: The old 5v5 rank was very unbalanced. My silver midlane friend always got matched against plat even tho our team was in silver 2. Now u atleast face same divisons and u are not forced to play as 5 incase someone is offline. I like the change.
Within ranked 5's you were played against teams based on your team rank and not your solo rank! Which i liked as it allowed you to experience and perform at a higher level and promoted communication between friends and other team members.
: Its so that people would dynamic queue boost instead of play actual ranked 5s with spread out ranks etc
But by doing that they aren't promoting the idea of playing together with friends which seems to be what they have been aiming at the whole last few patches.
raps1355 (EUW)
: Did they really take it off? The option to make a team is still there.
Yeah with the introduction of dynamic queue they removed the ranked 5 queue and now if you queue as a 5 man team it will affect your solo Q rank! You can however still start a team for the custom modes and tournaments
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Ueva (EUW)
: First of all I want to say that making IP purchasable would make RP irrelevant (unless an exchange rate very much biased towards RP was implemented), and making runes purchasable with real money would just make the game pay to win. I really do see where you're coming from though, having lower tier runes which are just lying around really does seem like a waste of IP. I went down the route of waiting until level 20 before buying runes, so that I could just buy the tier 3 runes and be done with it, not wasting any IP on the lower tiers - but the system really is flawed IMO, you shouldn't be able to simply reach a level and then gain a bonus to your stats. I've had players argue that runes are good because they allow for even more play-styles to emerge, as well as players who argue that runes are just there to benefit players who have already played more games, and hence *should* be better at playing anyway not to need the runes - both points are equally valid. May I suggest that, along the ideas of your '**Rune Combiner**' we have a '**Rune Crafting**' - a system where you cannot buy any runes apart from tier one runes, and through mixing and matching combinations of these you can craft custom higher tier runes. For example, you may need to combine three tier 1 runes to make a tier two rune, then three tier 2 runes to make a tier 3 rune - in this way players could create much more diverse runes without being able to directly skip to tier 3 runes at level 20 OR ever be left with unusable tier 1 runes. Now, such a system on its own would not solve the problem - mass buying of tier 1 runes would cause exactly the same problems: both people not being able to afford to buy all of the runes they want at that time, as well as allowing those who can to gain a massive instant stat boost. Perhaps adding some sort of item, let's call them **'Rune Casings'** for sake of example, which are required in order to craft runes. The Rune Casings may only be obtained through playing games, winning games, getting honor... anything like that, just as long as it was something which limited the number of runes you could craft at any one time, so that rune crafting would be more gradual and feel like more of an achievement - it'd also make the problem of running out of IP for runes less of an issue, as between earning Rune Casings you'd accumulate enough IP to buy the tier 1 runes for crafting. In the end, you'd end up with people still crafting runes waaay after they hit level 30 simply because they were still collecting Rune Casings in order to craft and try out new combinations. In order to stop bad combinations of runes simply sitting in a player's inventories, you could allow Rune Casings to be broken, perhaps at an IP cost (?), to give the player back the component parts. Just an idea.
I really like the points which you are putting across here and can see you have put a lot of thought into them. Some very interesting concepts which have brought even more ideas to my head. Could we maybe even argue that a system be implemented where people at lvl 30 gain extra IP as they are no longer gaining experience. I just feel like the rune system in general needs a re-work from riot or even just a look over to fix the experience for users.
: You know why runes can't be bought with RP right? Then the game would become P2W.
I can see where you are coming from so maybe implement a system where as you hit every 10 levels (10/20/30) you get the ability to unlock the next tier of runes! therefore by doing this you stop level 1's from being able to pay for full tier 3's! You could argue people being able to buy more champions than others is being able to pay to win! as some champions are stronger than others!
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Just Cat (EUW)
: Everytime i log in see some random stranger adding me
it is an issue i get it all the time but if you just decline any invites that come through the second you log in to the system then you should be fine. Although i can see where you are coming from about having a way to ban them or something or maybe just have Riot put some staff on deactivating low level accounts that aren't used to play games on. Or another suggestion would be to simply give information about the profile that has sent you a request in the request pop-up window so that we can tell if the account is legit or not.
Dame (EUW)
: Good idea, so we can see who has the most worst internet, so DDOS-ing him would be the best choice.
That's not quite the idea mate
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F3 Haumea (EUW)
: making ''custom game'' more CUSTOM
Really good idea and looks like you got the community behind you too!
: Where do you click ? I think I remember that you could change the text when you clicked on it, but right now you can only change it when you change "Public Status:" in settings (the gear next to "Friends List")
thank you guys! feeling pretty noob right now
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: I don't think this is a good idea. You only need 1 runepage and the runes you need, and you can play all lanes with 1 runepage. So, new players only have to buy runes and they can play all roles. Also Riot will don't do this, because they will lose MONEY. People won't buy runepages anymore for RP, because why do you need more runepages when you only need 1? Totally not agree with this one.
i can see where you are coming from! thanks for your opinion
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MetakNinja (EUNE)
: New champ /LOKHRAM-THE SAND MONSTER/ discussion
sounds far too similar to champs that are already in the game :/{{champion:27}} {{champion:161}}


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