: Getting punished for knowing how to cs.
Shut down was always a part of the game. and winning lane through farm has the same effect as killing your opponent multiple times. I don't see the problem? Doesn't matter how you earned your gold, you got fed with skill. and now you are a shut down. seems normal to me.
Brokenhz (EUW)
: {{summoner:6}} OP.{{item:3047}} MORE OP.Try it.
Thats not op, thats a standart build and vayne is still overpowered and beats nasus and darius.
Brokenhz (EUW)
: She is strong lategame.But early game she is bad as hell.If she gets lucky and get some kills sure.She is hard to deal with.But she is not op. So i dont think she deserves a nerf.
Say that to the Darius Nasus Toplaners that lane against that champion.
: Nasus Buff is too Overpowered
Nasus was bad for the same reason Darius is. No gap closer and gets kited and bursted way to easily in teamfights. But Riot buffs both with increasing their damage. Now Nasus is even more unbereable in 1v1 while still being the same useless bob in teamfights. They need to revert the Q buff and buff his resitence. same for darius.
: Balancing
Tryndamere doesnt require mechanics? Auto Attacking doesn't require mechanics? Champions that deal their damage by AA are the most mechanical champions of them all because it's all about mouse accuracy, how fast you can click to get out as many attacks as possible while sticking to the enemy. Playing Mage is way easier than playing Tryndamere.
: Is it viable to climb as support?
Ofc it is viable to climb with support, but I am sure it's the hardest role to carry games with.


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