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: Nightblue3 violating Riot Games' Terms of Use. Discussion.
Someone's talking some sense. NB3 is a toxic af kid and how he's partnered on Twitch as well as having access to Riot perks god only knows. He made a ticket, then Nubrac gets banned. Nightblue should be ID banned as he's blatantly abusing his position to get people who break the meta banned.
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: >If you want to compare it to reallife stuff like that, i can compare it too: If thief steals my car and goes and drives in the middle of a crowd and kills 20 people, is that even remotely my fault? no it's not. Talking about making strawmans. No but you likely wouldn't get your car back either. >and how fakin primitivee is the system if riot, a multimillion company, can't fix whatever a hacker did, that the owner himself presented them. Because what stops me saying it was a hacker that did whatever got me into trouble? What stops you? What stops the person next door? The fact is there's no legitimate way to prove it. IP addresses can be changed, and all sorts of things can be used, and are readily available, even for the not so tech savvy, to mask their IP or location. So, part of it is because it is your responsibility to look after your own things, part of it is because this.
I love the Emissaries on the boards. They think that their word is gospel and tell you and everyone else who comes back at them with facts and truth is wrong. How, if someone hacks your account, is it your responsibility? If you left your password on a note on your monitor, sure. But someone actually hacking the account, either by brute force or somehow managed to crack the password, by someone who lives on the other side of the continent/planet is not the account holder's responsibility. Imagine if banks had the same stance on customers getting their bank accounts hacked into/money stolen. "Sorry, it's your responsibility for keeping your money safe." See how stupid that sounds? It's the same principle. It's the company's responsibility, if a person's account got hacked into by no fault of their own, to ensure their player's account is safe and secure (You can't really take stuff away from a league account). The worst thing that can happen is the hacker goes on an expletive spree in normals/ARAMs and gets the account banned. Honestly, Riot should be going about these situations differently. Instead of banning accounts and say "Sorry bruh, it's your problem", they should be helping victims.
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: i was referring to your death earlier in that game, but alright. What is broken here? Again, he is a melee champion with no gapclosers, low base stats, no CC, so yes, he gets to have a few good things going for him, like a pretty powerful heal if he uses it well, like in this case on several minions and a champion.
Pretty much low risk high reward then? Remember the old Akali? Could pretty much heal half health by auto attacking a couple of minions? Remember how badly people wanted her reworked/passive changed? But you're saying if someone goes all in (1v1) against Morde, it's perfectly okay to heal up to 50% health after he gets melted before he can do anything about it? Given, of course, that most top laners take teleport and not ignite. Let's also not forget about his moronic shield bug where it maxes out for no reason. Morde is way overdue for a rework. Probably one of the few "OG" champions left in the game that hasn't been reworked at all. (The way his W works and his neat effect on dragons has changed, but that's pretty much it.)
: You also failed to mention that you lost flash a few minutes before because you allowed him to walk up to you and hit you in the face. And then you walked up a lot again so he could flash level 3 W heal from you and lots of minions and of course you didnt have flash anymore. Because you just lost it as a ranged champion against a melee champion with no gapclosers and CC.
Is that so? this clip proves otherwise tbh
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: > [{quoted}](name=FuzzyCydonia,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=bzJIg4z3,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2018-12-11T04:01:43.176+0000) > > So three letters gets picked up by IFS. But telling people's families to get the C word and die doesn't? That's worse than the three letters tbh. > > Riot has their priorities wrong > > {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} They are both punishable and should be picked up by the IFS. If that is not the case the I agree with you, that is wrong.
Nope, it's not the case at all. People can throw around the word "Cancer" in many different ways, get reported for it and STILL don't get even a chat restriction for it. I've done tests on another account. Literally anything you can think of that's really bad. Only got chat restrictions for it. Throwing out the three letter word? Instant 14 day. No question. This is the main problem with Riot. They want to keep the three letter word out of the game, but death threats aren't even treated in contempt.
Hansiman (EUW)
: > Nothing happened to the dude That you personally know of. --- > I gave him 3 letters back. Instant 14 day ban on a clean account If you were using extreme verbal abuse, direct 14 day bans is intended. I'm making the assumption you told the player to commit suicide, which falls under this category. Nothing wrong in this example based on your statement.
This is the problem with you "Emissaries". You're basically saying that using the 3 letter word is way worse than someone going on a flaming spree, wishing death in a graphic way, racial abuse etc. I made a clean account, levelled it up a bit and tested the ridiculous IFS system. All I said was the three letter word all game, and got an instant 14 day ban. I've literally played with the same guy dealing a much worse level of toxicity, flaming, racial abuse etc. and all he got was a chat restriction??? But no, emissaries seem to always be right. Let people racially abuse each other and still be ban free. {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: A guy wished our team's families to get cancer and die, yet he's still playing weeks later *claps*
So three letters gets picked up by IFS. But telling people's families to get the C word and die doesn't? That's worse than the three letters tbh. Riot has their priorities wrong {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
HairyKoko (EUW)
: Perma-ban without any bans ever, expect 12 game chatban or something like that
Don't worry, my account got an instant 14 day for two games where I flamed. No racial abuse, homophobic etc. Nothing. Literally just telling someone to have some map awareness and get good (in a toxic kinda way, not even harsh). Riot has their priorities wrong {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
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Regality (EUW)
: Why is there a maximum of three types of reports than you can check?
The reports they look at (and subsequently the IFS system) are hate speech, verbal abuse and griefing. If they've done most/all of the options available in reporting. Use those. They'll get instabanned.
: What the best thing to do with a feeder team?
Report them for intentional feeding, go to your next game.
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: >TG Cydonia: get muted kid 3rd line. >TG Cydonia: you sleeping yorick? TG Cydonia: No damage? TG Cydonia: It's Taric you tool TG Cydonia: Yorick TG Cydonia: Instead of shouting at me TG Cydonia: Look at the %%%%ing map you giant moron TG Cydonia: nah TG Cydonia: report yorick so %%%%ing toxic . >TG Cydonia: good logic kids TG Cydonia: ap panth TG Cydonia: lol TG Cydonia: Why the %%%% do you insist on pushing TG Cydonia: When they have baron TG Cydonia: bg report yorick and aatrox please . >TG Cydonia: ah stfu kid TG Cydonia: l2p against twitch jungle TG Cydonia: Ghost? TG Cydonia: Are you blind or some shit? TG Cydonia: She's trolling TG Cydonia: just report nasus and vayne TG Cydonia: Both kids, toxic and trolling . >TG Cydonia: bg Post-Game TG Cydonia: Vayne top and Nasus mid isn't "new to the game" TG Cydonia: Flame TG Cydonia: lol TG Cydonia: Funny guy, considering he was the one that flaming including vayne You are very toxic so a 14 day ban seems more than enough, the next punisment will be a perma ban.
> [{quoted}](name=Deathraven13,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=Ad6pQ3hZ,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-10-18T12:00:57.770+0000) > > You are very toxic so a 14 day ban seems more than enough, the next punisment will be a perma ban. A straight 14 day ban when the most insulting thing I said was - "You giant moron". That, right there, sums up what is wrong with this community. A clean account with only two games of low level toxicity does not constitute a 14 day suspension without any chat restrictions before it. Unless the accounts I create are being T1'd (Suspended on sight) which isn't possible. The logic of this community astounds me.
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: > How does that make any difference? Whether it's a "Smurf" or not? This is basically the only account I have as the other got perma suspended. You basically explained it right here. There is a difference because smurfs are often used to evade the punishment people got on their main account. Why would you let people be toxic for weeks AGAIN if they already got their fair share of warnings and should really know better by now? That's a waste of time. If they still haven't learned their lesson, there is no reason to waste time and bombard people with useless restrictions again. > Punishments should be on an account basis, not a "you've been permanently suspended before, that's reason enough for a 14 day" type of deal. No, they should not. After all it's not your account who misbehaved, it was you. You already got your chance to improve, you were warned, you were informed about the rules, you were informed about the consequences, you already know what's expected of you. Why waste time with teaching you things you were already told? > For one permanent suspension though? If they've become that strict on toxicity then a lot of people will stop playing First of all this is not really strict. It is a tiny tiny minority that ever gets permabanned, it's not like everyone can just lose their account easily. It's only a very small percentage of players who are toxic consistently enough to actually get permabanned. And secondly, banning those players does PRESERVE player numbers. Sure, if you ban someone permanently, he will probably stop playing. Some people, like you, don't, but most of them do. So yeah, you lose a few players. But do you know what the second biggest reason is why players stop playing League? Toxicity. So if you don't take care of toxicity, you lose way way waaaaay more players. > I tend to give as good as I get But this is childish. An eye for an eye makes the world go blind. This form of morality is from the f'ing Bible, the old testament. It's thousands of years old, it's a tiny little bit outdated. Even in the Bible itself it got revised. If you would burn witches on the stake your sense of moral would still be more modern than this "revenge ethic" which is simply a bad concept that has almost exclusively negative consequences. And I'm pretty sure you already know that. Basically no adult actually lives by this rule (studies have shown that this form of moral is only somewhat common in small children and people who are in prison), people just cherry pick this form of morality if it fits to explain/justify what they just did. Just think about eye for an that something you usually support? Something good, a good concept for social interaction and society? I doubt it. Yet you did it. Not because you are evil or a criminal or a psychopath, but because you were emotional and had a moment of weakness. And that is completely fine, we are all human, we all make mistakes sometimes. But it's important to realize those mistakes instead of trying to justify them, because if you do that you can get lost in your justification and what was once a simple mistake becomes a habit...and then you become an actual jerk. That's not what you want, no one WANTS to be a jerk. So just see it as what it is: A mistake. You f'ed up, we all do. Shit happens. Time to move and learn from it, not a big deal.
Sorry, but out of those two games, this shouldn't warrant a 14 day regardless of what I said. Chat restriction at best. How you can justify it because it's a "smurf" is ridiculous.
Smerk (EUW)
: System is more harsh on lower levels, especially if that's a smurf account. So yeah, normal account would get only chat restrictions.
How does that make any difference? Whether it's a "Smurf" or not? This is basically the only account I have as the other got perma suspended. Punishments should be on an account basis, not a "you've been permanently suspended before, that's reason enough for a 14 day" type of deal. Considering that from these logs, this is almost nothing. Totally understand if this was a chat restriction and I'd be happily playing with it. But a 14 day? For what you say is because of a "lower level smurf account"? That is something that should not be allowed to happen on any sort of basis, unless they pull a Tyler1 on the accounts and ID ban them. For one permanent suspension though? If they've become that strict on toxicity then a lot of people will stop playing, if they only do what I did in those two games. Which is basically "light flaming" if you can call it that. I got flamed, I tend to give as good as I get. Especially if I'm only playing as best I can.
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: Why do players keep telling eachother to report someone for losing in normals?
Depends really. Some can be toxic as hell, some can int, and as you say: Some are just salty/flame. I've seen people tell each other to report in ARAM... But normals is just, normal I guess.


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