DiiNastey (EUW)
: Lvl 24 and my teammates and enemies are Plat+
The plats you play against are probably either duo with under lv 30 players or they just very rarely play normals that their mmr for normals is very low.
: Lux as support
Lux building ap is for making huge burst and kills. It is just sorta like a brand support or any of the ap mage supports. High damage poke, and at lv 6, if you're hit by a combo, youre dead. If the Lux is bulding typical support items, then other normal supports would've done the job better. Sightstone is still useful to have, but if they are not getting ganked, or already far ahead, they don't need to get a sightstone... So typically, if enemy has a Lux support not buying vision and you let them push, they are easy to gank and get a kill on...if your jungler wants to help out that is. xd
: still waiting for ardent censer nerf
: Info on Wave management As Support ?
- Lv 1. you should in most cases try reach lv 2 asap, so you AA/cast spell on minions to push for the levelup. - Do aa minions (this depends on match up) so the wave is slightly towards your side, but does not reach the turret range. You aa, if enemy aa or use spell to try keep the minion in the area. - When you and your adc are going back. You need to help your adc push with spells or aa so they reach to enemy turret. (don't do if it is too risky, such as enemy jungler/mid might be nearby and ur low on hp/mana) - If you see top/mid getting ganked, your jungler doing dragon, enemy jungler toplane, or anywhere else in the map your team are putting a lot of pressure in, try to push the lane (if match up allows) to the enemy turret. This way, they have to cs under turret and cannot aid their team as fast as you can. - Also if you have a tristana/cait, (but still depending on match up), do consider pushing wave so enemy has to cs under turret. Because cait with her passive and tris can take down turrets really fast. In general, when you help your adc push the wave, attack minions with full health or at least half health so you don't make it too hard for your adc to last hit. Also, don't use major long cool down spells when you push before backing, just in case an enemy is coming. Save some mana if you suspect they might be coming your way. Just for safety.
: Guidance and Friendship...and sorry
Hey, you posted in the wrong section. You should either post this in Teams n Clubs or New player advice section. If you want you can add me. I don't mind helping newbie out. :)
: Who is/are your favorite champion(s) and why?
Ahri cuz her SG skin is pretty. {{sticker:sg-kiko}} {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
Tínks (EUW)
: My Star Guardian Ahri fan art
: you should honestly dodge because you save an incredible amount of time and you even save yourself LP, you only lose 3 LP for the first dodge and get 5 minutes penalty and your MMR is unaffected. sometimes it's just not worth wasting 30 minutes and 15 LP to report someone and hope they get banned.
The first dodge is no. 3lp is nothing and 5 min penalty. But if you need to dodge a 2nd time you lose 10lp and have to wait 30min...
: Yestreday I was silver 2 and today silver 5 0 points
We all have losing streaks... The only thing id recommend you is to not give up. It is more fun to play when you feel for playing, with positive motivation and focus. Try get that kind of energy back for your next games. Check if theres stuff u can improve on. Play with mute all at start of the game and dont type in chat. Just focus.
: Wrongfully Banned for 14 days.
Hum, ye it is a bit harsh in this case. But i heard they dont issue a ban unless you been warned/toxic in many other games. Idk
: Wich skin Battle bunny riven or Super Teemo
Save both shards. Unlock one of them and the other one later. :)
Rioter Comments
: Disagree. If people truly didnt belong then they wouldnt only be on your team, they would be evenly divided. This seems more like a state of mentality issue by your side to me. ^^ I only play with my duoQ in Ranked, and if they removed duo for placements then those would be the most dull games tbh, would still complete them but... LoL wants people to play together, not apart, and I like the fact that we are allowed to aueue up together, placements and all.
You have flex for playing ranked with friends. Solo q should be measuring how one perform on their own. Some players seem too dependent on their duo partner that they don't even have the confidence to play ranked solo...
: ONLY solo placement games
Yeah I would not mind that. I always play solo anyways. xd Saw people in bronze/silver duo with higher skilled players gaining elo when playing smt safe/passive and getting carried. And then they will shit talk bronze/silvers cuz they got themselves in gold/plat like they are much better -despire only winning games with the duo and losing without... -.-
: >Riot is exaggarating the problem to the point that you can't even say anything in game because it gets punished for negative behaviour I don't have this problem... I use the chat every game, and I use it a lot. Yet I've never had to worry about any punishments in more than 5 years of playing League. Telling people to "stop feeding" is not a smart comment for multiple reasons, but I doubt that it's the sole reason anyone gets punished. People who say things like that, usually give the system more reasons to ban them. ---- >Unfortunately Riot goes rampage on everything to cover the fact they dont ban trolls. That's a false representation of the problem. It's not like Riot loves having trolls in their game, believe it or not, having unsatisfied customers is not a great business strategy. Trolling does get punished, but you have to realise that it is much harder to distinguish a troll from a player who's simply having a bad game. Developing systems to very accurately catch trolls and inentional feeders is much harder than creating one that catches flamers. That doesn't mean Riot thinks flaming is worse, or that they don't punish trolls at all! --- >More than half of toxicity comes from having a troll or elo boosted player who completely ruins the game. **Can we not just make up random statistics?** Thank you! Players flame for the most stupid reasons, blaming others or raging because something didn't go their way is certainly one of the most common reasons. I can't remember the last time I played with an actual troll. People like to grossly overuse that word for anyone who does something they don't like.
I think what they mean is. Players want to win, and some are likely to start flaming/give up and troll if a teammate gets stomped in lane. (Hard feeding) Playing against a smurf will often lead to that. You get stomped by the smurf and it will cause teammates to flame you for feeding. And often times the feeding player will also be negative since he is obviously not having fun... So toxic player is a bad thing. But smurfs stomping over one team is not fun either and often cause frustration for players which makes them toxic. Generally made the game unfun because they felt they never had a chance with smurf running over their team like that. And even if smurfs climb fast, there are always other smurfs and smurfs making new accounts. So it will never run out of them in your games. Smurf and toxic players are 2 different things that makes the game unfun to play. That guy was like comparing which one of them is worse cause in how much -unfun- the game would be. Having smurf for him : 0/5 game (you get stomped and cant do shit) Having toxic player : 1/5 game (since toxic players can be muted) And they mean riot should fix the cause of 0/5 games and not ignore them. (Since smurfing isnt punishable)
: Is the practice tool useful?
Love the practice took, it allows you to practice spell combos without waiting for cooldowns.
: A Plea to bad players
Everyone started as unskilled at some point, or having a bad winrate. Your post is simply rude. If someone has a low winrate, the best they should do is to find a champion that fits their play style, regardless role and practice on it. One major mistake people do in low elo is that they play several champions in several roles and cannot grasp any of them to a decent level...
: Ha.. I just got demoted to silver 2, Never gettin to gold boi.
Best way to improve fast is to find a significantly higher elo player. Like plat+ and play normals with em, to learn more about the game. Play with and against skilled players will make you better if you pick up knowledge from those games. More efficient than grinding games with bad players doing same mistakes over n over again
: The giant complain thread (about champions)
I hate {{champion:53}} . All time since I start playing. xd %%%%ing champ can be useless and miss Q majority of time, but wait until he lands that one %%%%ing hook... game done. (Or lane done) Dumb af... Also, get {{champion:63}} off botlane. He isn't a support champ. Even {{champion:99}} gives a shield...
Mada (EUW)
: Sorry, I don't think it's any use if I duo with you but I can give you another tip: This season, I only got 1 account to gold (last season I managed to get like 5 to gold) by doing 1 thing and 1 thing only: do what's the most fun for me. I played _only_ thunder-coin-thresh (dodge if picked or banned, even in promos) with 10% cdr runes, then rush 45 cdr with cdr boots before sightstone. After I reached my goal, I started building stuff that's more meta and played other champs as well... didn't get a single other account to gold -.-
That guy is looking for D1+ players to carry him. :))) Let's hope he finds one soon.
Rumkat (EUW)
: A question for support mains
It has been awhile I played in gold elo... But generally. If I were to climb from bronze to plat. Should not be too hard with: {{champion:37}} {{summoner:14}} Thunder Lords and 12 points in red tree + AP runes. Core: {{item:2301}} {{item:3100}} {{item:3020}} + Any: {{item:3116}} {{item:3165}} {{item:3089}} {{item:3003}} {{item:3135}} {{item:3102}} {{item:3504}} If you wanna play support build: {{champion:16}} Start Q, 3 points in Q then max W. Core: {{item:2301}} (No coin, cuz U have to dominate lane with Spell thief start) {{item:3158}} {{item:3047}} {{item:3111}} What ever boot for situation {{item:3190}} {{item:3107}} {{item:3083}} {{item:3109}}
Fathands (EUW)
: Just let them play it. Pick your own shit and leave them with janna.
I was considering doing that... but since I do play Janna also, I didn't wanna %%%%% about it. (Soraka, Lulu were banned. If we pick Janna, enemy are likely to pick Sona, and they did. I planned to play Sona since she coutners Janna pretty hard in lane...)
05Asmodeus0 (EUNE)
: why you would you even swap lol let them sup if they picked it
Because having a toplaner playing Janna TOP when he don't even play Janna often... If he doesn't dodge. I will be the one losing LP...along with the other 3 innocent guys. And in worst case, the team will blame me for not swapping him... (I did swap him with the champion he wanted tho. But we still lost cuz Mid/Jungler/Top were losing early and the toplaner flamed and rage quit...)
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: what's the point of the premade of 5 missions?
I hate these missions that req a premade team... idc what the objective is. But I prefer playing alone or just with 1-2 friends. I do like missions but it annoys me that im forced into a premade team to complete em... I did try getting in a team during the sg mission and the full melee team mission, and both times was such a hassle which makes me never wanna do one of those again. I see no point in searching and adding people just to win 1 game with. And i do not want to keep strangers in my friend list after that...so useless in adding people just to delete after...
Astronomy (EUNE)
: Is jungle the most important role?
All roles are important but I think the jungle role is significantly more important for the early game compared to other roles. Good jungler can improve the early game for his team by a lot with the all map influence. And with a strong lead early game it is ofc easier to win all together. But the team needs to effectively play on their lead and try close the game asap. Players tend to put a lot of focus about winning lanes.
Renold (EUNE)
: Plat elo shouldnt exist at all
There are those who climb and those who doesn't. Notice something very typical about elos. Bronze and silver are relatively easy to get out from if the player has a good mindset about improving. Those who always blame on the team can keep blaming on the team and stay in that elo. Gold seem to be the lesser toxic elo. Of all. Once players hit plat and low dia they think they are really good. And those players might be skilled in mechanice or whatever. But what makes they stuck there is often tilting, big ego, refusing to work with team and gives up fast. Higher up in dia... sure players are skilled. But at that stage majority of them got sky high ego that i dont even wanna comment on. But as long as they focus on game they sill climb. People are rude af in higher dia... they dont really wish cancer or anything but has a ton of other insults to say..and they always gunna comment on every tiny mistake/comment...
Valorsik (EUNE)
: How to not be toxic?
Mute chat. Dont type in chat. Make chat tiny. Pretend chat dont exist. Use pings.
: Let us know when team-mates use /mute
Before i never muted people. But i always play ranked and i notice a significant change for me when i mute everyone frm start i will focus better and never get disturbed by flamers. So the mute all is important function for me... If i play other modes i keep the chat open, but not in ranked. I communicate with pings.
: Searching for Friendly players
I'd play with you, but I'm very unfriendly. {{sticker:sg-lulu}}
Yummymash (EUW)
: Diamond 3 Support main Ardent spam 66% w/l looking for dedicated duo
Hello. Since you managed to master as support. I just want to ask. Do you feel it just as efficient to climb as support solo, without having a duo partner? Or do you feel it is significantly harder compared to other roles without having a duo.
Arkadium (EUW)
: I don't want to be that kind of person but soloqueue feels like throwing a 50% coin
Actually, i will give u an example of a game i was able to carry. I played sona and during the lane i managed to win lane hard. My jungler was doing poorly and toplane so-so. Mid was losing quite hard. I drew a lot of attention of enemy jungler, but he was unable to help his bot. I make call for dragon when i spot a chance. I move to toplane once i get bot turret. The adc stayed bot. I make kill for my toplaner and we take top turret. Enemy mid was fed, very fed but he was not roaming much. After taking top i wen mid. Enemy mid was veigar and if he hit his e, he could one shot me pretty much. Soi told my team to try take mid with me. I knew that if we take down enemy veigar, rest would be easy. So i try land ult on him. If he would hit e on my team mate i make sure i dont get hit and cc him after he uses spell on my team. (I did bulld ap so i was able to do alot of damage too) Basically i guide my team to focus down main target and they listen. We play on enemy mistakes, such as bad positioning, bad rotations. .. and i tell my teammates to build against the main threat. I try pick good fights. And as long as my team is willing to cooperate, we win. (And that game i carried that way)
Arkadium (EUW)
: I don't want to be that kind of person but soloqueue feels like throwing a 50% coin
It is hard to give like instructons... But unless you are significantly better than your current elo, it will kinda be 50/50. I main support and just made it back to dia3 after having bad losing streaks. If i were to play in gold 5. I think i would be able to win majority of my games by warding, instructing my team (shotcalling), try make plays and also build damage on support. Like, say i have a smurf, when i play against players in lower elo, im able to spot mistakes they make that my team of low elo players could not recognize. By telling em what to do, and if they listen to me, i can lead my team to victory even if we have losing lanes. This is not 100% ofc...but most games in low elo are winnable if you have great game knowledge and manage to get ur team organized. And they are likely to listen to u if they notice that you play well and know your stuff.
Eat Me (EUNE)
: Seriously? LOL!
I always ban blitz... that if one day, enemy have a blitz i would probably not be feeling used to play against it. xd
M4dd D0gg (EUNE)
: 10 reasons why i shouldn't be in Silver division
It doesn't matter if you can do all roles, or even if you would be able to play all champions... To climb it is better to focus on a few roles one main, and one off role is fine. And be good with a few champions. 3 or so for each of your main + off role. You need to have: 1. Good map awareness 2. Good mechanics 3. Good decision making (macro play) 4. Good itemization. (But considering you claiming to know all items and what they do, maybe you don't have issues with this one) - I can say that,I can't play every champion, only a few. Nor do I have it all memorized what all champion's abilities are exactly to the detail. I only play a few champions and I main one role. Me too, played for 5 seasons. And currently Dia 3. You need to focus on the right things to improve on if you wanna gain elo.
Absolved (EUW)
: How do you feel about OTPs?
I m neutral about them. If their champ gets banned or they get a role they cant play. In the long run it is them who will be losing games when they dont get their thing. And sure...draven support in ranked is considered a troll pick. Idc if it is cuz they are otp. If they cant play what they are assigned for they should consider dodging...if not hoping to get carried he should at least pucking smb that is carriable... Personally i would not only rely on one champ to play, cuz i think it is a bad idea...
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: Which guy had the same issue?
https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-gameplay-en/oGiY2pw0-i-lost-my-skin This guy. And this: https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bug-reports-eu/d8YN7qi7-evelynn-skin-lost
Rioter Comments
6leach (EUNE)
: i lost my skin
Happened to me as well. I wrote a support ticket n waiting for an answer. Suggest u do the same
Rioter Comments
: Advice
If you are playing normals. Pick the draft version for a role u want. Usually people who are support have chose it. Or u can try play whatever champ u like as support, that is fun too. Or u can play aram
ArTanis4 (EUW)
: Emotes are so expensive wth ?
Agree that emotes are expensive af... i did not expect them to cost rp tbh... But since they are... i simply wont be getting them and pretend this feature doesnt exist. :)
Rioter Comments
Rioter Comments
: support not building support?
I build ap on support when adc is bad or i know i can win lane hard with ap route. Otherwise i build normal support. Basically if ur support build damage their intention is to carry with damage over utility. If they build that way and does not do the job right it is gg for ur team
Eat Me (EUNE)
: It's a sad life being a support.
I main support too. I cant decide what my team picks or how they play. I can only play my part. If u have a wide champ pool maybe u can try pick smt that helps your teamcomp. If your team comp is total shit u can considering dodging if u dont wanna risk losing LP and have no confidence. Think this way, the same goes for a top/mid/adc/jung main... not just support. No one can do if another teammate picks a champ that is considered less useful or whatever..
Rioter Comments
EpicLoLer (EUW)
: Then i hope the people he DID play with, the people he DID troll used the in-game reporting feature. YOU however, are NOT those people, you were NOT trolled by him, you did NOT play with him. So in your case, he did NOTHING against the summoners code which means that riot does NOTHING with your ticket. In your case, he picked a champ and summoner spells you didn't like. that is NOT reportable(not even in ranked), your report to riot was therefor FALSE. Do you understand that people filing false reports ruin the game? do you understand that reports without proof(like yours) ruin the game if they get taken seriously? Riot already knows his match history, his win-rate on certain champions, and all the reports that have been filed against him(the proper ones). As long as people keep filing reports against him(the proper way) then riot will punish him. But if people keep dodging games with him, that's not going to happen. By dodging his games, the troll gets to troll you without ever having to break the summoners code, without getting reported, without getting punished. Your suggestion would ENABLE trolls, do you understand how that ruins a game?
Good then, go by your theory. Never dodge trolls and enjoy losing your ranked games. And make sure to report them AFTER they trolled you...because only THEN they deserve to be reported. :D
EpicLoLer (EUW)
: > I have friends, who are not toxic unless... so they're toxic and need to be punished for it. on your main point: you tried to report somebody who didn't do anything wrong. instalocking a weird champ with weird summoner spells is not against the rules. inting and trolling are, but the nunu you were teamed with never actually did that in one of your games(somebody dodged after all). By writing a ticket to Riot(instead of using the in-game feature) you are simply asking them to punish somebody for an offense they didn't commit while providing zero evidence. Are you honestly surprised they refused to do such a stupid thing? The report system works. Use it, or stop complaining. The report button isn't only about chat logs, those nunu type of players leave a trail that can be easily found, they will be detected and punished. stop trying to ruin the game please.
I wasn't able to use the ingame feature since I was lucky enough to not have to play with that guy. I did check his opgg profile to make sure it was a trolling case. There were games people did not dodge, which games he had ruined for. He had Nunu with fervor, ghost, exhaust, in some games building rageblade, ap, ad, tank...or whatever random items you can imagine. And those are games in ranked diamond elo. 21% win in 60+ games. One would had maybe 10% win or less if they were running it down mid. This guy was smart and didn't do it. He just forced his team to play a sorta 4.5 vs 5 in a ranked. (Since he didn't afk) It is fine if it is in normals, he wants to try something new. But this is ranked, which games he ruin. I had proof, I wrote a report ticket to prevent such players trolling in ranked. And you are saying that I am ruining the game? Seems you do not comprehend what ruining a game actually means.
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