: Solution for Massive FPS drops since Latest Patch - Found
Can confirm this too. Seems that Blitz is the actual cause of the fps drops. Guess it's time for the Blitz team to adapt their app to the current LoL version... ¯\\\_(ツ)_/¯
: Horrible Framedrops
Can confirm the same here. Random fps drops to 10 or lower lasting for 1-3 seconds. Happens since 9.23.
: Massive FPS drops since latest patch
Bump. Same issue here: fps droop from 200+ to around 10 for 1-4 seconds. Makes it pretty much unplayable.
: Not a good idea I think. Trolls would join these games and just never finish off the enemy Nexus holding you hostage forever, since you could not surrender.
I can't even see how this would be possible. After a certain amount of time you can either finish it off yourself, or your minions will do it... no game goes on forever as long as there is any sort of player interaction in it. I mean sure, there is a possibility that people will farm kills at the nexus if they're that overwhelmingly strong, but even that will end at some point and it would be a risk that i'm willing to take, instead of taking the risk of people randomly giving up, because they "feel like it". Also, in the very worst case, that i still doubt would ever happen, you can still just alt+f4 and exit the game completely.
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: I personally LOVE it. 1.) The design part is a purely subjective matter. I like the minimalist approach they took with it, was pretty impressed with it, Liking it more so far. 2.) You can uncheck the stay signed in box, basically rendering the feature inexistent. Privacy issue solved. And a bonus new feature is the sign out button, that came as a blessing, for a player with multi-accounts. I'm satisfied with the changes.
_"2.) You can uncheck the stay signed in box, basically rendering the feature inexistent. Privacy issue solved. "_ Excuse me, but how does submitting my machine data and linking it to my login solve any kind of privacy issue here? I'm assuming you don't have the technical knowledge of the process to understand the full extend of the implications, but this does not solve anything but in fact makes it worse. You are right about the design being a subjective matter, but the fact remains that is does not even remotely look like the design that was used by league for years now, making it not exactly "feel" like league at all. You are also right, that you can check that box and basically never see that mess of a launcher again, but the privacy issue remains and as a person that does not multi-account, the sign out button is of no concern to me, as logging out of the only account i use would make no sense.
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: EUW Match history website not working
I second that. Same effect for me with the same steps tried.


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