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: I agree with both your points and your poll. But are you sure you aren't just a bit paranoid? You could either have been affected by a drophacked ranked game or it could have been a coincidence. In the last Normal I've played, suddenly after they failed to gank me 3 times, I got a persistent Attempting to reconnect message until they managed to kill me.
> just a bit paranoid that's an understatement at best, but I get your point
: That little inactivity was probably them having a rage at their teammates - most likely the jungler - because it was entirely the other guys faults. By the time they have ended their rage, they have just afk'ed for a good 5 mins and are now more behind than before. I cry so many nights but I will never give up. I am a fighter!! Actually, I'm a support, but you get my drift.
I feel sorry for their teammates - as a jungle main, I have received rage for not being able to simultaneously farm, gank and hold lanes up until the point where a couple of well-placed Sejuani ults shuts them all up. Supports get it rough sometimes; whenever I was flamed back when I was a support main, I used to go just support mid instead. There's nothing more fun than watching an enraged Vayne scream at you in chat with a 12/0 Azir telling her to go f*** herself. keep on supporting - your match history is rather impressive
: I doubt you was the intended target of the drophack and your game was in fact just collateral damage to a drophack on the same server. However coincidental it may be, I very much doubt they'd risk that much over a normal game. But I do agree that with your poll xD
Now that the red haze has cleared a little, it probably was collateral, although I did notice a little inactivity from the enemy misplayer (?) in both games. And yup - no matter how many {{item:3070}} you shed, it will still make you into a far better player.
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