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: My client keeps disconnecting at ranom times please help.
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: streamer skins
partner with league
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: Is there a voli rework on the way?
: chat ristrections
chat logs or didnt happen
: are these people smurfing?
lol same thought
Pitonsje (EUW)
: TFT disabled?
Works for me
: I can't seem too find it,is it in the store or am I blind lol
Its not out yet it will be out next patch you can use them on pbe tho
: How to get new skins?
spektre (EUNE)
: low fps in client
: Will i ever get unbanned?
posting this here wont do anything you will only get down vote
Novvuss (EUNE)
: Never playing again this game
wait for next patch :)
: Low FPS ever since the Arcade update?
: Why most people lose after first sign of being behind
you got flame cause of last game ?
Groot4Love (EUNE)
: Maybe express yourself in a healthy way for you. In a way that compliments you instead of ridicule you. You are better than that.
how is dreaming of becoming a president unhealty.
Groot4Love (EUNE)
: Do you want a medal for being ridiculous? They just want a skin for a specific character. This is why they are expressing their ideas here, whether Riot will take it into consideration or not.
: I want a Prestige edition Xin Zhao skin the the Prestige points shop!
: Counter to Mordekaiser
: League client/game giving high CPU temp.
same here might be because of tft and the arcade mission who knows
: tahm kench is really problem!
getting nerf next patch might be less op
Alialun (EUNE)
: Hovering over player's doesn't show more information
: 10th anniversary. 1 free skin?
maybe riot graves or riot nasus would be nice
: Is it worth changing region/server?
: Can we after months get a fix for the resetting problem? Or atleast a response?
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: Still no nerfs to mordekaiser
am complaining about the client %%%% TFT
: My account got hacked
change email and password quick af boi
: Why am I chatbanned for this?
atleast its not 14 days
Sóps (EUW)
: Morda ult Bug
Even hes recall is bugged
: Remember the days where tp was unnerfed and toplaners actually could impact the game?
Sarokh JR (EUW)
: EUW is such a horrible server
: How come Tahm is not disabled yet?
%%%% this riot need to make more skins
: why does this summoner even exist? if others will use it i'll use it as well you make dumb arguments dude
you yourself said that ignite should not exist mah dude and am the one making dumb arguments lol you should try doing the IQ test cause you sure lack some jk jk
: ryze with conq doesn't have unblockable toxic damage nice reach tho
: good ignite is a toxic summoner that shouldnt exist
i mean you play ryze with conq ignite would not be good anyway lol
xZabaksx (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Gınko,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=735fTKyd,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-06-05T03:56:04.526+0000) > > she can even block ignite its whatever at this point What? Does she negate ignite entirely or only stop its damage for a moment
: Fiora can block new Mordekaiser ultimate. This makes no sense whatsoever and should be revisited
Silent Note (EUNE)
: Since when are pentakills so common in ARAM?
playing vs bots ? cause aram do have bots
ttgghh (EUW)
: :D yes I think you are right, I really like the champion and i love to come up with ideas for spells for him (they probably wont synergize well together).
I like gragas one of my first champ that i played i have 120K on him
ttgghh (EUW)
: Gragas rework
trust me riot wont touch him for long time they already have alot rework coming
: Weaker than he already is? He isn’t weak... not by a long shot he’s insanely strong at the moment. If you are referring to his win rate remember he is a champion who needs a player who knows what they are doing to actually succeed, so his win rate gets dragged down considerably... That’s why he is getting this rework, to lessen the gap so that it’s not a balance nightmare. Whether it works or not I’ve got no idea, only opinion I have is that W change is great for lowering frustration against him (an important part of the goals here)... but it’s something that does need to happen
Hes strong if you kw how to use him
: Permantly Banned 0.006% for saying %%%% this game for like 15 games
Take it like a man dont cry about it create a new account move on
Thorn3000 (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Gınko,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=LPI1vj9G,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-02-24T17:36:34.876+0000) > > try other champ lol stop playing kaisa problem solve bro, i have tried every champ, player at least a hundred at least 10+ games, have at least 10k mastery on at least 30, this doesnt change what i do guys dont get bored after 5k normals?....unless u are a player who played 5k normals and is still playing dont bother to answer as u cannot possibly understand how bored one feels
First of all dont call me bro second thing move your ass from botlane + you main adc how in the hell will you not be bored lel and I play normal cause i dont have time to play rank i have real thing to do in life so bare with me on this. Try playing other game to not be bored GL
: Good idea i would like having blue kayns splash as my profile background.
Yea would be pretty nice
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: What mid laner shall I buy next?
Try leblanc or vlad and ekko is op in good hands good luck
AdventX (EUW)
: Will riot ever fix the client?!?
we need more skin LOL
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