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: why scripting caitlyns don't get banned?
Ouch, I felt braincells dying reading this.
unlocknow98 (EUNE)
: tysm But u are from the Euw server :( {{sticker:sg-janna}}
Damn it, didn't see the EUNE {{item:3070}}
unlocknow98 (EUNE)
: Bronze Jinx ,Looking for high elo supp to learn :D
adc main myself, gold 3. would be willing to support you, problem is i don't have a smurf i could hop on to play rankeds with you, so we'd have to stick to normals/flex
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: >Well how do you explain this? That player was not just playing off-meta picks, he was outright trolling. Here is the thread where he complained about his ban: https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/player-behavior-moderation/jFwTE8Oj-playing-off-meta-in-ranked-int-feeding-ban And here is the response by Riot Tantrum: > [{quoted}](name=Riot Tantram,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=jFwTE8Oj,comment-id=0039,timestamp=2018-04-04T21:48:13.340+0000) > > It's so blatantly obvious that you are trolling. I don't know if you were hoping you'd get banned so you could contest it, or honestly thought you'd slip under the radar. I don't even know what information you're looking for; you 100% know you were trolling. > > Playing off meta is not trolling or griefing. Trolling or griefing is .. trolling or griefing. > > You've been reported 511 times in a little over a MONTH; many of these are by your opponent, not your teammates. For comparison, I have been reported once lifetime on one of my accounts, and 8 lifetime on the other. > > You've made a game of trolling, and even admit to it many times. > > [7:41] SION ORNN MID (Gragas): do this every game, no consequences. > [11:25] [All] SION ORNN MID (Gragas): the automated system will decide. it cant detect this. > > You ban your teammates champ picks > You pick non-meta champs to tilt teammates > You build those non-meta champs as non-meta as possible (ad mages, etc) > You intentionally steal farm > You intentionally KS > You don't go to the lane assigned, and instead go to interfere with others > You leave your team when a teamfight breaks out In short, that player wasn't "playing off-meta". That player was an absolute a\*\*\*\*\* towards his teams, he was doing so intentionally, he was aware that he was doing so, he obviously did so on purpose, and **even admitted to it in chat**. This is not an example of playing off-meta. This is an example of being a troll.
Alright, still some responses of Tantrum are falling in to that category of forcing meta tactics. > You pick non-meta champs to tilt teammates > You build those non-meta champs as non-meta as possible (ad mages, etc) This means im forced into playing what the pros play and to build these champs like the pros do. > You intentionally steal farm Im being forced to let my teammates take the farm? What if that is not my playstyle? Forcing me into a playstyle I don't want. Edit: I know it might be just being an asshole, but you are not required to give farm to your teammates. > You intentionally KS I can't take kills? > You don't go to the lane assigned, and instead go to interfere with others Maybe riot does not have an option for double jungle (and other stuff) or I just don't want to be forced to play mid even tho I want to play top, this game is about fun and riot doesn't seem to understand it. > You leave your team when a teamfight breaks out And? You force me to do that? This is a perfect example of a rioter agreeing to me that we are forced into Playstyles.
: >I don't I will get reported and maybe banned for intentional feeding No, you won't. Its a common misconception that "repurt button gets pressed" == "ban is imminent". If you do not actually troll, but play to the best of your abilities (aka. you play that AP Blitz top, or whatever it is that floats your boat, as good as you can), then reports against you are meaningless, the system just discards them as invalid.
Well how do you explain this? This player was playing off-meta things and wasn't even doing so bad and still received a 14 day ban for intentional feeding. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/383806524465610769/430114459504345088/unknown.png https://matchhistory.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/NA1/2752255761/91569563?tab=overview https://matchhistory.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/NA1/2753199767/91569563?tab=overview https://matchhistory.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/NA1/2752013411/91569563?tab=overview
: You arent forced its just that if the opponent is using meta stuff you will be at a disadvantage should you be up against an equally capable like for like skilled players. You may feel like you are forced but you really arent. I think you mean i want to do X but it isnt as viable at the meta and i want all things to work just as well.
> [{quoted}](name=Player Is All In,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=qdnTdARg,comment-id=0008,timestamp=2018-05-19T17:54:55.219+0000) > I think you mean i want to do X but it isnt as viable at the meta and i want all things to work just as well. That's not what I meant. I mean riot's automated punish system will flag people with bad performance and off-meta builds, making it likely to get a punishment for Intentionally feeding, when infact you just had a bad game.
Rismosch (EUW)
: You are joking right? If you want to win, you obviously play what's best, no? If you play for fun, then winning shouldn't matter. You can't expect to play some very bad strategy and expect to win. If you play an ego shooter and stand in the open, don't move and get killed, you also don't say "Uhhh, they force me to hide behind cover, they are ruining the fun" Heck, if you play a childs game like catch, you also don't stand still and cry about losing and others ruining the fun, do you? Do you realize how stupid this logic is? If you play a game and don't try to win it, you obviously lose. Go on, play something very very off meta, no one hinders you, but don't expect to win if you are not trying to win.
First of all, not doing the best possible thing doesn't mean you want to lose. Secondly I wouldn't complain if I lose, I mean I played off-meta and know that it might not work. Your egoshooter example is like running into the tower, it has nothing to do with my point (same as the Catch example). However I don't want to intentionally lose.
TTekkers (EUW)
: The reason the game settled into the 1 bruiser/tank top, 1 mage/assassin mid, 1 jungle and ADC/Sup in bot is actually a lot of small optimisations coming into one. Firstly, to build a good team comp you generally need DPS (ADC), burst (Mage/assassin), a frontline (Bruiser/tank), a support (engage/disengage/heals/shields and the rest) and slot 5 is flavour. There are a few ways to shake this up, but they tend to require huge amounts of coordination and specific champion combinations. Secondly, the ADC is, was and always will be the most vulnerable role so they will need to go with a support wherever they go or die over and over (there have been quite a few exceptions, but they have quite non-standard features for an ADC and are a different discussion altogether). Also, as the ADC is more item dependent than level dependent for damage, having them share XP, but have a buddy to help them get CS is a nice touch. So now we have 4 "sets" of champs, the Mage/Assassin, the Frontliner, the DPS + Support and the Flavour. So where do they go? The map is conveniently split into 4 groups of potential minion income given we've established 4 sets of champs (another reason for a support!). The mage/assassin can have the most immediate impact in a fight, so needs to be well placed to get anywhere reasonably quickly, so we put that champ in the middle of the map to facilitate that - also a shorter lane making it more forgiving to play immobile & vulnerable champs. Then we have our frontline, flavour and duo left to assign to top, bot and jungle. So where are the main objectives in the first 10 minutes or so? Towers and Dragon, towers are nicely split around the map and the Dragon is definitely in the bottom half, so we put the most champions in the bottom half, so the ADC/Supp duo goes bot. So we now have jungle and top left to determine. As the top lane is as far from the early objective focus as is possible to be, they should take TP to be able to join fights, and it's a long lane, so the champ that goes top needs to be self-sufficient enough to drop a combat summoner and be left alone on an island, which is why tanks, bruisers and duellists make their way top, mostly frontliner type champs. And the jungler tends to be more diverse and more able to make ganks happen with CC and/or burst, hence your "flavour champ" goes into the jungle. I've ignored Rift Herald and Baron since teams tend to move around quite readily after the first 10 minutes or so making those mid and late game objectives less impactful on the starting positions. Any other setup of champs across the map leaves someone in a bad spot for not that much gain. It doesn't mean you can't pull it off or it's not a good counter-strat in certain scenarios, but it's like picking Mordekaiser in the bot lane, sometimes it can work, but mostly not. ___ I feel like I've forgotten something, but can't remember what it is. Also, feel free to call me out on any mistakes - I'm certainly not a pro player :)
Thanks for giving a deeper explanation into the Meta of Today, but at no time I said that it isn't the most optimal tactic. I just said I don't want to be forced to play this meta (if I don't I will get reported and maybe banned for intentional feeding if I don't do the best and have an unconventional build because riot system will think I fed on purpose, cause of this build.
: I was using that queue and I was usually finding a game in 3-4 mins max. That number couldn't have been that low.
Me too, and I even created a team with 5 junglers once and I found 4 others in 10 minutes. There were enough people playing it and enough people who would also partake in non-meta team comps.
Smerk (EUW)
: You're not forced to play what pros play, trolling is a word that lost its meaning, just ignore those players. Pick whatever you want > Why can't i play ad Cho'Gath without getting flamed from 4 teammates and being reported as a troll? It's not a good build, if you want fun build on Cho go with AS/on-hit, not AD > Why can't I choose something in Rankeds that doesn't fit the 1 top 1 jungle 1 mid 2 bot. This is the only form of meta that is really enforced, but only in drafts and if you are playing with randoms. It was made like this to make it easier to build teams. It's a common tactic that gives the most resources your team can get. You're free to pick whatever champion you want as long as you go to your given lane. > Please tell me why we are forced into Pro-Playstyles. You're not forced, but you have to think about others too and not only about your own fun. If you want to play without any restrictions, then find 4 others such players and make a team. You can't force your vision on 4 others unwilling players
This is what is asked in my edit, why did they remove the Teamcreator tool where it would've been possible to find randoms that want to play something else too.
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