I am silver (EUNE)
: You will get matched against your elo players, meaning my opponents are now plat or gold even tho I am bronze 1. where is the freaking logic in that
Bro i truly feel sorry for you, i hate RIOT for this shit promo system. All we can do is write on boards and complain in the hope that they hear us
Mr 44 (EUW)
: 10/10 = Bronze V
Bro i feel you so much what happened to me was similar just in silver. Tbh, the only thing you can do now is forget about it and carry yourself up by HARD CARRYING games. How? Pick up riven, learn her very well, and then destroy every single game. Trust me no champ carries low elo harder than riven (maybe kata). If you really want to get out of b5, learning to carry with her is probably the best solution.
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