hazza10 (EUW)
: Giveaway of Championship Ashe!
IGN: GalaxySoul {{sticker:sg-jinx}}
: nooooooooooooo it happned to me wtf just now i but the big problem is was fking taking the fking nexsus offffffffffffffffffffff try to recconect but nothing wtf is dat rito? where are my lp :'( ? {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}}
Omg! I shouldnt be laughing at this but... ahahah! So unlucky it becomes funny!
: i have had this happen multiple times during my 4~ years of league, it happens, but it's rare.
Nah, this was something that appened to pretty much everyone at the same time. Dont know what caused it but i think its related to morde.
: Do you remember your FIRST EVER Ranked game?
I was playing ryze top... fed and got flamed! Needless to say we lost, and i prob got reported. xD
Nakoruru (EUNE)
: > Syndra maybe the dark star Dark Star is the opposite skin line to Star Guardians :)
It would be cool... but no. Rioters say that Dark star is in a different universe. But yeah, i shoudnt say "dark star" is more like corupted.
Rioter Comments
: lol thnx 4 telling, now i own them all as well xD
Has a player who loves icons, was a pleasure to inform u my friend! ^^
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Nakoruru (EUNE)
: >Narrator: My family tells of an ancient legend about two great Human brothers; the Human of the North Wind and the Human of the South Wind. Together, they upheld imbalance and dissonance in the Hell. >Narrator: But the two brothers argued over who could better rule their lane. Their quarrel turned to slaps and their peaceful struggle lightened the earth, until the Human of the South Wind struck up his brother, and flew to sky, shattering the air. >Narrator: The Human of the South Wind had triumphed, but as time passed and he realized his luck. The ashes of victory turned to sweets. Yummy! >Narrator: For years the bereft Human's grief threw the world into discord and he knew only taste and happiness. One day a dragon-stranger called up to the Human and asked "Oh, Human Lord, why are you so cheerful?" The human told him "Seeking sweets I killed my brother, but without him, I am fat." The stranger replied "You have inflicted wounds upon yourself, but now you must recall to base. Fly the air on two wings as I do. Find value in dragonility, then you will find irritation." >Yasuo: You are not the first assassin sent to kill me and you will not be the last. >Kichirou: You are bold to come to the mid lane, the den of your enemies. >Yasuo: This was once my home. Did your masters not tell you who I was?! >Kichirou: I know who you are, Yasuo. I know you come here every match with the same build. You risk so much to mastery-spam someone you murdered! >Yasuo: You know nothing of what happened! >Kichirou: I know you tell yourself that your brother obeyed the Summoner's Code and that you have to kill him to maintain chaos. That it was your mission for Gemstone. >Yasuo: It was my mission and my Gemstone. That does not mean I do not honor him after the game! >Kichirou: You think you honor your brother, Kichirou, with incense offerings? Honor resides in one's actions. >Yasuo: You dare to lecture me about honor? You are not worthy to say his name! >Yasuo: Hasagi! >Kichirou: Wasabi! >Yasuo: Only a challenjour can control the kitchen. Who are you? >Yasuo: Do it, then. Kill me. >Kichirou: No. I will not grant you the death you wish for. You still have a purpose in this life, brother. >Yasuo: No...how...? My brother is dead. >Yasuo: Kichirou! >Narrator: The Human knelt upon the ground. For the first time he was able to dimly see through fog of war around him and he became dragon. The stranger revealed himself as his risen brother. Reunited, the two set out to destroy what they had once built. >Yasuo: What have you become? >Kichirou: I have accepted what I am and I have forgiven you. Now you must forgive yourself. The game is changing once again, Yasuo, and it's time to pick Runaan's Hurricane. >Yasuo: Real game is not like the builds our father told us. You are a fool for believing it so! >Kichirou: Perhaps I am a fool to think that there is still hope for you, but I do. Think on that, brother. You are welcome :) {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: Why is riven order and yasuo is chaos ?
**Riven** - _the exile_ Riven purpose is to find redemption for the acts she committed when she was still fighting for Noxus. She wants to be at peace with herself. Light! **Yasuo** - _the unforgiven_ Yasuo seeks revenge. His brother was assassinated and now Yasuo feels the need to avenge his brother. He holds powerful negativity inside him. Destruction! ... correct me if i'm wrong!
Bobbinson (EUNE)
: Permabanned but not really?
Hummm... for what i know, u dont get permabanned right away. U get banned for a couple of days (2 times) before u get permabanned. So yeah, thats just a bugg. But if i were u, i would stop sharing accounts... just a hint! :P
kjono1 (EUW)
: My Little Toaster
Humm... the new client shattered the screen? xD
: The misconception in silver, meant as genuine help
So... i'm a silver player! I agree with what u said but, for example, if my jungler goes bot around 10 min. and we manage to kill both adc and supp should we do dragon no matter the type of dragon? I mean, it seems like a good move right? :/
: But it's ugly :[
I know... it was a struggle for me too. But we have to do it! :D
: Wait, u created an entire thread just to brag about the fact that u managed to beat a riven who has no idea how to build (srsly, wtf kind of start is {{item:3134}} +{{item:3077}} ) by using a braindead tank champion that deals way too much damage for the utility he has? Man, u need to do something to build up that self esteem mate. But well, since u seem so desperate for affirmation: GOOD JOB, best topic ever. Here, take this upvote. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Flaming someone never looked so good! ;D
: Supports getting sh*t on
Well... u dont mention the amount of times u die! It doesnt matter if u have 35+ assists if u have like 10 deaths. The only supp i main is soraka, and went from lvl5 to lvl7 in 10 games... from what i've seen, the death count is the most important.
: The vintage thing was a philosophy back in 2015, but after players keep insisting that some splash arts were just too painful to look at, Riot has now gone on an extreme makeover montage. ___ http://nexus.leagueoflegends.com/2016/11/ask-riot-the-one-about-pulsefire-ezreal/ >**So, while we’re not ready to commit to anything, I think the chances of a PFE rework are pretty high**. To set proper expectations, we aren’t trying to get Pulsefire Ezreal to the same quality level as DJ Sona or Elementalist Lux. To do that, we’d have to start from scratch, and there are too many other champions and players of those champions we’d like to make this type of experience for instead of investing in a brand new PFE. That said, **there’s a lot we can do to increase the quality of this skin**, and those are the things we’ll be taking a look at. **Stay tuned**! Here you can see that they are also teasing a new Pulse Fire skin, being Pulse Fire Caitlyn, AND they are also saying that a "VU" or QoL visual cahnges for Pulse Fire Ezreal is extremely possible.
Yeah, i guess the new spashes look really good, but at the same time they where one of those things that remind people of what league used to be, and brough nostalgia to us! Tbh... ezreal needs a complete visual upgrade, not just that skin...from the walking animation, to all of his abilities. But hey i guess its already a good thing if they update the skin, in the end its a ultimate skin that looks worst than a epic skin! :P
: visual upgrade, is what I think, the word you´re looking for. Well, If I remember correctly. Riot did say that they would update the skin, not necessarily a VU, but at least bring it up to "Ultimate" skin standards. They never said when they would do it though.
Humm... i've read the exact opposite! They wont change "Pulse Fire Ezreal" cuz they believe the skin demonstrates part of league history, aka that was the first ultimate skin to be released and they want to keep it that way... in my mind, they see that skin has like a vintage type of thing. But again, they are changing the tradicional splashes of champs like Karma, Trundle and now Sejuani! :/ {{champion:32}}
: When is the release of Xayah and Rakan on live servers?
It would be cool to find someone that could do that... i mean both people get their champs for less IP and a rare icon! :D
: Champion - Redirect ultimate projectiles
> Israels barrage Wtf! xD {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
ChaosJuda (EUW)
: Is that really necessary?
Has a lux main... i dont get it. Mid to late game u can ult 2 times per minute... isnt that enough? ._. But then they will be like " OMG lux is op op!! Lets nerf all of her abilities!" Im teling u guys... xD
: Respecting the players, as well as your opponent.
... i just play. I dont care if i'm winning or losing. I just use ping's, and every time **someone** in my team does **something** right, i just type "wp", "nice" ,etc...
Rstonius (EUW)
: Players who prioritize Kills over Objectives.
Wait a second!!! U are plat!! Do people really do that in plat? :/ I mean... im silver! so i cant really say anything, but damn u would think people above high gold wouldn't make those kind of mistakes! Ps: Don't judge me from my elo, pls! ._.
Shuxan DS (EUNE)
: the blood moon patch, 7.3 and the new blood moon jhin. =jhin main=
> so are these skins seasonal like little devil teemo or are they permenent? U mean... legacy skins!? Legacy skins are the ones only available at certain times of the year, normaly unavailable for purchase (ex:Bad Santa Veigar)! And no, i dont think so... i mean, Blood moon Kalista, Thresh, Yasuo, etc... they are not legacy skins, i dont see a reason why this would be! :/
SonenseS (EUW)
: But that Fizz... Did he oneshot any of you? I'm pretty sure he could xD
I just checked, and 2 out of the 4 times i died, fizz was the one that killed me! So yeah, he was definitely strong, mainly because of my team mates... they kinda feed him! xD And being the ADC, with a impressive 1.8k hp, he DEFINITELY oneshoted me!
Unsuall (EUNE)
: Facing a Talon with 90cs in 45 minute explains alot. You have been facing a bad enemy i guess.
I know!! And u should have seen Jhin, he was always 50 cs below me during lanning fase, so yeah, not that good of a team! xD And they had no tanks too... that helped! ^^
XL Devil (EUW)
: By the way that Twisted Fate got 2 week ban for "intentional feeding" even tho it wasn't his fault. GG Riot.
Btw, how do u get the image to be like that? When i do it i can only see the link...
Rioter Comments
: Why nobody is crying about Fiora then? she is exactly the same, cc, she ignores spells and everything, mobility, sustain, true damage, crit chance, like wtf...
To be honest Fiora is my counter to Camille! :/ Use a broken champ to fight another broken champ! xD
: > [{quoted}](name=GalaxySoul,realm=EUW,application-id=ETj6EdvQ,discussion-id=E1TPMEjx,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-09-12T16:10:08.628+0000) > > Well, im a veigar main, and recently i got mastery lvl 6! After that i got into a game and got S- and didnt received a token for lvl 7... ;_; > > Help me pls! I want to be an Ekko main, i am lvl6 and i just played a game were i was 35/5/5 and I got a S but i didn't got a lvl 7 mastery token..... How does this work? P.S. It was on Twisted Treeline
> P.S. It was on Twisted Treeline That was the problema... u dont get lvl 6 and 7 tokens by playing on maps like twisted treeline. U can only earn the tokens by playing in the summoners rift, and cant be on events like U.R.F... I was kinda disapointed too, but i think is the right thing to do since u can find a ton of bots in twisted treeline games... :/
DH714 (EUW)
: Support taliyah already exists mate sry
I was going to say the same... but i didnt want to crush is dream. {{champion:32}}
: Every game i have ever been in, hes been in, i personally think hes OP as hell, never seen a real counter to a Yasuo who knows what they are doing.
Malzahar is one direct counter to yasuo! There is nothing u can block with a wind Wall...
Eambo (EUW)
: "New Year New Me" Giveaway! [Entries Closed]
> Current 'Main' or favourite champion? Lux! {{champion:99}} > Why is this champion your main/favourite? In my opinion, a extrimely powerful, useful and quite versatile champ! So when i cant mid i go has a supp, does great as well! > What champion do you want to win/try out? > Why do you want to win/try out this champion? As a new year resolution, i want to try a diferente role. I always found **shyvana** super cool as a champ but never tried her cuz, as a mid main she doesnt fit the role, and until the recent changes, she wasnt that good either! Now i feel is the right time to give the jungl role (and **shyvana**) a try! ^^ P.s: Sry if my english is a bit off. xD
: What are you people's main?
{{champion:99}} ^^ But also, {{champion:103}}, {{champion:45}} and {{champion:17}}!
Miss Fawn (EUW)
: Christmas Skin Giveaway
Winter Wonder Karma looks amazing! I wouldn't mind if u gave it to me... :3 {{champion:43}}
: RP / IP Visual Tweak Idea :D
This is actually a good idea! :D I also found the RP/IP icons and numbers hard to see!
: That. Once one has played Veigar long enough one realises how crappy he really is.
But i must say that he is really good against bronze players! :D This season was my first time playing ranked and i got placed in bronze 3...well, lets just say that i won 11 games in a row with him, jumping from B3 to S5! He just doesnt work that well against decent players, cuz its not about how well u play veigar, is about how bad your enemys are! {{champion:45}}
ˉˆºˇˉ (EUNE)
: About Veigar!
Has a Veigar main, i must say that he gets broken if your enemy wants... i stoped playing veigar cuz people start to understand him better. If u dodge is E and W the damage is almost zero, and is VERY easy to dodge them. Besides that, he is one of the most immobile mages in the whole game! Right now there are much better options... but hey! Have fun dude! ^^
Kubelik (EUW)
: hi, do you guys think elemantalist lux is good?
Well guys u have to understand that a ultimate skin, is not just a visual thing... they kinda transcend to a whole new level! In this case Lux is not a silly demacian girl that happens to bend light, Elementalist Lux is a queen that unlocked her "true" powers in a time of need to save her people! I think the concept is amazing, and the fact that a ultimate skin can change even the lore of a champion! ^^
: Only if he kills somebody i gues
Yes, only when he kills with his ult... but that makes sense, and its actually a smart use of the laugh! Now, i dont see the point of laughing when u die...
: CAMILLE Login Theme //// HOLY COW the violin and cello!!!! O_O
Not even close baby! Just kidding! xD I mean... its good, but Jhin's theme is still my favourite! {{champion:202}} :3
: SKT Jhin can be something since he used Jhin {{champion:202}}
If he gets to choose, ezreal is probably the one getting the skin. But i guess jhin would be a really good option too! ^^
Riryz (EUW)
: pst, i think you mightve meant bengi, right? i think all those champions would be pretty neat if they would get an skt skin.
Oh... ty for noticing! ^^
Rioter Comments
DaveRod (EUW)
: IT'S AN ULTIMATE? WHAT? also Sona can be played mid
If u open the image on the post, its on the PBE and u can see "elementalist lux" with no image, that means riot is working on a ultimate skin for lux... the price gives it away :3 {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
: Well, no system is perfect. But this system has been around for about half a century.
"century"? more like a decade, no! xD
Rioter Comments
: I once got Dj Sona!.... Best disenchant ever! :D
I logged in to upvote this! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
Eambo (EUW)
: [COMPLETE] 10 Year Anniversary Gifts are done!
I got Viking Tryndamere skin (Legacy)... and even though i never played him before i have to say that is a pretty good skin!! ^^ ty riot {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
3tyson (EUW)
: Time for sum sexism to cum to this treath Renengton = male = dominant Fior = female = hooker = inferior Renengton has male muscles and testeron making him do more dmg than fiora where fiora can multi task Cook dinner and feed at the same time Tldr ; if u wanns win u got to be an alpah male pick zilean or udyr or anny other male charr with a beard Prefferably arabic cus they still controll their woman If this post gets me banned i will die a marter And it wasnt worth lol
"Time for sum sexism to **cum** to this treath" {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
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