Nice bought account and wonderful IGN, definitely won't get you banned.
: G3 ADC main looking for support duo
Skipped last season due to work, but I have and regularly play most supports. I have discord and a mic, used to be silver. Highest I made it was Silver III, if that's high enough.
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: Need 1 more Silver/Gold/Plat player for 5 man flex queue
: Let's get the "which Kayn is better?" question out of the way!
As long as Duskblade gives Raast that spike he will be better because his snowballing potential is much higher. Plus, he gets heal from his spells and a knockup. He is just more viable in teamfights right now. Still waiting for AS to get a buff though, i really like his mechanics.
: Bored, looking for a newbie to coach (master 120 lp)
1. Funjumper 2. 23 3. I'd be lying if i said i were a newbie, but i want to climb the ladder next season and i'm looking for somebody who can help me get there!
Da Guvnor (EUW)
: silver 3 adc/mid laner looking to get a team together
Silver 4 Jungle here. You can add me if you like, i have discord!
: I heard for example about the fast q combo, but I dont know if i have done it correctly because I cant count the time exactly. Are there any good replay programs where you count the time well ?
As a hobby musician i do it by hearing and rhythm. The moment you hear the "clunk" of her AA you can cast Q again to cancel. Same with W and E, even better because they have no delay at all!
I play ADC, mainly with {{champion:236}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:21}} but i also use {{champion:222}} {{champion:202}} and {{champion:22}} Would be greatif you could comment here if interested!
: Riven Main
"I dont think its because of animation cancelling" It is. Riven is 95% animation cancelling. That's her main source of damage and heal. Work on it and you won't drop in late.
: God making animals
God on platypus: HA, THEY'LL NEVER BELIEVE THIS PIECE OF CRAP. AND TO TOP IT OFF: MAKE IT VENOMOUS. God on Australia in general: Let's put all the dangerous mishaps i had left.... THERE!
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: What support is better at protecting the adc from tanks?
Morgana, Braum, Alistar or Janna. But my alltime favourite is Thresh. All kind of fun to use though and quite effective.
: Looking for Top Jungle & Supp for Ranked 5V5's Silver 2 - Plat 5 EUW
Jungle in S4, i own and play every jungler with Vi, Warwick, Elise and Sejuani as mains. I also have Discord :D I'm not serious on ranked, but i do try my best and i'm very used to warding and successfully ganking or at least making the most out of it :D My second role is Bot but my strength if i don't have a very pressuring supp is definitely Jungle. would be nice if you would comment in case of interest or no interest :D
Halburun (EUW)
: <Rant> I wanna cryyyyyy :(
The pain when you hear "first blood" and the icon is red. The following feeling when you see enemy top/mid become unstoppable in the first 5 minutes. I've been there so many times. I'm far from good, but i'm not terrible at this game. Usually win my lanes 2/0 or 3/0 plus getting the first turret. But i'm not good enough to snowball most games i played. I lost 8/10 of my placements and i can safely say i lost 6 out of them due to afkers or people trolling VERY hard (not the average bad, but announcing they want to go to B5 to stream laddering). The other 2 i lost and deserved them (or the enemies simply deserved to win because they were better to be honest) but those 6 troll games were a total turn off this season and i haven't played ranked since, even though i wanted to get gold/plat. Oh well...
: I have watched 3 world championship games and do you know what they all had in common?
Damn, i thoughtthe similarity will be "they all played league of legends" :D
: Dont forget lvl 1 Tryndamere can crit you and he usually takes ignite so he has too much kill pressure. At level 3 he can E to you and W so you can't run and reduce your damage and then ignite and auto you to death.
If he's zoning you he's in your minions or extremely close. So you go to close to his spinning range. Just don't go in that range. Your E outranges his spin easily. So if he's stupid enough you can simply burn him down with E until he has to back and you farm happily.
Metworld (EUW)
: How is any of that even swearing? But thanks for your answer, I now get a better picture what is even considered swearing.
It's not a direct insult or considered swearing but aggressive negativity. None of what i mentioned would be considered swearing by me, but Rito laguage filters could say otherwise sadly :/
Metworld (EUW)
: How about swearing at opponents? It doesnt affect cooperation (maybe it even improves team spirit).
It doesn't but there should be a level of respect. Saying "xyz is carrying you" is okay, or "fck so lucky", but going in and directly insulting sb is just bad. In general i don't care swearing, just directed swearing.
: ***
So you devide humans into low and high elo? Because that's really sad. I respect people in bronze the same way i do as in high elo. They're better at moving a virtual figure. That's all. And i adore how you go for that because i simply don't care about ranked. It's not my thing and i don't have the time for it at all. I don't care about somebody flaming AT me, i care about flaming in general. That's one of your twisted things you're dancing around, trying to prove I feel insulted. I don't. It's unnecessary childish behaviour that gets you nowhere. The nice part is you admit people who do this are bm and salty, so basically yourself. And there are enough studies showing people who bm online are usually quite sad persons in real life who have achieved nothing. Sorry for you mate. Hope you get well soon.
: Silver 4 0 LP / 2W 8L Win Ratio 20% u good believe in yourself xD {{item:3151}}
Wow you do try to get on my nerves EVERYWHERE, don't you? You must really have fallen in love with me.
Doomley (EUW)
: I only used MMA as an example because you used the word "intimidation". You hang on that one word too much. We are talking about an online game, not tennis. In online games, trash talking is normal behavior. The fact that league condemns it can't change the online gaming culture works. Name one game that punishes players for trash talking to enemies other than LoL. Also it doesn't matter if rioter says that "gg ez" is punishable when they don't ban or CR people just for that. Again, there is no proof that anyone has gotten punishment just for that. Every cry post about punishments has had a different reason. Prove to us that someone has been punished just for that, otherwise it is not punishable.
My inorance for what? :D Oh by the way, Emperor Imperial got banned today and one of the sent chat logs mereley contained "gg ez" (check his page for screenshots) and is marked as offensive. States my point.
: ***
Actually it's a statement that players should not say GG EZ to anyone and gave a reason for it. You're trying to turn "insulting people is bad" to "insulting people is good" Odd thing is i never flame. I never even write in chat because i just don't care enough about brats like you ;) Don't twist the world to your favour weakling ;) You can't handle your emotions while i'm just pointing out that others cannot and it doesn't help the league community to have people like you ;)
FlabbyCat (EUW)
: Why is there no obese women championns
I'd fear the cosplays. Then again i've seen Nidalees you wouldn't want to see dancing.
Doomley (EUW)
: I only used MMA as an example because you used the word "intimidation". You hang on that one word too much. We are talking about an online game, not tennis. In online games, trash talking is normal behavior. The fact that league condemns it can't change the online gaming culture works. Name one game that punishes players for trash talking to enemies other than LoL. Also it doesn't matter if rioter says that "gg ez" is punishable when they don't ban or CR people just for that. Again, there is no proof that anyone has gotten punishment just for that. Every cry post about punishments has had a different reason. Prove to us that someone has been punished just for that, otherwise it is not punishable.
Your argument goes in the lines of "but in saudi Arabia they have death penalty so Germany should have it too because we're used to it" Well, you're not in CS:GO nor in DOTA, this is League of Legends. And they state it's not allowed. It's not part of online cultere. I've been round since the times of SC 1 in online gaming and rarely had interaction with these people. And i have every right to point these events out since they are against the rules, which means Riot actually demands player to point such behaviour. By the way, i can't solely prove this due to people getting banned for more than one reason. But it's part of the reasons you CAN get banned for, thereby i have every right to complain.
Doomley (EUW)
: >Intimidating an opponent Sure if someone is intimidating then ofc it's punished. Trash talking however is not intimidating unless it's a combat sport and there it's completely allowed. Saying "you suck" and "gg ez" are on a completely different scale. You don't get any punishments for just saying "gg ez" but you do get punishment if you say "you suck". At least there hasn't been any cases that would prove gg ez would get you penalized.
"you don't get a punishment for gg ez" well, yes you do. I ticketed Riot on this a year ago and they clearly stated it is unsportsmanlike behaviour as it shows disrespect, same as with tennis. We're not in an MMA fight by the way and Riot clearly states they want civilised and non-aggressive behaviour from the community, check out Riots statements this year about this. You can discuss as much as you like on how it's okay in MMA (which is 90% show to entertain the masses) but Riot has a clear line on this.
: ***
If you read properly I won one of the games but one of my teammates flamed. Yet, I still reported him. It's not about losing, it's about modesty. Something you seem to lack.
Doomley (EUW)
: They are not the same and you do not get punished for trash talking. It does happen in most sports. Looks like you don't watch TV much. The consequences are visible because they would be all over the news. They always are if someone crosses the line.
Check the official rule book in tennis. Intimidating an opponent (be it in any way) is forbidden and is punished with immediate disqualification. I've played in national tournaments and seen people do it. They never left the first round. After multiple offences they get removed permanently. And league of legends is no exception here. "You suck" is a direct offence and thereby punishable, just like gg ez. It goes against sportsmanlike behaviour, I once opened a ticket and asked a Rioter.
: Happened to me in S4 3 times when I was yo-yo'in from S4 to S5 and back up on the bright side I went on a bit of a winning streak and I'm in S1 now chin up and you'll get there ST Paws.
Silver is the absolute ping pong league. I've found myself in every tier in season four, from S1 to S5. It's really just not fun :/
: wheres the helicopter?
Remember first URF some years ago. Damn people hated me picking him :D
Garã (EUW)
: Amazing Zed quadrakill
I was about to write "Zed quadras are as amazing as Yi Pentas in ARAM" but you did show quite some awesome skill :D
marquii (EUW)
: 47 years ago...
Faker played so well they had to send him back in time to save us from his powers.
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Lyroit (EUW)
: One thing i have always been wondering is why isn't it allowed to write some trolls name on the boards(no name&shame), but it is perfectly fine to do a youtube video, call it "wood division adventures" and display the names of the players? But that's just my two cents... {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
Because it's another company. They can't go to Youtube and demand them to check the videos for player names :D But Ritp tries to keep it clean down here because it's their game ;)
: Do you realized how broken % damage reduction is? Ever played in the time kha had it on his evolved r?
Nasus: "But i hit you with a 400 stacks Q!" Kha: "LOL GIT REKT N00b!" Ah yes, the good old times.
Doomley (EUW)
: It's something called trash talking. People do it all the time in other sports as well. It keeps up the competitive mindsets and keeps up the hype. It's part of the sport culture. If you can't handle it, leave. It has absolutely nothing to do with age.
Odd mindset you talk about. I do competetive Karate and Tennis and people who'd do this on the field would be disqualified for a reason. You respect your opponent. Disrespect him and you're out. And even here it's punishable. Don't look for excuses to support your unhealthy mindset.
: Team mate just locked Jhin support
I've had Fiddle support and it was a fest. They went for a dive and woops nope, silence and fear. So much stupid utility on a champ just makes things fun, Jhin is no exception :D
Iskierka (EUW)
: Unwanted streaming
Chill. I've been on stream several times now, i've even played on stages during gamescom and i found out they were streaming afterwards. Worst case i gave those people a good laugh, best case they thought i was good. Don't care about their whiteknight gollums, they will rant because of anything on twitch. As long as they don't go ingame to insult you everything is fine. If they do, well then they had an account for the longest time.
: u think it was me in your game?? i wasnt but u need understand its a video game. and if i kick-ass in game and its easy i will point out saying easy. cos ITS A VIDEO GAME. "i lose the game and enemy team said easy to me" if u get mad u need medical help. and in my opinion the PLAYER BEHAVIOR forum should not support this kind of useless post, hey but thats just my opinion.
It's a video game. But you're not. You're a person and you should behave like one, not like a monkey on ecstasy. You win, okay. Great, applaud yourself. But kicking others shows little self-esteem and is just a very poor move. I think you need medical help if you have the need of kicking one over the internet, probably due to lacking success in real life. Luckily your opinion doesn't mean a lot to me, otherwise i'd care ;) (There's a reason it's called Player Behaviour by the way, not Salad and Eggs.) By the way: if it was okay, why is it punishable? Because you should manage your anger properly. Otherwise you're not old enough to play yet.
: be nice?!?! why u all in this comunnity always say "be nice"?? its a video game. this comunnity if cant handle a simple gg ez noob or naabs pls dont play online video games.
Or you could become an adult and learn to handle your aggression. The reason for being nice/neutral is because you respect others. Learn to respect people.
Najns (EUW)
: What is the story behind your Summoner Name?
Yugi Pharaoh Tour 2003. I was mere 10 years old and they demanded a name for the online registration. While thinking i was hopping up and down on my bed. Well, and since there is really nobody using this name. I can register where i want and always get the name. Good 13 years.
: Champs that have been played in ARURF
Add {{champion:96}} to the list. He's so damn toxic (i really mean it) in ARURF.
Infernape (EUW)
: Some people are sore losers and some are sore winners. I just keep quiet then report them after the game.
I get the sore loser but a sore winner? How can one be so pissed about something positive? That's like someone coming up with a piece of cake and gifting it to you andd you're all about "THERE'S A DAMN CHERRY MISSING ON THERE YOU F******* MORON" it doesn't make any goddamn sense.
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: Like I said, he thought that adding the % damage of his Passive and the active damage of BotrK would be a good idea (which is not the case) for bursting potential
AH NOW I GET IT. Still a bad idea though :/
Kippiiq (EUW)
: Why isn't there any girls in the LCS teams? .-.
There are girls in the LCS, the teams just didn't make it far enough. Looking at the male/female balance pre-worlds it actually accurately represents the percentage of women playing league.
Funjumper (EUW)
: So becoming offensive is your last resort, is it? ;) Oh, English is my first language, thank you for asking. It's okay, maybe you simply can't comprehend the flaws of your arguments or you simply don't wish to, denial is often the only place to hide when nothing is left ;) Good day, Sir!
You do get grasp the simple concept of "the moment you start insulting you have lost the argument"? Ever been to a debate club? I guess not, otherwise you'd know this simple rule. Maybe it's not my task to convince you of anything in the first place because i simply do not care about you or your beliefs in the slightest bit ;) Sorry to hurt your feelings there. Maybe you should apply your quote to your own writing, it might help you in life ;)
: mystery gift
Event has been extended to the 29th, you'll just have to stay patient until worlds :/
: he means the % dmg, i quess
How do the 6% affect his passive? :O
: Name some champions which won't really fall out of viability?
{{champion:266}} Because he simply can't get worse and is beyond repair :D
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