: "We are experiencing an UNUSUALLY.. " ??? Seriously? What kind of English is this? Who wrote this?
Even if it really was a mistake you are just being really rude to create a post to insult em...srs...
: Muse Sona
They usually open the legacy skins on sale near christmas. Maybe this year too.
Rumkat (EUW)
: Random scrub sadness/endless QQ
Hey. * Have you thought of maybe how the other games you played in the past that are similar to league might be affecting how you play this game? Personally, i dont feel im very good with games in general. But league is the first of its kind that i played (i started s3) and beside league i never played any other game. I learned the game from 0, cuz i never played any similar before and i started ranked and played a lot of it regardless that i was losing a lot. I wasnt too keen on watching guides either cuz it was boring... well eventually i was sitting at a 49-50% winrate. Unlike you, i dont get tilted when playing. Nor do i write anything in chat. I think you dont need to worry about your performance in ranked. Just play it. And you should get better eventually. Sometimes when i do really bad or a losing streak, i look up a guide or a new strategy for the champ i play and it is slightly motivating. Something else i notice that if i would get tilted i tend to play more aggressive. So i actively pick a passive champion to 'calm down'. Idk about you but maybe you can try that too. Goodluck in ur games.
PaladinNO (EUNE)
: ...Well, as long as it works. xD Personally, I was _this_ close to go mad and buy an Asus RT-AC5300 during Black Friday. But I resisted - mostly because I let logic get the upperhand, as I don't even close to need something like that. With a maximum of 4 units connected at any given time in the house, the WiFi integrated in the Asus modem (on the very rare occasions I even use the WiFi at all) is well able to cope with the demands, without the need for a dedicated router. But you know what they say: It's hard to pass up on a really good offer. And I sometimes am regretting not buying the AC5300 anyway. _I am a great fan of future-proofing where possible._
Sorry... I'm a complete noob regarding routers, computers...and all that stuff. So I have no clue what you're talking about exactly. All I care is that I buy something that works without too much hassle, without costing way too much. xd
PaladinNO (EUNE)
: Which router did you have, and which one did you get? _I am, eh...rather nerdy when it comes to such things. And I do love my details:_ https://boards.eune.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/off-topic-en/fQOqgEgz-show-your-set-up?comment=0001
Uh... I had a TP link... something. And I bought a TP link archer something. xd I don't remember the extra numbers...
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nesfir (EUW)
: nah to do the mission u can go solo, but u just get the ticket to enter the 5man competition starrting in 3 days
I already got the ticket. But I'm not really keen to use it for attending in the competition since I need a team for it... unless it gives something good. xd
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PaladinNO (EUNE)
: So I'm guessing it's a school dorm situation? If not, and you can physically get to that one inlet, you could put a switch there. If you are, and you don't have admin access to the modem anyway, you got any tech department on the school you could ask for help? What I've done, here at home, was put some switches around the house - and drill some holes in the walls and floor for the ethernet cables.
No it is at home but I cant drill holes just like that....
PaladinNO (EUNE)
: If your old PC had a different card, it might very well be the card itself. I don't know about the Intel AC 3165, but in this instance, the lower number suggests it's a medium-rated quality product. Is upgrading it a solution? Swapping a WiFi-card in a PC really is a simple question about undoing 4-12 small Philips screws, potentially a flat-driver, and carefully removing the two WiFi cables inside the laptop.
I ended up getting a new router and the problem was easily fixed... the guy in the store told me that since the PC has AC thing it connects better with the new AC routers. (My old one I got 4 years ago didnt have AC back then) Now I get the Mbps to a standard around 320.... xd
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DaahLeon (EUNE)
: Ethernet cable is better tho
I cant do that. The internet 'slot' on the wall is in the hallway and we only have one of those. I really cant pull a cable between there to my room.
: https://downloadcenter.intel.com/download/27309/Wireless-Intel-PROSet-Wireless-Software-and-Drivers-for-Windows-10?product=89450 try this altho your internet speed problems might be that u are located farther away from the router try going closer to it if this does not help
I have already downloaded that one. Did not help. My router is only 1 room away... and my old pc never had connection issues... so I dont think it is the distance.
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: cant even be mad that impressive teemo bird 10/10 should be a skin
I will show u how easy peasy it was to make. :D https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HaoXOmwR5nU
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IvanBrony (EUNE)
: you could buy: - intel pentium G4650 (a cheap and very strong cpu for the money) - any cheap motherboard that supports it - gtx 750ti or gtx 1050ti, gtx 750ti can handle the game just fine and its the card im currently using, but if you want a gpu that will give u more performance on full hd, the gtx 1050ti is the way to go, ( you can also buy just the gtx 1050 which has 2gb vram if you dont plan on playing more demanding games like gta 5) - 4gb ram is okay but just like i said, if u want to play more demanding games you will need to have at least 8gb , i have 6gb ram currently, its like inbetween - you can get a hdd or ssd, league doesnt really benefit from an ssd so you could save money there, but if you wanna buy an ssd so your pc boots faster lets say, your motherboard will need to have sata 3 ports so your ssd works at full speed - a power supply of at least 600 wats is recommended, especially if you ever plan on upgrading your pc - pc case of your choice, dont waste a lot of time picking one, u r not gonna look at it anyways - and lastly a monitor well i dont know any good monitors, nor do i know your preferred resolution so you should google a bit yourself to find the one that suits your needs the best
It is nice of you trying to help but... Uh i have no clue about the stuff you are talking about. xd If you think i wanna try build my own pc that is not the case. Im wondering which PC model i can buy in a shop - that is complete. All i know regarding pc is ... basically what RAM is. xd the more RAM the faster the pc i guess. And GB for storage. Everything else i am clueless about. v.v
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: BOI Some AP is significant as Soraka because of her Q, if you dont know that much, well then buddy i got news for ya. I dont really care wether Second Wind is for tanks or not, it works well enough for Soraka as she needs that sustain in order to sustain her ADC by using the health she GAINS from second wind AS the sustain. there is reason to get RoA as Soraka if you need it. The more HP Soraka has, the more she'll be able to heal you, the more AP she has, the more health regen she gets from her Q and the more extra health regen she can grant to her ADC when healing. dont diss The {{item:3029}} {{champion:16}} ! but i can see your point. Everyone does have preferred playstyles and items. My point is that RoA is a nice item on Soraka when you need both some extra AP and Health.
Ok, I wont argue with you. But In your post you asked for others ranked players opinions about your performance. I played a ton of ranked and currently D3. I was trying to give you some advice since we main the same champion hoping you can get faster improvement. But if you are going to be defensive about your playstyle and build. Then do as you want. You don't have to listen cuz apparently you are really good with the game already. :)
: hmm. I tend to get RoA simply for the extra health so i can continue to support my ADC and for that little bit of extra AP. Scorch is good early game, i guess i usually prefer lategame or is it still actually useful lategame? I was always thinking about Revitalize but i always like that extra health regen, seems like i gotta try it more instead then. I usually get Athenes or Ardent when i can, but it usually streches over to 10+ min. I guess i gotta learn to rush support items instead and get sightstone for the extra early health instead of RoA. I do main Soraka, even though i used to hate her >->...
Dude, I main Soraka too. .-. When playing Soraka, Scorch is way better than Gathering Storm. Because your harass in lane is more significant early. Late game, you will mainly be standing back and heal rather than doing any more damage. Thus, the AP is much less significant use. If you play a defensive game, waterwalking is good when you want to ward away from lane. Second wind is more for tanks. If you land your Q, you will get health back. Revitalize is pretty much the old Windspeaker. Which is important on healing and shielding supports. It should be a clear choice to pick it in the Resolve tree. There is no reason to ever get RoA on Soraka, or Luden... I doubt I need to explain why... You have way better items to pick from, such as Locket and Redemption.
: Another Averege Day.
Score is good. Your item choice on soraka is bronze. 0 Sightstone and generally no support items. Unless you get Luden/RoA for trolling/fun, then that is another story. Runes are bad. Celerity + Scorch/Waterwalking are better for supports. Get Revitalize instead of Secondwind since you do healing.
: What goes into creating a name to go by for you?
For me, this is my 'checklist'. 1. It has to start with a capital letter. 2. It must not contain decorations or numbers. 3. It has to sound good for me. And maybe has a special meaning. 4. Prefer it being a single word name and not something composed by two or more words/parts. If there would be, there must be a (space) in between. Foxynerdy > ~~NerdyFox~~ Nerdy Fox
Niffler (EUNE)
: What do you think about "?" in All Chat?
I report enemy who are even slightly offensive. But now i have allchat disabled cuz people are too annoying...
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: Fps drop in 7.24
+DC since this new patch. Massive lags...
: It's one these cases where the feeling of the looming threat is way worse than the execution. The more you wait before face the threat, the more the distress will last. So if you really think you should remove it, go to a dentist and ask for his opinion. And have it removed the sooner your can if he say you should.
Uh...maybe I got check. Thank you for the advice.
Rptro (EUW)
: You should go see a dentist who can tell you if you should have it removed or not. I got my taken out and I'm happy I don't have to worry about them anymore. You don't really know if they are going to cause trouble or not. The earlier you remove them the less big of a deal it is. But since you are kinda late I have no idea. Go see a dentist and talk with him.
Did it hurt a lot when you had it removed? Or more like, how much did it hurt?
Sympton (EUW)
: and you think a league of legends forum is the place to ask.. go google it man rofl.
But I listed it in off topic. xd And I know there are some older league players around... v.v
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: ❄️Only a few more days... - Volunteer Event❄️
Aha, the wardskin is really cute. I hope I win it.
: Can this be reportable?
'Refusing to co-operate/communicate with team'
: Does any of you know about a better game? Need advice :)
Why not play some games on phone? Animal crossing was newly released on it. I wanned to play it, but it was not compatible with my iphone 5... xd
Desirable (EUNE)
: What should I had done in this game?
Everytime you kill someone, you should try push an objective. You could have won with better rotations. It is stupid to see how none in your team cares to buy any defensive item. Locket could have been great if Karma bought it. Having ninja tabi or merc boots could both been good options too. Looking at your team's CS, it seems like you guys have been walking around /wasting time/dying and not farming properly during mid game. The thing you had to do with your team was to group up. You group up and push preferably mid. An force the Yoric to aid his team. He is using a split push tactic that forces 2 or more of your teammates to stop him. If you group, and you can easily kill off their squishy they don't have much. Even if your team don't get the kill, they still get assist gold and objective bonus if you focus down turrets. By winning teamfights 5 vs 4 and their Yoric not going to help them, you take turret and inhibitor then baron and keep pushing. Basically, you feed yourself on their weaker guys, and once they die, you use the time with your team to get objectives. Don't go to Yoric, force him to come to you. Side note: Checking the pink ward count is incredibly low. Yes, you bought 2. But the rest of your team didn't buy any except the support who bought ONE. I tell you that good placement of pinkwards do a lot. I play support, and often times in midgame, I place down a ward in baron/dragon pit when we are slightly pushing. Even when we are not planning to do baron/dragon, having a pink there is important. And sometimes you can sneak a baron when they are not noticing. (Since pink ward deny their vision as long as you don't attack their green ward - if there are any) In my ranked games, I believe I buy an average of 5 pinks per game being support. And that is still kinda 'meh'... You should encourage your team to help out with pinks.
Nijelous (EUW)
: Is it bad/possible to get carried to a rating you don't deserve by one champion
Depends. I give you an example. If you play a champion since a long time ago before it was considered OP, and you only been playing the champion to climb. That is fine. Basically OTP who is so skilled with the one champion that you do well regardless meta or situation. But if you are one of those players... who are like. meta sheep. And only played say: Janna/Lulu during the ardent meta when you are normally not playing them or worse, not even a support main. And you raise your elo that way, but DROPS after the meta champions gets nerfed. Then I'd say it was the champion that 'carried' you.
: Can you play good with a bad mouse?
The mouse I use cost about 30 euros. It isn't a gaming mouse or anything, but it works well for me. I have used cheaper mouse (around 10 euros) before, they can work well but they don't last as long. (The mouse clicker stops working) I suggest you get a decent mouse at least if you wanna play league often.
: what do you guys do when you need inspiration?
I check pinterest or other sites for ideas online. Or I check my resources, which materials I have to work with. And decide what to make based on what I have. Or I go outdoors and check shops. Other ways could be, listen to some music, playing around with colors... or just be random. Deciding on a color, theme, mood... is easier to use as a base for whatever you wanna make.
: That depends on your friends I suppose. But in general, I'd get something relatively small, that is fun/cool, yet practical (one of my friends for example got me a "how to train your dragon"-mug with toothless on it a couple years back which i still use to drink my tea every morning). If you can't find anything like that or can't think of anything like that that your friends would enjoy, it gets a bit harder. Books are mostly a safe bet if your friends have any inclination towards reading. However, it can be hard to find books that your friends will actually read and not just stow away onto a shelf somewhere and never open. If you both like to read in the same genre though, you should be able to find something good easily. Food/drinks usually works too (I have yet to meet someone who doesn't like food). If you wanna go for food/drinks though, you might want to try something a bit more special than just a bottle of wine or something. I don't know what your friends like to eat or drink, but I can share with you the only time I actually felt like I got one of my friends a genuinely awesome christmas present: I don't know if it's a thing where you live, but in my country most department stores carry an assortment of syrup in two or three different (usually sweet and fruity) flavors, that you can dilute with water and drink. My friend loves that stuff even more than I do. So I managed to dig up a small shop that produces and sells exclusively syrup, but in very unusual and fancy flavors, and I gave her a collection of bottles with a couple of different flavors. If you are somewhat decent at cooking, self-made food usually is pretty well received too, although you should go for something that's easy to keep around and doesn't instantly go bad (you could make them ur own macarons or pralines (no clue what the english word for "praline" in german really is) for example). Intangible gifts are usually really nice too. Your friend likes paintball? Give him a "coupon" to go play with him once when he wants to. Your friend likes model airplanes? Invite her to an airshow somewhere close to you. Maybe not the best examples, but I think you get the gist. The problem is just that this kind of thing can get expensive pretty fast. That's really all I can think of off the top of my head. Hope it helps {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Uh, I was thinking. Since there ain't any item I know that they really want. And I don't have that much money. I thought of making something... like draw something and buy a frame for it to put it in together with baking some cookies in a cute package. Or other more DIY stuff. But I don't feel the items are like...they barely cost anything. v.v And I feel bad about that the materials are kinda cheap compared to buying something. xd
: Socks. You can never have enough woolie socks!
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Hansiman (EUNE)
: ~~Yes, it's bannable. Make sure to report these accounts for "cheating", and leave a message stating they are bots in the report.~~ ~~Bot accounts are handled in large waves, rather than banned one by one each time they're detected. That means that if an account starts botting after a wave has hit, it will have time to level up for a while before the next wave hits.~~ ~~By banning accounts in waves, it makes it harder for the people who create the bot tools to figure out how they're being detected, and how to avoid so in the future. Overall it actually reduces the total amount of bots you'll encounter.~~ ~~Reports aren't the main method these accounts are detected, but it does help.~~ Oh man, seems like I completely misunderstood OP here. My bad. No, simply playing co-op games to level up is fine. =)
I didn't say the players were bots... I said that players are playing, but spamming games in the TT's Bot mode.
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: Why you shouldn't troll random people just because you think it's funny
Sad, but it is often premades, especially in groups of 3, 4 that gang on another teammate for little to no reason. And even if there was a reason, they will ignore their friend who is at fault and go all bully mode. xd Telling everyone to report a single person and making up stuff...Majority rules.
: Easiest Champions to climb from Low Elo (b2) (I NEED YOUR HELP!)
My go-to champ in low elo would be {{champion:37}}
: 130 level HOLY
I dont think it is a bot. Today i wanted to play a fast game in TT bots for the mission bonus. And 2 other guys was aiming for same. We all picked adc and one of them ran smite. With only 2 people it is enough to end the game in 5 min if u only push bot said turret. Not chasing kilks. Esp cait tris n ziggs. But any ad adc does the job well.
CosyCara (EUW)
: I'm never flaming and I got permanently banned
You were very toxic in this chat. Ban deserved.
: Hello...
If you played with them before, you could potentially check the opgg (your own match history) and I think it will show you their current profile with updated name.
: Play them in an off role such as support.
{{champion:84}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:28}} {{champion:131}} {{champion:96}} And other similar champions... as support? I don't know how I'd pull that off, on top that I'm no good with the champions to begin with. -.-''
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