Sneakyy (EUNE)
: Wrong i do.
"I guess one "Sneakyy: u are retard" and two "[10:33] Sneakyy (Janna): fu ck you." its negative enough for permanent ban" no you obviously dont understand it. its not about what you did wrong, its about how many times you did it wrong but oh well you wont learn
Sneakyy (EUNE)
: Permanent Suspsension
you dont understand the system at all do you?
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YourSh4dow (EUNE)
: Correct section but wrong Boards u r on EUNE here. This belongs to EUW boards unless Germany suddenly decided to migrate into eastern Europe. this is the thread link. says euw in the link
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Silisa (EUNE)
: It's a reasonable thought. I haven't had much time to watch 2016 MSI so far, and while it is an important competition, I don't like to put much stock into it. G2, while having veteran players in its roster, is still a new team. MSI will clearly show whatever issues they have and the losses they suffer might help them improve more than any wins could.
im glad that g2 is at msi i think it will really help them get experience for worlds. but as i expected they will fail hard and dont secure a "higher spot" at worlds for eu which sucks.
Silisa (EUNE)
: We will just have to wait and see. I wouldn't put that much faith into Choke Logic Gaming.
i dont dont worry. i still think they might end up stuck in world groups. and they might even drop this tournament hard. but i dont think so, i think that g2 will but the (season 4 worlds) alliance and lose to sup because they dont respect them and clg beats them again.
: MY point wasnt EU will win, my point was NA is also doing shit even against sup
its na. they perform shitty since season 1 2 3 and 5 (they did decent in s4). but still in the end they will bring in clg tsm and imt to worlds. huni cant tilt in best of 1's so they will make it out of groups clg can fix some errors (after all they played good so there is potenzial) and tsm has chances aswell.
: So what about Clg getting shafted by sup?
the way g2 played today (and yesterday) sup will destroy g2. no idea why they pick such a good roam comp (you have a fucking bard you can flank from everywhere) with 2 tps and they just dont do shit, only getting caught and getting put even more behind. sup will destroy them, they learned from skt.
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: okay, you know what i meant by that %%%%%%%%%.
no no idea what you mean also im no racist lol.
: oh dear, i could give you so many german insults, you wouldnt even know where to beginn translating xD, "ficker" for example. not a single german older then 12 would actually use it {{champion:48}}
weil die meisten deutschen "fuck" sagen, gibt aber genug die "du dummer ficker huso" sagen oder so
: Some amusing sentences/insults (?) I've seen in silver is like "el silvero" "bronzo" "bronzi xaxaxa" "fkk ur mom" "EL STUPIDO" D-:
thats exactly what i mean. how stupid do they think we are? EVERYONE knows what that means. the chatsystem does it aswell. might aswell flame in english.
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: noob community and useless riots
good thing you are so adult and over this horrible community ;D
Schwä (EUW)
: Hacked account
cant be undone, also blurr the name nameshame isnt allowed
MynadarxCZ (EUNE)
: Its called an exception. That gold guy proved Rito he can cast games even as gold probably. Still Rito does not want to spend time with every single guy and see if he can see what going on on screen or not. Therefore there is the dia+ condition - easier and faster solution.
i dont feel like casting but lets say i would, would you say me as a person who never played ranked (but im playing since season 2) should try it and send his stuff to riot?
: Smite does it and its a better game for it because it actually takes skill to land something rather then just right-clicking.
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: Riot, stop rewarding people for easy mechanics
might aswell remove the chance to crit because adcs get bonus damage for right clicking. also should remove skills that arent skillshots because look at veigar ult. point n click easy. OP has no idea what he is talking about. lets take the blitz example. stay behind your creeps and this guy can do nothing besides getting poked, no pressure nothing.
CSToast (EUW)
: What the hell is this crap?
"hey i saw others break the rules so now i break them myself AND IF YOU DARE TO PUNISH ME FOR IT I WONT GIVE A FUCK" good way bro.
: This is not a joke and I highly doubt you feel happy seeing your grandpa die of cancer. ALWAYS report someone who wishes you that and even send a Support Ticket so that they are almost guaranteed of getting a kind of ban.
i always report them, ofc. but i just dont really care what ppl online say it doesnt really get to me i have a thick skin when it comes to ppl being mean online
RazerX (EUW)
: If your father or mother died of cancer and you have watched them wither away you wouldn't be saying that. The average person on League is 16 and they have no clue to how terrible cancer is. Also, getting a thick skin is about being able to handle insults or setbacks, not about imagining they're irrelevant.
i saw my grandpa dying from cancer and tbh he was pretty much the only person i liked in our family. still its the internet, ppl say stuff without thinking or knowing if they hurt someone. get over it man. maybe its just me cause im a cold person in general
Spunned (EUW)
: It finally happened..
wow... i have 3 out of 4 and guess what? yea i lack the green one :(
: Wishing Cancer or some other Deadly plagues should get INSTANTLY permabaned
its the internet man. ppl joke about every shit. yes it should be an insta permaban, but still you should get a thicker skin.
: A message to all the drophackers
must be over a year since i saw a drophack. 13.000 ping was my record on euw im not even kidding. drophack usually gives you 500 ping. or it did!
scigala (EUNE)
: funniest lux ever
couldnt care less. move on.
: Riots banning in a nutshell
who cares how "weak or strong" your chat is? its not about that. the system checks how many times you broke the rules. you broke them so many times and didnt learn, so heres your perma.
: 14 days banned because our sup have no ward item and premades report me
that moment when the thread title is absolute total fucking bullshit and everyone knows it, but the OP means it dead serious {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
: If you dont wanna be called "things" on the internet, u better mute everyone when the game is starting.
you can call me everything you want i dont care. but dont call me racist for not knowing your language. thats such a stupid bullshit that it somehow turns me mad lol
: So it's acceptable to be matched with 4 premades against my well and get threatened to be reported
no its not ok lol. group reports dont have more value false reports have no value at all. do your homework before you blame riot. also post your chatlogs you "innocent" player. and read this:
ZartarUK (EUW)
: no the guy who said that to you was trolling
: Hey! If people are flaming or being toxic, just mute them and focus on yourself. Let them speak their language as there's no harm if they don't know English but if it still bothers you could either just ignore it or if it is really bothering you mute them. You can't get punished for being racist if you haven't done anything so don't pay attention to them if you're innocent ^_^
yea i dont wanna force anyone to learn and talk english but i dont wanna be called racist for not knowing every language. i know i did nothing wrong, but it still annoys me
ZartarUK (EUW)
: hes trolling ignore him
how am i trolling? im serious about this. french italian spain germans everyone calls me out that im racist because i dont know their language. not to mention im german myself so i do know their language but they think i only speak english
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Rhosta (EUNE)
: There are separate MMRs for every queue. So winning in ARAM wont increase your MMR in SR queue.
still im on a 6 win streak in normals.
Khâmul (EUW)
: dafuq People asking for that are pitiful
agreed it looks really... well lol. but i dont wanna falsely report if its not against the rules
danipoz (EUNE)
: Unfair chat restriction
you flamed so why unfair?
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: Riot when are you going to start banning scripters?
why were 2 teammates in front of the 700q nasus stacks? he is the tank HE IS THE FRONTLINE everyone has to be behind him lol
PowHammer (EUNE)
: Ribbons
what is a ribbon? i heard legends about it... just kidding i had one a few weeks after they came out but thats it. i saw (and im not kidding) 4 ribbons in whole season 5.
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: Look kids, this is why rito hitboxes are fucking bullshit :D
agreed either broken hitbox or range
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: Dude, that are things you KNOW aren't true. I AM a female and they REALLY judge me on my sex. You know you're not a Nazi.. Dude..
yea i know im not a nazi and you know those are kids and you are not just a sex object. or do you have doubts about yourself?
: New season reset?
well just google when season 2 3 4 5 started?
Suijin (EUNE)
: I don't think that reporting them will get them banned instantly.
it doesnt get trolls banned EVER. a "friend" of mine (he is just on my fl and chats with me every day) plays "asshole nunu" he follows his jungler around and smites and consumes all his creeps and when they go ganking he doesnt help. he does that since almost 2 month now.
: Sexism
this is the internet man. get some thick skin or dont go online. ppl here abuse the fact that you dont know them all the time. all i have to do is talk german "omg nazi" then i have to say im from austria not germany "omg even more nazi, is adolf your dad?" then i say lol trolling im actually from french "shove your baguette up your ass" mute report and move on its the internet man.
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