is either toxic or trolling, in champ select. In game or in post game lobby. It is hard to believe that it is true that 96% are normal friendly players and only 4 aretoxic
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: Well that's kinda why you shoudn mute right from the start, if there was some flaming going on you should try to extinguish it.
I mute from start because it is a ranked game that i want to win. I need to focus for that. If someone starts typing it will disturb me. And sometimes if people flame me and I see it . That kinda either demotivates me to play or will annoy me. And i will likely to reply if i read smt directed to me. In the past i didnt mute unless necessary, and sometimes flamers ruined my mood. It is not my responsibility to make teammates quit arguing. It is their own issue. I know people who type in chat, not being toxic but gets banned because he got reported cuz he was typing. And i aint going to risk my account getting banned either. Yes might sound harsh. But the game is less enjoyable if i get trolls, flamers and stuff. I dont do that to others. So if they do that in my games, then i will report them cuz i dont like those guys in my future games. So i hope they get banned.
: >But that kind of player really do deserve a ban. That's harsh. Refusing to help the team is nasty alright but an account shouldn't cling to a single game.
If they can do that in a single game, they might do that in other games too. Also, since I did have chat muted, I couldn't see what he typed. But it would be pretty reasonable to say that he was toxic because he was being quite rude in the post game lobby.
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TheArin (EUNE)
: So you think that it all really does depend on the skill. I can see where you're coming from and I do agree with you that if you lack a set of skills to climb you just probably are not ready yet and need to improve (unless you really do get lucky with enemies being handicapped with an afk, troll or a feeder), but would you say that same logic applies if you have 4 summoners on your team who got boosted way higher than the rank they belong in, and they are doing very badly? And let's say this repeats a few times. Would this then be considered a test of whether you can carry a few Silvers or Bronzes in a Platinum game?
Yeah, you could say that... sorta. But if 4 of 5 players in a team are of say, bronze/silver skill level with one diamond mid player. Versus a team full of mid plat players. Not only does it depend on what role and champion the Diamond player takes. But also how co-operative the team is in order to carry. And that can be quite difficult sometimes. I don't watch youtube/streamers often. But I'm pretty sure you have seen these master/challenger players picking certain 'hard carry' champions and doing speed climb. They are usually picking something that can split push, 1v2, maybe even 1v3 and so on... They don't pick a Janna for that. xd
TheArin (EUNE)
: About ranks overall, a debate
I think the case really is that you belong in whatever elo you stuck in. I can take myself as an example. Last season I ended up in D3, almost D2. I spent a long time in Platinum last season, and I generally felt that games in Platinum were harder compared to those in higher Diamond. That is mainly because of my champion pool and play style. Because I play utility support in a very team oriented way. I tend to be the one managing vision well and taking minimum risks, going for the safe calls. But it only works if my team is in sync and agreeing on my decisions. Yeah, I'm usually not the 'play maker', but I'm still doing my job fine. In that case, it fits me better to have a adc of higher elo who make more use of my utility than less skilled adcs in lower elos. Now in current new season, it didn't went very well for me in my placements. And somehow I'm now stuck in Platinum... Normally I would have played Sona, building full AP to dominate. But she got quite a bit of nerf for me to pull it off. I know for a fact that, If I would be better with roaming, basically making more plays, or if I would be able to play certain other champions that are damage oriented, I could still carry myself easily. But I'm currently lacking that skill. Even if I would still be able to perform perfectly well in Diamond the way I normally play. I'm still lacking something that makes me currently stuck. That is something I need to work on. There are so many more aspects of this game than simply say, owning the lane, good with farming, getting kills... and so on. Carrying yourself out of each elo sometimes needs different kinds of strategies and play styles. My point is. If you are lacking any of those set of skills needed to climb. Then you are basically not quite ready yet to reach a higher elo.
Proppa (EUW)
: I main ADC, only low Gold elo though. But I get so tilted when I haev a Lux or that kind of support on my team as they want to play like a midlaner and take the kills and rarely builds any items which "help" the ADC. So many games I've played where the support took the first few kills, or lets me get caught just so they can secure a kill for themselves etc. It's like an "insta-tilt" for me.... Not sure how other player's feel about it though :)
I honestly don't mind playing normal supports for adc. But it is just that if the adc is crappy. It pretty much doesn't pay out to play utility. And adc at pretty much D5 and below are not very good...
Proppa (EUW)
: The thing is, it's pretty easy to do most damage with Zyra and Brand if you build full ap. As you aren't normally the primary focus like the ADC/Mid Lane are (in lower elo).
I don't want to play Zyra or Brand. Because I'm very bad with them...
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Cypherous (EUW)
: Anyone can "claim" they are going to do something, the amount of times i've seen someone type "I afk" in chat but not actually AFK is massive
Well, then in this sense, in your opinion, it is alright when people are threatening to troll/int in champselect in your ranked games? You consider this as something acceptable and that those players does not need any punishment for their behavior?
Cypherous (EUW)
: Thing is, its not against the rules to play any champion with any combination of spells in any lane, as such he isn't actually breaking any rules if you CHOOSE to dodge then thats on you, but no i imagine these reports are "filed appropriately"
Yeah, well. Ofc people are allowed to play any champion in any way they wish. But as long as they do it with the intention of winning. But there are these people, who pick something intending to lose. And as you can see, in the screenshot he even claims that he is picking the bard jungle to troll and lose the game for another player. That is something totally different...
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: Have you lost a couple of games? The initial few games carry the biggest weight in the MMR shifts in your placements. Perhaps your MMR took a big hitafter a few losses? Also, at the very beginning of the season, all tiers above plat get lumped together, if I remember correctly. There was a chance you could have ran into master/challenger players on the first day or two. This makes high(er) elos crazy at start - you either get lucky and ride the wave into inflated MMR and a quick climb, or you drown in it. :P
Um, so far I played, I got 3 wins and 4 losses. Like it isn't that I lost crazy much. But I recently had like..a last season plat 4 adc in my game...which was just stupid. -.- And one game I played against players that were D1.
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Not Amused (EUNE)
: Except being judgmental but with a good reason, I'm also caring, and I can't just sit there watching them getting slaughtered so I go in as well and of course die. Yes that is a mistake that I can acknowledge. The thing is that if they didn't go in like monkeys as I call them I wouldn't have to do that either. Worry not though, I'm extracting that behavior from my system. If I'm bad how come I get S though? 3/4 last games with bard I got an S... Hmmm maybe the fact that 1. I'm actually playing good. 2. My team wasn't monkeys at least not altogether (I know they weren't all monkeys cause I played with friends - No voice communication though). Hmmm maybe that's it. I got S even in defeat. The thing is that... It's not that I didn't perform well, it's that I didn't get a chance to perform well in the first place. I mean come ON guys... we're playing the same game (I think)... Once the enemy team is fed a support can't do anything to change that. Sure I'll play more defensively.. will it change the fact that my teammates will keep jump in like monkeys? I think not (Because it didn't).
Checked the games you were winning. The flex ones. Just by the stats/builds/wards. For won games, as support, your kill participation is still LOW. I tell you, in most cases, in average. The support is the one who should have the highest kill participation %. You have low number of pinkwards. You have questionable items choices in most games. You seem to got carried by jungler in most games. But wait... sorry, I must be wrong. Because you were surely the best player. MVP for sure. but since you claim that you are such a good player, that teammates are holding you back. I expect you to overcome that and I will see you in diamond soon. :)
: Missions not working?
Doesn't work... -.-
DutchPro1 (EUW)
: I am so confused why is this on the League of Legends forum
Do you know what 'off topic' means?
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: I've sprained my finger :(
Don't play league until your finger has healed. xd health > gameing
: Supporting an avid support player
I can help...a bit... maybe... I guess... I haven't been feeling to play league as much lately tho. But I can type...stuff. :v #supportmain
: It does not really matter if your screen is 16" or 24". The thing is, Wacom tablet size always fits to screen size (defined by drivers). So, it wont really matter if you've got 720p, or 1080p, or 4k. The only questions will be: * are you comfortable with how far your hand moves edge-to-edge? When you reach for tools or palette... * can you work within the same area as always? I mean, if you usually work in the center of canvas, can you do it now? If you feel that you like Intuos medium size with a laptop, take it. It shouldn't feel much different on a bigger screen. Unless you've got some very special aspect ratio, that is... like 21:9 or 3:4 As for multitouch, I tried it on a digital tablet and IMO this feature is not worth money spent. It does not help at all, and on the opposite it is very annoying. So if you want multitouch, you'd better try it first. Try it thoroughly, like with a real work.
I ended up buying the Draw version, which was the cheapest one. I'm quite happy with the purchase. The design looks really pretty as well. :D I know it could get the work done for my project. I didn't feel confident spending too much money on a drawing pad since I'm not too familiar with it yet. If I manage further into digital art as a profession I guess I'd consider getting the more expensive Pro versions. xd Thank you for your comments/advice! :D
Not Amused (EUNE)
: Did you see my team's KDA? I think the only game where we had someone with many kills was the last one. How can you have kill participation when everyone in your team doesn't have kills? You have to see the games to understand what went down. Up to 15 minutes I'd have 0/1 deaths and then all of a sudden everyone on the enemy team would be insanely fed. So much that there's nothing I can do to avoid death. Getting dived and what not. If I wanted to avoid dying which I know it's the logical thing to say and expect me to do .. I'd have to stay in the fountain.
Do you have trouble to admit that you might not performed very well, and rather always blaming on the team? Then keep doing that and stay in silver... You have a -very- high number of deaths on your Bard. Know that your team is not forcing you to int. You do not need to have 0/11/4 EVEN if your adc is bad and your whole team is crappy. It is entirely on your performance. Yes, having good teammates matter. And it does happen that one get a really crappy KDA with a tons of deaths and a low kill participation. It only happens to me when I am aware that I have been playing crappy and I let the enemy snowball on me. (Along that my team has been smashed) It happens, but never as frequently as you - basically every game. Look at your own flaws, work on them and do your best to improve. Keep complaining on boards about monkey teammates and it will make you look like a troll... -.-'
Not Amused (EUNE)
: Sick and tired of monkeys at low elo as support.
I agree, as support main, I do feel more reliant on my team to win. It is not like that 'single hard carrying murder everyone/spllitpush' other roles can do. However I did look at your game history. Your number of deaths is really high. Your kill participation is very low in general. (You want to have around constant 50% kill participation at least, but majority of yours were around 30-40%) Your rune of choice is questionable. Chances are that you probably make significant mistakes in those games as well to give your team a loss.
iSneez (EUNE)
: What I can say from my friends digital artists is that even Wacom is indeed the best brand for a tablet, I am sure at 200 euros you can find a larger tablet of an not so fancy brand but that still perform good. I can't tell you now which brand and model, you need to make some research and better go on specialize forums like http://www.cgsociety.org/ or https://www.3dtotal.com/ (this is smaller forum but very friendly people in past, I didn't went there for years but I am sure it remained friendly) Also to filter people answers look for logical answers like what are the cons and pros of a cheaper but bigger size tablet vs a tiny wacom one. (now of course if you have money to spend for a big wacom tablet go for it, but I assume you don't since you posted just those prices range) So look for people that give logic answers not stuff like wacom is the only way, stuf like to make great photography art you need only the most expensive camera or lens and stuff like that, people that like to pay for brands and they don't think logic just throw moneys around. What can I say form limited experience - check the drawing area size (active area size) NOT the tablet size and cut a paper of that size to see how big it is and imagine you need to draw on that size - check tablet resolution 1024, 2048 etc, this is not to be confused as screen monitor resolution, more resolution is more accurate but don't think that an 1024 one can be bad it might work ok just ask around. - check for pen pressure sensitivity thats is important to feel like you draw with real stuff - usually wacom pens have no battery but other brands pens have batteries so if you go with other brand look that the pent lasat a lot of hours until charge and maybe look for pen that can be recharged instead of keep replacing batteries inside. - expensive wacom's don't know about the modeles you showed here, have different options for pen/tablet interaction: they have the **pressure sensitivity** ( harder you press or less you press different outcomes like harder lines or wider or more or less transparency), **tilt **this is when you incline the pen from vertical position the tablet detect it and you draw different, kinda like airbrush painting) , and even rotate (by rotating the pent you get different things), so check for this also, 50+- euros might be great difference. - now I see wacom's offer wireless for some of the table itself, don't know if others brands have that, might be a good thing to not have that cable around, but if its** size vs wireless **maybe bigger size is better, ask around - and ofcourse if you go for other brands then wacom you need to really check reviews and people opinion because despite specifications you might get a bad tablet so you need to make your research Kinda that's it what I know from people I worked with (I am a 3d visual artist, and I worked in companies alongside 2d artists so I knwo their opinions, but I am not an tablet user myself, I "played" around with some tablets to help me create textures for my 3d models but meh not serious drawings.) Good luck {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Hello, thank you for your advice. The only brand there is in the (physical) store near me is Wacom. And like... there are not too many to choose from. The ones I listed were the cheapest ones. Draw and Art versions small cost around 100 euros +/- The medium sized cost near 200 euros. Any higher than that makes a jump to 'Pro small size' (it is wireless) sitting at 200+ euros And the medium size version of that cost 400 euros. And at that point it is too expensive for me. My main concern is the tablet size corresponding to my screen's size. If a small tablet could be comfortable to use with a big screen.
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