Undine (EUW)
: You deserve challenger for winning 8 matches, man! Rito, please! Notice this poor bronze who should be at least in woody diamond!
FprodUaka (EUW)
: ranks 8 wins 2 lose bronze 5 joking ?
ah now i know why ty for the help and the most of you are right i still played 5 or 6 games with a bronze 3 player but anyway why the %%%% bromnze 5 and i know im rly fast out of this shit but i dont have annoy to get out of this ...... i think i still buy new acc some one want buy a bronze5 acc ?:D 20 € im normaly a middl plat player and now im in bronze 5 thanks riot now the most bronze player will cry cause your %%%% system
Rioter Comments
: 8 wins 2 losses - goes into Bronze 5?
i was %%%%ingg unranked this was the first season i play rank and i play 8/2 8 wins 2 lose and i get bronze 5 are you %%%%ingg joking riot????????? if thin you dont like that goood player play vs noobs in bronze and than you put me in bronze 5 after i win 8 and carry all games so easy wtf get some brain you destroy the game fun for much bronze player becauzse i rape them now


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