: Disclaimer: (i am not a pro nor am i the best at leuge i just love playing kled), but i find that when playing into darius as kled that you have to abuse the double dash. meaning that when he hooks you you dash trough him and out the back throwing the bear trap out behind you whilst moving out of his Q range if he follows up to land the Q you score the trap hit and another bonus dash to get back and trade with your W and retreat. the problem with facing darius is the tick damage from his passive and you can avoid a lot of this by dodging his combo (oh and potions early on helps a lot it will make him wish that he took ignite) . the best is if you can dash him before the hook lands mitigating the hook damage (only the side of the dash needs to land for the second dash it has quite a wide hitbox so play around with this) think about it darius has issues with being kited so kite the hell outa him as long as you can dodge his Q/(or preferably his whole combo) you should be fine wear his manna down and go for the all in when he cant combo you oh and let him push. the closer to your turret the fight is the better you want to trade and get out, what you do not want is have him AA you all the way from the mid of the lane back to turret as his tick damage will ruin your day. kled excels at skirmishing so skirmish, in a extended trade darius will win due to the tick damage ( from his passive) but short trades should swing in kleds favor provided you can score the last hit of your W on him so stack it on the minions and try to get the last hit on him when he comes to Cs. then dash to safety. farming under turret on kled is much easier once you get a tiamat. the tiamat sunfire combo is also beast on him for when you just want to push all game long Ps. darius is a hard match up due to him being a lane bully early on but kled gets pretty tough later. besides you have beast roams on Kled and can snowball off of other lanes much easier than Darius can, and the darius walking into the front line later on in the game is kinda like a free ticket to the back line (dash him get W off on their back line dash back) It always sounds so simple when you write it down, if only it was that easy in practice. find a friend who is a good darius and practice a gainst him till you can avoid his combo failing that play darius a bit and learn his combo's but the best advice i never followed was "you do not have to win lane, sometimes not loosing lane is good enough" all you have to do is apply enough pressure to keep the Darius there and not allow him to roam whilst keeping up in cs as best you can if he roams push the lane get the farm and try and force his tp to save his turret, this will open up the map for you to use your ulti with out fear of him joining the fight i wish you good luck going forward PPS. just my bronze 10c worth please ignore if you already knew all of this and were looking for more advance insight
Jesus this worked perfectly, thanks! But I played pretty passive until Timat, that was my time!
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