: Illaoi is balanced around the possibility of pulling of the perfect ultimate and winning a 1vs5
Illaoi can be one of the strongest champions in the game, but also one of the weakest. It's all about hitting that E. I'm an Illaoi player myself and I feel like her E needs a buff. A wider hitbox and a lower cooldown will already help a lot, as well as fixing her bugs would be nice (for example the bug that nullifies your E when hitting a target affected by Morgana's Black Shield).
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: Riot Please Help, My client as found a time machine!
Repairing your client should do the trick.
GawnMower (EUW)
: Take you main and give him a buff....
{{champion:43}} New Passive: Gathering Fire For each 1% of HP Karma is missing, she gains 0.3% bonus AP and heals and shields will be 0.15% stronger. R + E - Defiance No longer absorbs additional damage. Now deals 60 / 140 / 220 / 300 (+60% AP) damage to enemies.
GawnMower (EUW)
: Take you main and give him a buff....
{{champion:127}} New Passive: Iceborn Lissandra gains a stack for each enemy she CC's (excluding items). At 20/15/10 stacks her next ability will have a bonus effect: Q: Costs no mana and the slow is doubled. In addition now slows all subsequent enemies hit for 50% of the slow. W: Roots for 0.5 seconds more. E: Faster travel speed and will decrease the cooldown by 5 seconds. R: Enemy cast: Now deals 20% bonus true damage to enemy champions. R: Self cast: Lissandra cleanses every debuff beforehand. Q - Ice Shard Mana cost reduced to 40/50/60/70/80 from 85 at all ranks.
Scuttle (EUW)
: Why do people barely play karma
I play Karma quite often in Mid. She literally wins every matchup, she has no counter at all. You can go full damage with a build like {{item:3165}} >{{item:3089}} >{{item:3135}}, but I like {{item:3211}} >{{item:3136}} > damage. This shuts down all AP mids and making her a hard counter against {{champion:7}} .
: Increasing Rewards for Skillful Play with Master Yi
'Noob stomper'? This champion is by far the most broken one right now. It is embarassing that such a champion exists and that it has not even been hotfixed yet. I have around a 99% loss rate against him and I ban him every game when I get the chance. His skillcap isn't that high either, cancelling auto attacks with W is something you can do very easily if you know that it's possible, using your Q to dodge an ability/attack is just as easy as pressing E when playing Fizz. Changing his Meditate will not really do anything to be honest, a rework ~~or a remove are~~ is the best to do right now.
: *cough* What? SUPPORT? gaaaaaaaaa
Karma Mid only! (I'm still hoping they put the damage back on R + E)
: Illaoi Full AD Tips & Tricks
I'm an Illaoi player myself, and it's good to see that I'm not the only one ;) Our set-ups do differ quite a bit, so I'll share mine. {{item:3812}} {{item:3071}} {{item:3025}} {{item:3156}} {{item:3053}} {{item:3009}} is my standard build (yes it exceeds the CDR cap). With {{item:3142}} {{item:3146}} {{item:3036}} {{item:3078}} {{item:3065}} {{item:3742}} as situational items. For Runes I take Armor Penetration in Marks (though AD work just as fine), Armor in Seals, 6 Scaling Magic Resistance and 3 Flat Magic Resistance Glyphs and 3 Spellvamp Quintessences. For Masteries I take 0/12/18, though 12/0/18 work just as fine (Expose Weakness and extra Spellvamp). Grasp of the Undying is my preferred choice because it helps in lane (it works on your spirit!). For Summoners I take Flash and Exhaust ({{summoner:4}} for E + Flash, R + Flash; {{summoner:3}} to increase the chances of survival). Illaoi is a champion that is insane if she survives the first wave of burst/CC, after which she can Ult + W + W + W and win the game. That's why items such as Death's Dance, Sterak's Gage, Maw of Malmortius are really good. I also take Exhaust for this reason. By taking increased healing in the Resolve tree, getting Spellvamp in Runes (and optionally in Masteries) and getting items that increase healing (Hextech Gunblade, Death's Dance, Spirit Visage), Illaoi will be really strong. I personally wouldn't take Titanic Hydra, because you will have sufficient waveclear by yourself and it feels rather clunky on her. Frozen Mallet is okay, but I prefer Iceborn Gaunlet (solves mana problems if going more tanky and grants CDR). Going full AD Illaoi is a pretty fun thing, but you really have to go **full** AD. It is possible to get 100% damage on your E if you have enough AD, meaning that by hitting your E late game could mean certain death.
: maybe it's not intentional but you died too much, and you are challenger, you should be a super player, and it's not normal to die every 2 minutes, it's not an excuse, because noboby says "hey, I usually die one time every 2 minutes. it's normal for me, it's my playstyle" because it isn't normal i have no words for you, I'm shocked, you can't be real and you can't be challenger, you shouldn't be challenger, this is not fair
Let me tell you that even Challenger isn't super elo. I've played in that MMR range before (even with OP and some LCS players) and honestly, most games are far from perfect, and that's fine. If you die once, it's hard to get back in high elo, and people just abused this and camped him. I get flamed all the time in normal games because I'm not 27/0 and carrying 1v9. I get camped a lot, too and as an Illaoi player I get camped from level 2 and onwards some games. Here are a few examples: http://matchhistory.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/EUW1/2527142589/41115057?tab=overview http://matchhistory.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/EUW1/2527304068/41115057?tab=overview These games happen, especially on Champions like these. And getting banned on top of the fact that the whole game was made to frustrate you is not fair.
Trias000 (EUNE)
: Should I play my main champion (Lissandra) in every ranked game?
I also main Lissandra, but for mid, I really hate her top. I generally don't blind pick her anymore, as she is in a very bad spot at the moment. They way I play Lissandra is shut down by Champions that don't die within one rotation of my spells, and the fact that Marksmen now get Maw, Sterak's and Scimitar just make me want to ragequit to be honest. She falls off really hard now, it makes the game 4v5 eventually, so you really have to rely on your team these days (which is why she is still ok in competitive). I would say Azir and Xerath are hard for Lissandra, too. These Champions are fairly easy to play and have way too much lane presence for what they can do. I would advise you to have a bigger pool.
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Dadas (EUNE)
: This has to be a joke!
Hmmm, reminds me of Season 3... Where League was down every weekend and queue times were insane ~~
Sâm (EUW)
: I'd love to help if anyone have questions regarding the map "Twisted Treeline"
What is better: duo top or playing with a jungler? And what exactly is the role of the jungler in 3v3, if you do decide to pick one?
Exdominator (EUNE)
: shes not so good...
Yeah (secretly I main Illaoi for top).
: Illaoi nerf
Illaoi gets camped from level 2 onwards, so I don't see your problem.
Just Zion (EUW)
: My ranked divisions name has a grammatical error
: Orianna quick+self-cast E can return the ball to another ally
I have my selfcast E bound to A, and have not had this problem at all.
Agidyne (EUW)
: it doesn't.
It does cleanse the stacks, but since his rework this is no longer useful. He gets his passive off after 5 stacks, with which he can isntantly get 5 stacks on you with one attack.
SloPro11 (EUNE)
: Yeah I kinda got sick of polish and romanian kids on eune so I could use a free transfer to EUW and my country is on the border between the servers so lag won't be a problem :)
The EUNE and EUW servers are both located in Amsterdam actually...
Noxxarian (EUNE)
: Karma info inaccurate
Yeah, they made Karma a lot easier and one-sided with this nerf, I used it as an offensive ability very often.
Larry (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Frostguard,realm=EUW,application-id=mmWRnfcc,discussion-id=IJvVJayH,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2016-01-25T17:48:18.869+0000) > > Would be illogical, but you can always ask to swap if you want. well, do you ask everytime if you can swap when you play your secondary role?
Well, you could, you haven't got anything to lose.
Larry (EUNE)
: Is it possible for this to happen in draft pick?
Would be illogical, but you can always ask to swap if you want.
Grammos (EUNE)
: Just dont play all your 10 placements the first month.
What I'm doing now is dodging every single game that doesn't look favorable.
Aniviated (EUW)
: Reset Que dodge and AFK penalties
Dodging will not count as a loss though.
: Nautilus bugs
Another bug is the insane hitbox on his Q, the range is way longer than the indicator and visual effects.
shileka (EUW)
: true damage can be amplified, {{champion:103}} does it, and i'm relatively sure {{champion:31}} {{champion:11}} do it too, {{champion:122}} also gets amplified true damage based on hemo stacks
Ahri's true damage used to be an exception, but since her Charm no longer amplifies her damage, this isn't the case anymore.
: This is interesting. Have you tested to see whether it works with the other damage amplification masteries? (Double Edged Sword, Bounty Hunter, Oppressor). If not I might try them right now. Also, do you know if Assassin works against jungle camps? (since the jungler is always alone this might make it useful enough to consider taking it over Runic Affinity)
I'm pretty sure I didn't see true damage get amplified before the coming of the new mastery, and yes, I think damage against jungle camps is also increased.
: Since assasin increasing dmg (and it dosent say what dmg is it ).Porb it means increas any dmg you put in .
But true damage is not coded like that. The numbers should always be the same as the actual damage output, with true damage that is.
: What type of champions do you hate to face the most ?
{{champion:34}} {{champion:268}} {{champion:53}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:36}} {{champion:9}} {{champion:41}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:38}} {{champion:203}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:75}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:56}} {{champion:2}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:33}} {{champion:58}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:223}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:112}} {{champion:8}} {{champion:19}} {{champion:101}} {{champion:5}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:26}} {{champion:157}}
: Zed and Yasuo ''skill-less''? lol.
Zed is, like every other assassin, quite easy to learn but very hard to master. But I think he meant to say Zed is one of those champions that makes playing adc a hell :p
: Glyphs, can someone explain ...
I also prefer flat MRres, it really comes down to your preferences. On some champions CDR is a valuable stat, but on others it doesn't really matter too much.
Orionpyro (EUNE)
: Yi gotta be nerfed
I agree that Master Yi is really strong at the moment. He is quite difficult to deal with, especially when they abuse Devourer/Guinsoo's and go full tank afterwards. A typical Yi build I see is something like this: {{item:3931}} {{item:3124}} {{item:3139}} {{item:3742}} {{item:3111}} {{item:3053}} He really can not be stopped, going full tank and still 2-shotting most of the other champions.
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Tyde DV (EUW)
: lol you haven't done your research, most arab countries are in the middle-east. Dubai, which is part of the UAE, is just another middle eastern country.
: The Best One Trick Ponies on YouTube
Will you use the same champion more than once? I'd personally like to see more playstyles (different OTPs) and more examples, as that would be quite helpful :p
: > [{quoted}](name=Frostguard,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=XwaXqLb2,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-12-28T21:32:29.590+0000) > > If you haven't switched over to another PC since you've started, try going into your LoL files and check the date of your first game log. welp, changed pc a couple of times so that wont work. thanks for trying tho :D
Well, you could always try asking Riot Support, but due to security reasons, they can only give you a vague idea of when you started.
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: What are the requirements for Loss Prevented???
Riot actually has to turn on 'Loss Prevented'.
: How do i know hen i started playing LoL?
If you haven't switched over to another PC since you've started, try going into your LoL files and check the date of your first game log.
: How old is my aoccount?
You can go into your game logs and check the date of your first game played. (Doesn't work if you're using a different PC now though)
YuuAngel (EUNE)
: Anyone can tell me what season was when Zac got released?
Eveninn (EUW)
: For the Stats I'd rather go RoA tbh. >.> Not sure of exact numbers, but should work just as fine (+sustain of catalyst)
RoA? Rylais? .
: smartcast is better only on one group of champions or in a specific situation. Also you must know the exact ability range etc if you want to long range snipe.
Smartcast with indicator is a thing.
: How to recognize a troll in League of Legends
I lost it at 'international feeder'
: [Burning Tides](http://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/site/bilgewater/#story-1) [Shadow and Fortune](http://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/site/shadow-and-fortune/chapter-1.html) We've had good lore so far this year. (Unless I've severely misjudged the intent of this post)
True, but I want more Freljord lore...
: Some tip for Twisted Fate
I don't play Twisted Fate, but I can tell you he isn't a champion to pick for a specific match up. In other words, he isn't designed to win lane, you pick him so you can ult bot/top and snowball their lanes.
jbsv (EUW)
: [bug] Profile not displaying rank
Have had the same bug. Leaving all of your ranked teams should fix the bug.
creamycow (EUW)
: Best AP tank Jungle?
Shozis (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Frostguard,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=Eq9iEfbE,comment-id=00080000,timestamp=2015-11-23T17:00:52.364+0000) > > They flame you just as bad, if not more. Some will just kindly add you to flame you even more, but I'd just screen that and send it to support ;) > D1 Elo is hilarious :D Idk, I don`t see much flame in NA/EUW high ELO streams.
Might be different on NA, but here it's really toxic. Might be because people tend to keep their mouths shut when their game is broadcasted for the world to see...
Shozis (EUNE)
: I`m nowhere near high elo, but I watch a lot of high ELO streams and have come to a conclusion that solo queue is the same everywhere and the only big difference is the attitude and perception of the game/your team. High ELO players definetly have better knowledge of the game and better mechanical skills, however, I`ve noticed one thing: if you watch bronze players you`ll see someone feeding to oblivion. You turn on Diamond/masters stream - someone is still loosing their lane with a score 0/7. You turn on bronze stream and see bad engages. You turn on high ELO stream and see the same bad engages when half HP Zed thinks he can take on 4 low HP targets but dies in 0,5 seconds. Basically the same feeding, the same bad engages etc. The difference is that a bronze player will flame the sheit out of his teammates and blame them for not being able to climb the ladder while most of high ELO players will simply accept that these thing are unavoidable in solo queue and that in a long run they will be able carry themselves if they really deserve to be higher. I want to stress that high ELO players are much better at many things compared to low ELO players, however, there are things that are simply unavoidable in solo queue, and will be present at any ELO: I dare you to watch any high ELO stream and you will notice the same bronzish and silverish trends. Seriously, we expect high ELO people to be playing like LCS teams, but it will never happen in solo queue.
They flame you just as bad, if not more. Some will just kindly add you to flame you even more, but I'd just screen that and send it to support ;) D1 Elo is hilarious :D
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