MrQQmur (EUW)
: Mission doesn't update
Same here, two games won with domination and it still doesnt count. Rip 900be T_T
avlad (EUNE)
: The LOL Client is buggy after patch update
Find match button bugged for me from yesterday :< they still didnt fixed it.
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: Alright this is stupid. Fix Your servers
Same here, i thought i was the only one, because my teammates made fun of me for the whole aram that i might be living in a cave . While my internet works perfectly fine.
: Chat not working
euw here too, tried restarting client many times, still doesnt work :(
idemowa98 (EUNE)
: Keys
You are not the only one here, after 3 boxes opened = 9 key fragment, ive got 1 more and thats it, im not getting any of them even with 2 more players in my premade team, my other premade friend got yesterday another fragment (he had 3 boxes opened too, so 9 fragments + 2 in his inventory). Like really what kind of black magic is with fragment rates? Does it resets at the start of the month, 1st day, or does it reset after the month from the 1st fragment you got? plus, does anyone knows how much rates decreases? and what is the starting rate?
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Thomas Jade (EUNE)
: Can't Gift Skins to friends that already got skin from me in the past.
the same thing only occurs for some of my friends, for those who have a lot of champs, especially the new ones {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}}
Freilynn (EUW)
: Skin gifting bug
its like already 9 hours and bug is still sitting there... I gifted that person skins before, so i think on this patch only one or a few champs got bugged thats why i cant gift, like really repair it please. {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}}
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: Go to police. Tell them that your neighbour murdered his wife and buried corpse in the backyard. See how they praise you for "reporting" him when they find his wife alive and well.
You sir, to the top {{summoner:12}}
: 11k ping?!
same problem here, got dc with another teammate and lost ranked, thx to the mighty rito, because my internet was working fine atm, only lol didnt worked...


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