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: Banning a champ resulting in int. feeding
Hey guys, lots of reactions! First of all, lets keep this discussion civil :) I'm not trying to blame anyone here, I'm just taking the situation as an example. I know that for both parties there are things to be said: **Pro banning** - Rules do not say it's prohibited - Trying to make a useful gamecomp is part of teamwork - Ranked is a place where you pick a champion based on chances to win. Not on playing that champion. That's what casual mode is for **Against banning** - It's just not very nice to do - He wants to play the champion - It's not very nice Some people pointed out a few things I would like to have clarified: "_Your argument is that they can stack armor, yet they had only one tank_" Can't predict that. Banning happens before picking you know... "_You should have dodged"_ As opposed to banning a champion, dodging is against the rules. That is why you get a que timer as a punishment. Thus this was the best try. "_You can't force someone else to play whatever you want"_ Ofcourse not. He played Jayce in the end, I didn't force that pick. Theres a huge champion pool to pick from.
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: It just means Yasuo and Braum make Ornn's game a lot harder, maybe even that they'll be strong counters. As for the "creature" part, Treycos already covered all the points.
I think theres a difference between making harder and rendering pretty much useless. Ornn is a Vanguard, thus an engage tool. With his ult completely countered, he becomes useless as a vanguard (Ofcourse he would still do things in the fight). In my opinion it would be a better option for the first part not to count as projectile, but the second part would
: What are your thoughts on playing against Ornn?
Poke seems to be the strongest option against him so far, as TheVman mentioned. Champions that do quick bursts of damage with mobility also seem to work. Think of Renekton for example: E, W, Q, auto, E out. Darius also seems a good option against him. He seems to be quite weak until about 20 minutes because of his cooldowns. You can 1v1 him on Darius easily. Other champs with ranged options are also good: - Gnar - Quinn - Kayle - Vladimir (Great for dodging his cooldowns!)
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: I already said the same thing in another thread : This "creature" isn't a unit : - It has no heathbar - It isn't targetable by anyone - It can't move around It's nothing but a projectile going on 2 straight lines with a goat texture/animation
Doesn't mean is rediculous. The ult has quite a heavy cooldown and is the only good engage tool, which is what ornn is for. I can understand why the knockup section (Second part of the ult) is a projectile. But the first part shouldn't be IMO. And yes, same goes with Azir ult. Also should not be classified as a projectile
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: As someone who plays Kindred alot i'd love to share my experience. I'm no pro by any means but my games are often good adn way better than when i 1st started playing them. 1. Maxing W instead of E (after Q). When i first started playing them i tried both ways and found W to be the most rewarding/promising since it stacks with their marks while their E doesn't. Yes it takes a huge chunk of damage but it's not constant damage and now that they'r nerfed the E has a cc of 1 sec. only. It really comes down to your own laystyle. If you find that maxing E suits you more then go ahead. 2. Take the marks as soon as they appear. YOu have a few seconds before they appear to the enemy where your mark is + you don't have to take the whole camp to get the mark when it comes to Raptors and Krugs. Take the biggest and GTFO. Saving your 1st smite always help. I usually start blue, take the frog and wolves reaching level 3 and sustaining myself with health pots to avoid using smite. The moment the mark appears i go for it, burst everything on the mark, smite and flee. 3. Based on the situation, try to find a target that's out of place/too pushed out of their tower. When marking the enemy as i'm going in for the gank i come from the back and give the mark the time it needs to activate before killing the enemy. The mark itself is a mindgame. I usually set my mark on someone in mind the moment the game starts, they'll either play safer because of it or bee too comfortable to it since i didn't gank for so long only to find themselves killed. YOU can also trick the enemy by marking the lane you're opposite to. They'll think that you're close to bot when maring the adc while in reality you're on your way to gank top or steal their red...etc. In reality Kindred is very squishy in comparison to other junglers and has a bad state atm. but with enough practice you'd be able to make epic plays and escapes with them (just got my 1st penta with them yesterday and it was on my birthday XD). I have never given detailed advice about a champion before but Kindred is dear to me and i'd love to help out a fellow fan of the champion and their lore. Hf & gl ^^
Thanks this really helps alot man! I will try out more stuff. And yeah, Kindred definetly isn't the strongest but I love everything about them!
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