: What did you get as your legendary skin?
Battle Academia Ezreal. I hate the champ, always have always will, and i got Pulsefire ez anyway (from some reroll or something). So meh... Guess it still beats maginificent twisted fate or red baron corki or something like that but still...
: Some missions still aren't progressing when they should (e.g. factions, first tower)
Same here, destroyed the first turret (I took it myself, was in URF as well) and no progress on the quest. For quest 4 of the Garen path i had the same thing, and now again on part 5 (win one game in under 30 min on summoners rift or win 3 games). I won a game urf in about 25 min. got 1 out of 3 wins but not the win in under 30 min. It is getting rather annoying that quests just don't count all the time.
QancerClown (EUNE)
: ***
You are never right to troll, even if you feel it is justified against that one person there are 3 more players that didn't do it and shouldn't suffer for it.
: How to play against these annoying poking champions
These champions seriously counter some of your picks, when you play against those you have a few options: 1: pick urgot, play a bit safe and you should be ok, when you get to midgame and your not too far behind you are fine. 2: pick whatever you like, let him push and ask for your jungler to gank a couple of times. 3: take some other champions. For example a vlad or swain do ok against both. Or if you like more the fighters/bruisers you can try darius or irelia (darius grap is a serious treath for those champs and irelia can just all in too easy when you land your stun). perhaps there are more solutions but this is what i personally would do when i play top and see I am up against a teemo/kennen/etc. Hope this helps you and good luck in your games.
Grammos (EUNE)
: I finally did it
Congratz, its nice to read some positive messages now and then on the forum. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} And of course good luck climbing to plat.
: What is the new quest about?
Not sure, but I think it has to do something with the new tournament thinghy called Clash. https://nexus.leagueoflegends.com/en-us/2017/12/dev-clash/ When in doubt use the american site, it almost always tells more than the european {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: but I guess if I bought now when price is reduced I won't get a full refund, right? :D a little too much to hope for
Actually all runes you buy after the massive price discount won't be refunded. So except if you plan to use them this last week or few weeks to the preseason it is useless since they will all be deleted.
Scrinnid (EUNE)
: Cause in a balanced game she has time to scale. Tristana has good early and late, but her midgame is kinda lacking and thats where other lanes come in. Hence why she is ignored
Alright i guess that is an explenation. Can't really say i agree to that reasoning seeing the results she has but might be that this is indeed the underlying motivation. Thanks for responding :)
Scrinnid (EUNE)
: Therels also the fact that kogmaw requires a lot more peeling from teammates, while tristana is relatively safe
Aye, Xayah also requires less and is also considered a must pick/ban. I agree with your statements. However, my initial question is why this seems to be ignored by casters, analists after the game and most teams playing in the quarterfinals? Is she just not that good and is her winrate coinsedence? I seriously doubt that since every time a 2nd placed team from groups one from 1st placed team they had a Trist in their team. Also a win rate of 12-1 (the only loss being a completly stmped one-sided game) at least it implies she is too strong. I just don't get it why it is completly ignored by most people.
Possible (EUW)
: you make a post about tristana having a high winrate yet kalista has a 100% banrate over worlds
Aye, kallista is but that is acknowledged by well basically about everyone, while Tristana seems to be ignored basically by almost every1, only WE banned her last 2 games finally.
Zyzyx (EUW)
: > Can any1 explain to me why this champions is mostly ignored by the casters and not even that high valued usually in pick-and-ban by teams despite this win rate? Because correlation is not necessarily causation, especially if you are talking about very low numbers. Just because Tristana has a 92% winratio this doesn't necessarily mean that Tristana is the actual reason for winning those games. Given that we are talking about extremely low numbers (13 games) and pretty much no statistic provides meaningful insights with less than 30 data points, it wouldn't be smart to assume it's all about Tristana just based on her winratio. Don't get me wrong, it's perfectly possible that Tristana is in fact very strong and a big part of the reason why those games were won...but just based on her winratio you can't really conclude that with so few games played. Personally I have no idea if Tristana is actually strong or not. But given the fact that the pros most certainly do, the fact that they don't ban Tristana seems to indicate that they don't think that Tristana caused those wins.
I understand and I may get it is not necessary being Tristana op. But I find it strange it just gets completly ignored, and just when i say that WE banned her game 4 lol.
Scrinnid (EUNE)
: Cause her winrate comes from being a hyperscaler,
But that also applies to for example a Kog that doesn't have such a win ratio...
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Rumkatten (EUW)
: A question for support mains
Heya, it is defenetly possible to climb as a sup main. I did it a couple of seasons ago from bronze to gold. Later years i still manage to carry from placements (low gold usually) to upper gold/low plat after that i lose interest cause i cannot play enough anyway to keep plat without decaying over time now and then. The thing you should be aware of is that sup is the hardest position to solocarry the game. However, if your good enough your win rate should still be far above 50% which is enough to climb. If your playing far under your elo it is usually good to take playmaker supports as Thresh/Bard/Rakan or mages as Zyra/Brand However in the current meta ardent users are really strong. Janna/Lulu/etc are overall the strongest so if your closer in elo to your skill level those might work best. Yet the most important thing is play what you like and fits your playstyle. Stay calm and try peel for your carries. And if your adc is real garbage try to peel for someone else, preferable the most fed player on your team. I hope this helps you a little, if you have any more questions about specific supports, matchups, or anything else free feel to reply here or add me ingame and sen me a pm there. And good luck on climbing :)
Tyche 22 (EUW)
: Most viable top lane tank now
First of all i think you should start with the one that fits your playstyle best and not the one which other people claim to be 'op'. Meta changes, champions get nerfed/buffed all the time so better focus on what you enjoy playing and you might have succes on a champion that is on the weaker side (win rate lower than 50%) if you know the champ well and it does fit your playstyle. From the ones you mentioned i would go for Maokai, he has a solid lane phase and always brings a lot to the team. However, you will have a hard time to solo carry. Malphite and Dr. Mundo feel really weak in the current meta to me. Singed/Naut can be ok but i think in general Maokai is better altough Singed is plays so different he is hard to compare. Some other picks that you can try as tank toplaners are: {{champion:3}} : solid lane phase and can peel really well for your team in lategame fights. {{champion:78}} : she is very hard to kill, brings quite some damage and cc and her abillity to interrupt damage can really be great in certain matchups. {{champion:98}} : he can 1v1 most tanks during the majority of the game so a constant splitpush threath especially since he can easy join his team with his ult. Also he can realatively ok farm under turret from behind due to basic attack enhancer and the threath of taunting an opponent under the turret.
: > [{quoted}](name=Fruitschaal,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=BK0bou8W,comment-id=00000000000000010000,timestamp=2017-06-18T17:15:01.947+0000) > > Even then you can make the difference although you will not get the 95% winrate i had in bronze but you should still get far over 50% even if it is only because you do not troll/afk/intfeed and provide some map vision/peel a little that is all you need to win more then 50% of the games in bronze. (51% is enough to get that out that elo eventually) > > I agree that when playing something as a Janna it wlll be harder but i got about 95% winrate while playing mostly botlane so being partly dependend on your lane partner (both sup and adc). While it helps if you play a sup that can go carry sup or at least a playmaker like Thresh in that elo, you should be perfectly capable to win with anything more then 50% in bronze if you really do not belong there. yes i agree you can def have more than 50% rating even with passive supports if youre really good. im like the perfect example lol, basically i have many friends in plat and diamond so i play with them and im doing fine but when i tried to play solo completely in ranked in 100 games i had like 65% winrate with my favourite supports still hanging around bronze 3-2 elo so i gave up cause it takes too much effort and in many games i auto-lost no matter how good i was cause of the nature of utility supports. i mean i could get out of bronze for sure if i wanted to or even get at least gold but due to the role i main it might take several hundred games from what ive seen. i play casually so i dont want to have the stress of climbing. i play mostly aram where my mmr is currently like mid silver i really enjoy this mode, almost no one behaves badly. but yeah this ranked game today was really weird, it wasnt only that people in bronze are bad players they behave unnaturally bad. i was really surprised that instead of thanking me to carry them they said they will report me. i think the best you can do in this bronze rank is mute all from the beginning take a stomp champion and carry the game until youre out of bronze, but from what ive seen from the bad silver players i encounter in aram silver is no different. i think many silver players should be in bronze
Yes the more utility and peel champ you play the harder it is to carry when your team is that bad. Champions as Janna are the worst for they really have do damage and a very limited amount of playmaking abillities. But if your fine with playing cassually there is no problem in it. I just think it is always stupid if people blame whatever reason to not be able to climb out of bronze just to not admit they are bad themself. However in the case as you say it will take you too long to be worth it then that is your choice and you should do whatever you enjoy most, hence that should be the reason to play this or any game in the first place.
: Or they play babysit supports.
Even then you can make the difference although you will not get the 95% winrate i had in bronze but you should still get far over 50% even if it is only because you do not troll/afk/intfeed and provide some map vision/peel a little that is all you need to win more then 50% of the games in bronze. (51% is enough to get that out that elo eventually) I agree that when playing something as a Janna it wlll be harder but i got about 95% winrate while playing mostly botlane so being partly dependend on your lane partner (both sup and adc). While it helps if you play a sup that can go carry sup or at least a playmaker like Thresh in that elo, you should be perfectly capable to win with anything more then 50% in bronze if you really do not belong there.
: there is my hypothesis about how bad players are in each elo. platinum- they know how team compositions interact with each other, but chose to ignore it gold- they do not know what makes a good composition and how champions interact with each other silver- they do not know what champions they do not play do bronze- they do not even know what their own champion does.
Lol, while there are some exceptions in general this summerizes it pretty well from my experience indeed.
: meh. bronze players are SO BAD, that you doublemute every single every other player and solocarry. mid-gold player should not have any trouble with that.
Mid-gold? 2 seasons ago when I was mid-silver skillwise and even then I had no trouble I believe I lost one game after being placed in bronze IV till I was silver V. Most games I ended like 20/1/10 or something and I was only mid silver skillwise back then. People claiming you cannot climb out of bronze and elo hell just look for any excuse to not have to admit that they are bad lol.
: TOP 10 HATED Skills
In order 1 {{champion:105}} E 2 {{champion:157}} W 3 {{champion:114}} W after this one is a huge gap 4 {{champion:38}} R 5 {{champion:23}} R 6 {{champion:98}} R that feeling when you almost kill some1 and then this skill.... 7 {{champion:16}} R or this one 8 {{champion:223}} W or this one at least it isn't global tho 9 {{champion:412}} W or this one 10 {{champion:10}} R or this one 11 {{champion:26}} R ok I know this is one too many but he really is in the same group
: I think %HP True dmg should be removed from the game
I really do not see the problem the main 2 champs having % health true damage are Fiora and Vayne. Both have clear counters and weaknesses. It is the same as saying certain assassins are stupid because no adc can ever win against them. Vayne has a horrible early game, pick a cait or draven or something and you can crush her in lane. Furthermore she has very short range and needs to deal 3 basic attacks in that range to deal 12% max hp as true damage... that is really not gonna kill you that fast. Yes 1v1 lategame vs a tank she will almost win that is supposed to be her strenght. Yet she cannot deal with most mages and assassins lategame. Fiora has a much more solid early game, yet doesnt have any area damage, no reliable cc and strugles vs substain/ranged champs in lane on top of something as a panth or jax that can block basic attacks Also her % max health isn't that much per hit outside her ult. Overall % max health isn't too strong in my opinion although it can be frustrating. However so is Fizz with his E for example and many others. I see no reason why it can't be switched to ad damage if you buff those champs accordingly for otherwise they would be too weak but in my opinion there is no real need for it.
: I remember the old warwick could do it at level 13. No idea why he needed a rework
I think the reason was that he was too one-dimensional and Riot likes to makes champions higher skilled in general same for example with Ashe which was a very straight forward adc before changes hit. Not saying i agree on that decision for i think its nice to have some low skill champs for newer players. But that is another discussion ^^
Tawheed10 (EUW)
: Tank supports are beast, but whos the best?
As a Thresh main i of course go for him. Lot of cc, playmaking potential, can safe stupid allies that misposition with your lanterns. Can provide good engage with his grap as disengage with e and ult. He has ranged basic attacks and his e allows for some poke early game against melee supports. Furthermore when you get pushed in you always have the chance to pull some1 under your turret. He has a bit of all and almost always fits in a team. However for each of these categories you have a support that provide more. Engage? Pick Leona/Blitz. Disengage? Pick Braum/Tahn. Etc However in my opinion none is so much all round as Thresh. That being said each chapion has it pros and cons and it all depends on your playstyle. and some may be specific counters to enemy teamcomp.
: Xin Zhao solo baron
Best bet would be bruisers/tanks on which you build a botrk. Also depends on wwheter you have high gold or not from farm/kills/objectives and mountain/fire drakes can make a difference. I think Jax, Trundle, Irelia, Olaf and such might be able to do it under certain circumstances at least. They used to able to do it all but not sure on the current patch.
ChinaMus (EUW)
: A question about the so-called offmeta picks
Playing off-meta is perfectly fine in my opinion but only under certain conditions: -There must be some reasonable motivation. I played j4 sup with the tought "i can give my adc attack speed, have armor shred, they have an immobile lane i can lock down and force engages". However when some1 has "I am autofill sup so I am gonna take Yasuo for I dont want to seriously play sup" then I do have a problem with it. -When you do not know the pick only try it in a normal not ranked (same goes for meta picks btw) -Communicate especially on bot, if you do not know the pick ask if your team is ok with trying it out. Its not really forced but does improve the game quality. If you play an off-meta pick without communicating and lose hard since you obviously don't know the pick or it really doesn't work it will tilt players. This isn't bannable or illegal or something but really communicating helps a lot. -When a pick is not completly valid but somewhat ok better stick to it in normals or full premade ranked flex who are ok with it. Of course everyone has his own opinion on this but this is how i see it.
: Annie is actually strong and easy to play still no 60% WR in bronze.
Well Annie isn't strong in higher elo's and Annie is squisy if she mispositions she gets nuked, Garen usually doesn't because he is too tanky for that and he has his hp back 30 secs out of combat anyway lategame so gets punished a lot less for horrible positioning.
: But Garens kit will naturally push the lane?(E) and in the current meta lanes get ganked a shitton. Also why is that so bad that Garen wins a lane? I don't wanna b*tch, but Fiora has an okay lategame, and unlike Garen, she actually can do something good in lategame unless the enemy team is completely dumb in which case, Garen can be more than just a meatshield.
That holds truth in higher elo's for sure but not in lower elo's if you make Garen balanced in lets say Dia+ he will have 60+% winrate in bronze. Its not that I think Garen is too strong and in certain elo's it wouldnt hurt but other elo's would just be unplayable. Same is when you try balance Azir for bronze/silver then he would destroy every high elo game. People in low elo often lack any form of coordination and have a horrible positioning that together makes it possible to overcome Garen weaknesses thats why he is now still valid in those elo's.
: Wouldn't it be fair if Garen could choose his own villain? +[poll]
Kinda depends on cooldown of his villan but in general i think that is a bad idea. For when you can pick your direct lane opponent as villan he becomes impossible to play against in lower elo's and even in higher it might be a problem if cd is too low. If you nerf his damage massively then it won't be a problm but that would make it useless. When they introduced the villan mechanic they let also killing Garen count towards it. This resulted especially in lower elo's in one of the following scenario': 1. Garen dies in lane --> Enemy becoms villan --> Garen wins 1v1 cause villan and compensates for his death without any counterplay. 2. Garen loses but his team feeds even harder --> Some1 else becomes villan --> Garen loses as long as others feed more than him which in all honesty should be a loss anyway. 3. Garen straight up wins his lane. In this situation when Garen couldn't even choose his opponent it was a toxic mechanic especially in lower elo's. I am not saying higher skilled players couldn't play around it. Even me while I am only gold do not have any problem dealing with te guy, however some champs are just impossible to balance at all elo's some because they are too low skill and some because they are too high skill (Garen, Old WW, Nasus, Azir, Kallista, Taliyah, etc).
: hmm, didn't help for me:(
Sorry to hear that. Well i know those issues worked for me but as i said each time i had to do something different so it stays guessing. Btw do you run other programs on the background? Internetbrowser, Skype/Discord, Steam, etc? If so does it make a difference wheter you shut them down or not? Oh and i just assume you do not play on laptop on the battery cause that will almost always kill your performance. Its very unlikely you do this and this is the problem but I know a person who did this...
: Tnx I'll try, what compatibility mode do u use? 8 or 7?
I tried windows 7 back then but that was almost 2 years ago i believe. So i guess 8 should work just as fine now as well, but you can try it on 7.
Oriyoki (EUW)
: What the hell is Vayne's counter play?
Vayne has multiple options of counterplay. 1 She has a weak early any strong early adc can beat her in lane (Draven, Lucian, Cait, etc) and set her far behind. 2 She has short range (one of the reasons for her weak early) so when she comes in to deal damage it means you can almost always hit her back. Anything with hard cc or high burst can destroy her. She is supposed to be strong lategame against tanks. When you say that is not fair then it's not fair either that is worse early/midgame than almost any other adc and even lategame isn't the best versus squisy champs.
: FPS is the same on every setting. Starts high, goes to 30- 35.
Something like this occured for me too on 2 different laptops and one of those twice each of these 3 times the fixes were different: -1 Time running it as administrator in other compabillity solved it. -1 Time for some reason my laptop suddenly switched to energy saving modus and had to switch it to high performance -1 Time my solution was to let my graphic card do updates. I hope one of these works for you and if not someone ele has the solution that works for you best of luck anyway.
: > [{quoted}](name=Fruitschaal,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=c0MtGOlq,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2017-06-08T09:11:45.085+0000) > > I think your picks are all solid picks for mid although most are quite situational and depend a lot of the matchup. Maybe some more universal champs that almost always fit as {{champion:61}} {{champion:112}} can help as a relatively safe first pick that will almost always do something in any teamcomp and can survive almost any matchup. > Also {{champion:8}} can be a nice pick to pick up since he counters a few champs, can usually survive the lane and can also be picked top (if you need range or ap top which you dont seem to have in your pool). However be aware vlad offers no cc (other than {{item:3116}} slow which is rather little) not is very mobile so his value depends on both your team as the enemy team. > > For toplane i think the suggestion {{champion:98}} /{{champion:111}} is really ok. Furthermore some mage as {{champion:127}} {{champion:8}} could be valuable for your team. I need to get myself to play {{champion:61}} & {{champion:127}} for sure.. i do play vlad from time to time. As for Top {{champion:98}} relies on his team so i guess higher elos tend to focus more on teamwork.. {{champion:111}} is a great pick along with {{champion:54}} {{champion:2}} but they're no fun to me.. thanks for your valuable tips mate <3
Your welcome, Well i have the same thing with Olaf but especially Naut and Malph so i know the feeling. Shen can be ok but yes he cannot solocarry and does rely on his team, however he is usually ok in 1v1 splitpush to either do it himself or counter an opponent who does it even in lower elos.
: Best midlane champ?
I think your picks are all solid picks for mid although most are quite situational and depend a lot of the matchup. Maybe some more universal champs that almost always fit as {{champion:61}} {{champion:112}} can help as a relatively safe first pick that will almost always do something in any teamcomp and can survive almost any matchup. Also {{champion:8}} can be a nice pick to pick up since he counters a few champs, can usually survive the lane and can also be picked top (if you need range or ap top which you dont seem to have in your pool). However be aware vlad offers no cc (other than {{item:3116}} slow which is rather little) not is very mobile so his value depends on both your team as the enemy team. For toplane i think the suggestion {{champion:98}} /{{champion:111}} is really ok. Furthermore some mage as {{champion:127}} {{champion:8}} could be valuable for your team.
: I play both equally... when I play adc my support tends to complain or start really bad fights... when I play support my adc gets themselves killed and blames me... So really both are bad... the difference I think is that adcs tend to get a chance to redeem themselves with big flashy plays and fan fair... supports are background so once you make a mistake you don't get a chance to really prove them wrong in a big way, just small things which are super important but don't get recognised. So adcs struggle with bad supports as much as supports struggle with bad adcs, but supports get it worse because adcs tend to never forgive and forget while supports sometimes do if you prove it.
Both sups and adcs you have flamers just like you have in any other postion. I main support but play quite some adc as well. In my experience auto-filled sups are horrible (at least the people who tell you they are autofilled), they go troll picks, flame and usually lose the lane. But excluding those adcs are in general worse then supports in my experience (especially vayne mains somehow). They flame more often if they die, for example when you go warding, roam mid one time after you killed their lane and he cant play safe for a half min till you return, recall or whatever else. Futhermore if you dare hit a minion on accident they often spam ping. When they get grabbed by every blitzcrank grab they tend to blame you for it (also most sups who gets grabbed do this btw). However the thing that annoys me most of all is when you get past the lanephase. When you get your adc fed in the lane they often get what i call the god-complex, they think they are League gods and they can do everything. They overextend, misposition and manage to die over and over again and throw their lead away and then flame the team for not peeling. Other way around happens as well when you get fed in lane as adc (wheter it is due to your sup or own skills) and then your team won't peel for you at all lategame even if you have a solid positioning. Now of course i have made those mistakes often enough as adc and sup myself, (if not i should be much higher elo then gold), but at least i never flamed my team for it and try to learn from my mistakes. TLDR: you have a lot of sups and adcs that flame/feed/troll/whatever. In my experience autofiled supports are worst, then adcs, then real supports.
: > [{quoted}](name=Fruitschaal,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=PWwQAywT,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-05-11T07:42:00.423+0000) > > Though there are multiple options i would go for: > {{champion:86}} No mana, no skill shots, you even get a sound when you have to click your ult on the villian. Futhermore he is really tanky with a high regain lategame so mistakes often won&#x27;t get punished that hard. (While for example an annie that mispositions or facechecks gets nuked) Garen is mechanically easy, but I find him hard to play with because he is easy to kite.
That is true. I was talking mostly about mechanical skills here, also in higher elo's people can almost always kite him, in bronze/silver it is however rare. It depends on what aspect of easy you look :)
: >While for example an annie that mispositions or facechecks gets nuked) For example, by a {{champion:86}} waiting in said bush :-) And so the circle closes.
Haha true enough, especially with his silence you won't have much counterplay on it indeed if he sits in that bush you facechecks
: What is the easyest champion?
Though there are multiple options i would go for: {{champion:86}} No mana, no skill shots, you even get a sound when you have to click your ult on the villian. Futhermore he is really tanky with a high regain lategame so mistakes often won't get punished that hard. (While for example an annie that mispositions or facechecks gets nuked)
Rstonius (EUW)
: Advice from an ADC to Supports.
As a sup main i can make the same post about ADCs you know. People who pick a champ that is useless in the lane/teamcomp. Futhermore, this also applies to top/jung/mid. I really don't see why this is directed at supports except the auto-fill 'trolls', which are usually the people that lock in Yasuo/Zed/Riven regardless of the matchup anyway on top of mid.
Smerk (EUW)
: I have only two supports that I can reliably play: {{champion:201}} and{{champion:412}} . When we need second AP who should I pick?
In my opinion the most reliable ap sup at the moment is {{champion:143}} some champs as {{champion:432}} and {{champion:117}} can also provide some magic damage and a lot of utillity. Of course {{champion:25}} is also always an option. But basically just pick what you enjoy and what works with your playstyle.
: What about building tankier items to begin with. For example, on Fiora, buit something like a dead mans and ninja boots before building damage items. Or does this put me at a dis-advantage due to the lack of damage?
it is possible and definetly recommendable if you actually are losing your lane and having a more tanky build on the champ works for you. However that is more of a backup when falling behind then it should be your initial idea on those champions. If you want a more tanky build it is better to have a champion that is designed to be more tanky usually (some exceptions like tank ekko have existed). If it helps you to play a more limited amount of champions you can go for it but it is better to play some more different champions if you have the time/skills for it.
: How the flying F*** do I get out of Bronze V
Well looking your match history one of the first thing i notice is that you ward poorly, almost every game you place the lowest amount of wards of your team. Secondly, your cs is really low, 1 wave of cs is worth the same as a kill (more or less depends how often your opponent died and amount of killsassists he has). Thirdly your K/D/A is decent usually, however KDA alone is a very poor measurement when not watching the game. You can go 1/5 and win the game cause you splitpush all game (and die a couple of times by that) and also go 10/2 and lose the game cause you pick up all kills but misposition in crucial fights or only jump in after your allies died to pick up 1/2 free kills. So i cannot judge wheter your plays are solid or bad just on that. I do not wish to flame you or like some people say just get good. I try to point out some things you might improve on in the first 2 points and with the 3rd one to make you not purely focus on KDA for it is never a garantee that when you have a good KDA you actually help win the game. Oh and using the replay in the new client and look at your plays might also help. I hope it helps you somewhat good luck anyway mate, if you have any questions or remarks feel free to ask/state them.
: Yeah, she can jungle but she loses a lot in jungle, she needs a lot of farm and thats why jungle is not a good place for her.
I think playing her jungle is ok, you can snowball really hard and have a solid early game clear/substain when timing your e right. Also your q gves a very fast clear on krugs and raptors. However if you fall behind really hard its more diffecult to come back than on most champs.
: Well, apart from a lot of errors i see in your text like fiddle adc or ww adc <_<... First, I suggest you to not go into ranked when you get to lvl 30, wait a bit more, find the role and champs you enjoy more and focus on them, if you dont know your main role yet then don't start ranked. As it seems you like tanks and carries i suggest you to go for top and jungle, these two roles have a lot of options. And some champions i suggest you. {{champion:62}} Wukong (top and jungle). {{champion:121}} Kha'Zix (jungl only). {{champion:79}} Gragas (jungle mostly, rarely to be seen as top and even more rare to see him in mid), he builds tanky but ap. {{champion:39}} irelia (top only, hard carry tank, one of the best picks if you like to carry and tank at the same time). {{champion:29}} Twitch (jungle and adc, he has a really good lvl 2 gank and he can carry really hard late game) There are a lot of picks for both roles, just explore them. But for experience, never start ranked once you get to lvl 30, you will find yourself losing 6 or more games and ending up in bronze and it will be hard for you to get to silver, its better if you focus a bit on improving first and choosing your roles and champions and find confortable, so you can get at least to silver which is less toxic and a bit more enjoyable than bronze.
Irelia is actually a great jungler as well... her q+e really allows nice ganks and trinity + {{item:1419}} and for the rest full tank really does the same thing as playing her top if not better even. For the rest not instant going ranked is indeed a good move first get some rune pages and used to some champs to not get stuck in bronze is indeed a good idea ^^
: Lane Bullies
You don't have to play a lane bully to win toplane. However a thing that might help is as some people said playing different types of champions. You play 2 more squisy high damage divers as camille and fiora, they can both struggle against certain types of champions but are really ok against some other types. However in my opinion you have a couple of main types of toplaners. -Ad damage divers/snowballers (fiora, riven, camille, etc) -Mages (lissandra, vladimir, swain) -Tanks (Nautilus, Maokai, Shen) Gnar is worth mentioning here since he has range and really counter champs as Darius and Garen but he is a bit harder to play since his rage bar manage then the others mentioned. -Bruisers (Jax, Irelia) -Juggernauts (Illaoi, Darius, Garen) It helps if you play at least one champion types (not the necessary the ones i mentioned) of each of these groups. Also when they have a stronger lane then you just play safe early, let them push and farm under turret and wait for ganks. Going even or falling only slightly behind when you massively outscale the enemy is also winning your lane :)
Tiger55MD (EUW)
: How can I balance studying and playing lol in high school?
The first thing to notice is that this differs per person. How much time you need for study to get good grades/what kind of assignments you have to do/do you work better in the morning or afternoon (or evening?)/Do you plan in advance or do you do everything last minute under high pressure/etc. These are the kind of questions that you should answer for yourself. I used to be a horrible student rarely did my homework or learn for exams however i didnt need it to pass everything at high school. Then i went to university and failed miserably there, partly because i had chosen the wrong study but mostly because my attitude was garbage. So i did do another study (HBO if it is called same in english i don't know) and passed that without working too hard. However now i started at university again (different university/study) and started to work hard and get high grades. The thing that motivates me most is because i really want to pass everything to prove to myself i can actually do it and also because i want to finish it quickly so i can start work and start living together with my girlfriend. I still play about 2 games of league each day on average so it is very well possible to combine it. The previous story is however for myself, as i said each person is different. But try to find out what you really want. You say high grades but why? Do you want to prove something to yourself or others? Do you want to learn for the sake of learning? Do you want them so you can get a job you enjoy? Try figure this out for yourself and focus on that. And if you get distracted to much by League you can quit it or not allow yourself to play a game untill you finished your work for that day. Looking at the first asked questions might help you indicte what works for you (for example if you study better in the morning then use that time in free days to study) Lastly if you have serious mental issues (suicidal/depression) seeking out a psychologist might help. I wish you the best of luck in the future anyway and hope my response or that of someone else helps you.
Kurotsu (EUW)
: Who was your first pentakill with?
My first was in an ARAM with {{champion:36}} My first on SR was with AP {{champion:21}} before her rework. Weirdest 2 are both {{champion:36}} 1 time as 'sup' with an olaf 'adc' to troll (we were 5 premade all playing tanks and won somehow) and actually got a penta somehow. Other one was in aram where i had still not died and a {{item:3211}} and as only thing 20 min in the game... Most epic {{champion:119}} because Draven and it was a 2v5 with my sup while not being really ahead also all 5 enemies were full health or close to that.
: Yes indeed. But that all depends on how much your jungler pay attention to your lane. And if you can ensure yourself you ain't gonna die. TF is a great ex. Cause even if he gets killed he still has his passive and farming to make up for that gold. He will still be a lvl behind doe which might need some jungle help to fix.
Well yeah but sometimes jungler is not enough because either the enemy is close to ungankable (fizz, zed, talon, etc when ahead are so slippery and deadly thats usually undoable). Or because they are simply too fed. But yes if you continue damage you really should play passive and wait for jungler. Better to lose farm and xp than keep feeding.
: In case you didnt read the updated version of the post yet: You win! Congrats (accept my friend request or send me one pls :) )
Thanks! Starting my client right now to accept it :)
: Free Xayah giveaway contest
I know this might not be the greatest but i will post a (bad) joke here At a certain day a strong impressive guy enters a bus and he tells the bus driver "Bobo will not buy a ticket today". The bus driver is scared of the guy and doesn't dare to say anything about it and let the guy into the bus. The next day the same guy enters the bus again and says once again "Bobo will not buy a ticket today". That evening the bus driver tells what happened to his boss and they decide to put 2 undercover cops in the bus so they can arrest the guy if he shows up again. And so the next day the same guy once again enters the bus and says "Bobo will not buy a ticket today". The 2 cops stand up and walk towards him. At that moment the bus driver asks: "and why wouldn't you buy a ticket today?". The guy grins: "Bobo has weekly pass". English is not my native language but i hope you or some1 else at least appriciates it :) since i already posted it also in another post i will add a 2nd bad joke as well. There once was a woman who was about to take a shower, she was already completly undressed when she heard some1 at the door. She peeked through the window and thought oh it is the blind man i can open the door and tell him that now not is the best time and ask him to come back later. She walks to the door and opens it. While she opens the door she hears the man say enthousiastic: "I have great news i can see again{{champion:64}} "
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