FugoMemes (EUW)
: Im trying to get into LoL but im getting depressed the more i play
honestly you guys gave me courage to keep playing and i cant thank all of you enough for this support and for understanding my situation <3
: Alright, I'm not going to give your friend slack for recommending this game to fight your depression, I have had quite a lot of fun when I started playing lol. The fun factor was me and a few idiots teaming up and playing a game we all didn't know anything about. Playing this game solo has always been a bit meh for me. So stick to it, find people who are willing to play with you, not because of your skill but because of you. I've met quite a few nice people which I still regularly speak thanks to this game, not everyone on here is in it to hurt you. So, I propose the following; I've played leage way way way to much in the past but since a lot of my buddies quit the game, i've stopped playing it aswell. But I want to come back into it, so why not team up, have a laugh, fail miserable until we both get a grasp of the (new) mechanics. I got a smurf account somewhere I'll have to dig up. I'm Dutch, so we're both not native English speaking, can't go wrong right. PS: Ein Username ist praktisch; {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} Wingeddrac0 , add me or reply here if you want to tag along for some not-so-serious matches
sounds like a great idea, but currently this week im trying to get some stuff together IRL but after that we could do that for sure, also i know not everyone is a bad person on this game you and the other people on this post have shown that there are good people aswell and in a game like league its deffinetly a very good thing :)
FugoMemes (EUW)
: Im trying to get into LoL but im getting depressed the more i play
Thanks for all of your support and nice comments i read all of your comments and i cant thank you enough for the tipps, im actually a kind person and hatefull comments are just sometimes too much for me... i know i cant be a extremely good player at the beginnig i knew i was needing time to get better at this game im currently trying to talk some sense into my friend who recommended this game too me. i will be intouch with you guys if something happens or when im ready to actually talk with some of you i will make a comment here or accept ur friend requests thank you all a lot :D
: I'm sorry to hear about your depression, hope you can hang on mate. Don't give up on the game. The truth is, at the start it can be VERY tough for new players due to there being more smurfs than genuine new players around you. And for whatever reason, most seem to have forgotten that they were beginners themselves, at one point. Don't be shy about standing up for yourself, I used to tell them "If you smurf so you can have an easier game playing against beginners, then you 100% deserve to have beginners on your own team as well. It's your own fault for smurfing in the first place." The easiest way to prevent yourself from getting tilted or depressed is to immediately mute them after you tell them that. Just be VERY careful to never say anything actually toxic in chat, some of them will try to first provoke you then report you. So long as you do your best to win and don't intentionally feed the enemy (the keyword here being intentionally, you can expect to die alot at first) and dont go agaist their very strict chat rules, it doesnt matter if your teammates threaten to report you for feeding etc. cause false reports won't do much and Riot understands that genuinely new players die a lot at first. There will also be a period of where the matchmaking is adjusting and putting you in fights that are way to difficult for you at first, and it might feel like you can't beat the enemy no matter what you do, but that also passes and eventually you will be matched mostly into games you have a chance in. So don't let the hurdles in the beginning depress you, you will feel a lot more confident if you make it through that initial phase and start to feel you can actually hold your own now. Also, if you are the type to get tilted/depressed from comments in chat, whether they are from the enemy or your teammates, immediately mute that person on the first sign of him/her being annoying to you in chat. It helps a lot. It really does. These days, if someone insults me or flames me I just reply "ok, muted" so they know they can't communicate tactics with me in this game anymore. If you still feel a bit insecure, just make a smurf account or three and train to become better on those, and only play your main account once you feel more confident. This means that even in a worst case scenario where mass reporting gets your smurf account banned, your actual main account remains safe and untouched.
Thanks for ur support and for the tipps how to handle these kind of people :)
: Hey there ! League in itself is an amazing game. It's very fun to play and I really enjoy it. But a lot of players are very toxic, they'll call you names and stuff. The game also tend to be competitive so losing might be too hard on you. I'm actually quite surprised your friend recommended it to you and is forcing you to play with him in higher MMR games. Like some other comments stated, I think you need to stand for yourself and tell him that you need to play games of your level so you can have time to learn and enjoy the game instead of getting destroyed with 0 enjoyment just to please him. ___ If you're planning to keep playing, I would recommend disabling the chat in the options to avoid seeing any inappropriate comment. I also added you ingame, I can answer your questions and give you advices to help you improve^^
just saw it, i will be coming to you once i have questions thank you :)
5tr1f3 (EUW)
: Hmmm ok, if your sensitive to peoples opinions then this game will be bad for you. But honestly, why care what other people think of you. In my opinion, if somebody is flaming at low level, they have just proven they are pretty dumb. If you decide to smurf and don't expect newer players to be in the mix the joke is on you. You are the simpleton, not them. But seriously why give a hoot what people think? An opinion is like an @sshhole, everyone has one. If your new to the game you will improve, that is natural, however being a twat that spams pings and flames people makes you a d1ck and that is probably who you are forever. Feel free to type the following /mute all when the game starts. Yes communication is important, but...not at beginner level. Now you just want to focus on farming, not dying, pulling off your combos etc etc etc. It's pointless to be focused on the macro of the game if you dont have the basics down. So if you enjoy the game, cool, then just realize that you have to deal with humans...who are fickle at the best of times. Ignore or mute, but getting involved in arguments about a game is beyond counter productive, it's silly. GL. It's worth noting that after a while the game will start matching you with people of similar skill, allowing you to have fun a lot more, and get trounced on a lot less. PS: DOTA is as fun as lawn mowing imo.
maxcousin (EUW)
: hey i just added u my name is maxcousin I will give u time to Explain U everything in the game u need i also have a little account to have fun with u if u want plz dont be shy from me I will be satisfied to help u
i just saw it thanks for the support i will be looking into it when i have the time for it :3
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