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Giojun (EUW)
: I'd love to help you out, but I'm afraid I'm too high in solo/duo queue.. How about Flex? Would that be alright?
I would be very grateful but won't it be too hard for me? You're Platinum and I'm Silver. I'm not sure if I can play against someone on definitely higher level even.
Cronobreak (EUNE)
: Hello,i have some few advises to give to you to climb. First of all YOU MUST GET A DUO,I never was able to climb from silver ''3'' untill i had a duo. A duo will lessen the cancer + at-least you will have someone you know who will win the lane or at-least be able to assist in carrying or lessen the burden of carrying on you alone. So step 1 : get a good duo now of-course the duo wont be always there for you or you could climb out and he'd be stuck so i'll tell you my story real fast of climbing I was silver 2 at the end of my provisional matchs it was 6/10 honestly i could've won 2 more and went for gold straight but my bot were always %%%%ing my so hard,getting me super duper behind so i got tilted so %%%%ing much ended in silver 2 i climbed till s1 promos then lost all the way to silver 3 0LP So i started looking at my champs they all were (NUNU,YI,WARWICK,ASHE,ETC) Champions that were total %%%%ing useless champions at-least for me,i could not carry anyone even with tank yi my team would %%%got as hard as they could and troll the %%%% out of the game and ofc i can not carry an open bot at 15 minute,so i got %%%%ing tilted so hard,so i tried playing ekko which resulted well into getting me 3 winning streak getting me a good guy i duo'd with him then we were %%%%ing everyone,i climbed all the way to silver 2 then i switched roles to maining support as high silver is known for the %%%gy supports,inters,%%%%tarded adcs and i am saying this by experiencing idk which region you're from but it wont be a lot different tho. I climbed anyways to silver 1 and that guy got hard stuck s2 so i ditchied him tbh,he wasn't good anymore,he was perhaps good at the elo we were but as we climbed i couldn't play with 80 cs in 15 minute or 20 sometimes 25 it was nearly impossible to carry,my skills were more than his so he got hard-stuck s2 then i climbed s1 i failed the promos 3 times or so and i got it off the fourth time, i became gold 5 on the next day i became gold 4 and 2 days later here i am gold 3 36 LP maining support climbed S3 S2 S1 G 5 G4 G3 WITH 3 CHAMPIONS ONLY ''SUPPORT SION/SUPPORT SORAKA/SUPPORT RAKAN'' yes you read it right,i climbed these divisions with those supports and i play with 20-fps at midgame so never lose hope,sorry for typo mistakes
That's a very interesting story :) I should find someone who will help me in duo. I like playing as a support so I think I will try some normals with these three you've mentioned. Thank you for your response and advice :)
: Add me in game, newshadown! We can play some games together!
Sure! I will log in later and I will add you.
: Though I don't really play ranked much, from season 3 till now - I'm still silver 1-3, might be a curse really {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
Yeah, I enjoy a lot playing ARAMs but ranked matches are terryfying and most of the time I was trying to avoid it. But I think I should move myself and do something :)
Topkeks (EUW)
: I can already tell you why mate. 13/20 games, you played a different champion.. 13 different champions out of 20 games.... I mean really.. You don't master 13 champions, NOBODY does. Also i don't believe you've watched any videos on how to get out of bronze/silver, cause almost every video, tells you to find 1 easy mechanics champ to master preferably TOP/MID. And you play different champions all the time. Here is a step by step guide, how to get to gold or higher (if you belong there). 1. Pick 1 easy-mechanic champ and low banned obviously, (Annie/Garen/Malphite,** NOT RIVEN/YASUO etc**.), that you wanna master and make your OTP (One-trick Pony) 2. Play that champion atleast 20-30 games in normal, to get the feel of the mechanics. 3. No matter if you lose 4-5 games in a row on your Annie/Garen whatever, dont change to some champ you don't master, your wins will come. 4. DODGE!!! ... Don't be afraid to dodge if you don't get your OTP champ, it doesn't lower your Match-Making-Rating, only your LP(with -3 or -6, nothing huge), and you play for MMR, not titles. Cause rank-titles are just visuals, nothing else. ( My other account was plat 3 but i played with plat 1 to D3 players, cause high MMR, and tons of dodges. 5. I am 100% correct in what i write here. You can ofc expand your roster to 2 champions, i got 2 champions that i OTP, and played for over 1000 games each. Which is Annie/Jayce. Jayce is really hard to master so i dont recommend him, Annie you can master in 10-20 games, and is the best carry in the game, a tier above anything else, cause she can TOP/MID/Support, carry a whole team.
Yeah, I play that many champions because I don't really know which champion is my favourite one. I'm getting bored of playing the same champions but on the other hand I should focus on one to master it. Thank you, I will try it :)
Treycos (EUW)
: Yup, teamwork is an essential part of the game but you'll realize that, more you play, your winrate will truely reflect your skill, since the average of all the teamates you had had the same level as you did You may have already seen that in math class :p
I should play more matches on Summoner's Rift then. I love ARAMs but I guess it will be a lot better to focus on our main map. After all, this is the where ranked matches take place.
: i have an account on euw and if you don't feel like talking we can just text
It will be great for me :) You can add me in free time.
Treycos (EUW)
: It was a joke (just sayin)
I was considering that possibility but I felt obligated to answer in the way like I did ^^
Treycos (EUW)
: Whatever your winrate is, it come from the way you play
This is true. Nobody can get a high win rate if he is a bad player. But it also depends of the team, I think. After all, it's teamwork based game.
: Well I have been in silver 3 then fell to silver 4 and after that I have never demoted and now I'm plat 1 79lp and looking for diamond. It took me 1 and a half month to get there while playing 3 matches a day. Hope you get to gold this season!
Thank you for your response! :) Congrats! I see that you improved your skills a lot if you got plat1 in a very short time :) 3 matches a day, maybe that's the key to? I will try it, thanks once again!
Perilum (EUW)
: The amount of AFK and feeders must be so huge, that I avoided them all from B5 to G5 this season.
I'm jealous then :D From B5 to G5? Huge congrats for you! It was a very long journey probably :)
: > I'm peaceful and tilt-proof That means you're not competitive.
I prefer to focus on the game, usually I avoid texting on the chat. When something bad is happening, I'm trying to stay calm. Bad mood ruins the game faster :)
Bíbs (EUW)
: all i know is it's not your fault if you have a 0% winrate.
Do you think so? Thanks :) Well, I'm trying to avoid as many mistakes as possible.
Treycos (EUW)
: > I'm wondering if I'm that bad or it is just a bad luck None of them Your teamates will feed 20% of the time, be fed 20% of the time, and be even with your ennemies the other games The only thing that matters to rank up is yourself, but you already understood that You can find free coaches on that will help you Short tips : - Play the first ranked of the day in normal / flex - If there's someone flaming in chat go /mute all - Stop playing ranked if you tilt / lose a few games in a row - Think that every loss was your fault and try to find out your mistakes by watching your replays
Thank you for your tips and this site, I will take a look later :)
: Sure but do you have a discord or skype or something where i can message you?Better that way than just leaving a wall of text
I have Skype but I'm not a good talker. I'm pretty shy guy who doesn't like to talk much by mic. I prefer texting. And aren't you on EUNE? It can be hard to play together when we are on two different regions :)
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Dorfjung (EUW)
: Illaoi was released on 24.11.2015 and still have just 1 skin
I think she will get something very soon. Maybe Blood Moon? The teaser shows Jhin weapon but every year we have at least 2 Blood Moon skins. Maybe the second one is for her.
Valzuuuh (EUW)
: Have you tried this? > Log in to League of Legends > 1. Browse to C:\Riot Games\League of Legends\Config and open "Game.cfg" in notepad or any other text editor 2. Find this line: WindowMode=X 3. Change the "X" to 2. IE: WindowMode=2 4. Save this, then launch a custom game Make game.cfg as read-only by rightclicking it and go to properties then check "Read only" box from bottom, then press "Apply" and "Ok": Sorry for different language.
Thanks a lot! Our problem has been solved. She also needed to press "Alt+Enter" together and then the game appeared. You're great, thank you once again!
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